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  1. Damo

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Freo 12-1 for 1-39, on sportsbet, weird.
  2. Damo

    Watts Dropped from Port

    I heard a scary story about Lethal after the 1st game he coached when Pies were soundly thrashed by Bombers. After the 1st training he walked into the showers and slammed a still showering new player into the wall and in front of everyone slapped bullied and harrased the player into tears. Telling him to hit back. Player was a smallish rover, In front of all the players who were shocked. It was witnessed by a player who is a mate of my brothers and thats the story I heard. The player never really got a game Im told. Pies began to not like the losing feeling. I wouldnt have the "heart" to say those things to Leigh Matthews.
  3. Damo

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    If there was a late change, at what time would it be released? 90 minutes before game?
  4. I didnt see the last quarter so again i miss seeing Sam Weiderman do anything much. I go walk the dogs and found he is named in the best. Amazing. I see him in contests, I see him winning absolutely none. I see Tom Bugg and I see an AFL player who has had the yips in the ones. I am now biased. Im Opposite George to many experts.
  5. Damo

    Tom McDonald Re-Signs for 4 Years

    Fantastic news! First picked for me.
  6. Damo

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 11

    Oliver Jetta Hogan Tom Mc Gawn Lewis
  7. Damo

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    Seems to be common thread going on. Spent all morning ferrying my 94 yr old mother around, which finished at the Mountain View for a 90 yr old lunch at 12:30. Saw a sign that there are Vegan nights on now.... When I recollect the Mountain View from the early eighties, this is a big sign o'the times. From Bloodhouse to Vegout. Just got home, to watch Foxtel, Foxtel down! Off to the Elsternwick. sheesh
  8. Damo

    Gus 12 months on ....

    This is the biggest story for me. I was a doubter. I thought those that said he would return good as ever were just blue sky dreamers. Mea Culpa!
  9. Damo

    My 3 word player ananlysis V Adelaide

    Melbourne - best since 1964
  10. Damo

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    Not many sportsmen can play to a high standard without the balance of a big toe. Had a mate who lost his when we were young and it greatly impeded his tennis and Footy. It may be different now a days but I doubt it. Huge difference between big toe (hallux) and other little piggies.
  11. Damo

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    At least we will have the Bull and the (Pedo) Bear
  12. Damo

    Angus Brayshaw

    He has been the catalyst of our sudden leap in inside 50's. Add in Tom Mac's return and Lever grooving into the backline, he has started the party. Fantastic return to form that I had doubted.