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  1. Congrats AF....you've already won this weekend Now, no pressure from the sisterhood and brotherhood that is the DLand community, but we need young uns' to boost membership
  2. 426 that actually materialised
  3. Ensure that our midfield is savvy enough to play defensive structures as well....not allow two players from the opposition to stream free offensively as they did last week Coaching executive - wake up!!
  4. TB plays for GWS Fin Close thread please
  5. Yes....but Another coaching/player anomaly? Riewoldt has been playing closer to goal this year - why wasn't this observed, researched and acted upon? Underwhelming stuff from our coaches and leaders
  6. Selection Selection Selection I'm afeard...
  7. Sigh Heard that before
  8. Good summary I think you've let the coaching panel off the hook Against Freo, Watts signalled to the bench to be released down back, but was told to stay put Last night, against the Tigers, a 20 odd point lead should have been enough if we played defensively Structures around the ball have been poor - this is a coaching issue as well as a player/leadership issue Thank heavens Jordan Lewis comes in next week
  9. Watts - earned his money? Sure did, but he's busted his guts out for 3 weeks in a row now Get him out of the ruck!
  10. Would not have lost this game if Roos was coaching....
  11. Spencer is insurance....
  12. I just don't want Wattsy in the ruck He's far too damaging as a forward
  13. Not best 22 by a long way, but needed now Same as Spencer Insurance cover
  14. Say it's not true....Hibberd is really, really needed right now
  15. True..I know that Bleasey is still struggling