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  1. We won and they played as well as they could. With 2 minutes to go I felt we would do it. Exactly like Id felt when other teams get us previously. That was then This is now.
  2. When are final teams released?
  3. When I watched him pre-season at training I thought he looked best as a small forward. But I dont think he has played that role at Casey. I was impressed with smart fast leading and good hands.
  4. I will feel disappointed if he doesn't get a go. He wont have many chances and I dont expect a lot. I would be happy for the club to show that, like many supporters, he is part of the new wave and the old. We dont forget what Jack has battled and the past we have endured for so long.
  5. I'm lucky my dees bet has paid out because we were over 24 points in front. But I think it will be a very very close match. Certainly not a gimme.
  6. This is why I find stats misleading. I get how many possessions Oliver had (for example). Jack Watts won us the game, then saved us the game. End of story. If it had have been Cyril Rioli , he would be in Team Of The Week.
  7. In: Gawn/Spencer, Wagner Out: 2 of Harmes, Vince, ANB, Bugg,Oscar(although quite good)
  8. I saw some we should have won, I saw some they should have won. I didnt see about 4 that we won. Happy.
  9. We could have easily lost today with different umpiring decisions and only Demonland would notice.
  10. Hibberd Watts petracca Jones Oscar Tom
  11. How sad he is going.
  12. Absolutely dislike this person. Had to hear about him dancing on our (near) grave at his sons soccer match since 2010. Laughing fit to burst was the (continual) word. Every week Id hear about his chortlings about MFC demise. Any day day now and they deserve it, he would say to the soccer dads. He cant be live on radio or TV because it makes his blood pressure rise, he'd complain about his coodabeen tv career. Shut up F face.
  13. I try not to comment on games as I know my anger may subside later in the week. But Weiderman does not run to the right spots, doesnt present at all. He cant kick the F###ing thing and goes up when he has to with one arm. Bugg is worse than Weiderman. And the umpiring was so bad they ended up not even favoring North.
  14. Richmond cheer squad used to have a "Danny Frawley, Our Genius" sign. I suppose genius is hard to spot.
  15. He doesnt look like his dad Brandon much actually.