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  1. Junior

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Goodwin stated they have encouraged Jack to explore other opportunities....when he is not even half way through his current contract. I would say that's sending a very clear message that the club is happy for him to move on. My question is, how are these public comments helpful? Surely these conversations could remain private until a deal is actually inked?
  2. Junior

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I don't understand why anyone at the club had to make public statements about Jack leaving, well before any deal had been done. They should have repeated over and over "Jack is a contracted player", and then kept all the real conversations behind closed doors. What happens now if he ends up staying cos a deal doesn't get over the line? The club has basically announced that we don't want him at the club. That sort of talk can even further damage the bloke, and further hurt his chances of bouncing back and finding some fresh motivation in 2018. All that might be OK, except for the fact that we are still paying him a fortune, and that he can still be a top 5 player for the club.
  3. Hi all, Who is making the trek for this match? I will be there with a few friends, none of us have ever been to Alice Springs. Who has been before? Can you purchase beers at the match? Is there an appropriate pre-game and post-game venue where other Dees supporters will be stationed? The 'dreamtime' game will be on that night, so we'll need to check that out as well. Can't wait, should be an interesting experience and hopefully a win.
  4. Junior

    Jack Watts

    Since when do they play the best 22 in a pre-season game? This doesn't mean he's not in the best 22 players for the club, it means he hasn't been working hard enough or meeting some other KPI in the pre-season to warrant selection. It's frustrating but not the end of the world, he can still come out and have a great season.
  5. Junior


    Correct Chook. Poor decision making from Clark & manager. He could have taken a modest 1 year contract at melbourne, to effectively see out his original contract term. After that he would have been seen to have 'done his time' and would then be able to sell himself on the market for a much larger contract, still only 27 yo.
  6. Junior


    He was there and even hung around for an hour afterwards talking to ppl.
  7. Some of the speeches were great. Max Gawn making note of his 'World Record 80 hitouts', Watts saying he was humbled by his charity work, Dunn very emotional - had his grandmother in tears in the audience. Roos and PJ talking tough as you'd expect, Bernie Vince spoke of his bromance with Dawesy and Jones apologising for boring everyone with his speech for the third year in a row. An enjoyable night!
  8. Junior

    The Trade/Draft Rumour Mill

    What about this fellow, to fill the leadership void and add experience to our midfield whilst the kids continue to be developed: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/st-kilda-is-keen-to-keep-star-midfielder-nick-dal-santo/story-fni5f9q3-1226680433649 Not sure he'd want to play his last 2-3 years out at a bottom 4 club but surely worth tabling an offer.
  9. Junior

    Trengove on SEN 3rd July

    Yeah this is closer to the mark, I typed the post 15 minutes after listening so it's not direct quotes.
  10. Junior

    Trengove on SEN 3rd July

    I've heard other footy players do that. I guess they try to make it sound like they know what they're talking about at all times.
  11. Jack said: - Neeld had the team playing with a very defensive mindset, which has had us chasing the opposition around all year and not getting enough of the ball in our own hands. Whereas Craig has encouraged a more attacking style of play, i.e. get the ball and keep it off them. - Agrees it was Watts best 4 qtr effort of his career on the weekend. - Peter Jackson addressed all of the players recently and had everyone very fired up about the changes that are happening. He gave examples of other clubs who have been down, and managed to turn things around very quickly. - Player most keen to see if they've been named in the best: Sam Blease - Player with deepest pockets and shortest arms: Col Garland. - Best niggler: Lynden Dunn
  12. Junior

    Caroline Wilson's descent into gutter journalism

    I'd like to urge every Melbourne supporter to write to The Age condemning Wilson's attack on the MFC and her negative and aggressive style of writing in general. It's not only damaging to the club, but to the sport as a whole. She belongs at the Herald Sun and this [censored] needs to stop. It's not benefiting anyone.
  13. Junior

    Forum Footy - Sunday, 21 October

    Add me to apologies please Rollo. Sprained ankle will see me out for at least a couple of weeks.
  14. Junior

    Forum Footy - Sunday, 21 October

    I'll play thanks Rollo.
  15. Ahh, the wick, I just so happened to have lunch there on Sunday just gone. I agree with stuie's assessment, average food. Not a bad pub, reasonable vibe in the main bar/TAB area. I saw shane crawford having a froffy and a bet in there a couple years ago. The pokies are....the same as everywhere else that has pokies. The bistro is OK. There is parking round the back and nearby streets, lawn bowls and golf course across the road and plenty of public transport. Drive thru bottle shop attached which I imagine does OK. Definitely a better location than the Bentleigh club, that is a very busy intersection.