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  1. Joe Boy is right about Tyson. 6 clangers all in the first half. Built up his stats in the last quarter after the game was won. Will not chase, will not tackle.
  2. Tyson doesn't chase.......don't watch him, watch his opponent.
  3. Another one that resulted in a North goal, was when North kicked it out on the full on the southern wing. We had a clear view down the boundary line and it was OOF by a good metre. Paid a mark, that kick was marked by a North forward who goaled. The boundary umpire was 5 metres away and called nothing. The whole southern stand erupted. When the margin is 14 points, don't tell me the non-decisions by umpires don't affect games. Umpire Hosking ( 16) I think made one call all day, apart from "ball up"
  4. Has Gill the Dill thought how to explain how a team that has won 2 or 3 or 4 more matches during the season can get bumped out of the finals in a single game against a lower side?
  5. Great stuff....I think we ran into you and your boy outside the ground in the park before crossing the river....3 excited old blokes
  6. here is the long term position of France v Germany and England:
  7. The French have a remarkable ability to stick their heads in the sand, and they have done it again with Macron. Their workforce is uncompetitive with the rest of Europe especially Germany and England. The Euro was created to give them equal pay to the Germans, but the slow deterioration of their economy will lead to more and more job losses. FN will be in an even stronger position next time, as Macron simply won't be able to deliver ( not that he promised anything this time apart from Liberty, Equality, Fraternity). The Common agricultural policy lasted 30 years before it fell apart, (again a sop to French farmers, who were uncompetitive ) The Euro is the next folly they have foised on the rest of Europe and the world. At least the Poms were smart enough to stay away from it.
  8. like Small but Forward..quietly sing the song in case I'm under threat of physical harm from the Adelaide ferals. Then as quick a trip back to civilisation as is possible.
  9. It was more than that.....Oliver was on Mitchell( I think it was) but was on the wrong side, leaving Mitchell and Burgoyne together, with the Demon players on their outside. Guess where McEvoy tapped it? One of them was going to get it and the other already in position to block. Just poor positioning by the Melbourne players to leave such an unguarded gap, and at such a critical point in the match.
  10. Just making sure this stays on the front page. "Demonology" and "The Punt Road" end have both lost the people who started them because it became too much work and too expensive to support from their own pockets. We need to keep Demonland up and running.....and to support Wagner and Hunt as well!
  11. OK folks.....what would we do without Demonland and the people who make it happen? Andy and the team need us to chip in to keep this wonderful site going and they are looking for $2K to do that. $200 from me
  12. It is critical that we win against Hawthorn next week. Essendon play of them moves to 16 points. Port play of them moves to 20 points. Bulldogs play Richmond and hopefully win....but it means both of them on 20 points. We cannot afford to be stuck on 12 and a game out of the 8.
  13. Agree Mono. I have lost count of the number of times I have been through security at prisons and airports, and am thoroughly aware of the quality of the security. The Keystone cops at the football are not providing anything. Truth is they don't need to be there in the first place, but don't get me started on that. The reality is that many times I have been through this farcical "wanding" the unit themselves are not turned on, that they are using. The cursory glances at bags do not detect or deter any wrongdoer. Previous posts in this thread have spoken of people smuggling alcohol in through the gates. It is that easy. And to top it off...if you go to other AFL venues, it doesn't happen. Mono is right...a tokenistic waste of time and money.
  14. Weidemann will stay purely to get games into the kid. Unfortunately, last week he had to take the best defender when Hogan and Watts were not available, and Gawn wasn't there to drift into the forward line. He is far above VFL level and wouldn't learn anything by going back to Casey. He just didn't need to be thrown to the wolves, but we had no choice. Darcy Moore at Collngwood is half the threat as a player this year, because Cloke is not there any more. Last week 5 kicks and 5 handballs 0 goals. But like Weidemann he is getting games for experience. If Pedersen is fit then I would expect him to be returned to take the heat.
  15. I really don't like these statistical comparisons. Age and experience does not equal talent, which is what wins Premierships. Good players stay on lists longer than untalented players. So having a "young" side could mean you don't actually have any talent. And as always, the comparisons made are on averages, or medians. 10 young untalented players in the VFL will do your age profile wonders. 1 Dustin Fletcher really stuffs it up. Hawthorn are at the top of the list because they have good, but older players. Not surprising they have won multiple premierships. But putting older players into your list, just to make it more experienced doesn't produce the results as North found out. Likewise loading up with youngsters, like we tried in the past, doesn't work solely on that basis. They have to be talented. Now which team would you think are more likely to win a premiership? Age: Experience: Western Bulldogs 25.61 97.3 North 25.44 89.8 Similar age and experience, but the difference in talent when you look at the list is what matters. But as others have pointed out, our youth would appear to be really, really talented. If all goes well we will be in that Hawthorn position in the future, with old experienced players who have a couple of Premierships to their names.