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    Round 1 team 2019

    No they don’t...they have to be somewhere between the forward and back 50m line. If a team wants to play an extra back then It has already been calculated it will take 2 seconds to get a “winger” into that position. It is shorter than the time for an unrestricted bounce,tap and kick into the forward line. I am sure the coaches are already looking at the percentage of times a game that happens, and whether it is more worthwhile leaving the opposition winger un- marked. And both coaches will be doing the same thing.
  2. george_on_the_outer

    AFLW: Rd 3 vs Brisbane

    Should never have been a report. Ran into the back of the Brisbane player. No strike at all. Vision at 3.12 in the attached vidio to this article here: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-02-19/dees-coach-goes-extra-mile-to-connect-with-his-players
  3. george_on_the_outer

    AFLW: Rd 3 vs Brisbane

    Ran past the ball and collected in the head, even if incidental. Should be a week.
  4. george_on_the_outer

    Calling All MCC Members

    Yes, I am well aware of the MCC's support. The point is that the level of support is totally insufficient for what football brings to the MCC. If Geelong play at home, with a crowd of 30K, they pocket about $1M per game. We don't get all the gate receipts from the MCC members and their guests, nor anything from the advertising, nor the parking fees at the ground. It should not be expected that the MCC members have to double dip to keep the MFC viable, when the MCC is doing so well from football. The last time I looked the MCC had 25K MFC supporters. IF the MCC gives $1M to the MFC each year, it represents a paltry $40 for each supporter. Does that seem remotely fair, especially since we play a dozen matches at the MCG each year. If the MCC provided the $219 for MCC/MFC membership, instead of the members themselves, they would be giving the MFC $5M each year.
  5. george_on_the_outer

    Calling All MCC Members

    How many of the MCC members would remain if they could only access the cricket with their membership? I'm sure the waiting list would collapse. The truth is the MCC is dependant upon football for their revenue, and they take from the football clubs who play at the MCG to their benefit, which means other clubs as well as Melbourne ( who currently have the biggest affiliation in the MCC). Those who are already MCC/MFC effectively make a donation. I think the MCC currently provides some support to the MFC, but it is totally inadequate for what the MCC gain in gate receipts/membership of the MCC/ ground advertising during football season. How to convince the MCC to contribute a just amount, rather than just those passionate MCC/MFC members alone? Or to provide names of MFC supporters in the MCC, to increase MFC membership numbers, to appear more attractive to sponsors. Trouble is if the MCC were to do this then all the other clubs would be looking for the same, which would really challenge the future of the MCC.
  6. george_on_the_outer

    AFLX Revamped

    I’m with Peter Gordon on this one: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/aflx-shouldn-t-be-played-during-women-s-season-if-at-all-gordon-20190214-p50xq7.html All the money being wasted or rather gambled on this meaningless competition, while the Women are tossed crumbs.
  7. george_on_the_outer

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Trouble with all that era of Jags was that the huge lump of iron at the front could get the cars up to really high speeds, but the brakes were from the same era...totally inadequate for the momentum that had been developed. They could never take a corner at speed, and usually suffered severe brake fade after a couple of applications. I’m sure that has all been rectified today, but all I care is that whoever owns Jaguar is paying us loads of money to keep our football club competitive. I certainly don’t want to be in Port or St.Kildas situation hoping that chocolate milk producers are going to fork out anything substantial in sponsorship.
  8. george_on_the_outer

    Richmond membership banner ads on Demonland

    Easy......subscribe to the site, take out a membership, help Andy cover his costs............and they disappear!!!!
  9. george_on_the_outer

    Round 1 team 2019

    Not sure Jones will be available R1. Just doing boxing at training prior to Maroochydore, and the video seemed to indicate more of the same up there. No running is not a good sign this close to season start. Still, we have plenty of options to fill the gap.....
  10. george_on_the_outer

    Mystery Injuries

    Flu...... Apart from the ridiculous notion that Clubs would not be insisting on flu shots for every player ( easy for Essendope!)...there is always the annual knee flu, shoulder flu, leg flu that Clubs insist players are suffering.
  11. george_on_the_outer

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    I hope we can get as much support for our proposed facilities, from the Federal government ($15M) matched by the State government (another $15M) as the Lions are getting: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-01-30/lions-secure-final-15m-of-funding-for-new-training-aflw-base
  12. george_on_the_outer

    Impact of rule changes

    When 666 is used the "wingman" only has to be at the intersection of the square and the 50m arc. On most grounds that is less than 20 metres away from the CHB position, so it will take about 2 seconds to reach that point. The opposition will be doing the same thing, so it is unlikely to have a spare opposition player on the wing..if they do, then he will be covered by the player coming off the HFF line...it is the same distance to cover. The rule only applies to centre bounces from the time the ball is bounced to when the ruckman taps it. ....2 seconds? That is why it will NOT apply for 99.9% of the game.
  13. george_on_the_outer

    Ollie wines injured?

