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  1. Didn't PJ recommit for a couple more years?
  2. Tony Green out for 2 matches... Nev Jetta can be released onto Steve J and run rings around him
  3. A major reason hawthorn was able to win 3 successive GF's was their rotation policy. I assume people also questioned clarkson at the time
  4. Any word on Gawn and Oliver?
  5. Might be good time to rest a couple of younger players and get the team ready for the finals. Oliver finished up limping and might come up sore. Hunt hasn't taken a break since his knockout against Adelaide. ANB, harmes and hannan might also be due for a break. Could be good list management in preparation for the finals.
  6. I think they will offer him another year however might be as a rookie. Also, they probably won't guarantee him game time. his option will be to test the market. There must be another club that need him and are happy to commit. Id be glad but also gutted if he went somewhere else and found success.
  7. Back on.. got the magic spray
  8. Yep... 2 weeks. Gives dees an advantage
  9. He already displays traits of some of the master coaches. He has added another dimension to the team and always has a plan B and C.
  10. Gray had a terrible 1st qtr and wasn't at all influential in the last. In such a dominant performance the 1 vote should go to the winning team. Take your pick of viney, Oliver, Tyson and even hunt.
  11. Tidied his game?? Even Wayne Carey had his deficiencies. Every player can get better however it's worth noting their positive qualities and not harp on the negative
  12. Anything positive to say about Tyson or was he that terrible? I wonder if your view on life is as negative...
  13. 20kgs??? Weideman already weighs 96kg. Not sure how much more than 100 he needs to be. He will need to start playing games at CHF next year after another solid pre season. No room for t mac in the forward line if this happens
  14. Nothing beats ungrateful negative Melbourne supporters. Im glad your negativity is confined to forums and that you will never have any involvement in the club. go have a look at what tyson actually did yesterday. Yes, he did have 7 turnovers however made up for it with 7 intercept possessions. 12 massive contested possessions. 6 score involvements and 425 meters gained. massive game
  15. We must simply land lever??? Or what? We have the nucleus of a premiership side without needing lever. Tom Mcdonald will go back next year and o mac can get the 2nd/3rd best defenders as he should.