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  1. george_on_the_outer

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Tyson replaced Spargo, so how does he play in the middle? We haven't lost getting our hands on the ball, it has been the lack of outside run. That is where Collingwood cut us up, and unless it it addressed so Port will cut us up.
  2. george_on_the_outer

    Future Queens Birthday holiday games.

    Don't be fooled by the "Collingwood did us a favour, by letting us have QB as a home game". It meant they didn't play us twice in a season. If they had to play us twice, then they wouldn't be able to play Carlton, Essendon, Richmond etc twice, where they get just as much money as their own home game. And...as a consequence we get to play interstate more than they do.
  3. george_on_the_outer

    VFL Thuggery

    One player got a week, 2 others fines: http://vfl.com.au/vfl-round-9-vflw-round-5-confirmed-mrp-sanctions/
  4. george_on_the_outer

    2018 Membership Thread

    We are now 43,195 Saints now 42,605 Dogs now 43,300 North now 39,682
  5. george_on_the_outer

    How Good is Goodwin?

    There was a big improvement when comparing the WB game with earlier against the Hawks. The Bulldogs only play one way and that is manic pack pressure up the middle. At quarter time we completely changed set-ups to force them wide and to contests. They didn't know what to do and kept coughing it up. And we then switched to the corridor quickly on the counter to open them up time and time again. Beveridge didn't change, and they only kicked 4 for the rest of the match. In the Hawthorn game we simply didn't switch for the whole game and kept playing back into the opposition hands. It would appear the lesson from Clarko has been learned, a sign of a good coach.
  6. george_on_the_outer

    Jake Melksham - the AFL's one on one king!

    I would like to know what Nev Jetta's numbers are for 1 on 1. I reckon he is better still.
  7. george_on_the_outer

    Jason Taylor Resume

    The important thing about all of the selections over these 5 years, is that the only ones NOT at the club are White, Hulett and Mitchie, with White still at Casey. Even with low picks, Jason is selecting reliable operators, rather than speculative guesses that his predecessor seemed to wallow in.
  8. george_on_the_outer

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    Next week could be massacre round: Melbourne v Bulldogs Sydney v Carlton WCE v St.Kilda Richmond v Essendon Geelong v Gold Coast North v Brisbane
  9. george_on_the_outer

    Last 2 Minutes: 88 Elimination Final

    A mate of mine learned never to leave early..... He had enough with 10 minutes to go as we were 10 points down and hadn't scored in the final quarter. So to get out of the car park off he went. Got to the gate as the first roar went up when WIlliams goaled. 2nd roar 2 minutes later as he trudged through the car park when Lovell goaled. Another roar as he got to the car, but this was when WCE scored. Turned the car radio on to hear Lyon score the winning goal.
  10. george_on_the_outer


    ....just bumping this up again.... Andy has only received contributions of $1200 toward a target of $3k that has been spent to ensure that the site stays available for all of us. Every little bit helps, because otherwise it is out of his pocket and Nashers in terms of both $'s and time. Take out a subscription, or just find some loose change in the pocket. What would we do without Demonland?
  11. george_on_the_outer


    Bernie is playing in the top 22 at the moment. The following haven't ever and are out of contract at year end: Johnstone, McKenna, Keilty, Balic, with Filipovic and King The following are fringe and are out of contract at year end: JKH, Bugg, Kent, Pedersen, Vandenburg Some will be kept for development, but that is 11 players who are on the edge. If only 1/2 on that list go then the replacement draft pick is still somewhere north of 100. Is Bernie better than that? Pretty easy really.
  12. george_on_the_outer


    5 pineapples in the basket
  13. george_on_the_outer

    2018 Membership Thread

    41,759 at the Dogs 42,159 at the Saints
  14. george_on_the_outer

    Round 8 Non MFC games

    Adelaide coaching staff gave Port the game. Sent ALL their players back, except wingers with 40 secs to go. Port had the extras at HB. Adelaide won the clearance and kicked it straight into the Port wall. Ball straight down the Port end, all in 20 secs! Port then kill the ball from the centre bounce, with numbers at the ball and run down the clock. Game over.
  15. george_on_the_outer

    2018 Membership Thread

    The club's financial year finishes on 31 October. Which is only sensible to be able to report in line with the Season in which the club has operated. http://s.afl.com.au/staticfile/AFL Tenant/Melbourne/PDF/171123_2017MFCAnnualReport.pdf Taxation years finish on 30 June. The tax department doesn't care how you report, it only cares about what it is owed at 30 June. The 2 are not tied together, and neither is the point at which the club/AFL records membership.