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  1. Ron Burgundy

    Which Team can we beat on current Form?

    Nope - I reckon we’ve got them.
  2. Ron Burgundy

    Which Team can we beat on current Form?

    Carlton. And the Bye.
  3. Ron Burgundy

    Charlie Spargo

    He’ll be my favourite player one day.
  4. Ron Burgundy

    The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    I wish he was still on the list. I like the narrative around these things, even though I can see why he was traded and those with Aspergers here don’t get the human bits to this stuff. That said, I love Bailey Fritsch.
  5. Ron Burgundy

    Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    Bugg does a lot of gut running, team first, things that unfortunately seem to go unnoticed by many here. If you look at many of the Demons goals from the highlights package, Bugg is either in or near the goal square, or running into space to create another option. Even though it won’t reflect in his stats at the end of the game, I’m sure this doesn’t go unnoticed by the coaches and his team-mates. I personally really like what he brings to the team.
  6. Ron Burgundy

    Pedersen v Weideman this weekend

    Pedo. To be honest, Curnow (but his loyalty now lies elsewhere). We must’ve been close. Surely.
  7. Ron Burgundy

    We might be in trouble this season.

    I think it’s fairly clear that it was a game that we absolutely should’ve won, and, had it lasted another 60 seconds, would’ve won. We were all over them, for very long periods. In this context, I really hate that we dropped the 4 points because, to my mind at least, we actually won that game. In substance, though not form obviously. My view remains that we are still eminently capable of being a top team this year. The Geelong game didn’t change this. To Webber’s initial point though, the curious selections going into the game caused me to raise an eyebrow at the time - and the rumours that have since emerged for some of those omissions eg, Goodwin allegedly omitting Tyson for this game because of his involvement in Training-gate - now actually concern me. I hope this concern, like our non-existent defence in the first half of the game, will be allayed by quarter time against the Lions, and I will merely bemoan the lost opportunity against the Cats having had my confidence restored that we remain a top 4 candidate this year.