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  1. Go the Biff


  2. Go the Biff

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    Isaac Heeney got Mark of the Year. Disappointing he didn't thank Pedo in his acceptance speech. That hospital pass onto Hogan's head was perfection
  3. Go the Biff

    Oliver to have surgery on BOTH shoulders!

    He might struggle to swim his 100 km this off season
  4. Go the Biff

    MFC - the original owner of the MCG

    That's my understanding as well. I've a vague recollection of an interview on World of Sport with Wayne Read, the MFC president of the day outlining the reasons for the split
  5. Go the Biff


    Bears, Pats, Steelers
  6. Go the Biff

    Why we hate the Hawks

    That's the heart of it. They've become what we were in our glory days of the '50's and '60's I don't hate Hawthorn. I admire and respect them and a lot of my favourite non-Melbourne players over the years have been Hawks Their supporters though - for the most part - give me the sh!ts. I knew about 3 of them growing up and now the bandwagoners are everywhere. If ever someone tells me they barrack for Hawthorn I always ask who their first team was. Add to that the fact that Glenferrie Oval used to be Range Rover Central and I'm pretty sure that the overwhelming majority of snow-goers are "Hawthorn barrackers". I wonder if my mum and her Demon mates were as smug as those pricks back in our heyday.
  7. Go the Biff


    Eagles Chargers Pats ......... and Brady over Rodgers
  8. Go the Biff

    The Braydon Preuss Thread

    Agreed. I understand our interest in him. I can't however understand his interest in us. He's signing on to a gig at Casey
  9. I thought he'd signed for another four years after his initial 6 year contract. I'd suspect he'd be well compensated but nowhere near the level of his original deal. Unlikely to be a salary cap dump option. Maybe he went somewhere to just check out the facilities while he's been injured
  10. Go the Biff


    Count me in again Simple and fun comp this. As well as being a lot more challenging than it looks to pick up points. Get on board ! Steelers Titans Bengals
  11. Go the Biff

    Bernie Vince Retires

    Would have loved to see him play a final in red & blue. Hope he feels he's accomplished what he set out to achieve when he decided to join us. He & Crossy in particular have been immense when it came to turning the club around on field. So glad he got to play his 100th game for us. Thanks Bernie
  12. He'll have played too many games. I believe it's under 21 years old and less than 10 games at the start of the season
  13. Go the Biff


    Agreed. Perfectly weighted. He then went and replicated it early in the third quarter with his pass to Gawn which set up our first goal of the second half. Two kicks of note !
  14. Go the Biff

    Sam Weideman

    It looked better on TV than it did from behind the goals. Bit of a floater that seemed to dip at the goal at the last second. Great result for him though. He'll be ramming them through from 50 on a regular basis next year
  15. Go the Biff

    Slamming Sam Frost

    It's like the penny has dropped with him. His positioning and decision making since his return has improved out of sight. I can't recall him getting caught in no man's land in recent times which was my biggest criticism of him. In full flight he does remind me of a couple of old blasts from the past. Gary "Crazy Horse" Cowton and our own Russell "Rhino" Richards. One was a bloody good player. The other could have been