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  1. The ump on the day signal high against Salem then advantage. Don't know where the high was but that was the call/signal.
  2. West Coast lost their first two choices as ruck include NiCNat as an AA ruckman... they don't write off the season because of it FFS our ruckman is walking around the club calling himself 'the difference'. Whilst in humour, it shows that our players except/believe because we have an injury to our star players it's okay to but up an effort and lose
  3. Willmoy can you please explain how you consider the letter racist. I would honestly like to know as my initial thought is 'just because you criticise a bloke who happens to be indigenous' that doesn't make it rascist, which is what I inferred from your comment
  4. I really don't think he was humiliated but his performance was questioned and in particular goodwins decisions were questioned. Whilst not mainstream, I work in an environment where you can be told your performance is sh^t and not look to blame someone else. Most look at their performance and know they can improve it or if not find out what they are doing wrong.
  5. So it's okay to make comments as long as no one finds out??? The head in the sand mentality on here reminds me of the old 'dont ask, don't tell' policy... everything is fine as long as it's not public, then we have a problem
  6. The guy hasn't stated anything untrue, so I fail to see how they have contributed to the clubs humilation. Whilst they have highlighted it and caused the AFL media machine to analysis Melbourne decisions:performance (above the other 17 clubs) the only people who have humiliated the club are those that make the decisions/play for it. Sometimes the truth hurts... and although I doubt this will cause any change maybe it might start the conversation
  7. There is always a reason(ie excuse) as to why others clubs can do it but we can't. We are always heading there, we just never arrive.
  8. So although we all agree with the contents of the message it shouldn't be said in public???? I don't understand this stance or position. Why should these highly paid professionals avoid having their actions scrutinised???
  9. While I don't agree with the contents of the letter, I'm actually happy about it. For too long a Melbourne loss was a shrug of the shoulders, an oh well they tried. It's about time more was demanded from this club and unacceptable performances are put under the microscope.
  10. What!!!! Demonland isn't a closed group so everything on here is in the open forum. What's the difference between bagging a player on here or on social media????
  11. So who will be available? Is it players on their last legs but can improve the clubs culture... wouldnt expect to pay much for them scott Thompson (adel) kade Simpson, kreuer (Carlton) pendlebury ( not ready to retire yet) jobe Watson or staton Sandilands, Ballentyne, ibbotson or Johnson gary Ablett Barlow Goddard or James kelly Roughhead burgyone hodge Gibson Grundy McVeigh Rocklift Martin Mackie Taylor lonergan Murphy suckling boyd grigg reiwolt ryder boak le cras priddis hurn waite Cunnington Goldstein higgins Montanga reiwelt Mummford Johnson ????????????
  12. I would like to see JT given a run in front of stretch. I think if he recieved four games to adjust to the speed of AFL he would produce some quality football
  13. No they didn't match but would of because danger was returning to Geelong for less than what Adelaide offered. Rather than going through that process the cats/crows just started negotiating the trade as the matching of the offer was a given(and danger could of still requested a trade or go to the draft even if they matched the offer)
  14. We dominated two of those second group teams.... that's the way the ladder might play out but we are a better team than both Geelong and the tigers
  15. Sam Reid is gettable for 650k a year in salary... We need to start using free agency for decent players, we still seem to give up draft picks for everyone