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  1. See post 163
  2. Of course.
  3. My interest in this season is being killed off.
  4. What would Hawks give to GC they have no picks.
  5. Well looks like he won't be playing this year as he has suffered a setback.
  6. That's interesting, as I have heard the so called best coach in the competition, complain about everything from umpiring, to the thickness of the walls in the coaches box and his club have won 4 flags recently and he and his club are well respected.
  7. If Goody said that I would say " good on you mate, well done".
  8. Hope this helps Mc. (H) IMPACT OF A GOOD RECORD Players will no longer automatically receive a reduced base sanction for a good record. However, if a Classifiable Offence is contested or referred to the Tribunal, a Player with an exemplary record could argue that their good record constitutes exceptional and compelling circumstances under Regulation 19.7(a)(ii) (which would make it inappropriate to apply the consequences in Appendix 1 to the determined classification). In such circumstances, the Jury members would determine the appropriate sanction in their absolute discretion.
  9. Scott is like the arsonist who burns down a building and then says we need to stop firebugs.
  10. I agree here bub, for the sake of the players, members and the club itself we need to come and out and slam the MRP. Every Melbourne player involved in an incident this year is suspended, while other clubs players throw punches and get fines or are let off. We copped disgraceful umpiring and have said nothing publicly. Now this. I want my club to stand up on the field and off. I feel we are the AFL's [censored]. Call a press conference and say as a club we are just disgusted at the inconsistency of this body, then cop the fine and move on. PS.Why is the word for a female dog, a b.tch censored.
  11. The answer is we think we are the Eagles when we play at the G.
  12. One third the force of Thomson on Dangerfield who got off earlier in the year. Given the inconsistency of the MRP I expect Salem to be jailed for 4 years.
  13. Agree. Its probably the same reason we are playing Weideman, who clearly isn't ready, however Oscar is playing far better than Weid.
  14. They usually don't. Didn't hear umpiring mentioned in Goodwin's presser either.