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  1. Is Viney’s foot worse than we think?

    I’m with you. He should be rested for some time, as you’ve said there are multiple issues that are not resolved. It’s been 6 months to get to this point and he’s only a couple of weeks away, after a set back... it would be surprising if he is back in the next 4 weeks.
  2. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Is that attendees or viewing audience Aust wide?
  3. 2018 Membership Thread

    Apparently not, I have some interactions with North and no matter the season (Premiership or bottom 3) they have always had a very similar turn over of members, which I did find surprising. Now whether they need to be smarter in how they engage members and find the right points to know when a member might be leaving is a different story.
  4. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Does anyone in Australia watch the GP?
  5. Sponsorship Problem?

    Tar and feather him... hang him... burn him!!! I actually think it’s an amazing example of the care you need to take online. They’ll never get away from it especially on here, and so be it, the seeds you sow, but the digital footprint is an interesting one.
  6. INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    Craven, I’m sure he is but only to a certain level. He knows his business and providing value to sponsors is key. I’ve mentioned before but I’ve seen PJ and Mahns at a couple of sponsors events and they gave more than enough time for the sponsor. Lastly they would only have x amount of top line jumper sponsors and those are already taken by ISelect and Zurich.
  7. Sponsorship Problem?

    Love what PJ and team are doing to grow the club, now come on boys time to deliver on field. As to the good Dr, I do love how he ignores the negative comments about him and responds to other comments, just a little odd. Doesn’t he have a brother who was in cahoots on the ‘ology hostile takeover?
  8. INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    Previous admins....... PJ Wouldnt think that would be an issue CBF.
  9. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Just makes it so hard for a small club to grow when they are not on FTA.
  10. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    I don’t believe that any longer, any day of the week they would put the bummers on ahead of us. If we had the similar number of members might be a different story.
  11. Gawny's Column in the HUN.

    That explains the 135kegs along with th self loathing each Sat and Sunday morning? “What the fk was I thinking with the Cruisers?!”
  12. Gawny's Column in the HUN.

    What about coaches?
  13. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    I can’t believe people are doing this... kidding it’s Dland of course I can!
  14. Preseason Training - Week commencing 12/03/18

    How do you know when the next closed session is on? Just turn up to Goschs every day?
  15. 160th Anniversary Jumper

    $300? Are they going to be player warn and signed by the whole team?!