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  1. Without getting into the merits or otherwise of the Watts ‘trade’, I think most astute observers think Port will be a very good side this year. I hardly think that’s a controversial opinion.
  2. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    Full price. It was actually a pretty funny conversation. I had to convince the lady in the sales department that it was okay, that I’d act as his proxy etc, much as I would if he had already been born but was only, say, one week old. She wasn’t convinced until I said, ‘look, the club needs the numbers’, to which she responded, ‘too right, can’t say I’ve seen this before, but okay’. It was during the Neeld years. The club hadn’t had a new member in a couple of years.
  3. Nev as a Leader

    Really surprised to see Tommy Mac miss the cut.
  4. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    How this for timing - I literally just opened my four year old son’s new membership pack. On the front of his membership card, it has a photo of Petracca. He’s Henry’s favourite player - Henry thinks he’s a real life T-Rex. On the back of his membership card, it says ‘Consecutive years of membership: 6’. I signed Henry up as a 20 week old foetus - exact full name and accurate (future) date of birth. Pretty confident he’s the youngest official member in the history of the club. He’s already waiting for his signed birthday card from the red and blue T-Rex. I’m relieved he’s committed to this club.
  5. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    St Kilda stuffed up SO badly with their first pick. This guy was a no brainer. You can build a list around him. Apparently he was thought to be a bit immature, yet all I see is limitless enthusiasm, loyalty and an unbridled team focus. I absolutely love this kid. I’m pumped about this extension. Super pumped!
  6. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

    For all of our woeful recruiting over the years, pick 53 for Tommy Mac has turned out to be a complete steal.
  7. Retro gear

    The current emblem is the best. By a mile.
  8. Top report DJ - thanks. I, like a few others here, hope Bugg has a cracking season. We play well when he’s in the side. It seems he’s got a point to prove and, importantly, that he’s intent on proving it. Good luck to him.
  9. Ollie Wines

    Should possibly also send a letter to Rory Sloane over the debacle over pick 35 in his draft too.
  10. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    Love Robbo. Always have.
  11. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    So much humanity in that tweet. That’s where sport overcomes the corporatisation of everything including itself. It’s possibly the most moving tweet I’ve seen from an MFC player. I see Pedo as (potentially) in our best 22. He was AA standard for a while in 2017, but also went missing in certain games. I really hope he brings his AA standard form this year. I’d love to see him get another contract extension. I also see him as competing with the Weed, not Hogan or Tommy Mac, both of whom will be certainties to start in the forward line each week.
  12. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

    Yes he has.
  13. Un-sportsman like conduct

    I’d like to see less rules, not more. And not just in AFL.
  14. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    I think this flexibility will be perfect for Craig Jennings’ skillset - he could very well devise some interesting structures, running patterns, match ups etc throughout the year on this basis.
  15. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    Even though I didn’t think it at the time, it’s possible that 2017 is the year we had to have. A finals birth is absolutely there for us in 2018. And not a mere position in the 8, we now have the list, the coaching group and the experience to make an impact. In short, it’s ours to stuff up this year. For some reason, I don’t think we will - I definitely see us playing finals for the first time since 2006.
  16. Tim Watson's outrageous faux pas

    What’s Jobe Watson up to these days?
  17. JLT Experiments

    Jack Viney to play in the JLT. And to show that he’s still playing at the level he was playing at pre-injury last year, and for him to come through both games completely unscathed and ready to dominate in round 1 v the Cats. And no other injuries. To anyone. At all.
  18. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Agree. Many here should buy an internet capable radio and tune into BBC Radio 4, or ABC Radio National’s ‘Big Ideas’. They might then immediately realise how basic/limited these SEN bozos really are. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
  19. Are we ready? Rory Sloane

    That 2008 draft was a disaster for us. Sloane was a lock at pick 35, and then at the last minute we picked Bennell instead. Shuey was apparently (almost) a lock at pick 17, and then at the last minute we picked Blease instead. Pick 19 on James Strauss - well, this was just bizarre given that 10 or so of the next dozen or so picks were seen to be well ahead of him and virtually all of them turned out to be very good players. That draft really hindered our progress at a critical time for the club. Lucky we have Jason Taylor and Todd Viney these days.
  20. 2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Another Max King? Max, Mitch and Max King - this is starting to do my head in.
  21. Jake Lever

    It’s a nothing article, really. That said, I always enjoy reading an article where a Melbourne player is quoted as saying they love the club. This guy is going to be an absolute gun. But everyone knows that. His signature was our success in 2017.
  22. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    Nothing article. I say good luck to the guy - he was a decent player and, I think, a decent person. GetSwift’s corporate governance perhaps needs to improve, but there doesn’t seem to be any suggestion of impropriety here.
  23. Jake Lever

    Blight can pull his head in - Lever was not quoted as saying anything remotely offensive or egotistical in the article. I love the bloke already. Hope he’s in the Leadership Group this year. And for the next 12 years after that.
  24. Preseason Training Week commencing - 22/01/18

    For all the critics of Oscar McDonald, I have one observation which I think is a reasonable/uncontroversial one in the circumstances. If we can maintain a relatively healthy list this year, competition for a regular spot in the 22 will be fierce. Only our very best players will be guaranteed a spot each week, and they are all the obvious names. Beyond these players, you will have to be playing very well (i.e. be in form) and, relevantly, actually be a properly decent AFL player to be regularly selected in this side in 2018. If Oscar plays most games this year, I think the current vocal critics here should be obliged to concede that: 1. Oscar is actually a decent AFL player; and 2. their assessment of him as a player is not shared by the professionals within the club, and their views might be based more on some personal bias/prejudice rather than a proper assessment of his performance each week. Just sayin’.
  25. Fenceology Predicts the ladder

    Finals is a non negotiable this year. I would also like to see our percentage consistently above about 110%. With an okay run with injuries, I just can’t see how we won’t play finals this year. The last decade has obviously inflicted some deep wounds on you Picket. Your Oija board findings are not supported by real world data.