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  1. ding

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    He was totally overhyped by the media very early in his career, and that wasnt his fault..... UNTIL he made the comment that he wanted to be a hall-of-famer. Confidence in your own ability is one thing, but it has to be backed up. His confidence seemed to disappear this season, especially in front of goal. Way too many attempts at dinky little underground passes inside 50, when a confident player would have taken the shot. Trac can stand up in a tackle better than anyone i remember in my time following footy, but other than that, he doesnt actually have a huge bag of tricks to dip into. Currently a poor set shot, average endurance and his field kicking is not exceptional. He also holds the ball in front of his face before having a snap shot. One of the highest ball-raises i can remember. That particularly is something he has to work on. I would really love to see him play ANGRY. He has the physical tools, but he doesnt have enough [censored] about him. "Do you remember that great handball he shot out of the pack in that final"?................................. Surely he is better than that. He is a long way from being a champion player, but i still believe he can be one if he makes the choice to be his absolute best. Many talented players before him have failed to make the most of their natural talent. Heres hoping Trac doesnt become another one to join that list.
  2. ding

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    This story mentions "Chaos" so this sport HAS to be what he is studying doesnt it? (Did anyone else get sick of Fathead commentators always talking about "Chaos" ball late in the season during our games?)
  3. ding

    Pass Mark 2019

    Ever considered changing your name to "PICKET FENCE !!!!!"? I can imagine saying it in Bruce Gushaveneys growly voice...........
  4. I cant read this article because paywall, but the headline alone is another positive reinforcement of our recruiting team, and how we are staying ahead of the competition. "Alarming shortage of ready-made big men" Im sure plenty of other clubs were into Preuss. We got him to sign, even though we already have Max, which makes it harder for Preuss to get first-ruck time. MFC were not the most active club during the trade period, but NOBODY will slap the "scattergun" label on us this time. Need = Targets = Trades completed. Big tick MFC. Fug im pumped for the next few years. How bout the rest of youse? (My best Jeff Fenech)
  5. I almost spat my chips when i read that, mainly because it could so easily have happened if it went the way some of our supporters suggested it could/should. Yeah, a few on his board would have been happy to use Angus as trade currency at the end of last year. We might have got a mid-late first rounder for him if we were lucky perhaps? How cranky would we all have felt if we sold him for pick 10-15 and he immediately had a season like this one, but playing for another club. Wouldnt it be epic if KK turns out to be as good as Brayshaw, considering he was essentially the steak-knives in the Hogan-May saga. We may end up being very very happy with this deal, or it could be less than great if Hogan goes ape for Freo, and May/KK are just so-so. Only time will tell but im really confident our people knew exactly what they wanted, and made the best of Hogan asking to go home.
  6. ding

    AFL Ladder predictor

    LOOK AT OUR PATHETIC PERCENTAGE ???? Anyone who says we dont miss Jesse is an idiot..
  7. ding

    2019 Fixture

    The fact this board hasnt exploded in outrage at the financial implications of this fixture says to me that its a great result. Add to that our TV exposure in good time slots and this is surely our best fixture in many years. Hard, well yes, but thats what happens when your team starts winning games. I like it. A lot.
  8. ding

    2019 Fixture

  9. ding

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    Yeah, i did not mean they deserve more than us, i meant only that they deserve more than most others get based on their list and potential. Only a total fool would think Essendon deserve more prime time matches than MFC. Hope that clears things up re. my post.
  10. ding

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    If Lever comes back fit and firing by round 6 or so, and May can slot into the team without the teething problems Lever had, I am absolutely convinced we will have all the ingredients we need to go all the way. (Injuries permitting) So convinced in fact, i have already asked my roster monitor for next years Grand Final day off. She still thinks her sons team is better than ours. Silly woman.
  11. ding

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    I agree with this. Hate them as much as you like (and they probably deserve) but their list is actually shaping up nicely. We are ahead of them in the midfield, even after Shiel joins them, but in the next 3 or 4 years, they have as much of a shot at the cup as anyone. Lots of high draft picks, and they seem to develop them well. If Fugly stays fit and learns to kick straight, they could be anything. Hard to argue that they are building nicely. Much larger following than us, so the upside for AFL management is huge. Thats why they will get tons of night games. I actually think they deserve it, but at the same time we also deserve at least the same, if not more prime time exposure. I think we all know who will be gifted more by the AFL.
  12. ding

    2019 Fixture

    Sorry DL, i was Factoring in the Anzac eve game which obs isnt a Friday night, but Primetime just the same. Sydney game Rd 2 is the other i was thinking of. I should have just said "Night game".
  13. ding

    2019 Fixture

    The AFL let it be known that MFC would be getting a bigger share of Friday night games next year, but the only 2 we are so far aware of, are both away games. I can see it now, 3 more Friday night games against interstate teams. Lock it in Eddie. Its going to take some very sweet fixturing for us to have a decent year revenue-wise with our 2 biggest games making us nothing. At the very least we have earned a prime-time home game against Essendrug. Its time for others to fill the Sunday arvo slots.
  14. ding

    2019 Fixture

    I have already posted "not available" on my work roster for this game. First time i will have seen my team play where i live. I will take both of my Canon DSLR's and possibly a video camera as well to get as many shots as possible, particularly of any newbies who play. Best news so far this off-season.
  15. ding

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Nah, not the type we need wearing the jumper. At the first sign of a confrontation, she runs the other way. I love my baby but she is too soft for MFC. Besides, she loves working with plants, its her dream job. ( My advice to her was "Aim low child, you will never be disappointed" ) Takes after her old man.