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  1. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    I sit in on a guitar group that play in the local bar in the village I live in. Have done so for years. After a lot of red wine and talking I got them to do a Spanish guitar version of Grand Old Flag. I get it played when we win, usually very late at night when we have all had enough. Had a few lost Aussies that had wandered into the bar and not believed what they were hearing.
  2. Injury List - Season 2018

    It is strange not to be worried about injuries this season as much as I have worried about them in the past. Last season we had a raft of longer term injuries to critical players and only just missed out on the 8. After a good solid off season we seem to have developed a group of players that are very flexible in the way they can play. there is also as evenness about the group. Viney did not play any JTL but our midfield stood up well without him. TMac did not play JTL2 and we had 13 goal scorers. I think we have the players and game plan to cover a few injured players.
  3. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Thought to have a crack a the team now that ins and outs are becoming clearer. B: Jetta O'Mac Hibberd HB: Lewis Lever Hunt C: Brayshaw Oliver Petracca HF: Melksham TMac/Pedo Neil-Bullen F: Garlett Hogan Hannan Fol: Gawn Jones Tyson Int: Stretch, Harmes, Salem, Vince A lot of flexibility in that team with TMac or Pedo, whichever one plays, able to cover resting ruck and, if required slot into the back key positions. Of the 22 named, 15 of them can run through the midfield not counting the likes of Hogan. Fritch, Frost and Bugg as emergencies
  4. Injury List - Season 2018

    I am not fussed about injuries. I, of course. would prefer that we did not have any but it is an unreasonable expectation to go through the season without any. We are going to have injuries right through the year from Round 1 through to Round 23 and beyond. Looking at our, list and the development we have invested in the players and the coaching group I am confident that we will be able to put competitive teams out each and every week. No Viney in the JLT and we have a more than competitive midfield in both games. TMac not there in JLT2 and we have 13 goal kickers in a strong win. We have a good group of players that have the flexibility and desire to cover for one another. Looking forward to this season and do not see R1 as defining the season.
  5. I also agree with that.
  6. I agree with you and that will make for some very interesting selection discussion over the next couple of weeks. Jones had a very ordinary game with few effective touches. I hope that he is improved by the run.
  7. What was the injury to Omac? Have to say that Jones did not look to be into the game at all and looked, to my eyes to be a pace slower than all the rest of the team.
  8. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Love the pressure. Love Angus' Tackles. Love the kicking accuracy. Love the run
  9. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    A little bit different for me. just finished breakfast of granola and yogurt and have a few cups of Rawandian coffee. Will celebrate with an Arran single malt this evening..
  10. JLT 2 vs. St. Kilda

    I am looking forward to watching this game on Thursday. I will be looking for us to exert pressure on the ball and the ball carrier in all areas of the ground. The defence will rely on the midfield to force turnovers and to retain the ball when it is in our hands. Both our defence and attack will only be as good as the midfield allows them to be. Of the 26 named I can see 17 of them able to run through the midfield, at least for spells. If you drop 4 of them I can still see 14 or so able to run there. I see that as good gameday depth and a reflection of the flexibility that Goodwin and coaching team are working towards. I am expecting a win but will not slit the wrists if we do not get across the line as long as we work hard and play to the plans.
  11. ... and I am looking forward to this season tremendously. In the lead up we have the JLT game on Thursday with the Saints then the next two rounds on the AFLW which could see us play our way into the grand final and maybe play the Bulldogs two weeks in a row. There are a bunch more training sessions and the injury list will get a good looking over. Would like to see us pressure the Saints all over the round and come away with a good solid win and no injuries. Want to see the girls win the next three in a row and good solid training sessios with as full a list on the track as possible. And then Geelong at the G. Damn, I wish I could be there. I think we will roll them and do so with a healthy margin.... around 30 points. Last time we played them at the G was July 2013. I liked the way we played a high pressure game against North and I can see that the players will improve as this game style settles into place. I can us ending the home and way anywhere between 3 and 7 on the ladder with a good run in the finals. Can not wait for the season to begin. Go Dees!
  12. JLT Squad for the North game

    Looking at this squad and the players that are missing and expected to come up for R1, there are going to be some very good players missing out when the first team is announced. Viney, Jetta, Garlett and Tyson I would assume will walk into the starting 18 when fit. That makes it quite a squeeze to get into the R1 matchday 22.
  13. Thanks for that, Earl. Good to hear he is up and about. I look forward to seeing him back up his performance last year and to see if he has added anything to his game.
  14. A question for the track watchers..... I have not seen Hunt mentioned all that much in reports. how is he going?

    Sitting half the world away I watched the Dees play the X games. It was good to be able to watch a training run even if it was for just a quarter of the list.