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  1. Testament to the quality of the game we had is that the AFL stats show Jetta as our lower ranked player.
  2. Watched live in Washington. 1.20am start so I had been for a good dinner and a couple of wines. Loved the way we played from the first bounce. Pressure all over the ground at both the ball and the man. Throughout the games we must have pulled off 6 or 7 run down tackles. Loved that. tough to get to sleep after that have now had a sleep and have watched my first replay of the game. Even better second time around.
  3. I like the way this kid plays. I also like the way that within the team we have so much variety in the way that individuals play. it really does give the whole team an 'X'factor.
  4. I think that we will bring in Spencer and Gawn may get a half at Casey to blow out the cobwebs. With Spencer in the team we can use Pedo as a forward/relief ruck and that frees up TMac to go back. OMac to miss with a rest for his injured hip. The only other change we will look at will be a possible swap of Wagner and Melksham. In: Spencer, Wagner Out: OMac Melksham
  5. Agree 100%. The coaching has been good in the way that they have made the necessary changes to turn games. The thing that worries me is the seeming lack of work that we are putting into the opposition prior to the games. we have not been able to play games on our terms from the first bounce.
  6. Great win for the club but just as big game next week against the Bulldogs at Etihad. we are both 6-5 and we are ahead of them on percentage. Go Boys!
  7. At this stage I would have Harmes, Wagner, Bugg on the bench with one of either OMac or Spencer. let the rest play Saturday for Casey and select one during that game to rest up as emergency for Monday. After all, the Casey game would be instead of a training run with the rest of the team on Saturday morning.
  8. If Spencer comes in I would look at a couple of different game plans for the ruck/forward play. First up with him rucking the center against Grundy with Pedo up forward. Pedo rucks in the forward fifty with Spencer patrolling a kick out. Plan B might have Spencer rucking the center bounces with Pedo as a big body at his feet with 2 or 3 running forward in a couple of waves from half back. Spencer immediately the ball is cleared moves forward and Pedo runs with Grundy. Stoppages in forward 50 Spencer takes and Pedo reverts to his forward role. around the ground Pedo rucks. Our stoppage clearances with Pedo rucking have been at least a break even in the past 5 or so games. I would like to see Spencer in if he is up for it and with Pedo I believe we get a greater flexibility.
  9. If this man could string a coherent sentence together using 75% less words he would be a much better commentator. He went on and on about the strength of the breeze at the ground and said the same thing each time he mentioned it.....and use 4 times more words that necessary.
  10. This thread and the gameday thread are a reflection of the supporter's expectations this season. In the past, if we had come back from 30 pts down in the 3rd to win by 35 pts we would have been over the moon. I watched the game and was disappointed at the performance in the first half and especially the 2nd quarter. With the input the team received from the coaching staff at half time and with the effort of our leading players standing up the second half it was great to see transformation. It seems to be a trend in this season that we need time to work out what is happening in a game and then to put in place a plan to combat it. It begs the question, are we doing our homework properly in the week before the game?
  11. My opinion is that we have a look at Hulett for Weid for a game or two. I just did not see enough from Weid over the last couple of games and I would like a look at Hulett in the team to see if he can bring anything to the table. Harmes for Salem and if you wanted to make a statement then ANB for Kent.
  12. Ahhhhhh Clarry
  13. I am not one to usually complain about the maggots but they are killing us in this game
  14. Now we are hesitating and over thinking it
  15. Damn, looks like we may have 2 bad quarters