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  1. Human 'wrecking ball'. A mouth watering prospect, and Ican't wait.. Might need to move him up a grade so he doesn't hurt the opposition, I reckon. 😊
  2. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

    I've seen this written elsewhere HaH, and I find the suggestion of blackmail disturbing. What convinced you that it is 100% fact (?); or is it just speculation?

    Fair point Jack, but I'll be watching tonight because I'm a 'one eyed demon', and therefore keen to get a glimpse of how some of our skills, and the youngsters are tracking at this time of the year. I won't be watching to see a 'spectacle'. It's very unlikely that I'll watch any X game where Melbourne is not participating, but on the other hand, I expect to watch all of the JLT games live.
  4. Poll: Which New Recruit ...

    Like everyone around here, I'm very keen to see all of them, but I nominated Spargs, simply because he was our first pick in the draft. I'm loving the snippets I'm reading on all of them in the media and in training reports etc. Our list seems to be in excellent shape right now (depth, spread, age and ability) and I can't wait for the real stuff to start, when we'll find out with a bit more certainty.
  5. MFC or MFCW Premiership First.......

    MFC Women. Simple reason: the 2018 AFLW season concludes before the 2018 AFL season.
  6. ................ and her disposal is second to none!
  7. AFLW: Rd 2 Vs Adelaide at Casey

    Great step up in standard, with good skills on display compared to last year. Eminently "watchable', and the score-line was pretty damn good too! Go Dees!
  8. Time we had a post camp injury update from Misso, with some direct questioning from Burgs. Did Jack suffer a setback at the camp? What is the realistic timeframe for his return?
  9. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    I hear what you are saying Brian, but there's no way in the world I could keep my emotions in check, even if I wanted to. Let it rip Demons!
  10. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    Agree KoD. You'd applaud that in the men's game.
  11. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    I'm not the greatest fan of AFLW (as a spectacle), but our team wears red and blue, and that's enough for me! I even found myself yelling at the box this afternoon, and cursing at the umpires on more than one occasion. I must be warming to it! Well done Demons!
  12. Neville Jetta Article

    Nice article which reinforces Nev's standing as one of my favourite players. Not born with abundant talent, he has reached his present high standing in the competition through high principles, hard work and an unyielding never-say-die, team first attitude. It's great to see him starting to get some of the recognition he deserves in the wider AFL community.
  13. New MFC facility?

    Great prospect imo, and another sign that we now a professional Club, with our eyes firmly fixed on the big picture .
  14. Jake Lever

    Not living in Melbourne, I don't really understand the Romsey comment, so I can only guess that it has something to do with the community in that part of the world. Anyways, my preferred quote from the article is: "The footy club is in a really good position and I am just loving every minute here, to be honest." I know we've all heard it a dozen or more times, and in reality, what else, could he have said (?), but none-the-less it still warms my red and blue heart a tad. PS Please bring on the Maroochydore camp, so that we will have some real footy news to comment on.
  15. Training Photos. 24/1/2018

    Fabulous pics 666 ...... and it made my day to see JV running, doing a bit of jumping and kicking. Thanks for making my day!