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  1. I Like Mitch Wallis, really versatile good skills. would be an upgrade on the ANB/Bugg type
  2. Bates Mate

    The Last Time They Met - Round 18

    Wagner and Maynard were not great selections in hindsight
  3. Bates Mate

    Monday Night Blockbuster R23: Melb v GWS?

    We play in Perth on Sunday the week before. I'd prefer Sunday slot
  4. Bates Mate

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Our kicking out of defence has been horrible.
  5. Bates Mate

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    100% agree Hannan has done SFA all year
  6. Bates Mate

    Tom on a Wing

    Yep quite a few times this year he has basically said WTF demons about how we are playing particullay the ease teams score against us. He spent 3 years with a defense first mindset now we so easy to score against
  7. Bates Mate

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    At least 2 should be 3 eyes of the ball and elbow to the head. So what if Zach tuoy played out the game it was intentional high impact in my book it floored him.
  8. Bates Mate

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Might have gone a tad early
  9. Bates Mate

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Goodnight Geelong game over. Nothing would make me happier than a win against the doggies then beating the cats down there and severely denting their finals chances
  10. Bates Mate

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    Vince is an upgrade on smith despite Smiths athletic attributes. Jkh is and always has been a midfielder. He is a similar type to stretch albiet smaller. Neat skills ok pace cracks in when he has to. Not best 22 but he is next in line after decent Casey form. Get behind him
  11. Bates Mate

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    He has been in good form I'll back him to do well.
  12. Bates Mate

    The Last Time They Met - Round 17

    Yep the definitely prepared for us last time. I was worried after they jumped to a 3 goal lead. After the game Goodwin and a lot of the players mentioned the Doggies did some things they we were not ready for. Anyone know what that was? This will be a good test to see our new found "focus on defense" At the open space of the MCG. This game is exactly the test we failed against st Kilda , it will say a lot about where we are at and if we have really learned from the stkilda game
  13. Bates Mate

    My 3 word player analysis V Fremantle

    Agree on Harmes he has been really good this past month his disposal improving
  14. Bates Mate

    What the Fritsch

    Too old by 20 days or something. They should change award to rookie of the year. Fritsch and Kelly from Geelong have been best 1st year players in the league this year and won't get any recognition
  15. Bates Mate


    Ive learned to tune out everytime he opens his mouth