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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    From this point last year to the close of memberships we increased by only another 3,000. At the moment we are tracking about 1,000 more members than last year. Although it sounds great to have reached the 40,000 nearly a month earlier than last year it looks like we'll end up around 43,200. No doubt wins in the next two weeks would push that a bit more but even so unfortunately looks like 45,000 won't be reached this year. Wonder what the Club has to do to get to 50,000. Obviously finals will help but I wonder what else.
  2. Bomb it long!

    This is really a conversation for a different topic about defences but I'm not sure that's quite right about not using a zone. You very rarely see their backmen one on one. There's nearly always a third up helping out and always other defenders around them to receive the clearing handball. They work as an incredible unit and don't really have any exceptional players they just have role players. Rampe at only 189cm follows in the footsteps of over a decade and a half of undersized Swans key backmen. It was RIchards before him who started as a slightly built half back flanker, before RIchards was Craig Bolton who was similar. Before Bolton was Leo Barry. It goes back to before Roosy started coaching them. They've always had a system for covering the key positions with numbers. The thing that really stands out about the Swans defence versus ours is that there are always a line of three defenders between the forwards and the goals no matter how far up the ground the forwards go, so on transition they are probably the fastest team to get back and cover the forwards. I noticed Hawks do the same thing. Our defence seems to get sucked too far up the ground as they all run forward of the forwards when they are attacking and we then get opened up on transition when the ball is kicked over their heads. This seems to operate in reverse for our forwards who this season are rarely ahead of their backmen as they run into the forward 50. I think you'll find this is a product of forwards generally taking front position and bad forward 50 entry kicks coming in over their heads into the arms of defenders.
  3. Bomb it long!

    Agree with you about teams getting the ball into their forward lines as quickly as possible. If the forward line is open this is great and we did it well at times last year. The issue is what to do when the forward line isn't open. I live in Sydney and go to all the Swans games. They are masters at punching holes through zones with patient short kicks and looking for leads in the forward line and looking for leads in the forward line . Watched it last weekend. Also watched Hawks doing it the last two weeks. Their game plan is still very much about controlling the ball and being patient. You don't see them continually randomly bombing it into the forward line like we have been doing. When Swans are forced to do this and even with Buddy it rarely works. They are much better at being patient and finding the holes. Lateral kicks is one suggestion there must be plenty of others other than bombing long unless we have air superiority and lots of small crumbers running to front and centre to pick up the crumbs but we haven't been doing that either.
  4. Bomb it long!

    This is exactly why I raised the option of moving the ball around laterally on the 50m fringe to open up the play and creating those options. You don't kick it laterally to contests you kick it to space and then punch holes in the zone. The good teams work their way through zones by chip kicking not kicking long to contests where it just comes back.
  5. Golden Era of Ruckmen?

    I have to say up front that I've always been a ruckman advocate while others including some significant ex players have strong views that they are a waste of time. I've always believed that you have to at least have a competitive ruckman even if they are a lot weaker than their opponent but no ruckman at all is a massive disadvantage. However, our run last year when Gawny was injured and we had no real ruckman and were being thrashed in hitouts but winning clearances made me sit back and think a lot harder about ruckmen's influence. I had time to kill today while waiting for the better half and pulled out the following stats on the last round's hitouts and clearances for the 6 games that had well known ruckmen. What they tell me and what I learnt from our ruckmenless run last year is that winning hitouts is not as significant as I thought. Of course clearances are the key to stoppages but as it turns out dominance in hitouts don't often lead to dominance in clearances. Have a look. Of course all stat's are only as good as their interpretation. You might have a great ruckman but a crap midfield or visa versa or the opposition might have one of those combinations, so the stat's alone don't provide the whole picture but they're still interesting. At the moment we're not so great on converting Max's hitout dominance into clearances. He had more than double the hitouts but we broke even on clearances. Interestingly Eagles had almost the same amount of hitouts as us and very similar amount of clearances and even more interestingly their ratio of doubling the opposition hitouts but only matching clearances was virtually the same. So it tells me our much vaunted midfield is not firing yet. Stef Martin's hitout dominance resulted in a higher percentage of clearances but surprisingly Port had 50% more clearances than hitouts. Funnily enough Hawks and Tigers and Freo and Suns had almost exactly the same clearances as hitouts. Suggesting every hitout resulted in a clearance. It wouldn't have probably been like that but interesting. Ruck Hitouts v Clearances Rd 3 2018 Melb v Nth 52-24 Hitouts 37-36 Clearances Lions v Port 55-22 Hitouts 41-33 Clearances Eagles v Cats 56-27 Hitouts 40-39 Clearances Hawks v Tigers 42-30 Hitouts 39-30 Clearances Freo v Suns 38 - 29 Hitouts 37-29 Clearances
  6. Bomb it long!

