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  1. 2017 Player Reviews: # 8 Heritier Lumumba

    A self-proclaimed 'prince' who betrayed OUR Club. Shame! Shame! Shame
  2. Delistings

    Upgrade Maynard?
  3. Thanks guys for giving to the greatest footy club in the world, but especially to Trenners. If only we could transplant your desire, work ethic and 'never say die' attitude to a few who will, most likelly, remain on the list.
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    How How much is too much? Two first rounders is definitely too much in my book.
  5. The Jack Lonie Thread

    No thanks .......... not if we are trying to improve our list.
  6. Delistings

    I agree with your sentiments 100% LH, but if a contracted Craig Jennings did decide to move to the Filth, maybe we could return some of their 'medicine' and require him to see out his contract, a la the way they handled Jason Taylor. Unlikely to happen though, because I can't see us sinking to the depth of sewer rats.
  7. 2017 Post Mortem

    Like others, I've taken little interest in the AFL since the weekend, and to a large extent this has included reading Demonland (much to Mrs Deeoldfart's delight, it's down from perhaps 3 hours per day to maybe half an hour per day). Consequently, I've read only a fraction of this thread. Anyway, I bumped into another ardent (and equally disillusioned) Dees fan at the shops this morning, and she pointed out that the for / against points for WCE at the end of the home and away season were: For: 1964 Against: 1858 Facsinating numbers, and no doubt for some, irrefutable proof that Norm Smith's curse is still shrouds our Club. Sorry if posted elsewhere
  8. Congratulations Michael Hibberd

    Just reward for Hibbo who had an outstanding year. I'd hazard the guess that he exceeded the expectations of even the most talented Demonland recruiter / selector. Great achievement Hibbo!
  9. Mad Monday Costumes

    Cream puffs.
  10. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Actions speak louder than words ......... the next two and a bit months will tell us a lot imo.
  11. All-Australian Squad

    The non-selection of Clarrie in the squad shows the selectors up as fools. They will have to scrub the yoke of their collective faces when he polls top 10 in the Charlie and wins his first Bluey.
  12. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    West Coast played today, like we should have played yesterday. They were prepared to go the extra yard, and we on the other hand ....................... oh forget it. Everyone knows what I mean.
  13. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Sadly, we got what we deserved (these words keyed through bleary eyes). I can't remember ever being so disappointed with the final result of a football season. The only slight redemption is that it might put some steeliness in the gut, and fire in the belly of our players. Christ's sake they need it!
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Today it seemed to me that very few of our players hurt as much as we do. That's sad.
  15. Nobody in our colours could muster a good four quarter contribution, so it's no bloody wonder we lost. Anyways: 6. Petracca 5. Oliver 4. Hunt 3. Melksham 2. Lewis 1. Jones,