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  1. Dusty tackles etc at training

    I have been saying that for 2 years. Grab his wrist and pull towards you.
  2. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Tyson will play.
  3. Shepherding the man on the mark

    I think the shepherding player near the mark, should be scragged away by the player on the mark, even if that results in him getting a free. At worst the free will be in the same place as the original mark. This will lead to an ugly game and will see the AFL stepping in and stopping the shepherding player being within say 5 metres of the player on the mark. You just have to be pro active to these types things and we rarely seem to be that sort of club.
  4. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    Plan A is probably ok for us with a few provisos: 1. Always have a Demon between the opposition and their goal. 2. Don't play unskilled players, they kill you in today's footy ( goodbye Bugg and maybe ANB/Harmes). 3. Add some pace to the side, to give spread. (maybe goodbye Vince, Jetta if he can't find form and Lewis, hello Hunt and Stretch and maybe Baker or Spargo in the future if they come up ) 4. In addition to the above, only pick players who give their best efforts ALL game. 5. Use Gawn to best advantage, meaning he needs players around him who can get his taps and then players who can spread from there. That is hard to do with no wingers and B grade players in the guts. Game plan A will look much better now.
  5. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    As I and others have said, ensure always a Demon is closest player to opposition goal and add some pace and skill to the backline and you go a long way to fixing up these opposition scoring bursts.
  6. Be Patient with Lever

    But current players should know if a teammate can play. Crows were furious he left. Does that sound like they think he is no good. He will be a good player for us once he settles and gets used to plan and fellow backs.
  7. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Don't need to throw out the baby with the bath water. Bring in some pace and put a player back between their goal and the pack and that will be a good start. Also given it's the Tigers and looks like it will be wet again, don't go too tall.
  8. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Goodwin is the right Coach if he makes changes to the game plan and personnel and it works. We don't need wholesale changes, just tinkering to the game plan and bring in more pace and skill and effort in place of slow aging footballers, whose best is past them, hunger has gone and unskilled players who will never improve.
  9. Backline Setup and Structure

    I enjoyed in a perverse way watching On the Couch and Footy Classified as they highlighted things I have been banging on about all summer. We lack pace. We needed another Garlett type of player who can create something from nothing and has pace. Our game plan exposed our back half and leads to us leaking like a sieve in games. We must at a minimum have the last player between the opposition and their goal. We don't take full advantage of Max by playing to him. Our skills across the list are poor, especially under pressure. We are in trouble if Vince and Lewis are in the back half together as we become even slower. Clubs have worked us out and like master coach Clarko did they can then cut us to ribbons. When Jaeger with a stuffed knee can run past 4 of our backmen and goal, that highlights problems for the footy world to see. We also continue to play poorly skilled players because they can do something else, yet ultimately it leads to failure in today's possession dominated footy, because in a crunch they let you down. No name players with pace, skill and effort will continue to cut us apart unless we react quickly. As a side note, the Hawks who are quicker than us get Impey, how did he go Sunday. Personally I am far less impressed with big name players being chased than I am with identifying prospects who have pace, skill and give effort all game. Forget Lynch, find another 3-4 of those types and we will be a good side with our other talent.
  10. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    It was posted 23 hours ago, so it was actually yesterday. Does that give you a hint?
  11. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Not suggesting we sack Captains who get injured are you?
  12. Backline Setup and Structure

    The closest player to the opposition goal should be a Demon, no matter where he is. Would have stopped half their goals at least yesterday.
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    We have him, he has a toe injury and is already co captain.
  14. Unfortunately that is the problem with him. I can't recall seeing him grab the ball in the middle, or anywhere else for that matter and take off towards our end, beating an opponent and deliver the ball accurately to a team mate. His possessions are generally little dinky kicks across the ground or backwards or hit and miss kicks and handballs.