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  1. The view is fine, it's not that bad in fact compared to the G, where it holds 40k more than Docklands stadium, I feel much closer to the game.
  2. Don't over react, wasn't that bad. Suspended for sure but the pill wasn't far away either.
  3. .... $cully...
  4. Will Stevie J be in the GWS team by finals time?
  5. Stringer is a long way off his best footy and has been for some time but Jesus he can just snatch things out of thin air. $cully, when the heat is really on, the hard stuff needed.. How often does he influence the game? And is BT on the $cully payroll?
  6. Ling jong... Ling Jong... Ling Jong!!! 2 amazing efforts to set up that goal.
  7. Bruce says it is packed Jane?! Surely they are not pumping it up for no reason?
  8. The Frankenstein of the AFL makes me spew, so much talent in that side.
  9. I don't see us kicking a winning score, especially with Watts having to ruck for parts of the game. Could be a big win to the worst [censored] team to have ever played Aussie rules.
  10. So far this season close but no cigar. Seems to be Goodys start close but no good. Older harder heads could have got us across the line in 2 games. No luck with injuries but no composure really killed us. Bugg, Kennedy, Peds need to come in.
  11. Helmets make 0 difference to brain injuries. The brain bouncing around in the skull along with rotational forces of a big, heavy skull on top of the spine. The brain bounces around unfortunately and the helmet on the outside doesn't make a difference.
  12. Make sure you use your own tab acct chook.
  13. I hope they pick him, he then totally ruins the groin in the first 5 mins and is out for the rest of the game (10 weeks out total) and it starts the downward spiral of the Tigs season.
  14. Would North be 2 - 2 with Boomer in the team? PS how good is it not seeing that name every week!!
  15. Well he saw the first half of the Hawks game, before screaming blue murder, pooping himself needing to be changed and then having to be wheeled out in tears late in the 3rd into the arms of his mother... Much like most Dees fans ending to games over the last 10 years.