    At one stage Roosy had the Swans pinging the ball around the 50 metre circle laterally like in basketball until a clear option became available. Sometimes that involved doing set plays where forwards blocked defenders and created avenues for other forwards to lead into. Not sure why teams don't do this nowadays it worked very well for them back then. It's a great way of breaking up zones
  7. Bomb it long!

    It will never be better than a low pass to a lead. It’s always a bail out kick when nothing better is available. Like the bail out kick to the line out of defence. The 2011 GF is an interesting example of this. In the first quarter the Cats kept bombing it long because they had multiple tall targets. It wasn’t working and the ball just kept rebounding out. Podsiadly went down which forced them to stop bombing and start putting their heads down and doing low passes to leading forwards. Ironically Podsiadly going down was the turning point in the game for them. It’s s a prime example against bombing it in.
  8. Exactly! Needs a good one of these from Goody.
  9. Ollie Wines

    I was at the Swans V Port game. Jeez this kid can play. Would we take him if he came to us before the end of the season and said he wanted to play with and for the Vineys. I guess with Clarry and a fit Viney we don't really need him. Other great teams have had threesomes. Briso's great trifecta, Eagles when Judd was still there, Cats have gone that way this year. I'd take him if we could. Problem is it can't happen without some major trading of players. We don't have a first rounder this year and will have to use next year's in the draft so we couldn't nab him anyway. But if we could what a midfield it would be.
  10. Lewis has been charged with misconduct against Mathieson and can accept a $1500 fine. I don't remember the incident so can't comment but these fines have replaced suspensions. Was it bad enough to have been suspended last year? Whatever it was that's two games so far this season and two indiscretions. Following on from being suspended early last season. WTF!! Here's a player thrown an extra two to three years purely on the basis of the on field LEADERSHIP he's going to bring to the Club. And this is how he repays the Club. Wake up mate. Hope he's been told to go away and have a big hard think about himself.
  11. Mine would be "The Definition of Madness - the tale of a tragic Demons Supporter" - a tragedy of many parts.
  12. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    From what I can see he has followed the timeline he told Saty in about November. I'm not aware of any major setbacks since then. The training reports since Jan have had him running flat out for 2 1/2 months now and he's back in the full training about when he said he would. His plantafacia injury healed normally the consequent stress fracture was the set back. It's not one of those injuries like a navicular that can be career ending. Trenners injury has spooked us all but that's not what he's got. It's true you can't trust anything players or the Club say about injuries but hearing that he's done full training in the main group for about a month now and continues to says all I need to hear.
  13. The Age Writers 2018 Predictions

    Love your work Jaded. That pretty much covers every comment I was going to make. Will just say when you look at the Ins and Outs it is nice to see the ongoing weeding out of weak players, no losses of good players and the progressive filling in of specific holes. Bit by bit the lists being filled in very nicely. Agree with most who say outside run is our missing factor now. To me we have it but he's sitting on the HBF. Hunt has the speed to break lines and is unstoppable on the run. By all accounts he's worked on his final kick into the forward 50. Having said that I'm very surprised to see him still being played off HBF. Thought it was a no brainer to move him onto the wing especially with Bernie and Lewis playing HBF. Will be interesting to see if they try him out on a wing tonight.
  14. Post Match Discussion: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    One of the other things I liked about the game was the fourth quarter effort. We were against the wind but only lost the quarter by two points. In the past in Hobart we've lost the last quarter and the game even with the wind. Hope this shows that we've now got the conditioning and composure to play out four quarters.
  15. That Podcast would go so long it'd rival the The No T$ No B$ Thread.