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  1. Gandalf46


    Just curious... are we delaying an annoucement because Casey are still playing? Several non-finals teams have gone public on who they've cut but no news from the Dees.
  2. Gandalf46

    Jack Watts signs for three years (21/7/16)

    I'll put my hand up and admit to being on the 'get rid of Watts' wagon for a few years now... But I'll also admit to doing a little fist-pump on the way to the car this afternoon upon reading the text that he'd re-signed. I truly hope 2016 is just the launching pad and that he spends the next three years (and beyond) making me feel utterly guilty for calling him Reek (re Thrones) the past few years.
  3. Gandalf46


    I honestly can't remember the last time I watched a Dees game in which the four points were in the bag and the fourth quarter was simply 'fun' to watch. Good times
  4. Gandalf46

    Thanks New Balance

    We kitted out the whole family in new runners, shirts, active wear (wife only) etc. Thanks Dees and New Balance - an amazing deal that you don't see often these days. So good that I've almost got my wife convinced to dump Carlton and become an MFC member...
  5. Gandalf46

    Changes v Collingwood

    Not so much on this page - but there's a lot of support for ANB to come into the team. Can someone explain why? I don't have a view on him either way - simply curious why so many are keen on him. As for changes - suspect they'll be kept to a minimum - ie only changes will be based on what's happening with Garlett and Vince.
  6. Gandalf46

    The Top Clubs don't need the draft anymore!!

    For the first time in a long time I'm feeling good about the nucleus/youth of the club - Viney-Hogan-Bradshaw-TMac etc etc. Just have to remind myself to be patient as our 'Bulldog' rise will happen without the arrival of gun. That said - getting back to this topic - it's frustrating when we read about Geelong's efforts to bypass a rebuild. And now Hawthorn have joined the race for Jake Carlisle.
  7. Gandalf46

    Jarrad Grant

    Nope. No thanks. Agree with most the posts above - why pick up someone else's rubbish.
  8. Gandalf46

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Exactly why Mr Watts has to be traded. I can't remember a player (in recent history at least) that polarises MFC supporters. Better for him, better for us.
  9. Gandalf46

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Love it. I've been calling him Reek all season.
  10. Gandalf46

    My 3 word player analysis v The Hawks

    Should have forfeited.
  11. Gandalf46

    Mocking continues ...

    Seriously? 2013 has brought nothing but depression, frustration, anger etc... Someone creates a vent for a bit of laughter and you want to admonish them? If we cant laugh we really have nothing left...
  12. Gandalf46

    At what point does this become unacceptable?

    Spot on Diesel. I, like many, am starting to wonder whether Neeld has the right plan (let alone players) to make us competitive. But who would replace him? Roos is too happy on FoxFooty money; Clarkson wont move unless the Hawks flop; and we Cannot (capital C intended) risk another rookie coach.
  13. Gandalf46

    My Email To The President

    Well said J7 - your response is the kind of message that should be posted to anyone with a smidge of interest in the state of the MFC.
  14. Gandalf46

    I give up!

    I hear you D64... Went to a barbeque yesterday... met some new people. As usual the conversation to turned to footy..... "Who do you follow?" I was asked. "The Dees" I responded... "Oh" was the response... followed by the look of 'I dont know whether to laugh or give you a sympathitic hug'. The sad thing is, despite this past fortnight being a shocker for MFC, yesterday's experience is the same reaction I (and no doubt many others) have had to put up with for too long. It's got to the point that I cant even remember what year it was when we beat St Kilda in the semis...
  15. Gandalf46

    Port Adelaide v Melbourne NAB Cup Week 4

    ....I know it's a trial game. ....I know we have a new coach ....and I know a 'new plan' will take time. But we're down 20-53 to Port friggin Adelaide! Guiness ease my pain.