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  1. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    Too many emojis ...
  2. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    They'll all go in the first round.
  3. Preseason Training - Week commencing 20/11/17

    What is that photo?! He looks 10 years old. That said, Lever could quickly become my new favourite Demon (although he has a bit of competition these days, unlike in years gone past). Starting early is the perfect way for him to commence at this club. Would like to see him announced in the LG at the start of next season. And also for him to toss the coin in our first game against the Crows before marking up against Tex at the opening bounce, and then throwing a few Glenn Archer-style feints in his direction just to let Tex know what he's in for for the next few hours. That'd probably elevate him into new favourite Demon status of all time.
  4. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    I reckon Jason Taylor will nail this pick.
  5. Delisted Free Agents

    Happy to back Jason Taylor in the draft. He could weave some magic with so many second rounders.
  6. Max Gawn Contract Extension

    Critical extension. Key figure around the club. Loved his comments too. And the fact that he agreed to the contract extension so quickly, rather than string out negotiations (which may have allowed the media to generate some noise, however misguided). Now time to extend Petracca's and Oliver's contracts. Until at least 2030.
  7. He seems to be quite clearly stating that the deals that we ultimately agreed to didn't reflect the terms that Mahoney stated very publicly prior to each trade that he regarded would represent reasonable terms in each case. That said, I like the fact that the club doesn't play North Korean brinkmanship and seeks to execute the deals quickly and efficiently and within an acceptable range (from the club's perespective).
  8. Mitch Honeychurch

    Petracca is clearly number one. Jetta two. Jeffy three. Then Hannan. Don't know why exactly - just kind of works. Pedo is good too, particularly after a few beers and he does something special when the game is in the clinches.
  9. Stand corrected. I actually knew this to be honest. Point still (kind of) stands though.
  10. Mature Age Recruits

    Do not know a single thing about this Liam Ryan kid. But if, as described, he's an indigenous Robbo, he simply must be drafted. By us.
  11. His name is Tex. Says it all really.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    You're a good poster Wise. In my observation, using the word 'pal' tends to fire people up. In this thread in particular, it'd be kind of be good to take the oxygen out of the fire, rather than add to it. As an aside, I have found the arguments put forward for trading Watts to be absolutely compelling. In between the 'lols' and the other stupid posts, there is actually some interesting and informative discussion on this thread. To those posters, thanks.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    In respect of a discussion in which there are plainly competing, but relevant and reasonable viewpoints on each side of the debate, this is the sort of comment that unecessarily personalises and inflames the issue. Why bother with making such a remark? The one thing I take out of this trade is that Jack Watts is an exceptionally well mannered individual. He has class. Class in adversity. His parents should be proud. Manners show respect. And it is never unattractive to see people display courtesy and respect for one another. I wish some posters here would try to adhere to these standards. We all support the same team.
  14. Trade rumours

    The real skill in this negotiation was not in dealing with the Crows, it was in convincing Lever with absolute clarity and certainty that his long term future will be at the MFC.