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  1. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Yes, there will be multiple serious injuries if the ball is thrown up. FFS. Won't somebody please think of the childen.
  2. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    I think it's a terrible reason if it keeps potentially good umpires out of the game.
  3. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Ours is the only game in the world that requires a match official to execute a difficult skill to begin proceedings. Get rid of it and nobody will even notice the difference.
  4. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    No can do, the software won't let me. Have to wait until GOTO has time.
  5. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    12. Good 'Evans! That's correct. Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys and I hope you've had a bit of fun.
  6. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Not Godders ... I've practically given you the answer!
  7. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Good heavens above! Only Q12 to go and we can put this folly to rest and I can get back to what passes for a life.
  8. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    6. Jack Grimes correct. Stern = Grim plus directions (East and South) = Grimes. I thought this was a gimme!
  9. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    No, no and no again.
  10. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    He's done it again! Matches = Fitz (fits) + Patrick (Danger/field). The punctuation is a classic cryptic misdirection. Two left thrillseekers, namely 6 (easy) and 12 (tougher).
  11. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    No to both.
  12. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Not Blease. Nothing to do with readheads/matches at all.
  13. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    In case you're wondering about Q4, second rate = B (b-grade, b-list, b-movie) + Collingwood hack = Ray Shaw.
  14. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Good get azazael ... 4. Angus Brayshaw
  15. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    Still four to go ...