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  1. Go the Biff


    Falcons, Pats, Chargers
  2. Go the Biff

    Draft Needs Analysis

    Here's a problem caused by the demise of the VFL Development League. Unless there's a major shift in game style, we'll be running one ruck in the senior team for the most part. Gawn That leaves Pruess as your #1 ruckman in the VFL team. Assumedly we would want Bradtke in that side as well to develop alongside Pruess. So where does your fourth ruckman - your experienced emergency option - play his footy ?
  3. Go the Biff


    Bears, Chiefs & Rams in the shoot-out
  4. Go the Biff

    Team Growth

    Don't know about that but our percentage after Gillies' two games was 28.39 % Surely that's a record !
  5. Go the Biff


    while I'm here - Pats, Colts, Eagles
  6. Go the Biff


    I like them as well Surprised to find that I really enjoy Tony Romo as a commentator
  7. Go the Biff

    The Daniel Menzel Thread

    Will be cheap. Has good skills. Only 27. Worth a punt
  8. Go the Biff

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    I'd like 40 for Pruess From the Big Russian to the Big Prussian. If not that then 37
  9. Go the Biff


    Pats, Vikes, Rams
  10. Go the Biff

    2019 Free Agents

    You might have to hold your horses a bit longer than a year. Outside of Coniglio, the cupboard is pretty bare
  11. Go the Biff

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    There's a bit of this & while I wish him well personally, professionally - not so much Hard not to feel a sense of loss though. Nothing to do with trade wins or picks received. Simply put, I just loved watching him play footy for us and think his best is yet to come. I'd have liked to have watched that
  12. Go the Biff

    Would we take $cully back?

    Perhaps dumping Scully gives them the room they need to keep Shiel But yeah, on face value this trade beggars belief
  13. Go the Biff

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Mine's the same as yours It doesn't sit well though
  14. Go the Biff

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Disagree. If he stays he's not the first to have a trade denied & go on to represent his club with distinction. Ryan O'Keefe is probably the poster boy for that. Denied a trade to his home state and ended up a premiership player (maybe a Norm Smith as well) with the Swans.
  15. Go the Biff


    Rams, Seahawks, Ravens