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  1. Go the Biff

    Mark Basics [edit: resurrected from 2013]

    Thought of you as soon as he said it. It's a [censored] disgrace that he's still doing it after this long in the AFL system
  2. Go the Biff

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Effort fine Umpiring deplorable Unfortunately we'll never be more than a run of the mill side until our forwards get separation from each other and our mids start looking for targets. Bombing it in to a clump of forwards continuously is playing into the defenders hands. Surely this can't be the way our coaching staff train the team to play Even more disappointing, our two captains lead the charge of usual suspects in this department. Dumb. So dumb. We should have had the game in our keeping at half time
  3. Go the Biff

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Saved his job by about 2 and a half minutes
  4. Go the Biff

    Go and get Gaff!

    Norf have been rabbiting on about their "war chest" for the past couple of years. Saints would have e fair bit of breathing space in their cap post Reiwoldt & Montagna
  5. Go the Biff

    Jordan De Goey

    Change of personnel and change of role. WCE have lost their two main clearance players from last year in Priddis and Mitchell to retirement. So Gaff is one of those filling that gap. Agree he is not lightning but he runs both ways from pocket to pocket and does so relentlessly
  6. Agreed. Our bogey side and we gave them a five goal start and a beating. In previous years that would have got ugly
  7. Go the Biff

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Lever would have made little difference today. The weight of I50's would have smashed any defence. Our mids and half forwards got slaughtered and too often the Pies went forward under little or no pressure
  8. Go the Biff

    Jack Billings

    That's the website hosting the league ladders & scoring for the VFL & many local footy leagues. 1 = best on. 6 = 6th best. Means nothing from a club or B&F perspective. Stupid way of doing it but no-one cares enough to jack up about it
  9. Go the Biff

    Channel 7 WANT MORE GOALS!

    Of course. More goals = more ads
  10. Go the Biff

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 12

    I can understand how you remain unimpressed. Most of us I suspect view Smith in terms of what he could be rather than what he currently is. Even the avid Casey watchers who would know his capabilities.. He's a young player with 3 games under his belt. At 22 he still has tons of time to deliver on his potential. If he gets first crack at replacing Lever, it might just be the making of him
  11. Go the Biff


    Same - now most of my forward line are Demons
  12. How does The Wiz make this list ?
  13. Go the Biff

    AFLW: Paxman Re-Signs for 2019

    Can they sign for more than one year ?
  14. Go the Biff

    2018 AFLW Draft and Trade

    Bugger. Can understand Humphries going so she can stay in Tassie. Disappointed to lose Jazzy Griersen though. Good runner who can kick the footy well
  15. 2 games for MFC. A 79 point loss followed by a 148 point loss. If he doesn't have the worst % in club history I'm not sure I wanna know who does Frosty has been missed in the lists above