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  1. And there you have a lot of the anger on the thread. My favourite and one of DL's favourite young players, is being attacked by a media that knows how everyone should react when elbowed to the face, while the aggressor is given sympathy. Disgusting actually.
  2. And our boys will know that and we should get stuck into them and WIN.
  3. I understand your view. You would agree that it is different in normal society though, where even a threat can be punished. You don't have to actually physically hurt someone to be punished. Even attempting many things is a crime. Schofield may not have hurt Oliver or even attempted to hurt him, but it was found and not challenged, that he elbowed Oliver's chin, no matter how lightly and in a break in play and that is now ok on a footy field. I disagree. i don't want kids being elbowed to the face anywhere. Therefore footy is out of step with the society we live for in.
  4. Players have been suspended for attempting to strike or bump. Moloney as one example got 3 weeks for an attempted bump on Bartel. Look it up. Result is the new indicator. If Danger stays down Shuey was 100% suspended. That was not the intent of the rule made a couple of years ago to protect the head. It just keeps getting changed. The AFL couldn't run a raffle.
  5. This has done a lot for Junior footy. Brawl at half time and punch and elbow and you are fine as long as you don't badly hurt anyone. BTW Colin Sylvia's 6 week broken jaw delivered by an Eagle off the ball, was seen as an accident and Moloney's ATTEMPTED bump on Bartel which missed, got him 3 weeks a few years ago. We now have a new precedent that elbowing to the face at anytime on a footy field, even at breaks, is fine if you don't cause major damage to the victim. Well done AFL, the mums of Australia have another reason to worry about their kids playing footy.
  6. Oliver clearly staged the kicking in danger even though he failed to get a basic free. Look in his left hand and you will see a calculator which he used to calculate when to pull the string in his right hand, which was attached to Shuey's boot, to draw it toward his hands as he reached for the footy. Where is the AFL outrage at this pre meditated attempt to draw a free?
  7. We do have quite a player on our hands.
  8. Need some fresh legs anyway.
  9. Ah yes. Just shows how the written word can sometimes have different meanings.
  10. See that Shuey didn't limp off, but he did have a fairly quiet night for him. Some poetic justice.
  11. Hang on, one was pushed in the chest with an open hand and the other copped an elbow to the face. An umpire in the elbow incident standing close by, reported the offender immediately for striking. Pretty different incidents you would think.
  12. Hope he turns up Friday night.
  13. Viney jumped up to punch the ball away. In play and just for the record, Hurn is reported as having a sore chest. Therefore most likely contact to the chest in play. If Shuey got off for running past the ball and cleaning Danger up in the head, then nothing here. On the other hand he is a Demon so life ban.
  14. The same free kick ratio has seen Brad Scott seething. We are used to it.