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    2018 Delisted Free Agents

    ....came from GWS? Then SoS will definitely pick him.
  2. george_on_the_outer

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    I hope someone goes to Italy to check out this, Calcio storico which roughly translates as" historical football":
  3. george_on_the_outer

    Down Memory Lane # 1

    How small was the crowd for an opening game of football? Shows the game of AFL has come a long way in terms of attendances since then.
  4. george_on_the_outer

    Jarryd Lyons

    I want to know how in the hell this was approved by the AFL. If the player is delisted, he should be in the draft. That hasn't happened yet. Every other club should have had a chance to draft him. Or has the trade period now been extended to 365 days a year!
  5. george_on_the_outer

    Carlton Wikipedia

    Before someone changes it......
  6. george_on_the_outer

    AFLW 2019 Fixture

    At least the brains trust at AFL haven't slotted a team to play in Alice Springs in the middle of summer at 5pm, and off a 6 day break like they did to us last year. Probably cost us a spot on the ladder in the end, and probably a GF position. 9.35pm for Adelaide v Freo, in Darwin is half sensible, but why a game needs to be played there at all is beyond me.
  7. george_on_the_outer

    Jack Watts

    NO more. Locked
  8. george_on_the_outer

    Random MFC encounters

    Darren or Craig?
  9. george_on_the_outer

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    ...and they shut access to the place down for a couple of weeks at Grand Prix time. i.e just before the season starts.
  10. george_on_the_outer

    2018 Demonland Banner 2.0

    Has Jeff Kennett joined us?
  11. george_on_the_outer

    Demon Royalty

    I didn't know Jake Melksham had changed his name......
  12. george_on_the_outer

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Look at the time stamp....
  13. george_on_the_outer

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    After 200+ pages, ain't this the truth about what is holding this process up. As Ouch has pointed out the CEO....the CEO!!! is doing the negotiations in the public domain......imagine PJ coming out during trade period saying we will or will not accept XYZ for a particular player! Bell is Football manager and now he is doing the negotiations after being there for 5 minutes! It's all well and good for everyone to surmise what will/will not be a good/suitable trade, but if you don't know who you are really trading with, it makes the job almost impossible. To top it off Freo has pick 6 at the moment. Their next pick is 80! There is no way they can improve their position for next year, so asking for their next years first rounder may be a piece of true inspiration.
  14. WIth the change to the goal square next season, it will almost become necessary to have 2 talls( rucks) on either wing at kick ins. It will be a bonus if one of them can play forward as well. Once the ball goes down one side, the opposite will have to work hard to get back to provide an additional target, or go the other way and defend. Either way you will need 2 really mobile talls( rucks). One Max will not be enough to cover the whole ground and provide a target as well as actually ruck. The important thing is to get someone like Preuss, as he fulfills all the NEEDS for the next season, as well as a backup ruck role. Mumford, Roughead and Casboult don't have the tanks.
  15. george_on_the_outer

    2019 Membership

    Don't give up yet. The existing seat holders have a limited time to renew if they are not on automatic rollover. There will always be people who don't renew, so get your name in.
  16. george_on_the_outer

    2019 Membership

    Tally up now. Final number for 2018 was announced as 45,000. Perhaps we have to wait for the annual report to find out the exact number. Off to a good start though. The automatic renewals are up 4K on last year.
  17. george_on_the_outer

