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  1. Not much to say today. Over in terms of any finals chance at end of 1st. Just playing for some respect now.
  2. People laughed (including me) at the tigers plan not so long ago. History tells us with focus and luck things happen
  3. But the wit is still there. An amazing period for Aus, -it’s about the sequel.
  4. Bit of a joke really. Worse considering the margin we lost those 2 games.
  5. I was reading that in the US conference system they take the top X number of teams based upon points/percentage and not ladder position. Why didn't they do that?
  6. Good and a boost to %. Pity about those rotten bounces in the 3rd.
  7. Good 2nd Qtr. Need to push on and get a good percentage boost to stay in the running.
  8. Gee didn't the umpiring change in that last quarter!
  9. Wow another "interesting" 2 frees to north
  10. They are also good at ducking We need a few goals with our dominance.
  11. Why don't North get penalised for putting the ball on the ground all the time, instead of giving it to the Dee player when they had possession of it? It should be 50? It seems to be a tactic to hold up play.
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