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  1. Gee these boys will never lay down in a game, and they are improving as the year goes on like a well-oiled machine. NO Jones, Watts and Hogan tonight either. 4 wins in a row, first time in well over a decade. 3 from 3 interstate games. Something special is happening.
  2. Dees have shortened from $2.90 to $2.50 since the teams were announced! WC out to $1.53 - Sportsbet
  3. 9 day break! Last week Dogs had 10 days to our 6
  4. Tommy Bugg like a Dean Chiron!
  5. Heard Ox say there might be a smokey this weekend. Source Brett Anderson who i think is a Dees fan . Could it be Maynard?
  6. We were $51 just 2 or 3 weeks ago !
  7. Protected species, as is Sam Mitchell and Buddy
  8. Interesting stats - 231 Kicks to 198 handballs v Dogs (win) 199 to 179 v Pies (win) 239 to 204 v Suns (win) 178 to 193 v Kangas (loss) 213 to 207 v Crows (win) 193 to 237 v Hawks (loss) 240 to 179 v Bombers (win) We still make a few poor decisions with over handballing, even today, but we clearly play our best footy when our kick to handball ratio is positive. Look at the ratio of our last 2 losses!
  9. Cost us 2 wins minimum !
  10. I had an unnerving sense of calm in the last quarter, a completely foreign emotion but I'd like to experience this again and again
  11. Hard to ignore this and I think it will have a massive impact on the game. QB was a bit of an epic and it was very fast at times. Players were absolutely spent towards the end. Dogs are struggling yes but I can see them smarting from the criticism they've copped and we might still be celebrating one of the great wins this millennium. Would be a massive win if we get up.
  12. Here`s the last 4 mins on 3AW.....just as good without the vision. Puts Channel 7 commentary to shame. https://player.fm/series/3aw-is-football/the-thrilling-final-minutes-of-melbourne-v-collingwood
  13. Maybe they are referring to the shot clock? I think they do have a countdown clock along the electronic fence but only goes down to 2 mins but I didn't take my eyes off the footy on Monday so can't be sure
  14. Biggest roar since 2006 elimination final win. That Watts goal is something very special, stoked to have witnessed it! The TV coverage doesn't do justice to the noise at the ground
  15. It changed with Tracs intercept mark and pass to Jeffy late in the second!