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  1. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    That's Hogan alright, only with a goatee and a different face.
  2. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Who is that one on the left meant to be? Like fndee, don't think much of the caricatures.
  3. Forum use

    Sorry man, no idea why that would have happened.
  4. Rain next Sunday

    Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.
  5. Forum use

  6. Ocean Grove/Geelong Match Day Bus

    Nah mate, that was the reality bus. It was what it was.
  7. Preseason Training - Week commencing 26/02/18

    I've heard that Max Gawn does the smacking.
  8. Injury List - Season 2018

    Where did he go?
  9. Demon tattoos

    If you wanted to be political, it could be Barnaby on one cheek, Tony on the other and Malcolm in the middle.
  10. What the Fritsch

    Josef Fritzl? If only we still had James Sellar.
  11. Post Match Discussion: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Both winners today booted 19.10.124.
  12. Post Match Discussion: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Did Lewis even appear after quarter time? Someone earlier thought he may have been injured. His stats show six touches only.
  13. No, it's not. Someone who is laconic is one who says very little. A man of few words if you like. 'Laconic' is one of those words that most, including journalists, consistently get wrong. They (and you) seem to think it means the same as laid-back, low-key or lackadaisical.
  14. Did you name your big girl's blouse Cale?

    Don't forget we also won the night / pre-season comp in 1989 as well, giving us two flags in three years. Those were the days.