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  1. ding

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Draft and Trade period, i laugh at you !!! MWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Great win Dees. Smashed them like guitars.
  2. ding

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Demons by 10 goals plus. Should be a totally one sided match. Viney back and the reserves putting heaps of pressure on the boys to perform, coupled with Carltanks outs have me supremely confident. No nerves at all this week, just like last week.
  3. ding

    Go and get Gaff!

    Get. Gaff. (Reckon we are a genuine chance)
  4. ding

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    You sound like the type who struggles regularly. Thanks for caring about me.
  5. ding

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    Im a bit conflicted about this. Usually i dont give a rats about peoples feelings, and im probably known on this site as a bit of a w@nker because of that,. but i genuinely feel for the bloke. He didn't mean to fail at MFC. He honestly thought he could make us better. Any coach would think the same regardless of their actual ability. Ok, so he was wrong. We not only didnt improve but it can easily be argued we went backwards during his time as coach. Watching the post-game pressers you could see the hurt was real, even if his words were hollow. Regardless of all that, the bloke is still a human being who lives and breathes footy. He has a family and friends and all that mundane stuff most of us have. Sure, i will be happy to see the drug cheats crash and burn from here to eternity and will feel genuine joy whenever that CLUB fails. The individual is a different matter. Its not cool to be basking in the failure of the poor bloke.
  6. ding

    Changes v The Blues

    Yep, this is a point most wouldnt have considered. Heaven forbid he may even have a poor game tomorrow. At least wait to see how Viney plays before demanding he be promoted. ( Although i personally cant wait to see him in the seniors again ) Hard to change a winning team and all that...........
  7. ding

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Never post before your first coffee is fully absorbed. :p
  8. ding

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Relax, we got this. Dees by 5 goals.
  9. ding

    Peter Jackson stepping down

    I was scrolling through this thread to see if anyone had mentioned this before i did a post of my own. My thoughts exactly. His good work might all be undone if we are left millions out of pocket and (still) homeless. He has no doubt been manna from heaven with regards to practically everything else he has been involved in, and its possibly already sorted, but until its confirmed, i will hold off a little on the prostrating at the Alter of Peter.
  10. ding

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    If you are going to criticise other people, at least learn the difference between "then" and "than". It's like a teenager asking "Who are we versing this week" ......
  11. ding

    Angus Brayshaw

    Funnily enough Beelz, if Angus stays fit and plays to his potential, i actually HOPE im wrong. That would mean Trac has turned into a fuggin beast, because if Brayshaw develops the way i think he will, thats what it will take for Trac to be the more influential player. Win/Win
  12. ding

    Angus Brayshaw

    If Angus can stay injury free from here i will make this prediction....... He will be more important to us over his career than Petracca. I dont say that because i think Trac is a dud (although he has been rated higher than his output deserves SO FAR in his career). I say it because Angus possesses something that not many AFL players have..... 2 sides. Now i know that a few followers of our team have criticised his disposal over the last year or so, and with some merit, but his early games displayed an ability to deliver off both feet that was so good, many were openly asking what his natural foot was. Trac stands up in a tackle as good as anyone i remember, but Angus has the ability to deliver from his right or left foot which is a crucial skill for an extractor. Trac might provide the cameos, but my money is on Brayshaw to impact the game more effectively, more often. Once he has full confidence in his own form/fitness this kid will be great. *the only caveat is that he stays fit.
  13. ding

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Meh, just as predicted "WE FRASHED EM" Seriously though, finally seeing some value in Lever. Thought he was really good in patches today. Brayshaw was great. One of his best games for the club. If he can keep improving his game he should become a first choice mid. Really adds to our rotations. Hogan is a star. What a huge tank he has. TMac makes us much better too. Harmes was also pretty good today i thought. ANB however, sorry mate but you need a run in the 2's to find your mojo. I love the kid but he just doesnt have the touch atm. I predicted a 6 or 7 goal win so im feeling on fairly good terms with myself atm. Take the win, especially as we were playing 3 games so close together, and the oppo has been smashed in the press all week. That was a good result.
  14. ding

    GAMEDAY - Round 7

    Supremely confident. In the immortal words of the average toothless Richmond supporter,,,,,, "WERE GONNA FRASH EM" *sic
  15. ding

    Go and get Gaff!

    I have a strong hunch that we are into him, and have been for a while. He will look good in our jumper.