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  1. Trade rumours

    If that's Stuie. I could almost put up with her BS.
  2. The Jake Lever Thread

    Cool. Based on last night's game. He'd be ok. Still think horse trading will go on.
  3. The Brandon Jack Thread

    His pre draft highlights reel was dead set the best I've ever seen. Had everything. Was given plenty of opportunities to prove himself at Swans but never stepped up. Just didn't quite have it. Not as good as a lot of our players outside our best 22. Unfortunately definitely a No.
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    Don't know why people are wasting time debating two first rounders. Won't happen. Crows know this. They said themselves last year on Gibbs trade 2 first rounders would be irresponsible list management. I know this isn't Gibbs but he was contracted Lever isn't. It will be some sort of combination amounting to a 1st & 2nd & maybe steak knives of pick swaps and or a player of a Wagner level. Picks are only worth what you get for them. I have a feeling there will be a combination of other trades involved which might effect lots of horse trading not just what happens in this one. A few have mentioned maybe Motlop. It'll all wash out. All I know is the first time since 1964 we have the right people in the right positions making these decisions. I trust their judgement more than mine or anyone on here or anywhere else.
  5. Trade rumours

    The Club has agreed with Jesse Hogan to allow him to move back to be with Ethan and his Mum. They have also agreed to trade Jack Watts there so someone will dress him with the appropriate East Coast boardies. Hows that work for you. Oh yes. This comes from a very strong sauce. Not BBQ either.
  6. The Jake Lever Thread

    I don't think anyone in the industry thought 2 first rounders was a reasonable offer for Gibbs.
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    Have also heard that elsewhere. Frightening to contemplate sitting here with Billings watching Kelly do what Kelly's doing. Would have been such an MFC decision. Doesn't bare thinking about. And at the same time the rest of the footy world was absolutely clear it should have been Kelly and were right.
  8. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    I went to a Sydney v North elimination final up here a few years ago that had 19,000. Homebush is a wasteland
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    The Australian are saying Gibbbs has told Blues he wants to go to Crows and they have started negotiations and this time will have the Lever compo to get it done. Let's hope last years experience will have softened both of them up for us. Sober all get reasonable deals done. Last year Deledio was a year older than Gibbs is now and GWS gave up this years 1st & 2nd rounders for him. That seems very high if you compare it to the Dangerfield deal which was a 1st & 2nd rounder plus a chump player. I hope that's the yardstick. If Deledio is for Gibbs who will be 29 in March you could see why Crows would want 2 first rounders for Lever. I really hope we don't have to give the up. It would be way overs as far as I'm concerned. The Dangerfield deal seems more realistic. It now we are probably dependent a bit on how reasonable Carlton will be on Gibbs. They are apparently one of thebClubs keen on Steinger and he'd be a good get for them so that might help it all along. Could end up being a 4 way deal.
  10. A Real Good Mate

    Priceless. Especially for such a young kid. And doubly priceless as its the original Italian Job not the dud remake. There's also another side piece of relevance that I'm sure he wouldn't know to that nickname. The actor's real name was Maurice Micklewhite. His agent said he had to change his name and he walked past a cinema where the Caine Mutiny was playing and thought that'll do. I'll change it to Michael Caine. Now you add that to the story and you get a guide cane called Michael. Full of useless information.
  11. A Real Good Mate

    Wish we'd had them playing for us in the last round
  12. Trade rumours

    My definition of a small forward attributes are not in order : 1. Elite speed 2. Uncanny ability to read the play 3. Ability to get in the right place to collect balls off packs 4. Ability to lead to the right more obscure place to create non existent opportunity and goal. 5. Elite kicking for goal from difficult positions 6. Apply great forward pressure. Like the man who invented it. Mr A Davey. 7. Etc Etc Jeffy is the only one who has those attributes. Ideally you need two in the team. You also need some who can come in when Jeffy has his annual form slump or gets injured. Maye Dion Johnston will become one but I don't believe he has that burst speed. JKH doesn't have it and not a great kick for goal. Trac has it all but is more a high half forward slash midfielder. I guess Melksham has shown a bit of all of that but again more as a high half forward. ANB too but without the elite speed and without the elite any of the above but has it at a non elite level. Put this together and you get more than 3 reasons why we need more small forwards.
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    Hopefully they've learnt a lesson from the PJ Demons play book. Don't leak until deals are done. How damaging to put all your targets out there and then have the footy world laugh at you when you don't land them. I love Jason Taylor's only comment on Lever. Something like "If a player like Jake Lever wants to move Clubs we'd talk to them." The master of understatement. If for some reason he ends up not coming to us no damage done.
  14. The Andrew Gaff thread

    In the next couple of seasons it shouldn't be a problem but in about 3 years we are going to have to pay top $$ to Clarry and Trac, maybe Brayshaw by then. Plus obviously Jesse and Max will be on big coin now. Plus add in Lever. So we are going to have a pleasant salary cap management issue in a few years. But should be able next year to front end Gaff to solve RTA matching if necessary.
  15. The Andrew Gaff thread

    But if he says he's going to leave next year anyway then they should get on with it. Although if I was them, losing all those players this season I'd probably want him for the transition next year even if he left after that. Also as a RFA they could always match our offer and force us to trade anyway. As in Crows with Dangerfield. I reckon you get around that by offering something they can't match. Crows were lucky Danger went to Cats on quite a low $ contract compared to what he was worth on the open market.