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  1. Spencer is insurance....
  2. I just don't want Wattsy in the ruck He's far too damaging as a forward
  3. Not best 22 by a long way, but needed now Same as Spencer Insurance cover
  4. Say it's not true....Hibberd is really, really needed right now
  5. True..I know that Bleasey is still struggling
  6. Certainly monitored and have first class treatment afforded to him
  7. Could play for two more years without a problem Hibberd's inclusion will free him to tag or add some more grunt in the midfield...plays his best footy there imo
  8. Bernie, Wattsy and Hogan to star.....
  9. Ben K butchered the ball today...shame, as I am a fan...
  10. I'm a big fan of Ben K, but on today's performance, he'll need to do better ... turnover king Terrible kick
  11. Watching the game today, here are my ins: Hogan, Hibberd That's it
  12. Hogan didn't play....
  13. Dunno, AF....I just want more...the kid's soooo good!
  14. Fkn annoying loss
  15. True, wise....I just want the kid to really kill it...really arrive..