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  1. Jordan Lewis' skill execution this year has been nothing short of absolutely atrocious.
  2. Absolute liability at the selection table. [censored]!
  3. Mate you must be looking through your picket fence rather than over it. Heppell was restricted and corrected his numbers in junk time. He's a classic example of Essendon's brigade of front runners.
  4. Melksham is a speedy rebounding defender and Trengove is a slow inside ball winner. That's why.
  5. She shouldn't be your wife then
  6. Pedersen - Champion data's best player on the field out of position Oliver - So clean Hibberd - When it was hot early, he used the ball well Tmac - Rebounded well, better decision making Watts - Consistent Viney - Hard at it today
  7. Distasteful post for me. He's a champion of the game who was let down by his footy club. Good to see him back IMO.
  8. In the words of Misson - Vanders will start running towards the end of next week. I saw him running through the rain to the tuck shop opposite Etihad on Saturday. Another instance of us supporters being given misleading truths
  9. ^^ I have heard much the same. Same source as the Joel Smith elevation I confirmed on season launch evening.
  10. Rest easy Dean. Led the club admirably through a tough period.
  11. The most common observation apart from Clarry's brilliance, is that the defence keep getting caught out in transition and are generally to loose on their direct match up. Jetta has apparently slipped back in Goody's pecking order due to his apparent lack of damaging offence but I think it's clear we are lacking his defensive capability. I hope Goody makes the right call on this one.
  12. It may be announced that Smith has been elevated to the senior list. But anyhow - there it is. Announcement shortly.
  13. Jetta wasn't selected for JLT1 due to a quad.
  14. That was for the quarter itself my friend