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  1. Was spewing we let Bishop go. 6,5" blokes who can run like the clappers were hard to find back then. Had a solid career for Port & played in their flag I believe
  2. Sure was. Had one real good year. Might have even finished on the podium in the B&F
  3. Think it was 149 and got suspended for the last couple of rounds the silly bugger. Doesn't qualify for this team though as he left Melbourne to return to Port in the SANFL
  4. As I recall the dual membership used to give access to an evening in the MCC at a function with the coach. I think it was when The Reverend was at the helm. At some point after that they re-jigged the MCC/MFC thing & formed 2 categories They also gave a free junior MFC membership which was useful. There are a couple of Demon relatives of mine in their late teens, early 20's who were introduced to the MFC with one of these free memberships I'd imagine there are plenty more so that was a worthwhile promotion When things were really crook and our attendances sucked I used to enter via the MCC, get a passout, then enter with my MFC membership to increase the crowd stats by one. At the end of the day it's not about what you get - it is a donation. Rather than pins and scarves etc I'd rather the club just keep and use the money. How many scarves can you wear ?
  5. Go the Biff


    OK - I'll go first Pats 38 - 31
  6. Go the Biff


    Rams 28 @ Saints 31 Pats 34 @ Chiefs 31 KC should win at home. But BB...................... I just reckon he'll find a way. Again
  7. Go the Biff


    Colts 28 @ Chiefs 38 Cowboys 17 @ Rams 24 Chargers 10 @ Patriots 24 Eagles 24 @ Saints 35
  8. Go the Biff


    Indianapolis 28 @ Houston 24 Seattle 24 @ Dallas 17 Chargers 27 @ Baltimore 21 aaaaaaaaaaaannnnd...... Philadelphia 17 @ Chicago 24 would be equally unsurprised if I got 4 or zip
  9. One of my favourite basslines to play when I were a young fella. Ripping song
  10. Have you graced the "new" Caravan Club with your presence yet Nut ? Saw Mick Thomas there a week or two ago (he was fantastic as usual). Very different experience from the previous venue
  11. Go the Biff


    Thanks Macca, Would be interested in how the winning tally stacked up against previous seasons. Seems this year more than any a lot of short priced favourites got rolled, knocking us all for six. Was pretty slow going for all until the back end of the season. Can't believe how quickly this one has gone !
  12. Go the Biff


    Eagles, Dolphins, Falcons
  13. Go the Biff


    Rams, Chiefs, Broncos
  14. Go the Biff


    Texans, Pats, Seattle
  15. Go the Biff


    Pats, Saints, Steelers
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