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  1. NFL

    If I'd done any homework at all I'd have discovered that the Dolphins home record against NE in recent years is pretty damn good
  2. Nuggets' Music Video's

    What a combination of cringe & classic #74 was Brotherhood of Man - better known for their Eurovision efforts. "Kisses For Me" I believe did ok out here. Having said that, I'm off to find what remains of my musical credibility
  3. NFL

    Packers Pats Cowboys
  4. NFL

    They did - but then your original point kicked ! While this year has sucked in the W/L column, I'm heartened by the way they are rebuilding this time. Got hopes for Jimmy G but will wait til next season before starting to assess him. Many players from many positions have looked great inside BB's systems and failed to shine after leaving the Pats Can't complain though. My "second" team was always NE (all of my US sports allegiances bar the '49ers are Boston - Celtics, Sox etc) so I've had them to follow in playoffs while SF have been rubbish. Which is cool as they play each other so infrequently. As the Conference champ games of 2012/13 loomed I thought my loyalty might be tested if both won but by the time the first game began I knew my heart was San Francisco. Funny how in NFL you can "like" a number of teams where as in AFL you love your own & pretty much hate everyone else
  5. NFL

    Ah yes, my 49er's playbook for most of the last 2 decades
  6. NFL

    Pats Rams Steelers
  7. NFL

    Seahawks Panthers Jags
  8. NFL

    Jags Chiefs Pats
  9. NFL

    Going the soft options & finally getting on board for a Thursday game Seattle New England Pittsburgh was tempted to continue picking against my '49ers but the Giants ? That game is a Taliban beauty contest. Very hard to see a winner.
  10. NFL

    L.A. Rams Arizona Detroit
  11. Top 10 Exciting Demons

    Aside from the usual suspects, Rhino Richards was exciting in that no-one knew what was going to happen when he got the footy. Including I suspect, Rhino. When he took off on those runs of his, he certainly got the crowd's collective heart rate elevated
  12. NFL

    Vikings Panthers Cowboys
  13. 2018 MFC fixture - 5 wishes

    My #1 wish is for a bye after Darwin. Secondly, no string of 6 day breaks. It was admirable how the side coped with it this year at the time but eventually it took a heavy toll
  14. Well done guys. Great to listen to. Two hours went by in a blink. Brilliant hearing the great man reminisce and as TPF39 mentioned above, equally good to hear he's enjoying a happy & fulfilling life. Damn that boy could play !
  15. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Damn, I would have liked the 'Pies first-up. Hope it's not the Crows. Then it'll become all about Lever which puts unnecessary and unfair pressure on the kid.