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  1. Have us winning every game if Gawn and hogan were playing.
  2. Only 5 of the last 12 games are against sides in the 8... could be much harder
  3. He has been forced to play ruck and up forward. He couldn't have done more
  4. I think if Gawn isn't ready then spencer is. Hogan might also be ready. Also salem goes straight in. not too sure who goes out if spencer/Gawn, hogan and Salem play. Pedo? Bugg? O mac?
  5. I don't think you are giving enough credit to GC. They aren't that bad and have beaten top teams like geelong.
  6. Goodwin is saying Gawn might be back for the bulldogs game round 13. Will give us 10 games to have a real crack at the finals with a Proper structure.
  7. I also think that spencer will be back after the break. Gawn might be a week after. Gold Coast game might be the last time we play without a ruckman this season.
  8. Correct.. we cant lose more than 4 games from here on. 13 wins will be good enough for top 8. In fact, teams on 12 wins were able to scrape into the 8 in 2016, 2014, 2013.
  9. Season over? You must have a rather pessimistic outlook on life. If we can tred water until Gawn and hogan are back then we can have a big push to the top 8 come second half of the season
  10. Because it isn't sustainable. You might get a win here and there but over the long run it will cost you games.
  11. We lost to geelong because Gawn was off for the second half. we lost to Richmond because spencer didn't play after 1st qtr. we lost to hawthorn and north because we didn't have a ruckman. that would have made us 8-1.
  12. The G is a ground that needs big men. We would have beaten Freo if hogan played. We would have beaten Richmond if spencer didn't go off at qtr time. we would have beaten hawthorn if we had a ruckman. we would have beaten north with a ruckman. Having either gawn or spencer makes us a 2-3 goal better side. hogan also makes us a 2 goal better side. not sure when the last time a team played the G without a ruck and won?
  13. Gawn makes us a 3 goal better side. Spencer a 2 goal better side. Hogan a 2 goal better side. That's the difference. Until we get a ruckman we will struggle to win. Can't keep losing hit outs 70/30 and expect to win. In addition our full forward is a 19yo developing player that is only in the side because we don't have a ruck and a full forward. If injuries are minimal in the second half of the season I expect us to come home with a bang. I expect us to win 8 from last 11 games and make finals football.
  14. What??? He elbowed the north player in the face. At least 1 week. Possible 2
  15. You might win a game here and there without a ruckman but it's not going to see you on the positive side of the ledger. We would have won all 9 games if either Gawn or spencer played