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  1. I am not one to usually complain about the maggots but they are killing us in this game
  2. Now we are hesitating and over thinking it
  3. Damn, looks like we may have 2 bad quarters
  4. Our accuracy by foot is ugly
  5. More pressure in our forward 50 this quarter
  6. This is looking better. Getting firedup
  7. Well, that is our bad quarter out of the way
  8. Killed in the clearances
  9. North too clean at the moment
  10. Lot to like about this kid and how he plays the game. Overload of skill and vision, looks to enjoy himself out there and if you watch him when he lines up at centre bounces he is always into his player and giving him a little to think about and go on with. Always a nudge,a bump or a bit of a push but when the ball goes down he is all eyes for the ball. Another preseason and I can see him being one of the best,if not the best, in the business. The only thing I fear is that by doing the extraordinary week after week the extraordinary will be accepted and the ordinary. I have watched replays just concentrating on him to watch how he moves when off the ball and he always just has eyes for the ball and looks to get to where it is going to be. His goal was a good example. He contested the ball and then when the play moves to the boundary he trails the play at a jog. As soon as he saw the opening and that it was his turn he was so decisive.
  11. I notice that R. Sloane did not get too many votes last weekend.
  12. Where are all the Goody critics? Good moves in that quarter.