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  1. Jack Watts (again)

    I dont have Jack Watts in my best 22 anymore. I dont believe he can lift to the leves he found earlier on in the year. But dont mind me, I think Hogan is vastly overrated as well.
  2. Game Of Thrones thread

    Is Sam still a Nights Watch? If so, he cant inherit. So then does that make his bastard "Little Sam" head of House Tarly? I read somewhere that Bastards can inherit if no other Legit progeny exits. Therefore Gendry has a claim too. I understand that technically Little Sam isnt a true Tarly but hey..
  3. Changes v Brisbane

    Big blokes take time.
  4. Game Of Thrones thread

    Why do they need to capture a white walker? Why not good old uncle BenJen? Or a child of the forest? And whats with this cut throats dagger being passed around? Is it possible that it was the original dagger that produced the Nights King and it will show up in the very last battle with him?And does the marriage annulment mean that Jon Snow is actually the true Targaryan ruler? My mind is either GoT or Dees best 22. No room for anything else.
  5. Changes v Brisbane

    Bugg and Ben Ken are both ideally placed to give Petracca a week off. He looks dispirited if he doesnt get a couple of touches early on in the game. Of course Im only observing from the sidelines, but I think he needs a week off to freshen up.
  6. Changes v Brisbane

    Out: Weideman. In: Frost, (Tmac forward).
  7. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Well done Jack Watts! Obviously big men take time.
  8. The Jake Lever Thread

    Be interesting to see how much currency Gibbs and Gaz have at their respective ages.
  9. Jack Watts (again)

    Apologists Note: Goodwin: Jack Watts will play in the VFL this week. He hasn't been playing at the level we or he expects. He understands that #MFCMedia
  10. Jack Watts (again)

    Where is it stated he is carrying an injury? or Multiple injuries? I havent seen that. I hope Watts plays and is fantastic. We need him right now, this weekend to help out. Just being not bad would put him in the top 20% of his best games. But if he is injured the club should say.

    This still stinks.
  12. Jack Watts (again)

    I think you need to accept when a player has more currency on the market than you think he will show in the following seasons. I believe Jesse Hogan and Jack Watts wont help us to play finals. Harsh on Hogan but plenty would pays overs. One or both should help get Lever and/or Kelly. Thats what we need even if the goal square looks forlorn, we do at least as well, it seems without them. And the possibility of getting an outside true A class mid and Lever is alluring.
  13. Match Review Panel Farce

    I dont like this talk of what you can do on the street and compare it to the footy field. You couldnt kick a footy at a person on the street, it would be assault unless you were Dom Tyson, of course. You could hit someone.
  14. Jack Watts (again)

    He hasn't taken a clean ball in the games since returned from injury. It's not yesterday game on its own. It may be good for jack to have a break. I'm certain it would be good for MFC. This year he has currency. Just look at the manic contest today between eagles and saints. I can't see jack watts willing himself to stand up in a game like that. Yes he played hard a few times earlier this year but it isn't enough.