    Membership Tally 2019

    2019 Progressive total in Red Actual dates in Blue Date of first game of season Home or Away Membership Year 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 1st game 23/3 H 25/3 H 25/3 A 25/3 H 4/4 H 22/3 A 31/3 H 31/3 H 27/3 H Oct week 3 19,068 21 15,211 20 21,980 22 19,026 26 16,654 22 17,625 25 Nov week 3 20,215 25,028 22 26,064 18 23,037 26 20,509 2 6 20,223 25 - 16,287 11,922 Dec week 1 28,354 07 27,914 9 24,402 4 22,433 3 22,105 11 18,217 3 18,747 2 17,541 3 Dec week 4 29,053 22 29,426 23 26,217 22 24,097 23 23,542 25 20,623 20,166 Jan week 3 30,068 19 30,200 20 27,027 19 25,112 23 24,558 21 21,873 22,402 22,396 Feb week 1 30,577 2 31,141 3 28,013 3 25,647 1 25,416 4 22,962 8 23,422 23,457 Feb week 2 31,310 14 31,537 10 28,759 17 26,290 12 26,039 12 23,650 12 21,448 12 Feb week 3 32,075 21 32,137 17 29,217 24 26,639 18 26,641 17 23,650 18 24,195 16 25,253 17 Feb week 4 32,948 28 32,679 24 29,450 26 27,066 26 27,736 26 - 25,277 Mar week 1 34,034 7 33,520 3 30,524 7 27,619 4 28,582 4 24,801 5 26,023 27,806 Mar week 2 34,691 14 35,080 16 32,623 16 29,510 16 30,421 15 26,751 14 26,791 14 28,068 Mar week 3 36,513 21 35,756 21 33,146 21 30,257 21 - - Mar week 4 38,089 28 37,025 28 35,117 26 31,035 26 32,324 28 - 29,588 31,087 Apr week 1 39,402 7 38,554 7 35,535 1 32,001 1 - - 32,235 33,359 Apr week 2 40,160 14 39,005 14 36,157 8 33,301 9 33,175 14 - - 33,753 10 Apr week 3 40,557 21 39,281 21 36,731 20 - 34,548 20 Apr week 4 40,636 28 39,634 28 37,597 30 34,068 29 May week 1 41,640 7 40,083 7 37,766 6 34,352 7 35,205 5 - 34,489 35,205 May week 2 41,825 14 40,380 14 38,102 13 - - - 34,961 May week 3 42,057 21 40,549 21 38,327 23 34,871 20 May week 4 42,352 28 40,749 28 38,479 31 35,017 22 June week 1 43,593 7 40,934 7 38,547 6 Jun Week 2 43,791 14 41,022 14 38,653 14 - - 35,403 Final July 30 44,191 42,102 39,211 35,953 35,911 33,177 35,345 36,937 Post 31 July 45,000 ? 42,233
  18. george_on_the_outer

    2018 Premiership ramifications

    Lewis Jetta another multiple times
  19. george_on_the_outer

    2018 Premiership ramifications

    Sorry LH, but those rule changes will do nothing for what they are designed to alleviate. 666 only happens at centre bounces. For the rest of the match the positioning will be the same. Wingers will sit on the defensive corner and head straight back to cover before the ball has even touched the rucks hand. The extended goal square will only encourage kicking down the line, as it guarantees the ball further away from the opposition goal. We already know this leads to a throw in and more congestion. The big thing to be learned about the GF, is the value of strong marking. There were fine examples of one grabs, which were game changing from both sides. Darling, Kennedy, Cox, McGovern, Ryan all came up with grabs in seriously contested situations, that gave their sides game changing opportunity. How many of our players at the moment could be classified as strong contested marks? The other thing to be learned was the return of the tagger. Pendelbury and Yeo were shut down but at the cost to their tags. How many can a side afford to tag, and how many can you devote to this task? It probably shows we have a genuine advantage in this area, because teams don't have the numbers to tag Oliver, Viney, and Brayshaw.
  20. george_on_the_outer

