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  1. Allen Jakovich

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Lewis is making us worse in 2018 so this will work out in our favour.
  2. Allen Jakovich

    AFL Live App

    Thankfully... i am they...
  3. Allen Jakovich

    AFL Live App

    If you have a samsung s7 and a samsung 2017 tv you can just cast the game from your phone to the tv. Just make your playing the video on the afl app before you hit share.
  4. Allen Jakovich

    Sledging Fail

    How long is it going to take you all to realise?? Our players' issue is not that we're arrogant, its that we go to water in the face of expectation. We choked because that is what we do when we have something to lose. When we have nothing to lose, are not expected to win, we play great football. Thats why as soon as we beat west coast, we went to [censored]. Because we had something to lose. Its been this way for a number of years. Only thing that temporarily halted the rot was jack vineys 1st qtr against port.
  5. Allen Jakovich

    Sam Frost on the move?

    This all reminds me a lot of what happened with Stef Martin.
  6. Allen Jakovich

    Changes for GWS

    Finey is a joke.
  7. Allen Jakovich

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Every once in a while i go into a game supremely confident. We win this.
  8. Allen Jakovich

    I salute Jack Watts

    Very insightful comments.
  9. Allen Jakovich

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Very windy
  10. Allen Jakovich

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Didnt seem to affect the crows off a six day break last night so shouldnt affect us.
  11. Allen Jakovich


    Viney injury?
  12. Allen Jakovich

    The K-Tip Thread

    Absolute gun but always injured
  13. Allen Jakovich

    Forward set-up, with and without Jesse

    When hogan doesnt play we lower our eyes going into inside 50. When he does we kick it long to him.
  14. Allen Jakovich


    Thats what happens when you are extremely fatigued from no rotations.
  15. Allen Jakovich


    Just as rewarding a win as laat week. Why? Because we found out that this team will no longer lie down like [censored] when challenged by a team they are expected to beat. That the swagger of players like tracca, salem and harmes etc came to the fore rather than the "oh no i hope i dont fail" mental scarring we have seen so often by this team over the past 10 years (essendon round 2 last year being one case in point). Ecstatic. Go dees.