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  1. ding

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Looks like a Shotgun Kiss to me.
  2. Nowadays its to watch the team win
  3. ding

    Demon expats

    Sa wat dee krup Not an expat, but my wife still lives in Thailand. Geez Phuket has changed a lot in the last decade...........
  4. Poor bloke has broken his leg. Report says he will miss the entire season. That hurts the Hawks a LOT. Hope he comes back well. Great player.
  5. ding

    Is there training this week?

    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/Team/training-times Looks like the 14th is first day of open training.
  6. ding

    My Christmas wish list:

    Well the obvious #1 wish would be for a flag, and for me to be at the ground watching. Next, in no particular order so I can do without the numbers for each line are, ..... # Petracca to finally deliver on the hype and become an AA. # Jake Lever to recover fully from his knee, and stay fit/in form from early/mid-season. (We don't need him to rush back) # S.May to slot into the backline from Rd 1 like he has played in our team for years. # Viney to recover 100% and stay that way all year. I don't need to wish for him to play well because if he if fit, we know how good he is. I could actually stop right there because if those 4 things happen, we are a real shot at the flag, but for the sake of listing some other wishes, I will keep going # KK and/or Hunt and/or Stretch to own the Wings. (We haven't had a great winger for many years) # Preuss to play the relief ruck-switching forward well enough to give us the option to rest Maxy in games we don't need our A team. Even better would be for Preuss to play well enough to become a part of our A-Team. # Weid to have a great year, and re-sign early in the season before going Ape droppings in front of goal from mid-season onwards. *I only hope to delay the Ape droppings part to keep his contract size manageable. (I have genuine faith that this kid is going to be a star of the comp in the coming years). # Jeffy G to develop a massive hunger for the contest, and become our first choice small forward. (Ok, so this is a bit of a Hail Mary, but its a wish list after all) # NO MAJOR INJURIES !! This is the key to ANY clubs season. If I can't have any of the other wishes, this one will do me fine. No serious injuries to our best 22 and we will be as good a chance as anyone. Throw in 2 or 3 other the other wishes and our supporters will be off their faces with happiness at seasons end. Go Dees.
  7. ding

    Operation Re-Sign 2019

    Liar, there are no likes on my post.......
  8. ding

    Operation Re-Sign 2019

    We obviously wont be in the market next year for a high priced free agent as we have too many young players of quality who need to be re-signed (on bigger contracts) before they get poached. IMO the only club to have been a success in luring top line talent for unders is The Hawks. This is who we need to emulate. Their list management has been excellent for a long time. If we want to be a long term success, with 60k members, fleeting one-off success wont get us there. It needs to be sustained for a long period or we end up back where we started 5 years ago in no time. While the bath water is currently tasting like Krug, it can turn to vinegar quickly. The same people who write these articles now, will be belting us from pillar to post if we dont produce what they themselves have predicted. Nice to read if you support the Dees, but it doesnt mean much.
  9. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-star-injured-in-bolte-bridge-incident-20181218-p50mvb.html Poor bloke sounds like he has some personal troubles. Good luck Majak.
  10. ding

    AFLX Revamped

    Dunno bout the rest of you, but i cant wait to see the clash strips.
  11. ding

    R1 2019

  12. ding

    AFLX Revamped

    I hope if any of our players are roped into this farce, they jog around half assed and dont risk injury. This sort of thing has no actual football value for the clubs. The AFL is the only likely winner from this as they have more TV games to sell in the off season. I mean, dont they even care about their already shredded reputation any more? And they want teams to get out of pokies ffs. Money-spinning farce. Because AFL.
  13. ding

    Gary Pert?

    The more on-field success we have, the easier this becomes. Win a flag or 2 and watch our membership skyrocket. Then we need to avoid becoming a basket case again to hold onto those new members. For many, winning IS everything. Pinch a flag next year and watch our number go through the roof. We win a flag next year and every Cat, Dog, Ferret and Goldfish in my family is getting a membership for Christmas.
  14. ding

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    You get a like from me, because Avatar.