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  1. It's Time

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Just had a long chat to Crossy. Said place is unrecognisable from when he arrived. The definitive news from him on Lever’s return is around round 9 to 10. In relation to that debate about Trac’s condition and weight. I just mentioned he has a solid build. He responded that’s his build. Said he just ran his PB in the 2km time trial. His skin folds are excellent. He said they are being very careful with Viney. They don’t want to rush him back and have him back in rehab. The ankle surgery is just taking the normal amount of time to recover and they are also managing the foot etc. Hes expecting most rehabers to be back in main group by end of next weeks camp. He said coming back from a shortened pre season if anything is a bit of a bonus. He said it’s a really long pre season when you come back October or early November. You can feel cooked by the beginning of the season. They all have their off season programs and come back ready to go. Tom Sparrow is the stand out of the young players for him. Said he reminds him of Viney when he first came in. Training done. Thats it for me. Got to head off. Will try to answer any questions later.
  2. It's Time

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    They’ve just broken into groups and doing right passing drills. About every 90 seconds to 3 minutes the whistle blows and they swap bins from defending to attacking. Now back into full field ball movement. I’m guessing transferring what they did in the smaller groups. Preuss has a huge kick. Hate to say it but there’s a hell of a lot of kicks not hitting targets. Sparrow has the gate of a natural athlete. Body language is very confident. Leads really well to good places. Marty Hore solid unit. There’s going to be some solid contested marking capacity in this squad. Bedford’s doing some nice work. Getting to the right places to receive and making good decisions and delivering accurately. Petty still looks pretty light for a potential KP player. They’re doing a contested ground ball exercise where a ball is rolled to 2 players who have to fight for it. McCartney told someone to tackle harder. They want it to be full match day intensity. Garlett’s skills still stand out and he seems pretty engaged. He’d be a real bonus if he comes good this year. The competition for his spot is building. Jordan is also a good ready to go size. Another group doing a drill where they are tackled under pressure and have to get an accurate ball off to an outside player who has to snap across the body at goal. All the handballs go off and all the snaps I saw went through. Another group doing a drill where you stand with your back to a group are handballed a ball and have to turn and pick out from a series of players leading and get a low pass to them. Wagner started. Didn’t miss a pass. Seems to be doing some training with the forwards. The backs are in a group at the moment doing a clearing exercise. They were all brought in and there’s extensive coaching going on by Troy Chaplin. Then back into a drill in groups leading and passing. The philosopher is training with the backs. Hore’s Skills are good
  3. It's Time

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Good New is Trac Gus and Vanders are all in main group. Update on this from Crossy is they are in but still slightly modified but will be back in full during or immediately after next weeks camp.
  4. It's Time

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Having a look at main group now. A lot of cheering and clapping going on as they are all bunched in the middle. I’d be guessing some comp on winners for last weeks training. Pretty sure it’s not team selection. Now doing full oval game simulation. It’s full gas. Clearly working on game plan ball movement. What I’m noticing is the players down field leading to space and players with the ball being patient and looking for the lead before kicking. Plenty of missed targets at this stage. There’s no wind which suggests to me they are really working on low kicks to targets under pressure. Thats definitely looking like a focus From what I’m seeing Preuss is no lumbering slow big man. He’s surprisingly agile and fast. He’s also doing as much running as the midfielders. On what I’m seeing I reckon he’s going to surprise us. KK just took a brilliant contested mark and summed up options and did a great kick to a leading player.
  5. It's Time

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    As others have said Viney looks in amazing form. Unfortunately Melk still seems on a pretty compromised progam mainly just running.
  6. It's Time

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    McCartney has just gone over from main group to discuss the rehab training with the 2 guys with the computers just for them. That’s the attention to detail nowadays. I’ve counted 25 support staff out there coaches trainers etc. How far have we come ina few years. Apparently this footy program is now cutting edge versus the rest of the Comp
  7. It's Time

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    I’m here. Let me know if there’s anything you want to look out for. Just standing next to the rehab group. Lever has clearly taken a strong leadership role. Just said to the group “Very good. Keep training game day habits. A lot of skills work going on. Passing to players on a lead and passing on to the next player. Said something like just run 100%” just spoke to Mitch Hannan. He said the knees feeling good. He’s getting a lot of running in now and hopes to be in full training in a few weeks. Asked him how does he feel walking into the AFL from the VFL the way he has and being on the website with the goal of the year and in a final. He said it’s surreal. He never imagined it. I said players come into the AFL and never play in a final and he’ll have that forever. He was beaming. I said he’s in for a great run. Others have been here 10 years and left with nothing. He said Thanks mate really appreciate it and ran off with a grin on his face. Go Dees Clarry just said back into full training in a couple of weeks. Standing next to the rehabers drink bottles by accident. It’s where they all come so perfect place to sneak in questions. Jonesy came over and went straight into boxing. I pity the poor bloke holding the pads. He’s pounding them. They have 2 computers set up just for rehab. One seems to have GOS data the other live footage just of their training.
  8. It's Time

    Training - Friday 18th January, 2019

    I can help you with this. I know a bit about body language. Did he shake his head up and down or side to side. The answer will offer a clue to his state of mind and body.
  9. It's Time

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Bet you didn't say that when Jacko did it and that was incestuous.
  10. It's Time

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Pies are a bit light on everywhere. Had no right to be in a GF with the positional deficiencies they have everywhere except the midfield. Forward line is a lumbering 211 American who is so so as a forward and less than so so as a ruckman given he is the equal tallest player to ever play the game. Other than him they only have two 191cm key forwards. Not really the height of a key forward anymore. We all no the deficiencies they have in the backline. Amazing what they achieved. Mihocek isn't even on their main list he's still on the rookie list for 2019 according to their website
  11. It's Time

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    That's what my body looks like. It's just buried very deep somewhere. Probably the same place as my footy skills.
  12. It's Time

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Pies also had Sier in the forward line. He and Mihocek are the same height as Darling. Pies have just recruited Roughead. They look like they have the same view of the need for a genuine second ruckman and 3rd tall in the forward line. I could see Maxy causing a major headache in our forward line which may well justify him playing less time in the ruck. It will also likely preserve his career. We were getting plenty of i50's last season we couldn't convert them. This may be an answer. We'll know soon enough.
  13. It's Time

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Has anyone noticed if Preuss's aerobic capacity has improved relative to Gawny since he's arrived. I'm sure this will be a focus and why he's doing so much running with Gawny. You might be right but I really hope you're wrong. Preuss's recruitment for me was one of the more interesting in quite a while for two reasons. Firstly I was sure it meant Hogan was out the door. Secondly I reckon it means we will follow the two Grand Finalists and have two key forwards and a resting ruckman as a forward. They proved it isn't too top heavy. It's amazing how things have changed so quickly from the Tigers 2017 Premiership which everyone thought showed that teams would only have one key forward. You couldn't say Preuss is less mobile than Cox and I would say Vardy as well. Logically his choice to come to the Dees makes no sense if he was told you're only going to get a game if Gawn gets injured. I think they are going to play him in that Cox/Vardy role and the ruck rule changes mean the days of players like Harmes and Grigg playing in the ruck are over. You are going to have to have a genuine second ruck.
  14. It's Time

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    I can tell you're a wannabe deipnosophist. But frankly I'm applying a bit of floccinaucinihilipilification
  15. It's Time

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    If you like that. Try this one. Theia shadow.