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    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    There was a very weird looking warlock dude. I’d say that was Saty. Hasn’t aged a minute. It was wet and windy and of course muddy. They had to shoo the kangaroos off the ground. Plus a lot of people going to work down Punt Rd on their horses. Otherwise nothing’s changed. Same jumper. Same shots on goal. Go Dees
  2. It's Time

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    Mostly pretty standard. Right st the end Maxy spotted the Club videographer so went over outside the boundary righ where she was filming and had a shot. Hopefully that works tomorrow night
  3. It's Time

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    All I want to see is bloody goal kicking practice. Doing a drill Practicing low sharp stab passes. Look good although all of Hunts have missed the spot so far. Jeez Hibbo is a built unit. J Smith a very good size now. Doing a match simulation from the wing. Maxy smashing it forward and players running on clearing and going for goal. First one went in. Good start. Yeh now some goal kicking practice Tracs hardly missed. As for JKH and Nibbler both better play in the back line. Weids technique is a thing of beauty. Harmseys in a special vein of form at the moment. Everything he’s touching turns to gold. Hasn’t missed a shot. Nev and JKH the last 2 on the field. Thats a wrap.
  4. It's Time

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    Down from Sydney. First time at training in 100 years. Flashbacks to ‘87. Surprisingly small amount of people here. Good news is Hibbo was just separated from the main group and did a couple of run throughs and is now back in the main group. Yee Haa!! Roll on Friday. Go Dees
  5. It's Time

    Training - Tuesday 4th September, 2018

    Spargo plays in the forward pocket JKH spent time in the middle. Different roles with more possessions coming from the midfield. So these stats aren't directly relevant. Spargo is a very smart footballer has a better knowledge of where to be and where to deliver the ball than JKH. JKH has a bigger body although still gets knocked off the ball too easily but is definitely a better tackler. He's also got a better tank at this point although not sure that's relevant if Spargo's in the forward pocket. Spargo's had the bye at the perfect time so should be primed. He's been in the team much more consistently than JKH. Would be very harsh to drop him now. I'd be very surprised.
  6. It's Time

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Ethan apparently if you post it in triplicate (ie 3 times for you West Australians) he will believe you. Any idea when there will be an official announcement.
  7. It's Time

    The Ox reaction to yesterday's win!

    He looks like he's not that far off his height already. No idea how old he is but he looks young enough to still be growing for a while yet. Can't wait to scream Schwarter again. I nearly got killed doing that at Victoria Park once standing in the Collingwood members area. Hundreds of Pies supporters turned as one like a mob of meerkats with murder in their eyes. The official AFL usher came up to me slapped me on the shoulder and told me to shut up or [censored] off. I think he was saying it for my own welfare. We won that day when they thought they were going to win and get in the finals. It was when Jakovich kicked 7.5 on Gary Pert. Great day to be alive and an even better day to get out of there alive.
  8. It's Time

    Dean Kent, Aaron Vandenberg and Mitch Hannan

    Are you getting confused with Warren Ralph who played for Blues and elsewhere? Warren Dean was a ranging half forward with a constant ability to kick long torpedoes at will on the run. Never saw him play as a key forward. Best torpedo kicker I've seen. Diamond Jim could kick them longer when he got on to them but not as consistently as Dean. Sorry to get off topic. Loved the games from these three. Stepped up when it mattered. Goody and match committee finally got their selections both In and Out right for the first time in a while. Certainly compared to last week which was a fiasco.
  9. It appears you can only trade draft picks for a period starting the day after the trade period. I don't understand that as trading picks has been essential to trading players. Don't understand why they've separated them. Do we really want to have two televised nights of the draft. I suppose they'll do bios and interviews on all first rounders. Then just shoot through the rest on the second night. Bad luck for the 75% of draftees outside the first round. What coverage will they get on the second night. Who's going to watch. The trade week is still sooooo long. Should be one week max. Like having the rookie draft at the end of the draft.
  10. It's Time


    Scientific methods will get you every time.
  11. It's Time


    I do feel a bit sorry for Lever missing this game. It was always billed as the retribution game where the Crows would show him what a mistake he'd made. Shame he wasn't out there to shake Tex's hand and give him a wink without needing to say a word about taking money over success. Bitter sweet sitting in the box instead.
  12. It's Time

    Tex and Jenkins, softest big men in the game

    I went through that the year before. In the last couple of minutes the stranger I was sitting next to lent over and said he's got a heart problem and starting to feel symptoms and I might need to go get medical help for him. I'm thinking, mate are you serious. Just hang on. Have it in a couple of minutes. Fortunately as far as I know he was ok. I took my son in '06. We flew down from Sydney. He was 8 and hoping to see a Swans win. There were a few very expensive tears. He was half and half Swans and Dees being born and bred Sydney but pretty much after that he's been 100% Dees ever since. I keep making sure he remembers its not my fault.
  13. It's Time

