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  1. ding

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    CP5 = 3 votes. Long way to go if he wants to be a Hall Of Famer... Time on his side i guess.
  2. ding

    Brownlow Medal 2018

  3. ding

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    You on the gas Deiter?
  4. ding

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    Has that D'head McLachlan started his ridiculous pauses before naming votes for the leaders yet? It is the major reason i wont watch the Brownlow vote. Totally unnecessary, particularly in the early rounds.
  5. I see Chairman Dan, Dear Leader, has promised a truckload of money to once again ( porkbarrel )upgrade Geelongs home stadium to the tune of $102 million... Has he also made any announcements on some crumbs being thrown our way for our shiny new proposal? It has gone quiet lately. Hoping its still on the boil somehow. Anyone have news? Maybe @Ethan Tremblay
  6. ding

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    I have already moved on. We gave it everything in the last month but came up short. Great foundation for next year and the ones following. Only a couple of pieces short of the right team for a flag. Maybe we get them this trade period, maybe we dont. Still very proud of what the whole club achieved this year. We are no longer a sick joke. far from it, teams (supporters at least) did not want to play us. Respect earned. Fingers crossed we improve again next season.
  7. ding

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Cheese board just got a whole lot more interesting.... and active. *spew
  8. ding

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Today, easily. Would prefer someone other than us be responsible for losing to Collingwood in a Grand Final.
  9. ding

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    I can imagine a huge chant from the MCG members as we take the lead against Collingwood in the GF. SMITE, SMITE, SMITE, SMITE, ...... pause for small portion of King Island Blue with Quince paste..... SMITE, SMITE, SMITE. SMITE.
  10. ding

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    And thats what it would take. 2 high first rounders is about right for Hogan based on recent years horsetrading, but he obvs has to WANT to leave us..... and who in their right mind would?
  11. ding

    The Steven May Thread

    lol they could at least have tried to make the rumor realistic.....
  12. ding

    Where will you be watching The Big Game

    At work, with all the TV's turned to a different station so i dont get too distracted. Will probably just take sneaky peaks at the score online between buzzers. At least im near a defib and trained staff if i need one Already rostered on for GF day, but one of the girls has offered to work that day for me if we make it. Fingers crossed.
  13. ding

    GF Ballot Barcode

    If i give you my brothers postal address, could you send him some Ratsak-filled cookies? I dont need anything thanks matey. Glad you had a good time with your old man.
  14. ding

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Projection. There are lots of things i dont hate. (Not including you)