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  1. Nice!
  2. He's best first up, hopefully if he is in he is the impact we need.
  3. Jacking up the price on Dees would be outrageous after the years of chit we've been through.
  4. Confidence, confidence, confidence. How much confidence will this bring him for the remainder of the season to just let it all hang out and go for broke at senior level. They are telling him You've got another season just let it rip JK. Bold football has got us here , if you play the same we believe you'll succeed. Fair chance he'll play this weekend?
  5. Then a 9 day break for Hoges to recover and then get some more fitness for run into finals...
  6. I've said it a few times but I don't get the "fresh legs" or resting players argument. We have a 9 day break coming up, playing on the big stage of Friday night against one of the best teams over a long period, pushing for first finals in forever. Happy to be corrected but I don't recall it happening often where teams this early in the season, in finals contention, are resting players with the General sorenes tag or managed. The best team available will be selected, injuries, lack of form or better option coming back are the options, no rest for the wicked boys. This is why you do a preseason, to get through games week in week out. Salem - out inj, Wags - in? Watts or Hoges - in?, unbloody lucky - outs With a cloud over Garlett.
  7. Exactly. Injuries and the bounce of the ball. We are still a year off truely being a contender, I think we'll run out of gas right at the end. Loving what we are doing so far in a very even season.
  8. We have bemoaned players like Morts, Gys, Tappy, Sylvia etc who gave half of what Nibbles does. The slight skills/decision making improvement will see him become another long term lock in piece.
  9. Bernie did some nice things. Will Nev go down as the most underrated 200 gamer we've ever had? Hibbs... steal of the century, will go close to winning us a flag.
  10. Who's Rowan?!
  11. Nibbler... he does need to improve disposal but gee wiz his ability to get in the end of a chain to score with pure gut running is telling for us. Buggy and Nibbles, not fashionable but the intensity they bring works.
  12. Great to have the rusted on, scarred life longers and any "new" fans. A good Dees member is a good Dees member, glad we all finally get to see some wins. Far k me McGovern can clunk a mark. We absosutely take the game on, risk taking enjoyable footy. It can be turned over but when it works.. such exciting footy. Darcy.. "Tom Oliver" after Plugger McDonald had just kicked 2 in a row in the 3rd. Maybe study the team sheets in your Mediterranean cruise goose.
  13. If it was the same half I saw then I agree, his kicking at times was terrible. In saying that he seems to be like a first up horse, runs well (plays well) first up then needs another spell to get the intensity back. Whoever comes in, massive massive tasks this week. Swannies full of confidence, virtually no injuries and most in form team in comp and can match us inside for sustain intensity.
  14. First few bounces of the game. Gawn, Viney, Tracc and Clarry... incredible really.