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  1. Hogan along with most of the key young players on our list are at this stage all potential and not a lot of delivery. Hopefully this is the year that they all arrive on the big stage. We could do anything and everything if they all deliver what we think their potential is.
  2. Ollie Wines

    You’re my Source for everything and anything Sometimes trades come to the Club in its sleep.
  3. Ollie Wines

    OK, don't know how but you caught me. Fantasising that is. Lynch will be a free agent so no need to trade picks. Gaff is a free agent so no need to trade picks. Wines or possibly Sloane might be available and if Hogan left we could use his picks to get them. What an off season that'd be. However, let me say, I truly deeply hope Hoges stays. Mind you for various reasons we'v only seen glimpses of greatness. He hasn't arrived there yet. I think he will unless there's some overwhelming personal reason for going home. He would be kissing what's about to be a great run with as good a chance as any of a Premiership in the next say 3-5 years. He's grown up with the group who will be achieving that since he was 17yrs old. He'd be doing that to go to a team, Freo that is at the very beginning of a long rebuild that may or may not be successful many years in the future.
  4. Ollie Wines

    Houston we have a problem. I was one firmly in the camp that getting Lever was fantastic but IMHO given Crows wanted Gibbs etc etc we should never have given away this years first round pick and it will come back to bite us on the arse. What do we have to give to Port now if he wants to come to us? We can't give them next year's first rounder because we have to use it to meet the one first round pick in 4 years rule. He's certainly worth a first rounder especially in this year's bumper draft. If Jesse went back to Perth we'd have one. But short of that we won't. So all we'll have is players. Tyson and ANB come to mind. I wouldn't think ANB on his own even with a second round pick would be enough. Tyson wouldn't be. Do we want to give up ANB and/or Tyson anyway for what OW brings. Without this year's first rounder I don't see how we get this done for any value that would make sense.
  5. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

    Bl&$dy knew it. You’re my source.
  6. That’s the point of what I wrote.
  7. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    I know what you mean. On the basis of the following there is logically a growing expectation of this year being a breakout year :- - linear improvement; - the demographic of the team with a solid core of players reaching a competitive level of development; - the raw talent; and - what I believe is an excellent coaching panel with a gameplan that at stages last year showed it could beat the best teams. However there are some intangibles we've suffered in the past two years that make me understand what you are saying. They might be cultural issues or maybe they were caused by too young a list. My three keys to correct for success are :- 1. I reckon we've played 3 x 4 quarter games in the past 11 years. Dogs and Eagles last year. Hawks the year before. When we start playing 4 quarter games watch out. 2. We've had too many games where we fade out and fail to close out games. 3. The last two years we've had bad drop offs in the last month. Maybe 2 & 3 can be explained by too young a list or maybe there's a more inherent cultural issue. Lets hope its the former and the list has reached a critical mass of physical and footy development. In my experience the transition from being grateful for any improvement to an expectation of good footy brings plenty of frustration and gnashing of teeth. (I'm being very restrained here). I was fractionally too young to remember '64 so my first experience of this transition was '86/'87 and we're in that window now for only the second time since '64. The competition is more even and plenty of teams around us are improving so there's no guarantees. My gut tells me the footy injury gods are finally going to shine on us and we are in for a big improvement but the logic of our experience as Dees supporters won't let that queezy feeling go away until its proved otherwise. Go Dees
  8. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    Ah Hmm !!
  9. Maroochydore training camp

    Bloody camps. It's outrageous. They shouldn't have them. Someone needs to ring the AFLPA. Just stick to Goschs. This would never have happened if they'd just stick to training there.
  10. You’ve got to read the context. Elite means the top 10% in their designated position over the previous 2 seasons not 1. I don’t know how specific they get. Eg Inside Onballer v Outside onballer v midfielder (ie this could be a wing). Wonder if they divide half forwards into categories like High HF v Defensive HF. I’d say Johansen is only assessed against other attacking HB’s and had an incredible 2016 with a Norm whereas Bontempelli is competing to be top 10% of all inside onballers. I can see that result. However I’m dazed and confused by the Bont not even being above average just average I guess they are stats based and his stats were probably down this year Track would be competing against high and goal kicking HF’s whereas Clarry is competing against all in and under midfielders over the past 2 seasons. I can see that. Let me just add that having said all the above I think most of their rankings are totally stuffed. Joel Selwood isn’t elite Jeremy Howe is. You can go on and on. I’ve never rated their ranking system.
  11. Are we ready? Rory Sloane

    Good point. Although they still have a predominantly very young list so other than Buddy would have some room. They could back end a contract because 2019 is the last big money year for Buddy.
  12. Are we ready? Rory Sloane

