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  1. Damo

    Last Flag Ladder

    You think therefore you am.
  2. Im so Footy hungry Im trying to read into the photo things like 1) oh no theres seven going into a back half of 6, who misses out? 2) where is Frosty?, 3) Why is May 2 spots in front of Lever? Why are 2 not folding arms? Is Paul dead? etc
  3. Our season has suddenly gone from pre-season plus about 20 rounds to pre-season plus 26 rounds over 2/3 years. Thats why we need 26 or 28 firsts. Frost, Hunt and Vanders will all get a good chance to stay in the team. For example Spargo has faded in some observers sights because he just was not suited to the distance and we are in a position to rest rather than inject/strap/push players into finals. Spargo and Fritz especially. We were really burnt out against the Hawks but got over the line. Eagles we were totally exposed. Thats my understanding of why we are shoring up all suspect areas, and why Jayden Hunt for one is in for a big comeback.
  4. I hope he goes well. Good Luck Tommy Bugg (to the tune of the Clashs Tommy Gun)
  5. Damo

    Who will step up in 2019

    Joel Smith, Jayden and Harry Petty. Sam has already made the step.
  6. Damo

    Pass Mark 2019

    My understanding is that Sam has just finished growing taller and has not yet done a full pre-season. He isnt even 22 until late June. It is fair to hope for a lot more each year from now. I was a convert, but those that know more than me, expect greatness.
  7. Damo

    Draft Needs Analysis

    I hope Frost and maybe Oscar are given the opportunity to try (again for Sam) in the forward line for Casey this year if/when they are squeezed out of the back six. Frost especially has had a good year and Id love to see him get another run at it. Oscar... who knows? Still young for a 195cm KPP.
  8. Damo

    2019 Fixture

    Im happy with the lack of Sundays.
  9. Damo

    2019 Fixture

    I understood we have quite a few in for surgery after this season finished. I know Oliver and Lever are expecting late starts (Is Maxy?) and there must be about 6 others too. Which makes me hope that we arent playing any of the top 4 teams early on. Id rather we have Saints dockers and Blues early up as we will show off plenty of depth. Anyone know some of the timelines?
  10. Damo

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Thats because Roos said you will be better in the back line. Howe didnt like to hear that. So after 3 months in the forward line at the Pies, guess where he was shifted to?
  11. Damo

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I dont like Scully as a person but he was a great footballer, whom I have to admit I hope doesn't reach the heights of his powers again. But that is only because the Hawks got another one for free. I certainly don't have any time at all for the melodramatic "lying to a dying man" BS. Hogan goes because he was missing home. Howe left because he listened to both his manager (more money) and Buckley (you can play forward). We may have bigger fish to fry in the next couple of years as player managers and other band wagoners whisper to our elite about more money elsewhere.
  12. Damo

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    The only way ti look at losing Jesse is that we have MacDonald who has evolved into Ross Glendinning 2 we have the Weid who IIRC has not yet stopped growing and has not yet done a full pre-season. Once he muscles into his skin he will be in the same stratosphere. All Carlton's greatest sides in the 80's had their best players down back. We had to even up the load. With May and Lever, and no injuries, watch out!
  13. Damo

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    Im confused by "Destination club". Hawthorn is seen as a "destination" yet they have no hesitation in handing Ryan Burton as a asset to be traded without his consent.
  14. Damo

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    The trading of picks to get Oliver after we unsuccessfully bit for Callum Mills was a huge risk in my view. Only a couple of years earlier we chose Jack Trengove after he had bolted through the pack late in the year. This was a bust and to repeat the same formula was real high wire with a very big downside. Im not as up to date on list managers as the above posters but we had an incredible pay off on a huge risk.
  15. Damo

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    Call means challenge. lol.