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  1. 27k turning up out of a total membership of 41K is as good a percentage as ANY Melbourne based club can expect against an interstate side, except those relocated ( BN & SY). Especially on a cold Saturday afternoon. Bigger attendances happen because "supporters" turn up as well as the die-hard members. They will only do that when conditions are ideal, and a big match beckons. This is the reality for the Melbourne sides. It is why Hawthorn and North play their games in Tassie. It is why we go to the NT. Collingwood would have paid to play at Docklands with their crowd yesterday. Melbourne play Carlton and 47K turn up. Everyone thinks it is a an acceptable crowd. But for 2 Melbourne based sides it is 23.5K each. Melbourne play Essendon and 44K turn up...same story. 27 K is as good as it gets.
  2. Wherever you sit make sure you get some food before you go into the ground. The last time we were there the selection only included Nachos, icecream and lollies in a cellophane packet. Not a pie or chip to be seen.
  3. It wasn't hot and it certainly wasn't humid at the ground last night. It was absolutely perfect conditions to play football. We were playing a full strength side at the top of the ladder without 6 of our best players. Next week we play a top 4 side also without injuries and we may have 2 back, but lose 2 as well. Expect a similar result
  4. Next we will have Lance Armstrong awarding the laurels to the winner of the Tour de France......
  5. Lazy player who picks up possessions and goals when the hard workers up the field get the ball. No defensive side at all.
  6. It is not about brand it's about dollars. PJ said recently that the Darwin and Alice games are equivalent in financial terms to a 60,000 crowd at the MCG. No Melbourne based team draws that number when fixtured in Melbourne against Freo, Brisbane, Port, Adelaide etc. Since the AFL refuse to fixture us home games against other top Melbourne clubs, we have to find the money elsewhere.
  7. There is no way we should win this match. 6 day break. No Jones or Watts ( it seems). At Subiaco with a biased crowd influencing umpiring. Against a team that beat Geelong last week and have had a 7 day break. However...... If we do, then start booking time off in September
  8. I still don't understand how the sentence for elbowing someone in the head ( Selwood) or punching someone in the kidneys (Reiwoldt) is exactly the same as for wrestling with someone ( Jetta). i.e $1,000.
  9. ain't that the truth. Originally, I don't know what they saw in players like Hunt, Wagner, Omac and an overweight red-headed kid playing in the Murray leagues. Today we all know exactly And if you look at the team playing on the weekend: Tyson, Frost, Pedersen, Vince, Lewis, Hibberd, Melksham, Garlett, Hannan and Bugg have all come from other teams. 10 players out of 22, that we have chased and traded to get to our club. Todd and Jason know exactly what they are doing and what we need. Leave it to the experts, because we surely are not.
  10. Melksham only played on Pendlebury in the first half. Trouble was Melksham didn't get a touch in the middle, so was banished forward. Kicked 1 goal and nothing else.
  11. No they can't. This is a civil matter and if he doesn't want to appear, then he won't.
  12. On the radio this morning the commentators noted that he will be paid $39,000 to play in the reserves just for this week! The guys he will be playing with could be earning $250 for the game.
  13. I'd leave Tippett at Sydney, just so they have to pay him $900,000 again next year and not have any money to raid other clubs ( us included) Next they will be trying to offload Franklin, when his body doesn't last the 10year contract they gave him.
  14. Collingwood still beat Freo with all these injured players on the bench. When they play us they will have replacements.
  15. Brilliant! Well done Ash