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  1. Ty Vickery has retired.

    Because Richmond were given a second round compensation pick by the AFL based on salary and contract duration. For someone who couldn't get a game on a regular basis at the Toiyges in his final year with them......
  2. Team Melbourne

    No..No we are the Melbourne FOOTBALL Club. We exist for no other reason, it is enshrined in our Constitution. "...preserving and fostering the ideals and traditions of the AFL ...promoting the playing of Australian Rules football in general, including maintaining, providing, supporting and controlling a team or teams of footballers to compete in the AFL competition.....or any other football competition." No mention of basketball, netball or anything else. Leave that to Eddie who thinks he can attract followers of netball to a completely different sport while spending bucketloads of football supporters money to do so. Stick to our knitting.
  3. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    4. Simon Buckley 9. Matty Warnock
  4. Friend of mine thinks with the addition of these discards, they are going to have one Hell of a SANFL side.
  5. Membership Tally 2018

    Thanks to Its Time last year, we were able to put together, as best we can, the membership tally comparisons with previous years. Early days yet, and the data is as good as we can get it, to show how the numbers stack up..... Membership Year 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 1st game 25/3 H 25/3 A 25/3 H 4/4 H 22/3 A 31/3 H 31/3 H 27/3 H Oct week 3 15,211 20 21,980 22 19,026 26 16,654 22 17,625 25 Nov week 3 23,162 10 26,064 18 23,037 26 20,509 26 20,223 25 - 16,287 11,922 Dec week 1 27,914 9 24,402 4 22,433 3 22,105 11 18,217 3 18,747 2 17,541 3 Dec week 4 29,426 23 26,217 22 24,097 23 23,542 25 20,623 20,166 Jan week 3 30,200 20 27,027 19 25,112 23 24,558 21 21,873 22,402 22,396 Feb week 1 31,141 3 28,013 3 25,647 1 25,416 4 22,962 8 23,422 23,457 Feb week 2 31,537 10 28,759 17 26,290 12 26,039 12 23,650 12 21,448 12 - Feb week 3 32,137 17 29,217 24 26,639 18 26,641 17 23,650 18 24,195 16 25,253 17 Feb week 4 32,679 24 29,450 26 27,066 26 27,736 26 - 25,277 - Mar week 1 33,520 3 30,524 7 27,619 4 28,582 4 24,801 5 26,023 27,806 Mar week 2 35,080 16 32,623 16 29,510 16 30,421 15 26,751 14 26,791 14 28,068 Mar week 3 35,756 21 33,146 21 30,257 21 - - - - Mar week 4 37,025 28 35,117 26 31,035 26 32,324 28 - 29,588 31,087 Apr week 1 38,554 7 35,535 1 32,001 1 - - 32,235 33,359 Apr week 2 39,005 14 36,157 8 33,301 9 33,175 14 - - 33,753 10 Apr week 3 39,281 21 36,731 20 - - - - 34,548 20 Apr week 4 39,634 28 37,597 30 34,068 29 - - - - May week 1 40,083 7 37,766 6 34,352 7 35,205 5 - 34,489 35,205 May week 2 40,380 14 38,102 13 - - - 34,961 - May week 3 40,549 21 38,327 23 34,871 20 - - - - May week 4 40,749 28 38,479 31 35,017 22 - - - - June week 1 40,934 7 38,547 6 - - - - - Jun Week 2 41,022 14 38,653 14 - - - 35,403 - Final July 30 42,102 39,211 35,953 35,911 33,177 35,345 36,937 Post 31 July 42,233 2018 Progressive total in Red Actual dates in Blue Date of first game of season Home or Away
  6. Good luck to JT with his new club. Port obviously think they are in the Premiership window, by recruiting all manner of discards from other clubs in exactly the same way North did a couple of years back. Trouble for North was that it got them up and going while those older talented bodies could stay on the field ( remember their 9 wins in a row in 2016), then completely fell apart at the business end of the season. Then all those older players became list cloggers at the same time as their original senior players retired. Result: down the bottom of the ladder in 2017 and likely to stay there for a long, long time. It's a calculated gamble. If it works great, but it is all or nothing.
  7. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    I know it was the case with Demetriou that his bonus was directly linked to match attendances. One would suspect Gil has something similar. They then have the incentive to maximise those numbers, or at least create the situation for maximum attendances. So given that scenario, they will structure the fixture with the likelihood of maximum personal return. No point sending Collingwood or Essendrug to Geelong as the ground can't fit the numbers. No point playing North against Fremantle at the MCG when they will attract only 20k, much the same as Hobart. Get Carlton playing on Friday night and more numbers will turn up than Carlton on Sunday afternoon or (unfortunately) Melbourne on Sunday afternoon. The fixture is still rigged to maximise the CEO personal return. Our position has improved as we are no longer sent to Etihad ( because we get more spectators at the G). Our position has changed because we have proven to get the crowds to Anzac eve and QB. But it takes a long period of sustained crowd numbers to convince the AFL. Sustained crowd numbers come from SUSTAINED success, not on the back of 1 year ( even if our attendances in that year were in the top quartile of the Teams) We will get a better fixture when we get more numbers to games. Winning alone will not sway City Hall. But winning starts to draw back the interest from the supporters. We need to keep winning, and then keep winning next year and the year after. Then the AFL will take notice.
  8. The Billy Hartung Thread

