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  1. The Great Pretender

    The Darcy Fritsch Thread

    He looks a fair bit taller than Bayley.
  2. The Great Pretender

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Matt Balmer of Fox Sports has put out his AFL Draft 2018: Full first-round phantom draft a fortnight out from AFL draft
  3. The Great Pretender

    Bailey Smith

    You’re very welcome.
  4. The Great Pretender

    Bailey Smith

    Chris Judd used to turn up to his junior games for East Sandy wearing the Melbourne jumper with #3 on the back. When he came back to play in Victoria, he chose ...
  5. The Great Pretender

    Biggest Draft Steals

    Forget about the draft before the late 90s. Some clubs had no idea back in the day about how to recruit (sadly, the MFC was one of them).
  6. The Great Pretender

    Draft Needs Analysis

    The article isn’t advocating that you necessarily have to draft for needs but rather, it sets out what each club needs. At any given time when making a decision on who to pick, the recruiters are usually presented with more than one choice of roughly equal quality and, at that point, your needs are a factor in the decision-making. In many cases it’s a subjective view of which one is the best player available anyway. That’s why those phantom drafts are never all exactly the same.
  7. The Great Pretender

    A History of afl.com.au

    Good read but Ash Browne is a Hawks fan isn’t he? What’s with the pictures of the St Kilda players?
  8. The Great Pretender


    I would like to think that these days, clubs are better at looking after their young players coming into the system and helping them to adjust to being in the limelight and stay focussed. It’s a delicate issue but perhaps worthy of a question to ask to JM for the Demonland podcast interview.
  9. The Great Pretender

    Jacob Townsend

    I’m surprised that people are placing him in the same category as Tom Bugg. In 2017, Townsend played a not insignificant role in the Tigers’ finals campaign and is an AFL premiership player. He also won the J. J. Liston Trophy for fairest and best in the VFL (don’t think Buggy would quite rate as well on the score of “fairest” that year especially if you asked Callum Mills). Yes, he did fall out of favour a little in 2018 but it was an injury that kept him out of their finals campaign. He would be handy to have at the club and even if depth, an upgrade on Bugg.
  10. The Great Pretender


    No problem - another year or so under Lyon and he won’t have a positive aspect to the way he plays. He’ll be bored to tears and demanding to go home.
  11. The Great Pretender

    Jack Watts

    When I saw this I thought “not another Jack Watts thread” but it’s an oldie.
  12. The Great Pretender

    Jay Lockhart

    Pardon me.
  13. The Great Pretender


    One of the big victories of the period from my perspective is the retention of AvB who really provided some much needed strength and aggression to the team’s make up late in the season.
  14. The Great Pretender

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    And the connection with Jesse is the fact that the Marsh brothers come from WA and their collective scores match the chances there were that Melbourne would accept the Fremantle offer.
  15. The Great Pretender


    Not all of us have the privilege of being able to sit by the radio to listen to what they say. I work. I appreciate getting the point by point information in these daily updates. Thanks.