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  1. Deeoldfart

    Injury List - Season 2019

    I'm sure we will be conservative and give Lever all the time he needs to get back to 100%. Further, I was delighted to hear that he will be going to the States to do the same post operative recovery / strengthening program as Petracca. No doubt luck plays a significant part with these things, but with the right precautions, you can at least reduce the likelihood of further bad luck.
  2. Deeoldfart

    Play of the Year - 2018

    So many highlights, such a talented list, so much to look forward to. Keep 'em coming folks!
  3. Deeoldfart

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    I've said it before and I'll repeat it here.......... I love seeing Fritta in the lead group with ANB and TMac. Taking an outstanding debut season to a new level ............ ?
  4. Deeoldfart

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    100% ......... and I love this bit too: "Now running shoes off and footy boots on. The whole group have gone into a tight huddle in the middle. Someone has started up a chant and the whole group repeats the chant as one. Different phrases over and over. Finished by chanting I have no fear and jumping up and down on the spot. Incredible sense of commeraderie." Pre- Christmas when training is usually a hard grind with all the repeat running and fitness stuff, but it sounds like the boys are loving every minute of it. Not satisfied with top four, and champing at the bit to take the next step! Brilliant! I'm enjoying your "unexpected" visit to Melbourne as much as you seem to be It's Time. Many thanks for sharing!
  5. Deeoldfart

    Glen Bartlett Post Season Update

    We are in good hands and in a very good place. I'm both proud and excited to be a Melbourne supporter right now ......... perhaps the more so given the dark place we have recently emerged from.
  6. Josh Mahoney said January on his Demonland podcast.
  7. Deeoldfart

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    If I'm not mistaken, Fritta has been near the front in many of the running drill pics that I've seen this pre season. I don't remember that of him last year, and if he has added that string to his bow, he will be a weapon and a half on the wing.
  8. Deeoldfart

    Gary Pert?

    I know talk is cheap, but imo that was an impressive interview.
  9. Deeoldfart

    2019 Contracts and List Details

    Nit picking (sorry), but I think Corey Maynard has played 2 games, one in 2017 and one this year.
  10. Deeoldfart

    AFL Draft review: Melbourne

    ...... and Harmes, whose last third of the season was outstanding by any measurement. Unfortunately, key omissions like these make me wonder about the credibility of everything else contained in the article.
  11. Deeoldfart

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    On the front foot like we are with most things these days. Love it!
  12. Deeoldfart

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    Scheduled for January.
  13. Deeoldfart

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Yeah, me too!!
  14. Deeoldfart

    SEN: Best 22 and Draft Needs

    Seriously good pic of a seriously good back half. Keep 'em on the park and we will be seriously hard to beat!
  15. Thanks guys. Enjoyed it as usual. The highlight for me was Josh saying that Jake Lever will be travelling to the States in January, to undertake the same intensive post knee reco rehab program that Tracc did. I hadn't heard that before.