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  1. P-man, ..... mate........... Seriously? That comment could be countered with one equally as far-fetched the other way. Lemme try. What this thread has re-enforced to me is that some will back Watts on literally anything. The club could release a video of him smoking ice and then assaulting a 80 year old to steal her pension, and there would be posters on here saying "Well, hes a lovely kick". Do you see how dumb those sorts of comments are, regardless of who you support? Keep it real.
  2. Why not demand he try harder to improves the things he does poorly. This seems to be what the coaches have done, and Watts either couldnt or wouldnt bust a gut to improve. They obviously got sick to death of waiting for Watts to develop some urgency. Good kicking should never be enough to save a player from being traded if thats essentially all they offer the team on game day. I personally wont be tearing up when the trade is completed.
  3. Trade rumours

    Ah damn, i didnt expect to be asked so soon.... Gimme an hour or so to come up with something believable.
  4. Trade rumours

    C'mon everyone, i showed you all how to post a decent rumor yesterday, but this thread is STILL rubbish. Dont force me to make more stuff up. ( P.S. i have some genuine info on the Hogan situation if anyone is interested )
  5. Trade rumours

    MFC has demanded at least pick 2 and Freos first rounder next year for Jesse. This is why Freo offered Weller and 5, for The Suns' pick 2. This will then be sent to us for Hogan along with their 2018 1st pick. Freo were asked for their first rounder and Neale, but he refused to be traded, so we are in for 2 x first rounders instead, with this years being upgraded so we can get our intended target in the draft. The Lever trade has been used as the basis of our demand for 2 x first rounders, with nothing more than a fourth rounder going back to Freo. Deal essentially done and will be announced Wednesday. ( None of that is true, but someone needed to take the focus of the Jack Watts thread. My reputation is taking one for the team)
  6. Mods, can we please have an "Ignore thread" option?? I know, i know, i could just stop clicking on it, but its like driving past a car crash..... you just HAVE to look. Are we there yet?
  7. lol yeah its time for a ride on the bike........ Refresh button isnt doing much anyway.
  8. Trade rumours

    Can we please kill this thread and start again?
  9. Nothing to add. Just wanted to be a part of something special. (186)
  10. Port wont be going out of their way to get us a better pick. They know we want Jack out. *shrug
  11. Sounds more like his mum, ...... or Grandmother.
  12. The Bombers did better out of that deal than most realise. The initial report wasnt the whole story. Essendon receives Devon Smith, a second-round draft selection (no.24 overall at the time of trade) and a future second-round selection From Greater Western Sydney GWS Greater Western Sydney receives a first-round draft selection (no.11 overall at the time of trade) and a future third-round selection