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  1. Fair enough.
  2. Big difference between players not playing for a week because they are being freshened up and players not playing for an extended period because they are injured.
  3. Who says they haven't been up there already this week doing a clinic or 2? I haven't read anything to say they aren't already up there. Or when they are coming back.
  4. From memory,"blistering pace"would be a major overstatement. Also skills were overstated. His build and speed remind me of Billy Stretch who has great skills. He had a bad game last week but that's not representative. We don't need another Billy Stretch unless he goes back to SA in a Lever deal in which case Barry could be a like for like replacement. However, given the choice of an outside midfielder I'd take Kelly and/or Jones. Just saying!
  5. Posted this back in December. Unfortunately looks to have ended up being a bit too accurate. As it has turned out the big increase stayed in that early period of late October late November. Since then the rate of increase dropped right off and won't even maintain the 3000 gain back then. It's looking around 2500 up on last year. I find this really interesting because it indicates that the team's massively improved performance this season has not caused any noticeable increase in memberships once the season started. All the increase happened last year. Begs the question, what does the Club have to do to get people to come on board. I guess one short answer is make finals this year. But you've got to wonder why people haven't got on board once the performances starting coming in the season.
  6. Still a bit shorter and actually a bit narrower in the pockets as well as a slight difference on the wings. We both seem to be in danger of being opened up one on one when the zone gets broken.
  7. Thought about that but that would give you the dimensions of the entire arena surface not the dimensions on the field of play inside the boundary lines.
  8. Love your work. There was a lot of that wind around Domain on Saturday night but it didn't seem to harm us.
  9. This is why I had a look. It's interesting that we are doing better on narrower grounds this year but worse on our home ground. It seems to me that zone defences like ours and Eagles are much more suited to narrower grounds like Domain and Etihad and get opened up on wider grounds like the MCG. They might be good in theory but might be causing us to have such a bad home ground record this year. You would wonder why we're doing it if that is the case as IMO any game plan should be developed for the final game of the year. The Swans also tend to play a zone defence because of the smaller SCG so we shouldn't be disadvantaged tomorrow night although we seem to get opened up on wider grounds and Buddy has the capacity to rip us a new one with more space. Ironically the SCG probably doesn't suit his strongest attributes.
  10. I compiled the list below of all grounds dimensions. I didn't know a lot of them and was quite surprised by some of them. For instance the MCG is virtually the 3rd shortest ground in the comp but the widest. The Gabba is virtually the same dimensions as the SCG. Domain, Blundstone and TIO are virtually the same length which is 20 m's longer than the SCG & Gabba. Simonds is 26m's narrower than the MCG which is more than the difference between the shortest and longest grounds. I've done my best to verify the accuracy of these measurements. I even rang some of the venues. They all might not be 100% accurate. The AFL website has them on there but some are definitely not correct and I verified that with some of the venues. AFL Ground Dimensions MCG 160 x 141 Etihad 159.5 x 128.8 Simonds 170 x 115 SCG 155.5 x 136 Spotless 164 x 127.5 Adelaide 167 x 123 Domain 175.6 x 122.4 Gabba 156 x 138 Metricon 160 x 134 Manuka 162.5 x 138.4 Aurora 165 x 135 Blundstone 175 x 135 TIO 175 x 135 TIO Traeger 168 x 132 Cazaly 172.5 x 149
  11. Revenge. Sweet revenge. Hurn is out this week as a result of Viney's bump. A little message to the rest of the comp from our Captain courageous beware the consequences if you want to take me on.
  12. Yeh especially when he was coaching them.
  13. Where are the AFLCA Votes posted?
  14. I believe he had a trigger clause in his contract which enabled him to extend this year on ridiculous money. I don't think he is contracted next year. His salary will halve wherever he is. Firstly, NO, because he's the wrong demographic for our list. Too old now and doesn't bring enough. At his best he's a great player. He hasn't played at his best in his nearly 4 years at the Swans. Had one great game in his career. That prelim with the Crows.
  15. I like most of us share the frustration. This year seems to be worse than quite a few of the past decade. In my case it's because I finally had an expectation that we would be better and be legitimately challenging for finals. I realised after the Freo game that expectation wasn't justified. Since then I've let go and it helps a "little bit". One of my frustrations like many others is the selection decisions this year. Giving so many games to players who haven't contributed and have had to be carried. We have been lucky to field a team with less than 3 non contributors this season. But there could be a good explanation for that. It could be that Goody and Macca are choosing to coach and develop for the long term and not just to make finals this year. There are players like Weid who will be the future of the team and need games if they are to develop. IMO he played him for too many and Pedo should have been in earlier but that's part of the challenge. You could argue it's gutsy coaching. The fact is we don't have a competitive 22 yet. Goody has to find the last 6 or so players to fill in the gaps and he has to do that this year. No point in waiting til next year.