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  1. george_on_the_outer

    Six Demons in 22Under22 squad

    To be eligible for selection, players must be aged 22 years and under for the entirety of the season, including the finals series. So as IDee pointed out why isn't Lever there who turned 22 in March? He was in the AA squad last year after all....
  2. george_on_the_outer

    Has Nicholls ever paid us a free?

    Fleer (26) paid 1 free kick to us in the whole match!
  3. george_on_the_outer

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Now that the Giants have cemented their place in finals, they may choose to rest a lot of players in the last round.
  4. george_on_the_outer

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    Every year we re-hash the same things on here. About the maximum holes you can create on your list is 5 or 6. That is because pick 6 will be in the 90's in the draft. So what is better, keeping a Bugg or McKenna, who may offer something, especially if you know what they are offering, or a 17 year old unknown who 17 other clubs have passed on 4 or 5 times? Trades are trades. Unless you trade for picks you get one player, you lose one...net zero. If C.Wagner or Lockhart are as good as has been reported, they won't be rookied, they will be snapped up in the main draft, same as we did for Fritsch last year. Just because they are playing for Casey doesn't mean other clubs haven't noticed. Mad as Hell has already correctly identified 8 who are de-listable. Balic is already gone and the chances Bernie will retire are far greater than 50% given the way he is playing. At the moment Pedo is about the only real insurance we have for Max, but will he want to stay on that basis?. Filipovic wasn't called upon to ruck at Casey when King went down this week, that says something about the confidence the staff have in him. If a player hasn't been called up this year or ever, then they are the ones in the gun. 1 gone, 1 retirement maybe 2, leaves 4 max....... Johnstone, Filipovic, Kent..... with King, Bugg and Keilty as line ball
  5. george_on_the_outer

    Demon Dash Mick

    After Hogans Heroes was "toned down" from the high marking attempts after some bloke landed on his head, and now hammies being pinged when running, what else can we come up with that doesn't cause injury to the participants.....
  6. george_on_the_outer

    Goody Presser (9/8)

    Don't like the statement about training on saturday....., nobody does that the day before a game.
  7. george_on_the_outer

    When will Melbourne break these embarrassing records?

    Fixed up.......
  8. george_on_the_outer

    The look of the game.

    Even worse was when no-one nominated and the boundary umpire was told to throw it in again. I despise BT's commentary, but in this case he was absolutely right....throw the damn thing in and get on with the game. No need to wait for rucks to walk over. If no-one is allowed to ruck, then let the ball hit the ground. Better still get rid of nominations, and only 2 people can contest. .....it ain't that hard! Except apparently for the AFL.
  9. george_on_the_outer

    The 2018 Membership Ladder

    It also needs to be looked at in terms of the numbers quoted above: Does anyone really, really believe that Sydney has 1.2M supporters, or since it was a survey asking anyone in NSW who they support in AFL, what would be their answer. You can barely get any mention of AFL in that state. The numbers are then translated Australia wide so the methodology is faulty. And does anyone believe Brisbane has 1/2 million supporters? More than Carlton....really! Same problem, ask someone in QLD who they support in AFL and 1 team comes to mind. And you get even less AFL coverage in that state. How many supporters would Melbourne Storm have if you followed the same methodology? And poor old Richmond now has over 100,000 members but barely makes it to 4.5k supporters. That will blow the conversion supposition out of the water. The pity is that LH is correct and the numpties at Ch7 and AFL assume that a statistical random sample gives an accurate picture, despite the fact that supporters are concentrated in particular areas.
  10. george_on_the_outer

    The 2018 Membership Ladder

    ...Exactly...they have been 1,000 members behind us for a long time. Suddenly they discover another 3K members?
  11. george_on_the_outer

    Melksham Injures Hamstring

    If you do a hamstring you don't "run out the match". It risks further damage, even if you can run at all. Standard recovery is 2 weeks, with most club physio's resting for 3 to be certain. I don't know why ALL clubs, not just ours, participate in this type of charade.
  12. george_on_the_outer

    Fencescore Vs Powerrangers EGO Stance

  13. george_on_the_outer


    I would like to thank Don Pyke for his help winning the game. In exactly the same way as the Alice Springs game, he changes nothing. Kick down the wings and get it to Tex and Jenkins. Then to top it off with barely a kick or two in the match and a couple of minutes, he leaves Cheney as an extra man in defence, and lets Bayley Fritsch do the same for us. Obviously didn't want to win the game, just trying to stop us scoring.
  14. george_on_the_outer


    I would take a half fit Vanders over some of those mentioned who have been selected this week.
  15. george_on_the_outer

    Chris Judd in the Age

    Puff piece ( if indeed it was even written by him) from Judd. Why wasn't the article about Carlton, who also have talented youngsters, experienced older players etc. like GWS or Brisbane as well as Melbourne? Don't bring attention to the problems at Princes park.