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  1. I know what Kielty can bring and he will continue to improve. But Id much rather see Pruess and the machinations that will or wont happen with him in the side.
  2. It was a mistake to keep playing Joel, although he kept kicking goals. This thread is going to go ballistic with DLers outrage.
  3. The manner Ralph was speaking I understood he was saying that he has been seen out everywhere and often. I get that it is possible that it could have been false sightings. Thats not how it sounded.
  4. Amazingly big call by Jon Ralph who isnt normally as outlandish as most. He also said Hoges has been seen out more than Elvis over summer. Really worried about Jesse Hogan now. Hope it is being exaggerated.
  5. Robbo doesnt think it is mental health. He almost said it. He said Shwarter said it on the radio. He seemed to quote Leonard Cohen. Everybody Knows.
  6. I dont see the point. Everyone knows the Tribunal will justify weird decisions. Its like blaming Jane Bunn for the weather arguing whether he is guilty or not. I thought May would be in trouble, but Im rapt we are contesting it. The big clubs seem to contest all the decisions. This is a positive move.
  7. Getting up and jogging off doesnt really mean much in my experience. In my day there was no concussion test. I understand it was a true story that a tall Richmond forward came off wobbly after being lined up and Slug Jordan said to Tommy, he doesnt know who he is. Tommy said "Tell him he is Royce Hart and put him at centre half forward".
  8. Many people seem to forget what its like to be hit up and down when you arent braced against someone leaning into it. Id say many dont remember or (more likely) just dont know. He got him a good one. Very good chance of AFL making a martyr here and a possible 2 weeks if we go on to appeal. I also thought Clarry was lucky to escape with a fine after what AFL had said about punches to the gut.
  9. The $3.25 for Poor Adelaide is starting to entice.
  10. Criticism should be toned to the the time of the year. I expect Hibberd will get back to fantastic form but his game yesterday should be noted. I cant see how commenting on it is "writing him off".
  11. So Hibberd gets a let off with "it is early doors", but ANB and Oscar cop unrelenting criticism?
  12. Im really surprised Hibberd has escaped DL wrath. I thought he looked like he didnt know or thought he can get away with having slowed down. Shades of Brian Wilson, when just losing that little bit of toe can be a problem.
  13. Why do we continue to deliberately kick to top of the goal square? all high slow balls coming in.
  14. Rohan Connolly hates Melbourne. he was hoping we were going to fold 7 years ago and he couldnt have been happier.
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