    Some Filth Humour

    Some good ones from "The Punt Road End", the Richmond fan site: Why can't the police solve murders in Collingwood? Becasuse the DNA is all the same and there are no dental records. Family of Collingwood supporters head off to do their Christmas Shoplifting.While in Rebel Sports store the son picks up a Tigers jumper & says to his 10year old sister, "Hey sis, I've decided to become a Tigers supporter & want this Richmond jumper for Christmas".His sister is outraged by this & promptly wacks him around the head with her carton of Winfield cigs & says "you loser,go talk to mum". Off goe's the lad with the Tiger jumper stuffed up his shirt & finds mum.'mum, I wanta be a Tigers supporter & I want this jumper for Christmas". The mother is outraged at this & throws her moccasins & 1/2 full can of VB at him & says "we are gunna go talk to your father".Off they go to the prison camp during visiting hours,with footy jumper in hand & find Moose, his toothless, tattooed father. "Dad" "Yes knackers" "I've decided to be a Tigers supporter & want this Richmond jumper for Christmas"Moose goe's beserk & gives knackers a back hander & says,"No son of mine is gunna be seen wearing that crap"& then kicks his sons backside from one end of reco room to the other. 1/2 hour later they are heading back home in the old falcon when the mother turns to knackers & says,"Now, have you learnt anything today" The son says "bloody oath I have". "Good knackers, what would that be". The son replies, " I've only been a Tigers supporter for one day & already I hate you Collingwood mongrels". Why did the Collingwood supporter cross the road? Centrelink was on the other side How do you inflict 12 months of acute pain on a Pies supporter? Buy them a membership for Christmas! What do u say to a Collingwood supporter with a job? I'll have fries with that thanks 2 Collingwood Supporters in a car without any music, who is driving? The Policeman What do you call a 30 yr old woman in a Collingwood jumper? Nanna You are trapped in a room with a crocodile, a tiger and a Collingwood fan. You have a gun with 2 bullets. What do you do? Shoot the Collingwood fan – Twice You know you're a Collingwood supporter when: 1. A Halloween pumpkin has more teeth than your wife does. 2. You let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids. 3. You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws. 4. Jack Daniel's makes your list of 'most admired people.' 5. You wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean. 6. Someone in your family once died right after saying: 'Hey, watch this.' 7. You think Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader. 8. A ceiling fan once ruined your wife's hairdo. 9. You think the last words of Advance Australia Fair are: 'Carn the Maggies .' 10. You lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded, right off its wheels. 11. The market value of your car goes up and down, depending on how much petrol is in it. 12. You have to go outside to get something from the fridge. 13. One of your kids was born on a pool table. 14. You can't get married to your sweetheart because there's a law against it. 15. You think 'loaded dishwasher' means your wife is drunk. 16. Your toilet paper has page numbers on it. 17. Your front veranda collapses and kills more than five dogs. Three women with footy-fan husbands are discussing their relationships. The first says, "My husband follows the Lions and let me tell you our s3x life is like one premiership after another." The second says, "My husband is a Crows man and every night is like the back-to-back victories of 1997 and '98." They then look at their friend, who hasn't yet said a thing. "What's wrong," they say as their friend starts sobbing. "Well," she says hesitantly, "my husband supports Collingwood, and all he does is sit on the end of the bed and tell me how wonderful it's going to be." A Collingwood supporter went down to Centrelink to claim welfare after realising she was the only one of her friends - (who were all Collingwood supporters) - who was not on benefits. "How many children do you have?" the man at Centrelink asked. "Ten," she replied. "What are their names?" "Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn and Jaidyn," she replied. "They're all named Jaidyn?" he asked "What if you want them to come in from playing outside?” "Oh, that's easy," she said. "I just call 'Jaidyn,' and they all come running in." "And, if you want them to come to the table for dinner?" "I just say, 'Jaidyn, come eat your dinner'," she answered. "But what if you just want ONE of them to do something?" he asked. "Oh, that's easy," she said. "I just use their last name." Q. Did you know that the Toothbrush was invented in Collingwood? A. if it was invented anywhere else it would be call Teethbrush
  21. george_on_the_outer

    Draftees from outside the AFL system

    Don't care what they get as long as it isn't a high priority pick. The truth is even if either side got pick 1 in the draft, would that improve their on-field performance next year? As Gil and co have noted Carlton have 18 first round picks in their side already! One more will not get them off the bottom. To do so you have to trade to get multiple high picks over a couple of years...just like we did. That way you have a group of young skilled players coming through together. If Carlton want to do that, then put Cripps on the table, and start putting a team together with what he can attract.
  22. george_on_the_outer

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    The Eagles to beat Collinwood as easily as they disposed of us.....that way our players learn what they were up against, and where they need to be.
  23. george_on_the_outer

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    To keep it simple... He cannot kick with his right He doesn't mark overhead...ever He trots around the ground instead of running. He takes his opponent to the ball He loses his opponent when we are defending He is slow. His first option is always to handball, and opponents know this.
  24. george_on_the_outer

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    ...still waiting for the photos of the last time in Perth...