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  1. Bruce Doull will be coughing in his tea cup.
  2. He probably does want to move back to SA..............when his career's finished! That is more likely to be the end of next season or at a pinch the season after. Doubt very much it will be the end of this season. Unless pushed by a very unconvincing contract extension offer. One of the most likeable footy personalities I've seen. Has been an awesome ray of optimism in the darkest days when he first arrived. Go Bernie. Hope to see at least another 1 or maybe 2 seasons. Job done by then.
  3. George I've sent tied up all weekend and grabbed the chance this morning to read the match reports in the main sites. This is as good if not better than any of them.
  4. Watts on Riewoldt could be a very interesting choice. Has the height and pace and would be deadly on the rebound which would make Riewoldt more accountable and less likely to keep streaming into forward 50 with no defenders within 30 metres
  5. Plus a properly fitted mouth guard is a lot more compact and doesn't effect your breathing nearly as much.
  6. What, you think their Rucks aren't an even bigger problem not to mention their forwards.
  7. The figure I'm sticking to is 42-43,000 based on the increase over last year and the fact that in the past few years the major increase seems to happen right at the beginning and is just maintained not increased through to the end. However, I'm a bit more optimistic this year based on an expected improvement in our performances in the pre season and early part of the season. We'll see. There's still a lot of previous members who didn't sign up last year. As PJ has said in the past, the Club broke their confidence and has to win it back. I would say they should have gone a long way to doing that now and those people have a lot more of a reason to come on board now.
  8. Will be interesting over the next two weeks compared to last year. This year we have maintained an increase of around 3,200-3,500. Last year, the first week of March memberships jumped over 1,000 and the 2nd and 3rd weeks jumped over 2,000 each week. Everybody must get back on deck in March. We've had a great start to the pre season comp which you'd hope would translate to more memberships than the same time last year. If we do we could be around 38,00 by the end of the 3rd week of March. We'll smash the 40,000 Holy Grail if that happens.
  9. Really interesting article. Thanks for sharing. This is why I love Demonland. You get info here you don't get anywhere else. It's a great footy community.
  10. Bit difficult if you've got a reserved seat.
  11. Agree with this, however, my point is the structure of where the numbers are around the ball. We have too many in close which means some can't do anything whereas they could if they stayed out as receivers. The Bulldogs are already set up like this. It's not brain science and I'm just a bit surprised we aren't doing it already. Hopefully you're right about them addressing it. Despite saying this, now that I've watched the replay I must say it looks better than it did on the day. Probably because being there you can see what's happening or not happening off the ball. But seeing what was happening on the ball on the tv was pretty impressive. It was more attacking, play on, fast ball movement than I remembered. We are definitely distributing the ball out of contests better, thanks to having options in the right places to extract, whereas just a few seasons ago we didn't have anyone to go to in those positions. I still treat the Saints as a yardstick of our improvement in the competition. So round 1 is going to be interesting. Bring it on.
  12. I was down from Sydney so went along. First time back to Western Oval since Rd 22 1987. Sadly still the highlight of my Dees following career. And I waited a long time for that highlight. Just a few observations. Firstly it was the first pre season game I've ever seen. I was incredibly impressed at the standard of the game for a first hitout. Still played at a ferocious pace. Obviously a bit rusty but still full on. Unlike many I have to say I was a bit disappointed at the way we played. While there were some great passages of play on the rebound where we moved the ball well and scored We seemed to go backwards a lot. A few times kicking from around the defensive 50m arc all the way back to fullback then getting stuck back there or worse turning it over. Jordin Lewis is going to be a huge asset. I'm more interested in the leadership he will bring. He showed how he just knows what to do in crunch moments. Eg saving the win by putting himself in the opposition goal square in the last 2 minutes when they were attacking and saving a couple of goals. Old habits die hard. I noticed his point of extraction from stoppages is to flick a hand pass backwards into space. Sam Mitchell would have been standing there whereas we often didn't have anyone set up for this so we would end up being under pressure and some of this great setup would end up being to the Dogs advantage. I know the stats say we did well in clearances but it was clear being there how much better their structure is setting up for clearances compared to us. They don't get too many sucked in to the contest and have a ring of players outside ready to distribute it around to then clear it with an attacking kick to space. Hopefully we'll learn from seeing this. I thought we would be doing it by now so a bit disappointed to see we aren't doing this setup and have too many too close to the contest. We are going to be competitive with any team at contested ball. Like plenty of others have said Clarry is special. Very special. Will be our best midfielder. No disrespect to Viney etc. The Weid is already solid enough to compete. He's bigger than Gunston & Watts. His 3 standout skills to me are his judgment to grab the ball at the highest possible point, his footy IQ and his kicking. He isn't nvolved enough yet but that's not entirely his fault. I was on the outside wing and he lead up there quite a lot in space and was repeatedly ignored. I suspect this probably happens a lot and we wouldn't know. It looks like he might have to earn the teams respect more to get the ball to him more. JKH an example of why you can't rely on training form. He just didn't seem to be able to get involved. AVB disappointing too. Doesn't seem to have the footy IQ to know how to get enough separation on his opponent. There are subtle overall improvements compared to a few years ago that I'm beginning to take for granted. Like level of competitiveness. More consistent 4 qtr performances, although there was a drop of composure at the end of the game. There's steady improvement not a leap yet which I guess I'm still waiting for. We are better but talking finals is premature. A lot of teams will be better this year. I'd only start discussing that after the halfway mark. Sorry if this is long winded but I've got a lot of time today. Being driven back to Sydney by my daughter on L's doing a max 90kph and regular stops. Go Dees
  13. I hope he starts getting them dirty.
  14. Last time I went was Round 22 1987. Tragically still the highlight of my Dees supporting career. I'm going to be down from Sydney by coincidence and will be there. Will also be out at Blacktown for rd 4 the night after Daisy Pearce is doing a function for the NSW Demons supporter group. If anyone is interested in going she's doing a Q & A led by the Publisher of Women's Health, Jackie Frank. Go on their website to get tickets. Will be a great function the night before the big event.
  15. Ha! No worries. I really enjoyed the trip down to Hobart last year, although the Umpiring and the result were a killer. Looking forward to Round 2. How sweet it would be if it was off a win the week before.