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  1. Moshe
  2. At that time Greene was a midfielder who was an asset finding the ball but a liability with it in his hands. Couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo. I think he'd also been in some off-field incidents that may have called his character into question. Credit to the kid for reinventing himself as a forward - a bloody good one at that
  3. Not really. They are coming off a short break & have a road trip to Perth after this Bellchambers / Luenberger - doesn't really matter given our ruck predicament. James Kelly has said he would be rested on several occasions this year Young Francis is very talented but is too fat to safely play 2 games in 5 or 6 days It's not like they are resting their top liners
  4. There's a demondavey on BigFooty who put in a heap of uncharacteristically irate, over the top negative posts after the game. For some reason I've always thought you & he were one & the same and you'd had a big day on the tinnies yesterday
  5. Are you the same Dazzler that spayed shite all over BF last night ? Very different tune
  6. Kicking in issues are rarely about the kicker and more to do with the work rate & smarts of those he's kicking to
  7. Unlikely to happen but it would be cool if the Tiges gave their members admission to this as compensation for their Etihad Stadium home game next year .That would help keep the crowd up. Or that the clubs agree that the event is a joint home game for membership & expenses / revenue, no matter which team is in the dark shorts I think we've got it for the next few years. Gil McLachlan would have been pulling himself to bits watching that crowd go through the turnstiles
  8. We have 4 ruckmen on the books. #1 and #2 have both gone down so we might as well roll the dice with #3. Young King in his brief VFL career has shown that he enjoys a contest. I reckon he'll be trying to make a statement at training this week. For those who want Pedo in to replace Spencil, 2 points. 1) Pedo is shitehouse in the ruck duels & offers little around the ground. Watts is better. 2) I think we need Pedo to replace Smith for structural purposes (I'm assuming Weed won't be brought straight back in). It's too easy to double team Hogan without another marking target. Play King - if necessary in short bursts with relief from both Watts and Pedersen so that we always have 2 targets up forward. Lewis comes in for one of Harmes / ANB / JKH / Tyson. I thought JKH showed glimpses and I'd like to give him a decent run at it. ANB makes errors but he also creates opportunities. Harmes I find underwhelming. Works hard but butchers the pill. He's a quicker Jordie McKenzie. Tyson is out of form. Not just his kicking - he seems slow of mind and is being caught or put under pressure as he holds onto the ball too long (mind you, the same could be said of Viney)
  9. I'm no Melksham fan - never wanted him in the first place & am often looking for negatives in his game - but I thought he put his head over the ball and his body on the line tonight. The no tackle stat surprises me. I thought he cracked in.
  10. Last leg of your multi ?
  11. Reads a bit like a job interview
  12. No. Just make your point
  13. Asked and answered previously I'd have thought but : In Kent's case it is because he is a lazy campaigner. Picks & chooses when he wants to go. Plays "me first" rather than team first. I'm thrilled he was dropped. It might be the rocket he needs because he does have some abilityIn Pedo's case he is not selected because he is bog-ordinary. Earnest but ordinary JKH I'll admit is a mystery off the back of 1 Casey game after returning from a broken arm. I think he has talent but to paraphrase Jack Dyer, too often gets where the ball ain't
  14. While I get where you're coming from, a lot depends on what you expected from this year For what it's worth, I don't believe we can win the flag this year. It would take a massive Bradbury performance from a few other teams for us to do that. We ain't good enough yet. So my view is that if we can't win it, we should continue to develop the team towards a position where we can. So for mine, if he's fit Weideman plays. To say Weed "cariried the load" is I agree a bit over the top. But he did try to perform some of Hogan's role without much success. I think it was Old55 that commented on Weed's positioning on Saturday. I'd suggest it was largely because he was caught betwixt & between as he tried to play a role higher up the ground. When Hogan returns to his rightful CHF position Weed will play mainly deeper forward. This allows him to lead towards the ball carrier again and attack the ball drop in contested marking situations. Much like R1 which I think most supporters found acceptable. Casey play a team who were flogged by 30 goals. While he can go back there and kick a bag, what will it teach him ? What does it add to his development and that of our team ? If you want to build towards a flag winning team, I'd suggest that Weed plays most weeks (he's 19 and at some stage will need a break - not after 4 rounds though). If you want a few years of finishing 7th and 8th, bring in the likes of Pedo My 2 cents
  15. It seems to me that the longer Pedersen is out, the better a player he becomes. A bit like Frost who after being pumped up on here since pre-season reminded us all on Saturday just how ordinary he is. If not selected by about Round 15 the old Pedo will be having comparisons to Carey He is whole-hearted cannon fodder. He gives effort and has the (very) occasional good game. And while he's in, Hogan gets double-teamed as Pedo gets little respect for the opposition. I'd rather have kept Dawes - he may have struggled to mark but at least he ran to decent spots and drew a defender away from Hogan