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  1. ding

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    We will beat Geelong AND Sydney. I feel it in me waters. Finals is ours to lose, and we have done enough losing over the past decade. The drought has to break eventually, and we have the team, even if our gameplan is a bit hit and miss. ITS TIME
  2. ding

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Geez the Bears are giving it to Hawthorn. 5 Goals up with game almost over. Helps us for sure. Great result. (For the Bears AND us)
  3. ding

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Regardless of what happens against the Dogs, ( We will have a percentage booster) we will beat Geelong. Im serious. (And a little drunk)
  4. ding

    Ladder predictor

    I have always valued Dirts' opinion more than yours. He knows stuff.
  5. ding

    Go and get Gaff!

    Heh, he is only a plodder anyway.... Saty was right after all. *i reserve the right to hail him a champion if he want to come to us.
  6. ding

    Thailand cave rescue.

    Every member of the team, and its coach all safely rescued from the cave. RIP the brave volunteer Ex- Thai SEAL who died while helping to save the boys and their coach. This was an incredible rescue and one that should be remembered for generations. Inspirational. Well done Thailand and all of the international volunteers. You are amazing.
  7. ding

    Thailand cave rescue.

    Absolutely [censored] incredible. Im lost for words. Speechless.
  8. ding

    Thailand cave rescue.

    8 Boys confirmed rescued with 5 people left to save. It would be great to have all out today, but the last one might have to wait an extra day to see the sun. I would put my money on the coach being the last one out. Epic rescue so far and i hope everyone makes it to the finish line.
  9. ding

    Thailand cave rescue.

    6 out now according to reports. I love the way the Thais are handling the media during this whole ordeal. Nothing to get expectations too high, and even the news of each rescue isnt officially announced until the days work is completed. The lack of information has also meant less mistakes by the media in their usual haste to be first. Brilliant. Hope every single person ( victims and rescuers, who are absolute bloody heroes ) makes it out safely.
  10. Looks like they have started the attempt to get the team out. (if media can be believed) Cant begin to imagine how terrified these boys would be, not even knowing how to swim. The instinct to survive is strong, but I'm not sure how I would go diving in the dark and having to navigate narrow tunnels under water. My wife is Thai, and being Bhuddist she is convinced they will all get out alive because the Monks said so. I have severe doubts it can be done safely for all of the group. For once i hope she is right and i am wrong. Good luck to all involved.
  11. ding


    Say what you like about him, tonight was Goodwins night. Game AND selection wise. Frosty was great, Skinny was very handy, particularly in the last when he got 77 touches, Jeffy was sort-of ok. Only bummer was Smith. Smith was yucky. Good win in the end. (No pun intended) I will take a 9 goal win any round thankyouverymuch.
  12. ding

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    If anyone is interested its Melbourne 66 v Freo 29
  13. ding

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    What are the betting agencies thinking? Dont they know anything about MFC and its recent form? I have never gambled on footy, but it is seriously tempting to throw a few dollars at the Dockers. We should win, but we should have won several times lately.
  14. ding

    Lewis on AFL360

    This thread officially requires bypass surgery.
  15. I would love to see the detailed plans (if they exist) for the building in this proposal. Floorplan i mean. It would have to be costing millions wouldnt it? With the proposal to dump pokies, that puts us already 10 million or so per year down on income. How on earth does the club expect to pay for it? Obviously, they have a plan or it wouldnt have even been announced. Anyone have some insight on funding, or will the club be back to begging for donations again? I am pumped for this plan and hope like hell it comes to being. MFC hasnt had a place to call home for, well, forever. It would be great to see a shiny new multi-storey complex in a prominent position with our clubs name plastered all over it, wouldnt it ? (FFS now i am sounding like Bruce) Make it happen MFC.