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  1. Jesse Hogan's Return

    I am stunned.
  2. The Weed

    I'd hope he plays well against more than one side.
  3. The Jake Lever Thread

    Yeah Crows are really struggling.
  4. The Weed

    Needs some more muscle and another pre season and he will be right.
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

  6. I was not a fan early this year, but he has improved, possibly due to becoming familiar with our style of play. He does have the ability to kick long on both feet and that makes him a little unpredictable to the opposition. Turning out a good get for us.
  7. The Jack Billings thread

    Think you will find it is dollars over his footy career and well paid work after it ends.
  8. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I said in an earlier post that we are last in that category and was actually referring to our overall free kick tally.
  9. Changes v Brisbane

    Gee they fooled GC Suns.
  10. This is without doubt one of the worst penalties we have seen for a minor matter. Appeared to be a push to the shoulder, which slipped up to the neck. Nothing in it. Feel sorry for the bloke.
  11. The Jack Billings thread

    We probably haven't got great value from him so far, but I think Goodwin, Viney, Taylor and Mahoney will back the talented players in and we need more good users of the ball not less.
  12. Max Gawn

    Yes you would think so.
  13. The Jack Billings thread

    Salem is as shaky as The MCG. Really you need to think before you make some of your statements. The best user of the ball in the club and you think because of a couple of suspensions and a poor game he may be traded. Toby Greene must be absolutely gone then.