    According to Tom Harley in his interview on SEN Tippett's injury wasn't career ending and it was his decision to retire early so his payout will not be included in the salary cap after this year. Tippett had a trigger clause in his contract for big bucks for a year or two extension but apparently he was very reasonable about it and agreed to take much less each year but extend the contract for longer to the end of 2020. As he has decided to retire early and end the contract apparently he agreed to a very fair payout. I think you'll find the salary cap space that opens up isn't as big as you think. It will still really help them though. Especially as next year is the last really big bucks year on Buddy's contract. It tapers off by about 50% from 2020 onwards. I get the feeling from what Sloane has said that if he goes it will be back home to Vic. So assuming the money is the same that's where he'll end up. Don't know where.
  13. Someone I know watched a lot of his school footy last year. I believe he was the Captain of Melbourne Grammar. Said 4 things :- 1. Hard as nails. Runs through brick walls. 2. Highly skilled. Very good kick and exceptional goal sense. 3. Very strong contested overhead mark with an unusually high vertical leap for his height. 4. Great kid.
  14. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    Five teams in the 2017 Draft disagree with you and picked 5 players in the top 29 179cm or less. That's over 17% of the first 29. I think the worm has turned a bit on this attitude. Pick 17 Jack Higgins 178cm Pick 22 Lachlan Fogarty 179cm Pick 26 Liam Ryan 179cm Pick 27 Brent Daniels 171cm Pick 29 Spargo 172 cm
  15. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    No. According to Gawn they asked the PA what to do and the PA gave them some advice. They took that advice and then approached the Leadership Group who then went to Goody.
  16. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    There's plenty of examples of some of the best players to play the game who went late in the draft or weren't picked at all for a few years. Greg Williams had this problem. Had to ask to train with the Cats for free over the pre season and then at the end Haffey gave him a go but had to go to Bendigo for a few years before he got that chance. Sam Mitchell and Dane Swan were quite late picks. Nat Fyfe and Rory Sloane were regarded as too skinny and were both reasonably late picks. Both Caleb Daniels and Taylor Lewis were very highly regarded talents as juniors who didn't get drafted till later picks.
  17. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    Agree Wise. Caleb Daniel 168cm and Lewis Taylor 175cm & Rising Star Winner say hello. So does Viney 178cm. You can rest assured the FD know that someone of Spargo's height 173cm wouldn't get selected without firstly speed, secondly high level of skill, thirdly great game sense, fourthly or firstly "the most competitive player in this draft" as he was described by the commentators at the draft when he was selected. So far he is displaying all of the above. As someone else mentioned, you never know at his bottom end age, he might still have some growth left. Macrae at the Bulldogs was drafted at 181cm and a year later had had a growth spurt and is now 191cm. Not saying that will happen to Spargo but a bit of it might. Hunt grew 30cm in his last years at school.
  18. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    I thought he just missed not all but most of his final junior year with a stress fracture in his ankle. What else did he miss that was the majority of junior development. I didn't know about this. He hasn't missed much since he's been at MFC. He's still trained most of this pre season just not with main group yet but is around it for learning purposes. By the way Maynard says hello.
  19. That's the AFL's fault. Out of the $1bill plus tv rights they've had over the past 10 years they won't allocate money to identify and develop young talent in the non AFL States. They leave it entirely to the teams there even though with the expansion there is more need to find more players. The Swans have spent over $1mill per year on their Academy for about 8-10 years now. They seek out every junior athlete initially in the whole of NSW and since GWS in their allocated areas. They have around 500-600 players a year going through it, that's thousands and thousands of players over the period. Out of that massive investment, so far they have Heeney and Mills. That's it. Brandon Jack was the only other player to make it to the list and he didn't make it. Heeney was a rugby league player in Newcastle who would never have been discovered without the Swans Academy work in finding him. I was involved in Junior AFL in Sydney for over ten years and know how incredibly hard the landscape is up here for AFL. The Swans Academy is a big deal to all the kids up here who aspire to getting picked in it. I've watched its impact on Junior Clubs like ours since it started and its significant. The only way to solve this is for the AFL to set up AFL Academies not Club Academies.
  20. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Even stranger they went to the AFLPA and not even the leadership group. Then went to the Leadership Group very late who then went to Goody. Said the lessons from last years camp were used all year and doing it was the proudest he’s ever been. Hmmmmm......... He thought Goody was going to wonder what was going on but he was good about it.
  21. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    There has been plenty of anything but running for the past nearly five months. Trust medicos to decide he's ready to run.
  22. He missed most of his final junior year with an ankle injury. I assume it's the same problem. Not good that it's come back, (assuming it has) and is taking this long to recover. Or alternatively, great they've identified the problem and its about to be fixed in time for him to become a star this season.
  23. Jack Viney will Return to the Track in January.

    From the horses mouth "I had my plantar fascia operated on after I partially tore that against Sydney halfway through the year," Viney said. "Coming back from that, five to six weeks down the track, I ended up getting a stress fracture in my third metatarsal so that's what I'm trying to get back from now. "There's a few things to juggle around after having the surgery on my plantar fascia. "The dynamics of my foot are a little bit different so I'm just adjusting to different loads going through different parts of it and I'm finally at a point now where I do feel like I'm progressing well and I don't see too many hiccups along the way now." url http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-01-12/cautious-viney-still-weeks-from-full-training
  24. May we never ever ever go through another botched rebuild like this one where we've had to wait 11 years to hopefully get to the strong core of minimal experience you're talking about. Let's hope assuming this list is successful that we retain a solid core of A grade experience as we bring the future crop of young guns through the Club.