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  1. We have being playing short for the last 7-8 weeks without a ruckman. Replacing a small (jones) with a tall (Gawn) only brings the side back to a status quo for height. If anyone was to go it it would be Omac or Frost as pedo and watts stay fwd and Tmac returns to the backline. I don't think hibberd plays the third tall role (Jetta flys for more spoils) and is a flanker thus there is room for Omac or Frost in that role.
  2. Agreed it confused the sh^t out of me. I just looked at the end result. They are bringing the work from American sports which have been analysis to death. I believe getting the data is the hardest part. They have their own database but it is from mainly public data that is scrapped. They would love access to the champion data feeds but their is issues due to gambling uses (they were working with the storm for a while) i believe the data points do not change per team but the data is store per ground(and weather) and this plays the biggest difference in odds, more than most people realise.
  3. They are the same algorithms usually weighting about 150 data points. I have friends who run against the bookies with algorithms weighting about 800 data points (and moving towards 5000).
  4. Is this true??? It wouldn't surprise me as me as it seems the AFL are pushing the 'brand' or 'entertainment' line and we don't want our stars missing etc etc and failing to understand what the tribunal was designed for
  5. Has Goodwin brought his game plan from Essendon which is Etihad based?? Does it stand up at the G? Im not sure which way it will go but I hope we improve on the G
  6. Watttttttts
  7. Yes but need a couple to end the contest. Five scoring contests for one goal will cost us!!
  8. If we don't score a goal from this momentum we'll lose this
  9. First to kick accurately will win
  10. Damn it's even Stevens now... if we could of kicked another (without their point) we would of broken them
  11. Please don't let a late one in
  12. Loss of confidence
  13. Love the Trac/bugg handshake
  14. Had a hip injury that has kept him out for five weeks and might have impacted 'tis early season form... He was the captain of a team playing off in the grand final in 2016... you can have bad seasons but don't lose talent overnight
  15. Wouldn't mind having a crack at Jack.., he has been injured this season and he would be perfect at 29 to replace a Vince. Only if he came to us in a Lewis type deal leadership but not expected to be our best player and I think he would suit our team