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  1. MikeAlphaTango

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Kicking 18 behinds is not coaching related
  2. MikeAlphaTango

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Bye bye finals hopes 2018
  3. MikeAlphaTango

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Disappointed, Disgusting, Disaster, Destroyed, Dreadful, Dismal, Depressed etc. etc.
  4. MikeAlphaTango

    Clarry Plays Handball

    Closest I could find was he went at 83% disposal efficiency over the weekend which included 7 clangers. AFL statistics also have him in the top 20 for average effective disposals per game.
  5. MikeAlphaTango


    At the game but missed the Fritch overturn, can someone explian?
  6. Hi All, Mods delete if inappropriate, but came across a great deal on Melbourne gear and thought I should share. I wanted to buy a new jumper due to someone being traded out of the club last year. Anyways came across a 50% code for New Balance and found that it also applies to MFC gear on their website. Free delivery over $100 also. https://www.newbalance.com.au/men/collections/melbourne-football-club-1/ Code: BUPA50PYC2018
  7. MikeAlphaTango

    Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Without seeing a photo it might be Toby Bedford from Dandenong Stingrays. Believe Nev and has some involvement with the club and the club is aligned with the Next Gen Academy.
  8. MikeAlphaTango

    Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    So knightmare over at Big Footy has us selecting 29 Melbourne - Toby Wooller Height, Weight: 193cm, 90kgSummary Profile: Strong-bodied key forward who provides a marking presence. Just as capable as a big bodied, ball-winning midfielder.
  9. MikeAlphaTango

    2017 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    If take 27 and 35 to the draft what type of player would we be targeting? I'd like us to add some midfield speed as our current list is a bit one paced. Would love to see Bonar slide to 27, highly rated junior but recovering from 2 knee reconstructions. Draft Combine Speed Results Smartspeed 20-metre sprint Jack Petruccelle - 2.87 seconds Kane Farrell - 2.90 Aiden Bonar - 2.90 Ben Miller - 2.91 Nick Coffield - 2.91 Ben Paton - 2.95 Brent Daniels - 2.95 Stefan Okunbar - 2.95 Jaidyn Stephenson - 2.95 Nicholas Shipley - 2.97
  10. MikeAlphaTango


    Rapt to get Lever, we have some serious young talent now Lever, Hunt, Oliver and Petracca in the AFLPA Under 22 team. We can revisit who won this trade in 5 years time.
  11. MikeAlphaTango

    Trade rumours

    I think the Lever trade wont go through till Watts is gone. Hopefully with whatever pick we get from that trade we can package up to either Adelaide or make a play for Richmonds 2 first rounders.
  12. MikeAlphaTango

    Trade rumours

    Ricky Nixon on twitter has mentioned this also.
  13. MikeAlphaTango


    Massive coup if we get him, confident he will become one of the premier defenders in the coming years. He led average intercepts this season ahead of Rance and Hurley which shows that he reads the play as good as anyone. As for the trade, I don't see why we should have to pay more than what Hawthorn paid for Mitchell which was P10 and swap of late picks. Also similar was the trade for Charlie Dixon which was P10 & Future 2nd Round Pick for Dixon & P49.
  14. MikeAlphaTango

    GAMEDAY - Round 19