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  1. Hell Bent

    New major sponsor?

    Don't know about a new one but I know AHG aren't going round again.
  2. Hell Bent

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Thought I'd be brave and venture into this thread for the first time since it was created 7 years ago, to find out what the hell goes on in here.......fair to say after a 10 minute read I've still got no idea. I'll show myself out the door folks, carry on!!
  3. Hell Bent

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Very sad end to his life. RIP Col.
  4. Hell Bent

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    FWIW Derm thinks we did best of all clubs this trade period! C+ my arze Terry
  5. Hell Bent

    The Daniel Menzel Thread

    No chance. If Jeffy can't get a game in the seniors, Menzel has zero chance of getting a game.
  6. Hell Bent

    Random MFC encounters

    Yeah it surprised me BBP but I reckon they wouldn't have been alone back in those days. I've seen The Roosters getting on it in Sth Yarra after a game against the Storm only 2 years ago, weeks away from finals!
  7. Hell Bent

    Random MFC encounters

    Gilligan's Skuit! I was a regular at the Woodshed though a few of my mates worked there..... Those were the days!
  8. Hell Bent

    Random MFC encounters

    I used to live in Cairns and early 2000s the Dees played a pre season game up there. Went out that night to one of the hotspots and the bulk of the team where all there getting on it! Had a chat to Neita and he introduced me to a bunch of the lads, including Jeff White , Yze even Matty Bate who had just been recruited and Neita said he's a future 200 gamer....... Great night, spewing I had to leave around 230am(they were still kicking on) as i started work at 7am, oh my head.
  9. Sounds like we are taking those picks to the draft after hearing Mahoney speak a short time ago
  10. Hell Bent

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think when the emotion of this subsides over the coming days many will see that our list is in better shape than it was prior to the trade period. The big plus is the circus is finally over and we now look like we have a list of players committed to the club.
  11. So still got 23 and now 28......something brewing maybe?
  12. Hell Bent

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    True.... I should've added "in the media "
  13. Hell Bent

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Mike Sheehan Said he would be satisfied with Hogan out, May In straight swap. Tell me anyone who would no more about the ins n out's of this club. If we get KK and a pick in the 20s on top we've done more than OK in my book
  14. Hell Bent

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Bryce Gibbs openly wanted to go to Crows in 2016 trade period and it fell on its arze. He had a pretty solid year for then finishing 4th in the bnf 2017. I'm sure there are many other examples of this happening. I expect Jesse to fit back in fine. The one thing that concerns was hearing Mike Sheehan say on radio yday say he would be happy with IN May OUT Hogan. To me it's a massive loss but Mike would know better than any journo out there.
  15. Hell Bent

    Maxy Tops Robbo's Top 50

    TMac stiff to miss.