    Hartung may be something to look at as a small forward to complement Jeff Garlett. Didn't stand a chance of getting that role with Puopolo and Rioli around. Closer to goal the turnover factor becomes less of a problem, but speed to get out the back is important the way the game is played today, as we have seen with Jeff doing it so well. I trust Jason Taylor and the team to do the due diligence, and if he is what we need then......
  9. Peter Jackson on SEN 24/10/17

    Purely guessing, but when stakeholders are mentioned, that means we have to convince government.....Now apart from the railyards being covered, and the reality of the MCG not being available for cricket season, the only piece of land close by is where we currently train i.e. Gosh's paddock. Could we be trying to get something built there, that we don't have to share and can house club offices as well?
  10. How are you going to top that Andy? One of the greatest interviews I have heard. The insights he gave into playing with the greats like Stynes, Viney, Obst, was fantastic and he had me rolling around with laughter telling that Exorcist story.
  11. Hannah Mouncey

    And that's the problem. The IOC set levels way, way above what a "normal" women would have, in order to accomodate Semenya and the South Africans. If the IOC had any guts neither Semenya nor Mouncey nor former East Germans would have an argument to compete with women. The AFL was lucky to call on aspects of the Discrimination act to allow them to discriminate. I don't know how this would hold up in a challenge in court.
  12. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    Absolutely correct! There are no winners and losers in trading. If either party doesn't want to do the deal it doesn't happen. The one who missed out on the opportunity to improve their list through this process were North, Collingwood, Sydney and probably Richmond. But they choose to improve their list through the draft.
  13. Unbelievable....Mike Sheehan has been trying for 10 years at least to get him without success, and Demonland has done it..... You may need to upgrade the server quickly......
  14. Hannah Mouncey

    This is just another of the problems coming out of the IOC and the testosterone levels they set to allow Casta Semenya to run. We will have women athletes injecting testosterone legally as long as they stay below the ridiculous level that the IOC have deemed, a level that transgender people can meet as well.
  15. Mahoney, get away

    You don't replace a dozen players with 2 picks. We have the talented player already in Lever. That takes care of 1 of them. Picks are picks......excellent if you pick correctly, lousy if you don't, Certainty is more valuable than gambling. And the team that finished last get 1 pick more than the team that finished first i.e the first pick in the draft. Their next pick is 19, right behind the team that finished first with 18. You cannot build a team with picks alone, as we found out in years past. You trade for needs, which is exactly what we are doing. The same process as Sydney, Hawthorn and Geelong have been doing for the past 5 or 6 years, and they didn't have early picks. But they do have Franklin, O'Meara, Mitchell, Dangerfield....
  16. Farewell Jack Watts

    Same reason Jake Stringer is fielding options,....he has value

    No it's not because both clubs don't know what they have to offer yet until they start trading players for picks or picks for players. To give an simple example, if we trade Watts to Geelong for pick 20 then we would have something more to offer Adelaide than what we have today. The initial gambits are just that....initial

    Adelaide seem to forget they got picks 9, 28 and Dean Gore in return for Patrick Dangerfield and pick 50. Lever for 10 and 27 seems about the same mark ( and Danger was and is probably a better player) The Cows will probably need the AFL to explain this to them in the simplest possible terms during the next 10 days.
  19. The Zac Clarke/Jon Griffin Thread

    Don't need either. Will only fill the list with someone who won't be there in 12 months. Pedersen was given another year to fill exactly this role, and he can play forward as well. Watching King this year, I would think he was already a better ruck than Spencer ( at least he jumps and taps the ball) and could warrant playing a couple of games as cover in 2018, if needed.
  20. Farewell Jack Watts

    Still doesn't get it.....everyone else and anything else to blame.... Put in and the conversation wouldn't be taking place
  21. Expanded AFLW Comp

    And once again the AFL pander to vested interests, rather than look at where the strength of the AFLW competition lie. No surprise when the 2 Grand Finalist this week come from the same corridor, where there is a strong basis and structure to build upon. But the next big area is south of the Yarra, where the St. Kilda Sharks are over run with players every week, and will not see a team from that area until 2020. Instead we have North Melbourne with no grass roots womens competition in their area given a licence to be run in conjunction with Tasmania and Gold Coast given the nod fror 2020, where there is zero...zero interest in AFL ( or any other sport for that matter). Instead of concentrating on building up the number of teams, the AFL should be investing in basic infrastructure to support the future of AFLW. I know of womens teams that cannot get access to grounds because they have too many girls wanting to play the game. Other womens teams that don't have womens change rooms at the grounds. Get the basics right and the competition will build itself. All we will see is the talent too thinly spread, or poached and the interest in the game will drop off, when the standard drops.
  22. Tiger success and luck

    The after match celebrations from the Richmond players reminded me of Melbourne in 2000. Just getting there was an amazing outcome. Tears, hugs excitement. Trouble is the GF is against the 800lb gorilla, who have already given them a pasting during the season. As BRFE said, they don't have a player list for sustained success, and lack of injuries with a favourable draw this year have got them there, but with luck anything can happen on the day.
  23. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Johnson and Delidio both liabilities, SJ probably cost them the game at a critical juncture trying to smart arse.
  24. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

  25. 17 Years Ago: At the Gates of Glory

    Isn't it great to watch a game of football: 1. that isn't a rolling scrum? 2. Where the umpires don't prance around 3. Where there are players to kick to up the field 4. Where marks are taken, and leads made 5. Where individual players can kick 7 or 8 goals in a game ...How good was Schwartz?