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  1. This is the feel and feeling game all over again... richmond will have a 10-15 min purple patch and kick 5! Because they are so close they will run over the top! no point dominating and not scoring goals
  2. Dont disagree, hff is a tough position to play in modern football . You are always lining up in position 'for the structure' rather than getting your own ball
  3. Say what??? Took that hit well
  4. I know this is a bit out there but for team balance how about placing big max at full forward and spencer in the ruck??? I dont think spencer would lose the ruck duel to Stanley and Gawn is an aerial threat in the F50
  5. I would suggest you are a physio since you are placing on the same level as doctors and ethics To suggest a medico wouldn't exaggerate their report because of their ethics is laughable.
  6. Something doesn't smell right Whilst most of us have no issue with a suspension these medical reports are rubbish. WTF is delayed concussion..... Concussion that increases the penalty for the MRP but doesn't have the player taken off for the game, if Rowe doesn't miss next week then what is his injury? A headache and nausea are the exact same symptoms for dehydration. Even the hairline fracture to the jaw... whilst this would have had to be supported by an Xray (I would hope) when Cripps doesn't rub the spot or have any medical attention after the incident you can't wonder if it could of happened anywhere in the game. The penalties should be 3 weeks and 2 weeks if either player doesn't play this week and 2 and 1 if they are play this week as CFC have exaggerating the injuries.
  7. I'm glad gcs are making a stand (also blues/Gibbs and Richmond/deliodo), teams have actively pursured players in contract with the view to nominate them without the clubs resourcing the trade. Hawks look like they're trying it now with 10 and 48. That's all we've got so take it or get nothing which most are suggesting gcs should (media etc). I hope gcs tell JOM that they will take him with pick eight regardless the amount he puts on his head, so it's resign or go to the bombers. It will teach one of the bigger clubs that you still need to trade, not just convince the player and he becomes yours.
  8. None it's only a draft pick at this stage... It will be up to Lewis forcing HFCs hand. Otherwise we get him as a free agent next year
  9. A guy that works in media not connected to clubs
  10. Allegedly a two year contract was agreed too by MFC and Lewis, and HFC and MFC had agreed on our third round pick Hawks have now changed their minds
  11. The question is in writing and on a form with a blank space to provide your answer, with your name and details etc. it's part one of the form Its not a verbal question. The player hands back the form and the tester fills out part two of the form. Time of test, vial number, temperature of urine etc. some of the bombers players listed panadol in their answer to part one. So if you are prepared to disclose panadol yhen why you didn't disclose other injections is a real surprise. I believe they have stated that they didn't write it down as the testers might tell other clubs and they loss their ip and competitive advantage (same same for manager etc outside the club)
  12. All afl players get one ticket. They have to pick it up on the day from the afl office. Caught a a player selling it outside illegally outside the ground one year... Lucky that wasn't leaked to the media
  13. I think Jon Ralph is listing the two superstars at each club, not really getting into the nitty gritty. Basically saying if he comes across to WA it should be a Judd type deal or more than what collingwood paid for treloar
  14. No biggie, it's the lines efc have been pushing for some time. I must admit their PR campaign has been nothing short of excellent and only a big club like efc could pull it off due to everyone's else's reliance on the AFL (schedules , hand outs etc) Efc ran a large scale doping program and should of been thrown out of the league. Their PR people muddied the waters that much that people feel sorry for them and they get things like number one draft picks
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^ are you serious??? there CEO(who's 34) was at the club and received the injections with the players. Actual he received injections that were WADA banned