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  1. Hunt streaming towards goal....what a sight!
  2. Mebbe - but he's a turnover king at the moment...
  3. Oh, I thought he was good - fess up, that I saw only about half the game, but his running, tackling and making space was very good - as was JKH's BenK, I'm not sure about as he butchered the ball a bit...
  4. They can cheat some more by making Roos an offer he can't refuse!
  5. Time to bring in Dean Kent? Fantastic game last week....
  6. Quick hands?
  7. Will make it - bigger body now...and quick
  8. He's probably at 2.5 mill per year now...
  9. Let's not overlook the input of one P Roos who was instrumental in selecting AFL capable footballers
  10. I think both players had a high tackle count yesterday.... Kent looked like the Kent of old....lethal left foot and ran into space and created the loose man..
  11. I woulda jumped in....
  12. I think that only Kent and JKH warrant any possible change - they were standouts yesterday
  13. What's wrong with a stopping role? Just ask Sloane, Cotchin and JJ about how they feel being buffeted from pillar to post
  14. Would love to see him get a game - and dominate!!