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  1. Good to see Hogan back. Given the conservative nature of the treatment of injuries that MFC have displayed throughout the season I have confidence that they will know what to do. If he gets up for Sunday then Weid will not play. With Hogan in the team I would have Brayshaw, Hannan, Wagner and Maynard
  2. Changes v Brisbane

    I think that we may rest Viney for this game. If so, them we will add four to the squad tomorrow and I think they will be Frost, Maynard, Stretch and Kennedy. B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB:Bernie Vince, Cameron Pedersen, Jayden Hunt C: Billy Stretch, Clayton Oliver, Jordan Lewis HF: Christian Petracca, Tom McDonald, Jake Melksham F: Jeff Garlett, Mitch Hannan, Alex Neal-Bullen FOLL: Max Gawn, Dom Tyson, Nathan Jones I/C:Angus Brayshaw, Mitch Hannan, Josh Wagner, Sam Weideman Corey Maynard, Billy Stretch, Jack Watts IN: Angus Brayshaw, Mitch Hannan, Josh Wagner, Sam Weideman, Corey Maynard, Ben Kennedy, Sam Frost

    Maybe Gil can get the Fat Lady to perform as the half time entertainment
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Twice divorced. Have the bed to myself.
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    So another game day in an exciting season. I am sure we all do different things on game day and I am wondering what others do. This is my game day. A game in Canberra, so a lot of supporters will be in the same boat as I am every week, unable to get to the game and watching live on a screen. I am based in Europe so I am 8 hours behind. Game starts at 5.45am for me. I wake 15 mins before the first bounce. Do what I have to do. Watch the first half on an iPad in bed. Come half time I have a shower, get the coffee ready and breakfast. Second half is had over breakfast. The cereal ends up all,over the table. The hangover (Italian wine this evening) is either pounding (we're losing.... ) or receding (we're winning...) it is a fine balancing act. it really is a knife edge existence, not attending games live. It is, in some ways, a lonely existence. I can hear the crowd reaction on the visual and know why they are yelling, but I am apart from it. so, I yell,at the images, tell,Goodwin what to do... abuse the maggots.... tell,players in no uncertain terms how useless they are...... all ok milk and cereal... .... and then, when the game is over, I have to go,about my day... win or lose..... go about my day.... In the evening, in a calmer frame of mind I watch the replay with a drink or seven.... the boys will,win it today...or tomorrow.... for themselves and for supporters like us.... the ones that, no matter what the circumstances, are there, week after week watching, cheering, cursing.... wanting the rewards a win will bring. what sort of day are others looking forward to?
  6. Good, strong, aggressive team that has been named this week. One of the first things I look at when a team is named is the list of emergencies. I think this gives a good indication of how deep the list runs and this week I do not believe we would be losing much if the three emergencies were playing rather than the team we have named. Stretch for ANB, Weid for Cam and Wagner for Harmes? Added to that the players we also have injured or running around at Casey and I think the list has good depth.
  7. Round 19 Non MFC matches.

    is there a chance Buddy will get a week for clipping Hodge?
  8. I am confident the team named will give a good account of its self against Carlton. I say Dees by 3 goals. Besides the 25 named in the extended team for Sunday it is great to note that missing from that lot are Jones, Viney, Tyson and Salem from possible mid-field rotations and Watts from the forward half. Throw in Brayshaw and VDB as long term injuries and I can see it will be interesting to see how our best 22 develops in the near future. going to be some tough calls made. Next 1 or 2 rounds we should have back Tyson and Watts followed a couple of rounds later by Jones and Salem and then Viney in 4 to 6 rounds if all goes well. If we can bank that I will be happy. Possible team for the last couple of rounds leading into the finals. B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Jordan Lewis, Sam Frost, Nathan Jones C: Jayden Hunt, Christian Petracca, Dom Tyson HF: Christian Salem, Jack Watts, Mitch Hannan F: Jeff Garlett, Jesse Hogan, Tom McDonald Foll: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, Jack Viney I/C Harmes, ANB, Pedersen/Melksham, Smith
  9. I agree 100% with this. we will need the rotations through the midfield to keep the pressure on the Carlton midfield. One of Smith or Wagner may be included to slot into the back 6 to release Lewis or Vince for a rotation into the midfield. B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Jordan Lewis, Sam Frost, Bernie Vince C: Jayden Hunt, Christian Petracca, Mitch Hannan HF: James Harmes, Cam Pedersen, Alex Neal-Bullen F: Jeff Garlett, Jesse Hogan, Tom McDonald Foll: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, Jake Melksham I/C (from): Billy Stretch, Jack Trengove, Dean Kent, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Josh Wagner, Sam Weideman, Joel Smith Looking at this team we have a good settled defence that has performed well over the season except last week when the midfield went missing and, with the addition of Hogan and Garlett, the forwards look well balanced and potent. good flexibility in the forward group with TMac and Pedo both able to relieve in the ruck or go back to bolster the defence. Midfield, with the IC above, will have the option of 14 players that could get a run in the midfield during the game. this does not include throwing a big body in there every now and then such as Tmac or Hogan. Personally I love it when I see Hogan lining up at a center bounce.

    Played like baked spuds tonight... Baked 4 times in 18 days. And the commentary in this games was dreadful...do these guys ever listen to their broadcasts and get embarrassed?
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Now we will see how good Goodwin is as a coach.
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 13

    Testament to the quality of the game we had is that the AFL stats show Jetta as our lower ranked player.
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 13

    Watched live in Washington. 1.20am start so I had been for a good dinner and a couple of wines. Loved the way we played from the first bounce. Pressure all over the ground at both the ball and the man. Throughout the games we must have pulled off 6 or 7 run down tackles. Loved that. tough to get to sleep after that have now had a sleep and have watched my first replay of the game. Even better second time around.
  14. Jayden Hunt

    I like the way this kid plays. I also like the way that within the team we have so much variety in the way that individuals play. it really does give the whole team an 'X'factor.
  15. Changes vs Bulldogs

    I think that we will bring in Spencer and Gawn may get a half at Casey to blow out the cobwebs. With Spencer in the team we can use Pedo as a forward/relief ruck and that frees up TMac to go back. OMac to miss with a rest for his injured hip. The only other change we will look at will be a possible swap of Wagner and Melksham. In: Spencer, Wagner Out: OMac Melksham