    If he has popped the shoulder, some sort of damage has been done. Scans today should determine exactly what. News report last night showed him running around without any strapping. But then G.Ablett was shown doing exactly the same 2 years ago when at the Suns. Trouble was he couldn't lift his arm above shoulder height for another 6 months. Clubs don't want the fans to lose hope before the season even starts. He would be a huge loss to them if the prognosis isn't good.
  14. george_on_the_outer

    Impact of rule changes

    666 positioning will have NO effect on the game. It happens only at centre bounces, and it has been already estimated that the winger can reach the CHB position within seconds of the ball being bounced ( not when it is first taken possession). Clubs will still be able to stack the backline during the remaining 99.9% of the game. If the AFL wanted to make a serious effort it would have instituted 666 for the whole game.
  15. george_on_the_outer

    2019 Membership

    Up to 33,226 today ( 21 Jan). From this point last year we added about 15K to end of Season. So we are looking at close to 50K at that rate.
  16. george_on_the_outer

    2019 Membership

    Seems that Adelaide have been fudging the figures according to Cornes: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2019-membership-numbers-kane-cornes-accuses-adelaide-of-providing-misleading-numbers/news-story/bb12219519d2e60c9780c377b6045f74?nk=a3f3f69eceec23e1e3bffc463ac32d51-1547723303
  17. george_on_the_outer

    Pre-season Update from Viney

    Loved the Prawn/Goose combat at 0.56
  18. george_on_the_outer

    Laughing at the Pies.....

    A new one: And an old one, but history keeps repeating itself:
  19. george_on_the_outer

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Not all it is cracked up to be. The delivery services do not make money. The company makes it from the software they sell to merchants to use their product. And not a usable product when the businesses get big. Will fail eventually.
  20. george_on_the_outer

    Random MFC encounters

    Sitting in a beachside cafe after a long walk on the Chrissy break, wearing a Demons cap to avoid the blistering sun. Passer-by chimes in with "go dees". My wife, who has little interest in football turns to me and says " It's just like a secret handshake with your mob isn't it?"
  21. george_on_the_outer

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    There was something dodgy about St.Kilda's numbers last year. All season we had a tally 1 or 2 thousand more than them, and then suddenly in July ( yes July!), they found another 4 thousand members. They went from 42,605 in June to 46301 in 4 weeks.
  22. george_on_the_outer

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    For the nth time....cricket is played there for half the year i.e nowhere to train, nowhere for pre-season. The administration offices are tiny and spread apart. The football department HAS to operate out of AAMI because there is no room at the MCG. If you want to see how big a modern football facility has to be, look at Collingwood or Essendon.
  23. george_on_the_outer

    Training - Friday, 14th December, 2018

    Got there early so watched the re-hab group for a while.. I counted 13 including O'Mac, Petracca, Brayshaw, Melksham, Viney, Hannan, Lever, Stretch, Oiver, VandenBerg, Baker, Hunt and Jetta. Viney, Hannan and Melksham running laps and timed sections, with Viney running out in front by a mile and freely. I can't seen him not being back in the main group after Christmas. Melksham not as quick as Viney, but cannot see anything obviously wrong with him. Hannan looked like he was running on egg-shells. Nothing obvious but he pulled out of a couple of the runs to go to trainers, and then left the session early and before the main group arrived. Lever ran lap after lap, and was moving freely. Kicking with right foot with a trainer at times. Baker also running plenty of laps, and has put on serious muscle both in the legs and upper body after his early end to last season. Of the rest it would be hard to see anything obvious as to why they are not with the main group, perhaps with the exception of Oliver/Jetta after shoulder surgery, which requires a long period of no contact. Saw a little of Neitscke and Jordan in the drills. Pleasingly both kick well, sharp, low and accurate. Can they play football? Have to wait and see. Once again there was an academy kid on the track, who I can't find out who he is, but his kicking is elite and was training with the main group of players. There will probably be evidence later, but some bloke in a red suit and beard showed up. We all thought it was Saty in disguise!
  24. george_on_the_outer

    AFLX Revamped

    So which fans would possibly turn up to watch this rubbish?. You can't even support your team any more. Country teams are screaming out for financial support, teams are folding and Gil spends money on this?
  25. george_on_the_outer

    Glen Bartlett Post Season Update

    Went past AAMI today and sods are being turned......but I think it more likely to be drainage works on the rugby ground....or is it?