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  1. I like the selection this week. It looks as if they may have started with a blank sheet of paper and a list of available players and sorted it out from scratch. Good to see Hibberd and Melksham back I believe they will give us more drive from defence and better quality F50 entries. Will be interested to see how Kent and Weidman go. Personally I think Weideman should have been in last week. Hannan needs to have a good one. might have been a toss up between he and Garlett.
  2. I will be interested to see how Pedersen is used by Goodwin in his match as he does bring a lot of flexibility to the team. I could see three uses for him. If the defence needs bolstering he can slot in there to be a cut out for Frost on Franklin. He can also relieve in the ruck to make sure that Tmac is still in the forward line at all times. I could see that if Franklin is cutting loose I hen he could rotate into the forward line and free up Tmac to have a crack at Buddy. will be interesting to watch.
  3. CHF


    Good to see that Hogan finally found a way to remove Chris Dawes brick gloves.
  4. Hibberd and Hannan out J. Smith and Tyson in
  5. CHF

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Disappointing game. We were half a pace behind most of the day and looked flat. It is a concern that for te second week in a row we were killed in clearances, the difference this week was that this team had the firepower to take advantage of their position. they out pressured us around the ball and therefore the midfield could not give cover to an under performing defence. Good thing there is a break as it will give us a chance to re-charge and re-set for the second half of the season.
  6. CHF

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Off to sleep now in my part of the world. 7.20am game time for me. I will watch the first half and then shower and get breakfast ready during the half time break. Dees by a lot.
  7. Interchange selection will be interesting. with the Casey game on tomorrow we should get a clear idea of the bench. I would go with ANB, Pedo, J. Smith, Hannan/Garlett depending on Hannan's fitness. Stretch as emergency.
  8. CHF

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    Good morning. Awake...check. iPad....check. Hangover....check Hope.....check.
  9. CHF

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    Just ending up a dinner with friends where I am. Good food, wine and friends. A little sleep and wake early to the Dees live win the 6th in a row. May have a small headache.
  10. The Casey game is on Sunday so I would think that any of the emergencies that do not play in the first team on Saturday will play a full game at Casey.
  11. Unchanged winning team for the second week on the trot and almost a full list to select from. Good position to be in. For Casey we have a number of senior team experienced players running around and a number of developing players. Frost, Wagner Hunt, J. Smith, Bugg, Garlett, Pedersen, Weideman, Tyson, Stretch - that is 10 good experienced players that could slot into roles in the senior team. Excellent depth. add to that Kent who is 2 weeks from resuming and AVB who is a month away and that is very healthy. The developing players are Petty, Keilty, Baker, Balic, King and Filipovic. Not sure Johnstone or JK-H will develop much more McKenna and Maynard are injuried but seem to be on track to resume full training in the not too distant future. Looks rosy at the moment.
  12. Emergencies: Billy Stretch, Cameron Pedersen, Tom Bugg, Joel Smith
  13. CHF

    What’s really changed since our last loss?

    I have watched replays of the last few games a couple of times and the thing that strikes me is that we are hunting the ball and the players near the ball in a structured pack. Much like a wolf pack. There is a trust that the player contesting the ball will win it. If he falters then the next one takes a turn and so on until they are successful. further away from the ball the players are making position to make sure they either present options for the ball winner or to be in position for the next contest. The players that have come into the team have also given the rest of the team confidence. Go the Demon Wolf Pack.
  14. The team as named with Sunday extras; B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Bernie Vince, Jake Lever, Jordan Lewis 😄 Nathan Jones, Jack Viney, Angus Brayshaw HF: Alex Neal-Bullen, Jesse Hogan, Jake Melksham F: Tom McDonald, Tim Smith, Christian Petracca Foll: Max Gawn, Christian Salem, Clayton Oliver I/C (from): James Harmes, Charlie Spargo, Dom Tyson, Mitch Hannan, Cameron Pedersen, Jayden Hunt, Bayley Fritsch, Jeff Garlett In: Tyson, Pedersen, Hunt, Garlett Out: – Assuming that Tom gets up who is on the bench and who is the travelling emergency? Harmes, Hannan and Ftich wouls all be there if it was up to me and probably Spargo if he is not fatigued. Pedersen as emergency?