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  1. Whats with all the weeping and gnashing of teeth? Innovation. Let's all squeal. Sigh.
  2. It may have been mentioned but this is exciting. These are the players NOT playing today... May, Viney, Jones, Oliver, Lever, KK, Melksham, Hannan, Frisch, TMac. That’s a lot of depth.
  3. Quoting from a SEN report on an interview with Bernie Vince - “I’ve liked the look of Tom Sparrow,” Vince told SEN Breakfast. “He is one that has probably stood out to me. Really strong body, really willing to learn." “It’s a big wrap, but he reminds me a little bit of Patrick Dangerfield’s body shape and the way he goes about it. “He is just a bull. He is going to be a big man when he has done a few preseasons and spends a bit of time in the weights room.” ... What do the track watchers think? I must admit, I liked the look of his highlight reel because of his size, power and attack on the ball.
  4. I hope you meant they ran the time trail at 8.30am not he won the time trial with a time of 8 mins 30 secs...
  5. The role of a tall forward isn't just to kick goals though. It's the pack mark on the wing from the rushed pressure relieving kick. It forcing played like McGovern and Rance to be accountable. If we are unlucky with injuries to Tmac and Weeds, who do we turn to? This years draft wasn't going to provide a solution to that though in 2019, but I wouldn't have minded having a player that could be learning that role down at Casey for the next two years being drafted. Serious question though, if Weeds and Tmac are injured and we're playing WCE again in a Prelim, how do we make sure McGovern and Barass don't take 20 intercept marks between them?
  6. A 5 year deal seems a bit long. Hopefully he doesn't drop off too much before it finishes.
  7. For those who like me may have been wondering, our draft picks are:- 23, 36, 46, 54, 62, 91
  8. I hoped for a smigde more, but right now I'm OK with this. We won two finals without Hogan.
  9. Hogan and 65 for 6 and 23. It's done.
  10. They just got 19 in the Neale deal.
  11. If it's Hogan for 6 and 19 then that's two 1st round picks. That's what we asked for. Hard to mount an argument that we have taken significant unders.
  12. I think this has to be done. Can't see a reason not to.
  13. Why try and judge the performance of Mahoney or Bell or any of those involved until we see the final result? For all the posturing of Bell and diplomacy of Mahoney, the result may very well turn out to be a fair one.
  14. The latest 8 club mega deal coming up on AFL Trade Radio Facebook has us losing Hogan for May, KK and pick 23. I don't mind that. No idea of course of if it's complete fiction or close to the mark.
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