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  1. Hell Bent

    GF Ballot Barcode

    You can have them sent to your mobile phone though DZ, or is it different for the GF?
  2. Hell Bent

    Perth flights

    I wouldn't be holding your breath choko. I think they've put on flights for Perth fans coming to Melbn for a GF but not the other way round for a prelim.
  3. Hell Bent

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    What an amazing experience. 2 weeks in a row with all the Dees faithful at the G, totally outnumbering the fans of 2 of the most successful teams of the past 10 years. I actually feel we still have enormous upside. Hawks were well drilled last night and made it difficult for us to score in the first half. I don`t think WCE will tag and scrap like the Hawks did and it will be a more open game which will suit us. How good to party hard with Dees fans in Richmond last night, I won`t have any voice left whatsoever if we keep winning. I got home at 3 and watched the last qtr replay, bed at 4am WE can win the flag. 2 more wins! I believe we can do it. Can`t believe I`m saying it!!
  4. As a Father to 2 very young kids it makes my blood that people stoop this low. I`ve got to say though, I went out and partied hard in Richmond last night, Dees fans everywhere. I would have spoken to at least a dozen different Hawks fans and every single one of them took it well, was complimentary about The Dees and all hoped we go on to win the flag. I`ve always considered them as arrogant, bandwagon student w@nker type supporters, but I was totally surprised by how well they took it!
  5. Hell Bent

    Training - Tuesday 11th September, 2018

    Pedo was the first person cheering the team as they walked off the G down the race on Friday , and I've seen his genuine excitement for the team on multiple occasions this year when he wasn't part of the 22. It's great to see.
  6. Hell Bent

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    Has its own thread already Bombay! Classic
  7. Hell Bent

    Toby Greene's boot stops.

    Not sure Moon, my kids at Auskick level where tackling isn't even allowed but there may be such rule, I'm not sure
  8. Hell Bent

    Toby Greene's boot stops.

    Just watch this filter down into Junior footy, the kids are always emulating what they see from AFL players. It's a shocking look and if it's allowed to continue it only a matter if time til someone gets a serious facial injury. Outlaw it ASAP in my opinion.
  9. Hell Bent

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    To those at the G last night, how was the roar from the crowd when the boys broke from the 3/4 time huddle!! I've never heard anything quite like it during a break.
  10. Hell Bent

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Sorry you're right it's still there.... Anyway, Go Gooners!
  11. Hell Bent

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Pretty good umpiring so far, hope it continues
  12. Hell Bent

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    What happened to your post writing off The Pies 10 mins ago Gooner?? Something about a new orifice? Or was it someone else?
  13. Hell Bent

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    What an incredible night. Felt like 75% Dees, the noise and spirit in the G was unbelievable. Seeing Dangerwood both lose their [censored] was just beautiful karma after their actions at the cattery. Got home at midnight, cracked a cab sav and nearly teared up watching the replay! Bed at 3!
  14. Hell Bent

    Sam Weideman

    Stoked for Weed, boy has he arrived as a player the past 3 weeks, but he became a man last night. A bloke I worked with says he is as nice a bloke as you'll ever meet.
  15. Hell Bent

    Aaron vandenBerg

    I put my hand up to say I had written this bloke off after 2 years in the wilderness with injury. I totally underestimated how important a player he is. It's no coincidence that we are playing the most brutal and physical footy I've ever seen us play in half a century, since he returned to the team. He has raised the bar for our hardness at the footy and every other player has followed suit. He was huge last night.