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  1. MikeAlphaTango

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    So Port get Burton, Mayes and 2 x First Round Picks #5 & #15 for Wingard and Pick #6 And were struggling to get 1 first round pick for Hogan? What has the world come to?
  2. MikeAlphaTango

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Bit unknown, Hogan amd Tyson played 20 and 17 games this year and Kent when fit was selected. May would strengthen our defence but at who's expense? O.Mac gets games before Frost in Goodwins eyes. Jetta May Hibberd Lever O.Mac Salem Kent isn't much of a loss we have plenty of half forwards. Losing Hogan is a bummer, hoping Weed can continue to develop and kick 30+ in 2019. Tom Mcdonald will need to kick 40+ Will be interesting to see if KK can be a regular 22 player and where he plays his best football. He only played 8 games this year and 11 games in 2017.
  3. MikeAlphaTango

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    How many flags did they win with their original teams Ablett (2), Buddy (2), Judd (1).
  4. MikeAlphaTango

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    Any updates? Now the season's over
  5. MikeAlphaTango

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Hmm I don't know anymore. If we were competitive today I would have agreed but today's performance was embarrasing. Time will tell how the club takes this loss.
  6. MikeAlphaTango

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    No way we should trade him, he's kicked 40 goals in 3 out of his 4 playing years, plus he kicked 39 goals (15 games) in the VFL as a 17 year old. He's had a tough run of personal issues and injury. As people have mentioned, KPP take time to hit their prime and that's scary as Hoge's is already a star.
  7. MikeAlphaTango

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    21 tackles for Munro, that's super impressive. AFL record is 19 by Jack Zeibell
  8. MikeAlphaTango

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Kicking 18 behinds is not coaching related
  9. MikeAlphaTango

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Bye bye finals hopes 2018
  10. MikeAlphaTango

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Disappointed, Disgusting, Disaster, Destroyed, Dreadful, Dismal, Depressed etc. etc.
  11. MikeAlphaTango

    Clarry Plays Handball

    Closest I could find was he went at 83% disposal efficiency over the weekend which included 7 clangers. AFL statistics also have him in the top 20 for average effective disposals per game.
  12. MikeAlphaTango


    At the game but missed the Fritch overturn, can someone explian?
  13. Hi All, Mods delete if inappropriate, but came across a great deal on Melbourne gear and thought I should share. I wanted to buy a new jumper due to someone being traded out of the club last year. Anyways came across a 50% code for New Balance and found that it also applies to MFC gear on their website. Free delivery over $100 also. https://www.newbalance.com.au/men/collections/melbourne-football-club-1/ Code: BUPA50PYC2018
  14. MikeAlphaTango

    Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Without seeing a photo it might be Toby Bedford from Dandenong Stingrays. Believe Nev and has some involvement with the club and the club is aligned with the Next Gen Academy.