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  1. "Pollyanna Pregame thread" and "Pessimist Pregame thread" I like it.
  2. The Age video link isnt working. What did i mss?
  3. I am already on the record as expecting a slow beginning to the year. Late pre-season start because of 2018 finals. May new to the club and like Lever, will take several games to gel with the rest of the backline. ( Hope to be wrong here ofc) No Hogan, and Weid still learning the craft. Several key players having off-season surgery. Etc, etc. We should still beat Port by 5+ goals
  4. I dont quite get this, but only because he isnt one of the Captains.
  5. I heart Gilbert McAdam.
  6. Righto, here is whats going to happen...... We dont win the GF... Sorry. Finish the home and away in 5th or 6th again, but fail to make the GF. *Steven May to miss round 1 ( Thats still in the future so i say its not cheating ) *None of our young draftees play more than a handful of games *Viney plays less than 15 games. Keeps getting injured. *Oliver and Brayshaw to both finish top 20 in Brownlow, with one inside top 10. Oliver suspended at least once . Weid drags out contract talk until end of the season. *We dont score as many points as last year due to forward struggles. *Preuss and Gawn together doesnt work. Preuss does give Max a "rest" in a couple of game though. (Not a big call) *No 10 goal losses. *A few 10 goal wins. *Biggest improver = Joel Smith *Slider = Nate Jones. (insert sadface)
  7. I love this comment from the interview... ""We will welcome any initiatives from the AFL that allow more people to be at a game but really it is the AFL's call." Yeah coz starting it later means we can squeeze 150k into the MCG. FFS dont these clowns actually think things through before they say [censored] ? At least be honest and say, " We want a twilight or night Grand final because of the increased Advertising Revenue" No wonder trust in the media is at an all-time low.
  8. This. The Swannies and Hawforn made an artform about building into the season proper. The preseason comp is made for tweaking the gameplan and experimenting. Our boys will be a different proposition by mid-season if things go as i suspect they will. 2 losses this year doesn't mean the same as 2 losses in previous seasons. We are a much better side who will take time to adjust to a new Key backman, and yet another who is still to return. Add our 2 Captains, Melksham, play for 4 points and we a completely different team. Long term we still look good. This is no time for despair. (Or even worry) Still, we didnt look very good today
  9. Would like to see the contested making stats inside 50. It feels like they have slaughtered us in that regard.
  10. Our boys look absolutely spent. Not many positives so far. May has been ordinary. AVB is hard as nails. We cant take a grab inside 50. No crumber near the goals. Oliver has had a 'mare. Backline needs a lot of time together to work seamlessly, but thankfully time is something we have. We can still win (which wont mean much), but this team has a long way to go to make it to what it was at the end of last season. Bears actually want to win.
  11. lol, yeah im a nurse... i know what it means. :p
  12. Good point. The media hasn't exactly been covering itself in glory the past few years.
  13. Lions I50 contested marking>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dees I50 contested marking. We start taking a few and we walk away from them. The second QTR was a 180 turn as far as effort went by our boys. Win or lose we just need to play like we intend to in the season proper. Harmes reported as compound fracture... FMD
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