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  1. I thought he looked cooked early, makes Trenners look quick! Couldnt believe how slow he looked!
  2. I have no idea either, but I reckon JKH stays. He had 7 or 8 tackles, 5 marks and I'd say most were under significant pressure. He made some blues yes, but the FD demand and reward that forward pressure.
  3. This is shattering for a young man. I lost both my parents this decade, I'm in my 40s and it still hurts, can't imagine how difficult it would be for a young person who constantly has the football worlds eyes on him. Take as long as you need Jesse, footy is a distant 2nd to family!
  4. Can`t see King playing personally, you would think Pedo finally gets his chance, however, he has never been a fulltime ruck, maybe 20% game time maximum as a chop out. This is totally left field, but could The Weid ruck (if he is over his corky)? He is 1.96cm. I have been screaming for him to be out of the team for 3 weeks but we are going to be making some season-shaping decisions this week, I wonder if this will get thrown around?
  5. If we didn't already know, we have an absolute superstar on our hands. I`m sure there are a load of other stats he will be ranking high in, but 4th in the comp for disposals (mostly contested I`d say) and 5th for tackles is stunning for a kid in his 2nd year who has played a handful of games. He is fast becoming our most important player, particularly with Max out for a few more months!
  6. The suspension of Lewis has been profound. I sensed from his first 2 games with Lewis that Jones seemed to be playing at the top of his game. IMO he has not played anywhere near as well without him. He was poor last night however I have read that he too copped an injury as did Viney, but both had no choice other than to stay on the ground. I expect Lewis to come back breathing fire and lead the way. I doubt he could have saved us last night due to all the injuries, but I reckon we'd have beaten both the Cats and Freo if he played. Sadly, Lewis is the only true leader we have. Clarrie is fast tracking to be the next best leader. Early days but the Co Captaincy is currently looking a very poor decision.
  7. I'm as gutted as any of you but some of you are a disgrace! 2 men down for more than a half of footy on a wet night and you can't excuse them for running out of steam! The whole structure was shot when Spencer went down. Have a crack at the selection committee and fair enough too, but the players could not have given any more tonight! Season over my arse, pull your heads in!
  8. Looks like a moderate band of rain is forming just north around the airport, heading straight to the G, prob hit just before the game starts but may not last long at all. Also, for those watching from home it looks like 7HD is showing the footy too (according to my digital TV guide), not just 7mate. Picture quality is usually loads better!
  9. Just a heads up those without Foxtel. My TV guide is showing both 7mate and 7HD as airing the footy...I know which one I`ll be watching!!
  10. Best footy event of the year for us Jane, smashes QB in my opinion.
  11. Watch the last qtr of our Hawks win last year, he was instrumental in turning the game for us, one of the best wins we have had in more than 10 years. I don`t think too many here think he is best 22, however he has been an important role player when he is required, and I`d have thought in the past 2 weeks he would have been required as many on here suggested. IMO, if we`d played him for Weid, we`d have won. We could have left Watts forward all day too, which improves the whole forward structure particularly with Hogan out. Goodwin clearly disagrees with me though!
  12. Looks like they have updated it this arvo...says Thumb 2 weeks now!
  13. I'm hoping it's a typo, poor bloke can't take a trick!
  14. I know Hibberd dominated yesterday, but is he ready for the pace of AFL, coming off not only a 6 week achilles, but over a year out of the game. I want him in the team but only if they are 100% certain he is ready for the big step up from VFL which would always be a walk in the park for someone of his quality.
  15. We are on the right track, make no mistake. Being at the game and witnessing the 3rd qtr, I gave us absolutely no chance to win the game such was Freos dominance that qtr. That we got back in front gives me enormous belief, we would have rolled over under similar circumstances, even last year. As many have eluded to, the result came down to leadership. Goody has made it clear he doesn't want to use our youthful team as an excuse, but it is glaringly obvious that is why we lost this game. The inconsistency we showed during this game is what happens to young teams. J Lewis is our most important player this year. Even without Hogan and Gawn, we`d have won if he played.