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  1. Two changes for crucial clash
  2. Retro gear

    The recipients liked them so that's the main thing. The Demon shop is a blessing for the unimaginative father
  3. Retro gear

    Both of my daughters (and my sister) got Demons pjs a couple of Christmases ago. Not retro but they love them
  4. Crazy things you’ve done as a Demons supporter

    I didn't mind Vicious Park. The half forward flank at the Yarra Falls end was a good spot to watch footy from. The crowd could be a bit feral (I got king hit by an irate Collingwood skinhead after we handed them their first wooden spoon) but it was a helluva lot better than Windy Hill. You're right about the dunnies though - the plumbing couldn't cope with the volume. You'd need gum boots to safely go for a slash.
  5. AFL Live App

    Yes you have to renew. Still free if you are a Telstra customer. It also gives you access to replays on the AFL site
  6. NFL

    There's a chance I'll be off air for a while so I'll nominate the Pats to win now.
  7. NFL

    Vikings 20 @ Eagles 17 Jags 10 @ Pats 24
  8. NFL

    Interested in knowing what your thoughts would be on implementing a conference style system & schedule in AFL. @Macca as well & anyone else who wants to drop in their opinion
  9. NFL

    Agree with above Falcons 21 @ Eagles 10 Titans 10 @ Pats 31 Jags 14 @ Steelers 20 Saints 31 @ Vikings 23
  10. NFL

    Jags Chiefs Falcons Saints
  11. NFL

    Thanks for running this again Macca. The beauty of this comp is that it seems so simple - yeah pick 3 away winners - but it's not quite that easy to pick up points. I think 2 or 3 times this season I lost points in games decided in OT so the comp certainly keeps you interested. And I think I got my tips in every round so that's a PB for me ! Congrats Clintosaurus - too good & a great score Bring on the playoffs
  12. NFL

    Saints Jaguars and........... ahhhh why not - my '49ers
  13. NFL

    Jimmy G ripping it up. Four for four !
  14. NFL

    Chargers Rams Steelers
  15. NFL

    Ravens Eagles Falcons