    Tex and Jenkins, softest big men in the game

    Yeh but you rarely get that stat provided and it still isn't broken down. A 1% could be a shepherd. I don't find it a very useful stat except for a guidance of effort & attitude level.
  14. It's Time

    Tex and Jenkins, softest big men in the game

    Barry Hall was never the same player after his shocker in the '06 GF.
  15. It's Time

    Tex and Jenkins, softest big men in the game

    I was sitting in the cheer squad 6 rows back and got to have a close look at Jenkins and more significantly Oscar on Jenkins. Jenkins was rag dolling him early. Oscar couldn't match him one on one and was just knocked off his feet. Sitting there looking close up at him and Walker and Lynch and McGovern and Betts and seeing Oscar getting monstered so easily I was thinking early on this is daunting this forward line looks scary intimidating. But Oscar held Jenkins goalless and did enough in enough contests to negate his influence. Stats can be funny things. He only had 4 disposals but there's no stats for the amount of times he beat Jenkins punching the ball away and stopping him marking. They need a stat for that for stats to have any relevance for a backman's role. Jetts only had 4 stats but you wouldn't have thought that either with his influence. On the other hand Frosty had the physical strength to take Tex on one on one and beat him and once he took off Tex didn't even try to catch him. Frosty has a very rare X factor with height, strength and speed. His decisions, brain fades and skill can be scary but I'm surprised he hasn't been given more of a go. He played a significant role in the win. I have no doubt there's at least two games we would have won if he'd been selected.
  16. It's Time

    Who lives in Sydney?

    High dxwal pm me and I'll give you all the details of the NSW Demons Supporters group. There's 750+ on the database but just be warned Victorians like Chook think we're of no consequence. And believe me if Chook thinks we're of no consequence we're not even worthy of that much thought up here in NSW. But we like it that way. And we're of consequence to each other. A group meet at a pub up here to watch games. And we put on events when the team plays up here which is still not that often but a bit more since GWS have been up here.
  17. It's Time

    Who lives in Sydney?

    Thanks Chook.
  18. It's Time

    Clarry Leaves Track Early with Quad Issue (25/7)

    Copped a knee in the back/hip in 3rd quarter. Played out the game with a limp. Commentators said when it happened that it was the kind of knock that was going to hurt afterwards. Doubt it would have been enough not to play on the weekend. Not that I know.
  19. It's Time

    Go and get Gaff!

    There's been no matching to date. Can't see a Club stopping a player who's out of contract from going home etc. If it was us they would get a better pick by letting it happen than trying to do a trade. I think they'll end up about 4th or 5th after finals. I would say their compensation will be a band 1 which would be the first pick after their first pick which if they finish 5th after finals would be pick 14. A better result than any deal they could do with us if they threatened to match. A pretty reasonable compensation for him.
  20. It's Time

    Neville Jetta Re-Signs until 2021

    Leaves 15 still unsigned who are OOC at end of season including Gus and O Mac.
  21. It's Time

    Jason Taylor Resume

    I believe Curnow was 191 when drafted. He was therefore seen as a tall midfielder but too short to be a key forward. So at that stage he wasn't a direct comparison with Weid. We went Weid so we'd get a key forward. Since he was drafted Curnow grew 3 cm's and is now 194cm so has become a viable key forward with the added bonus of great athleticism. A lot of Clubs also didn't go for him after he lost his licence drink driving the week before the draft. He already had a bit of a dodgy behaviour reputation before that incident. Blues rolled the dice with another potential Fevola and so far the gamble has well and truly paid off. Of course in hindsight you'd now take Curnow over Weid but I don't think you can criticise the decision at the time. I have my concerns about Weid but I am also still hopeful he'll turn out ok. He has all the attributes just seems to have lost his ability to read where to be and to impact contests. He looked better 2 years ago. He's shown he's got the package hopefully he'll come on.
  22. Someone was claiming Jeremy McGovern to Swans is a done deal. Can't tell you my source.......... Oh alright. It was a post on here somewhere. Only source I rely on. I believe the poster's source was very reliable. Someone's Great Grandmother's Aunts, Sisters, Grandchild's, daughters daughters next door neighbours milkmans sisters in laws cousin twice removed on their father's side. No scrap that. Mother's side. Can't remember the rest. But it's much closer than the normal rumours on here.
  23. It's Time

    2018 Membership Thread

  24. It's Time

    2018 Membership Thread

    I guess we already know what type of fence you'd suggest.