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  1. Deeoldfart

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Goodwin Recall: 'As emotional as I've been'
  2. Deeoldfart

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    There's been loads of advice all week about what the Dees should, and should not do to win these games, but I reckon Whispering Jack hit the nail on the head in his post above, where he said it's got a great deal to do with "self-belief and ability to win against the odds". We unquestionably have the team, the talent and the game to win if we bring that mind-set today. The stakes are high. Now is the time to prove it! I think we will.
  3. Deeoldfart

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    That's what it seems like after today's performance for Casey. Seemed disinterested and played without any heart whatsoever. Doubt we would get the Twisties if rival clubs saw that DV8.
  4. Deeoldfart

    Neville Jetta: "On the Mark"

    This is compelling viewing imo: On The Mark: Neville Jetta Neville is an outstanding young man! We all know him as 'rock' in our defence, but this is more than matched by the snippets we learn about his 'journey', his family and the work he does away from the limelight of the AFL. Extremely well spoken, with a sense of humor that I hadn't seen before. Brilliant!
  5. Deeoldfart

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    From what I saw against Sydney (TV only), Spargo seemed to try hard but had minimal impact. Garlett failed to work hard and also had minimal impact. On reflection, while they both had very disappointing games, I guess you must always give the nod to Spargo in those circumstances.
  6. Deeoldfart

    Demonland Podcast LIVE Tonight (15/8) @ 8:30pm

    I know what you mean Clint, but spare a thought for me. I'm too old to have one (because it will most likely be what takes me out) ............. and I want the joy another Flag before I'm pushing up daisies.
  7. Deeoldfart

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    If Charlie's inclusion in the starting 18 means that he will play on Sunday (as it usually does), then I know even less about football than I thought I did. I really think he has a bright future, but to me, he has looked 'cooked' for the last several games. I hope we don't look back on his inclusion as another costly selection blunder.
  8. Deeoldfart

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Like some others, I have been 'flat' all week. We'll probably know after the first 10 minutes if the players feel the same way, and if they do, it's probably 'goodnight nurse' for 2018. However, if we come out firing, I think we'll go on with it, and come away with a nice win to rekindle our hopes for September action. I hope we can do it ........ No ....... I'm bordering on believing we can do it! Go Dees!
  9. Deeoldfart

    Rd. 22: Omen Watch vs Eagles

    The lady next door had a pair of navy knickers pegged on her line with red clothes pegs. It was blowing a gale and they were hanging by the merest thread, but she fought against all odds, and managed to save them before they were blown into oblivion. I thought to myself "now that's a good omen".
  10. Deeoldfart

    Robbie's Goal of the Century

    What a player!! I still find it impossible to comprehend he is no longer with us.
  11. Deeoldfart

    In Game Influencers

    I think we've all been waiting for Petracca to step up into this category, but he's disappointed so far. He has the tools, but maybe lacks the fitness right now, .......... or is he just a tease, and unlikely to meet the lofty expectations we had for him early on? I'm leaning (slightly) towards the latter.
  12. Deeoldfart

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    I'm prepared to give our players the benefit of the doubt on this story. If there's one area where our Club has come a long way in recent years, its professionalism.
  13. Deeoldfart

    What is the point?

    To me, the Melbourne Football Club is like family. You stick fat, regardless of circumstances. The love tests you, but it's unconditional.
  14. Deeoldfart

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    IN Kent - played well and kicked three for Casey yesterday. Melksham - automatic inclusion if 100%. His ball use was sorely missed today. Hibberd - another obvious inclusion if he's right to go. His hardness and run out of defence have been missed during his absence. OUT Spargo - has a future, but was a 'rabbit in headlights' today. Some finals experience at Casey is due. Hunt - I liked his inclusion on Friday, but was clearly 'underdone' and way out of form today. My bad! Probably out injured anyway. Peddersen - again I liked his selection on Friday, but realistically, he was only ever holding the fort for Hibberd / Smith. Solid gap-filler over the years but time has caught up. Thin ice Garlett had a stinker today, but was among our best 6 to 8 last week. He gets a reprieve for mine JKH was just adequate, and I can't see an obvious replacement. Hannan maybe, but to me he doesn't seem to work hard enough, end to end. Others also had disappointing games today, but no point in 'throwing out the baby ........... '.
  15. Deeoldfart

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    6 - Harmes 5 - Salem 4 - Oliver 3 - Brayshaw 2 - Frost 1 - Jetta