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    Sideline Symbols To Revolutionise Game Day Coaching

    They're great, I would like to see that.
  2. Darkhorse72

    AFLW: Shae Sloane Ruptures ACL on debut

    The higher rate comes from less muscle development during their junior days. I.e. less physically active and therefore not developing strong muscles prior to adulthood. This has also been linked to higher injuries in newer generations due to different and less physical upbringings. This the increase in junior girls footy this should reduce over time.
  3. Darkhorse72

    AFLW: The Farce of the Conference System

    They have botched the two groups, Given the system they chose it seems odd it has happened. Basically One pool is dominating the other pool, look at the percentage between the two. So the opposition in the GF will be a weak team by default. Though Freo has been a surprise, stye only just pipped us, reckon if we played them week 2 or 3 we would have beaten them. We always seem to start slow. North I haven't seen but they seem to have joined very strong?
  4. Darkhorse72

    AFLW: Rd 3 vs Brisbane

    We need to win. We are in the strong conference group. Look at the percentage between the two. Its seems to come out completely loop sided.
  5. Darkhorse72

    AFLW on the main board

    I think on the main board would be better, as we are one club!
  6. Darkhorse72

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Im waiting on the New Defender , next year they reckon. Though the new jag's do have good reviews, and I think we are a good fit for us. Hopefully multi-year.
  7. Darkhorse72

    Demonland Supercoach 2019 Comp

    I"m in again Coach - Kane - Team Darkhorse
  8. Darkhorse72

    Jack Watts video

    Made the ch7 news tonight. Don't care except they introduced him as "Ex Melbourne Player jack Watt" then briefly mention a statement by Port on the issue. Its seems he has more profile as Ex-Melbourne than current Port!
  9. Darkhorse72

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    Disappointing game when they had the wind. They were harder in the contests and that Hooker goes alright. Too many handballs, yes but more of a worry they are too short and/or weak and the receiver had no space. Maybe they were rusty? With the wind we moved faster and with purpose. Maybe the plan was the move it up with handball into the wind? I"m not sure how strong i t was from the tv? I must add they certainly don't umpire the game likes the Men's AFL games, seems to be a different standard. Hopefully it does not come back to nite us at the end of the season as those games always seem to do. As they say many will be better for the run.
  10. Darkhorse72

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    Looking forward to watch the match on TV here in the west. The game last night was of two very different standards. Pies didn't look good against a very young and new side. The other game was much better in skill.
  11. Darkhorse72

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Like Kent as he has great potential if he can stay on the field. But the normal impact in his last game that again busted his shoulder makes me think he has a weakness there that can't be fixed with surgery. Good luck to him he got a three year deal and based on his injury history thats great for him. Hopefully he can play will his 30s from here on.
  12. Darkhorse72

    Demon expats

    The Dordogne is a cool place, visited it a few times when holiday. Welcome to demonland.
  13. Darkhorse72

    Demon expats

    Also in Perth (Not sure that counts as ex-pat) Watched most of the games this year on the iPad (Telstra) as we don't have foxtel, i'm also too lazy to go to the Western Dee's tv functions, though I should.
  14. Darkhorse72

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    I wonder if it will affect his leg speed, not that he was tat fast to start with. I remember Nathan Brown was never the same after his break. Though I'm not sure how the two compare in severity? It will severely dent their chances this year as they transition from their older players to the next group. Scully will be interesting as I think he was taken on as a longer project and not expected to play a lot this year.
  15. Darkhorse72

    8 Reasons to Get Excited

    When in control you always look faster. When you notice real speed are individuals breaking out of packs and accelerating away. Though more places dont run with it but handpass/kick to advantage to get the break.
  16. Darkhorse72

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    I remember a debate many years ago. What is more important, the money that we pay as a membership or the marketing list a members to sponsors. I think if you have a MCC membership you should get a MFC membership at no extra cost, but no benefits. The list of x thousand more members is far more valuable than the current payment amount. We don't rely on membership directly to run the club if you look at our overall turnover. But more members allows us to get better sponsorship deals etc which creates higher revenue. It will also push us up the membership tally and get us more exposure and bigger games.
  17. Darkhorse72


    Daryl Hannah, what! The film I remember her is was mermaid. I'm sure she's been in others.
  18. Darkhorse72

    5th Consecutive Profit

    Positive report
  19. Darkhorse72

    Rule changes

    Have they said where the free kick would be taken from? It could be the goal square.
  20. Darkhorse72

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    The Eagles CEO likes the idea. https://thewest.com.au/sport/west-coast-eagles/best-of-three-afl-grand-final-series-worth-looking-at-says-west-coast-eagles-football-manager-craig-vozzo-ng-b881024500z It appears to have been first raised by Pyke after the Crows loss. Maybe if they played better on the day he wouldn't have had a whinge.
  21. Darkhorse72

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    Only less physical sports have "play offs" as the player can recover. Football codes, like ours, rugby and grid iron you can't back up a GF intensity over the multiple weeks and have a good quality game to watch. Beside if you know your going to loose the first one, imagine the losing side going in preservation mode and benching their best players for the following week as a spectacle.
  22. Darkhorse72

    2019 Fixture

    It think it was just the timing of ANZAC eve and the decision of Pies to no longer help us out. The flip is 2020 both will be home games. Plus we do play them as a home later in the year.
  23. Darkhorse72

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    VIP Sylvia A big kid at heart. Very sad for it to end so early for him and his family.
  24. Darkhorse72

    AFLX squad

    We won the first one, thats all that matters, no one will remember who wins the rest. Cause we'll be the quiz night questions answer "winner "Melbourne" I think it was important last year to build confidence. It also helped us in practise some precise kicking and the run to break zones towards the forward line. The format is not that taxing on the players compared to a traditional preseason game. The downside is you can't use them to refine your game style is the real thing.