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  1. Both Hogan and Max have a few more runs on the board than Gus. Don't forget why he was at Casey when his unfortunate series of concussions began. He was omitted from the AFL team for reasons of form. I also hope he gets back quickly to full health and good form but I wouldn't be backing him to reclaim his place just yet. Probably not this year
  2. Yep. Just add Benny Hill music
  3. TMac's already a much better shot for goal than big Ray ever was. Goodwin mentioned in his press conference that McDonald would be staying forward in the immediate future while Tom himself said post match that he was enjoying playing there. Followed by the obligatory "I'll play where the team needs me". Also said he was learning and working on aspects of forward play
  4. It's likely Clarrie was suggesting yer man had been spending too much time at his favourite eatery.....or something similar
  5. Agree with those who bothered to read it before commenting. Good, balanced responses from Malthouse to the questions posed. And yes, thanks for Jeffy
  6. I would. I think he's a fair bit better than he showed the other night
  7. Harsh IMHO. Four weeks was about right. Not unexpected though Houli started the bus, Fahour stepped on the accelerator and Bugg, by virtue of his own stupidity managed to throw himself under it.
  8. Wayne Carey said on Talking Footy that there were excuses for us on Friday night, citing the four games in 18 days, travel from Perth and injuries. Just when I think someone gets it, in the next breath he goes "no excuses for them next week though". Not sure how an 8 day break is going to help when around 7 of our 10 keys players are out but that's the level of analysis you get in the footy media.
  9. Interesting perspective from the public figurehead of the Coward Punch Campaign Danny Green - SEN "Former boxing world champion Danny Green says there is "not much" in Melbourne defender Tom Bugg's punch that knocked out Sydney youngster Callum Mills on Friday night." Not sure how he stacks up next to Malcolm Turnbull or Waleed Aly as a character witness Dermie throws in his two penneth worth further down the linked page
  10. I'd expect it would vary according to variables such as days between games, when recovery sessions are scheduled, injuries etc We don't know what this "drinking session" consisted of but I doubt they were just sharing a slab over a BBQ.
  11. Not disputing that
  12. I'm another that recalls Ling was good when he first started but yeah, annoying now. There are too many special commentators, too many comments and if anything, not enough commentary Just call the game. Leave the other stuff for the breaks
  13. I agree Bugg is a fool I'm not changing history. I don't need to. ! was there watching it mate. I'm sick to death of the 70's & 80's being made out to be worse than they were, Clowns making out footy to be a weekly bloodbath. If that cap fits....... "Rod Grinter did that every week" That was your statement. I still call bullshite.
  14. Bullshite God you make up some tripe at times
  15. Top post. Saved me some typing We've played our best footy in June, a month in which no-one has won a flag., It may be getting towards August before we start to get anywhere near our best team back on the park. But that gives us time to get rolling again towards the back end of the season It's still a fun ride people