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  1. When people were suspicious of Jack Watts commitment, he went into the ruck when Gawn went down. Now most people see how good he can be. Why not put Hogan into the ruck? Not like it hasn't been done before. Good leap, strong body, handy at the fall of the ball. We can patch up a forward easier than a ruck ATM. Watts back at CHF, swapping with Jessie occasionally. I havent read all the posts so if its being discussed elsewhere, apologies.
  2. I think The same rules do not apply to all players. This may be Metrics? dunno. Some are given multiple weeks to get them up to speed before being given a rest if they dont fire - Weid, OMac, Melksham and Gus. Other players are moved in and out faster - T Smith and Bugg. Harmes maybe. Pedo could soon be in this maelstrom. It may not look fair but that does not upset me.
  3. Don't you mean Stand To?
  4. We lost by 2 points. One out: Weid for Hogan. At worst Hibberd for Melksham.
  5. I cant believe Weiderman is being given excuses. I dont get it.
  6. Whether its Tim Smith or the Weid is really not a big issue on reflection. Same to a point with Frost and Oscar. Spencer getting through the game uninjured, unreported and holding his end up is this weeks big deal. Next week we will start getting players back. I fear Hogan may possibly need to stay out west or may not be in a good frame of mind. thats got to play out. Spencer is the big show, then the form of Viney, Salem, ANB and Bugg will capture my interest. Next comes Clarry being able to deal with a lot of attention, and then the whole team not retaliating - either 1st or 2nd. Then I can just watch the Jayden show. BTW I didnt see it mentioned how our tackling has not had many free kicks paid for too high, but noticed it on the replay. Goodys got them sucking it up and playing hard fair football. Even my dogs arent scared of me watching footy - another win.
  7. Very hard on Smith, one game then the chop. While the Wied doesnt clunk em, doesnt kick em, doesnt tap em. But he is footy royalty apparently....
  8. Jesus ease up.
  9. The draw was 91/1 yesterday, I cant believe it was my tenner that brought it in a bit tighter. But thats just lotto. Dees to win under 20 - $5.50. Go Demons!
  10. I see Bull Smith forcing the Weid to start holding his marks and not missing the gimmes.
  11. Ok now I really am hoping to see Max and Jake. The beginning./
  12. Brayshaw has looked uncomfortable and slow in his reactions all JLT and both games. He hasnt played well but has been typically courageous. He needs a few weeks off and not VFL. He is not himself. Im worried his concussions are troubling him. He needs freshening up.
  13. show the free kicks for the last qtr! Dogs again gifted.
  14. I hope others got on demons to win by a margin. I was stuck in pub at Wonthaggi (there's no really good ones)and had the barflys in our corner. So sweet to see that song. I believe we will be good value for weeks to come till others wake up.