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  1. Deeoldfart

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    I mentioned in an email to a Demon mate that there was a whisper going around that a new sponsor (BOJ) might be announced on Monday. His reply "Bank of Japan"?
  2. Deeoldfart

    AFLW: Shae Sloane Ruptures ACL on debut

    Rotten luck .... looked so innocuous.
  3. Deeoldfart

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    Way too many turnovers from 'hail mary' handpasses in tight situations ............ reminiscent of our AFL team of a few years back. And as others have said, we need a couple of defenders who can read the play, and put themselves in the right spots to defend. We were far too reactive in the back half, had poor strength in the contest and our marking skills were well down compared to Freo, and most other teams I saw across the weekend. Only Round 1, but it's a short season!
  4. Deeoldfart

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    I'll be doing the same in Canberra '72. I actually thought the standard of Bulldogs vs Crows last night was a significant notch up on anything I've seen previously in AFLW. I hope our girls can match it!
  5. Deeoldfart

    Training - 2nd February, 2019 @ Maroochydore

    Love it! We should unleash it at the G on a Saturday arvo!
  6. Deeoldfart

    Maroochydore Training Camp 2019

    ................. and he's definitely speed(ed) up and improved his endurance out of sight. Huge season coming up from Fritta, I reckon.
  7. Deeoldfart

    Training - Thursday 24th January, 2019

    Yeah It's Time. We all love the Melbourne Footy Club, but family love is a different kind of love. All the best!
  8. Deeoldfart

    Vanders raring to go

    I agree dazz, and I'm pretty sure our MC see him in a similar light. If they didn't, he would now be wearing Sydney colours.
  9. Deeoldfart

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    I have taken the liberty of editing your excellent post, tiers.
  10. Deeoldfart

    Demon expats

    Canberra ........that's just about as ex-pat as you can get.
  11. Rekindles joyous memories of 1964. Thanks 'Froggy'.
  12. Deeoldfart

    Random MFC encounters

    I'm currently spending a few days in the Victorian high country, and arrived at reception at a motel in Mount Beauty wearing a Dees top and cap. The guy behind the counter immediately commented, and said that we have one of the best young footballers in the AFL, Clayton Oliver. He went on to say that he was a former coach of the Echuca under 14s, and he relayed the following story about Clarrie. It seems that the U14s played two 15 minute halves during the half time break in the seniors, and one very wet Saturday afternoon, the squad was one player short. Clarrie, who was 10 at the time, approached the coach and pleaded that he be allowed to make up numbers in the U14s. The coach eventually agreed on the understanding that Clarrie wear a helmet to reduce the risk of copping a serious head knock while playing against much bigger kids. You guessed it, Clarrie went on to play a 'blinder' on a rain sodden ground and kicked 5 goals in half an hour of football against much older kids. The motel man reckons that he knew there and then that Clarrie had what it takes to become a star in the big time. Dazzledavey36 might be able to add some credence to this story. IIRC he has spent some time in and around Echuca.
  13. Deeoldfart

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Nothing 'creative' from me. I'm just you're average 'Joe in the street', who loves our Club with all his heart, is lucky enough to have witnessed quite a few Flags, and who wants to witness at least one more before the final siren sounds. That's my Monika, and I'm proud of it!
  14. Deeoldfart

    Happy New Year to all on Demonland

    Happy New Year to all Demonlanders! Enjoy Auld Lang Syne with with friends and family tonight, and may we all join together in jubilation to belt out the same tune (with different lyrics) on the last Saturday in September!
  15. Deeoldfart

    100 Days Until Round 1

    I just watched Mitch Hannan's GOTY, and then re-watched it another eight times. That used up three or four minutes! 😃 ps. the goal still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, and the elation in the crowd still brings a tear to my eye.