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  1. Jack7

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Mahoney will cave again and accept pick 11 and a second round,guaranteed!!! Was he seriously going to pay pick 5 for an undisciplined and regularly suspended 27 year old that had 10 kicked on him by Jack Riewoldt? Bend over Josh,okay Pete
  2. Jack7

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Tigers just crapped their shorts If we get that Bald umpire in the PF or GF,i'll spew up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jack7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    We lost the game after 1/4 time but will take any win on the road. On that form,North will hammer us.
  4. Jack7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Gawn didn't lose us the game,Lewis's shocking 50m penalty did. Dan Menzel missed a goal from a lot closer than Gawn. Didn't deserve to win,move on.
  5. Jack7

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    If he works harder at Port and does try and make us pay,we'll know how unprofessional he is!!!
  6. Jack7

    Who is going onto the Banner?

    Top 6 in the Bluey go on the banner,they must earn their spot!!! Or both captains (there may be only one captain in 2018) and next top 4 in the Bluey.
  7. You want another Bloke's ole Fella,LOL
  8. Jack7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Great way to finish off boys,pity $cully wasn't playing,i guess they thought they didn't need a $M1.5 tagger against us. 9,000 at the the game,i know it's Father's Day and we never go to Etihad but it was a great chance to see a win for the last time in 7 months,i would've gone for sure. It's going to be great next year not hearing "Melbourne haven't won at Etihad since 2007" Blah,Blah f'ing Blah. Had we not stuffed up the last 20 Toumpas seconds against the Saints,we would've won 8 games,with wins at the Cattery and against the Tigers,Dogs and Pies That's a big improvement especially without Kent,Salem,Vanders,Tyson,Petracca for most of the year and little support for Jesse. I thought Crossy might be handy next year but we don't know who they have their eye on yet,maybe James Kelly,Danger???
  9. Jack7

    GAME DAY - Round 22

    I'm outta here,better things to do Hope we get done by 150+ Roos and his Shite gameplan have to pay You're Super's topped up now Roos,now [censored] off to Hawaii!!!!!
  10. Jack7

    GAME DAY - Round 22

    10 goals to 0
  11. Jack7

    GAME DAY - Round 22

    9 goals to 0
  12. Jack7

    GAME DAY - Round 22

    8 goals to 0
  13. Jack7

    GAME DAY - Round 22

    Roos's gameplan is so archaic and defensive (which isn't working) that we can't even score 7 goals to none and Freo are playing at 60%
  14. Jack7

    GAME DAY - Round 22

    Sunday training run for Freo on Domain Stadium. We're probably better than a few WAFL sides Freo kick first 5 goals and aren't out of second gear yet!
  15. Jack7


    After our last month of footy,we are going to travel to Perth and beat the top team,at a ground we haven't won at since 2004 when Peter Vardy won us the game in the rain,i was there,Brock Mclean's debut game,MORE THAN A DECADE AGO!!!!! Stupid thread. Last week you guys said Carlton will tank,Hogan will kick 8 !!!!!!! You guys forget who you support 60+ flogging Giants will hammer us next week too and put us out of our misery finally,one day we will be good again and I can't wait but be realistic. Nothing to play for