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  1. Very suprised Fritsch was not in the AFL draft hub list of 94 potential draftees for tomorrow. Not even as a smokey
  2. 2017 Player Reviews: # 2 Nathan Jones

    He's also improved his evasive skills, particularly in tight
  3. Changes v Sydney Swans

    Personally I thought White's game last week was outstanding and it excited me more than any of the other MFC players bar Weeds first 45 minutes. His foot skills were sublime
  4. Round 12: Non-MFC games

    Looking forward to playing the Swans. They're pulversing the Dogs inside who are pretty handy in that department and with the inside game is our stongest suit will be a great test of where we're at
  5. Northern Blues v Casey Demons

    Northern Blues 8.9 Casey 1.6 - 7 minutes into the third quarter
  6. Around the time of round 22 the media was engaging in a lot of back slapping over the success of PRs time at the Dees. It was as if the season was over already. I wondered if the players subconsciously picked up on this and took the foot ever so slightly off the pedal?

    Couldn't agree more, has all the tools. Was particularly impressed with how good he is inside and always looking to use his pace
  8. Worst films of all times

    The Last Samurai Tom Cruise at his self indulgent worst (he produced the film as well) If you like Z grade 50s sci fi ? Fire Maidens from Outer Space is on another level all together, makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look positively Kubrick-esq by comparison

    Just watched the replay and can't understand all this angst for M Jones?... Aside one absolute howler he played really well. Working both ways his work rate was as good as anyone's on the ground and the majority of his possessions went where they were intended

    Beaten by a smarter team. Under pressure they'd kick off the ground or tap to keep the ball moving their way until they had a cleaner option, it turned many of their 50/50 or less contests into wins while we'd try and pick it up and handpass as if it was dry, apologies to Vince and Tyson who played smarter than that. What's all the handwringing about the umpires? Other than the duck paid to the Hawk in the last they were fine
  11. James Harmes - Rising Star

    Love him! Not fast, no devastating side step,, kicks alright, handpasses alright, pretty good in the air and yes, goes in hard but he just has that aura of someone who's really really good, Someone who's sum total is well above their individual components
  12. This thread was obviously started as a result of last weeks game. Watching him at the Saints game to me he looked like he was playing hurt, nowhere near his normal pace. The 2 weeks before lets no forget he was awesome

    Our backline played the best I've seen this year and probably the difference between the teams. Wagner! Sorry for skyting but I pumped his tyres here after the Kangas game and today he just continued with that except 20 + times instead of 6 Frost! I stand corrected, I didn't rate you. So good after half time.

    And interviewed at the end of the game by none other than Nick Maxwell himself. The irony was delicious