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  1. demoniac

    Dom Tyson

    Too often holds on to the ball too long and either rushes his disposal or gets caught with the ball. Not a reliable kick. An obvious out for Viney given Neal-Bullen's improved form on the weekend.
  2. demoniac

    Roos: "They’re so easy to score against"

    We need speed on every line. Defence - If you are playing Oscar Mac and Frost as key talls and you have Hibberd and Lever as tall flankers then there is no role in the team for another tall flanker in Wagner. There is also no roles available for plodding ex midfielders ie Lewis and Vince. The role available is for a nimble and/or quick player. Mids - You can't play plodding ex midfielders like Lewis and Vince on the wing. You can't even play Jones on the wing. Reality in 2018 tells us you have play ball carrying runners on the wing. Forwards - Hogan is much better when on the move. Playing deep he is a non threat if the ball comes in high and he is flatfooted. Belongs at CHF. Bring Pederson in to improve our structure by giving us a competitive target deep and relieve Gawn in the ruck. If Goodwin does not realise that we've got to pick a quicker team - epsecially for Richmond - then my doubts will be chrystalising.
  3. demoniac

    Roos: "They’re so easy to score against"

    Strangely the Tigers don't play slow inside mids on the wing or half back.
  4. demoniac

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    We are slow. Hawks have some speedy smalls. Gawn needs some ruck relief and we need a tall up forward if Hogan is up the ground. If we bring in speed and Pederson who goes out? Wagner - no match up? One of our one paced mids?
  5. demoniac

    GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Lewis and Vince get a free pass from commentators vis a vis and re disposal errors. Lewis apparently going at 100% despite putting a pass on the bounce to a player inboard which led to a turnover. I think team balance will be a challenge at selection this year particularly how many players who are natural inside mids get selected each week. Given the need for speed in the game there is a limit to the number of one paced inside mids we can park on the wing or half back. Same may apply to medium utilities. We may need to bring in more run and speed or risk being outrun and run over.
  6. demoniac

    Women told to score more

    I hope the AFLW Dees coaching and playing staff ignore the paternalism from Steve Hocking and the AFL and are prepared to win ugly when required. The skill level and physical condition has pretty obviously improved from season 1 to season 2. The depth of talent will improve each year as girls who have played footy from Auskick on through TAC Cup pathway get drafted. Already some of the stars of the old state women's league are struggling to compete with the athletic and skillful players either emerging from development pathways or swapping to AFLW from other sports. Yep. The Blues v Pies game was crap but there are crap AFLM games most weeks. Steve Hocking and the AFL sure do know how to trash the AFLW brand. Mindless incompetence.
  7. demoniac

    Gold Coast propped up by AFL

    How many dollars has the AFL used propping up the Dees over the years. It may be that a 2nd Brisbane team would have been a better option though Brisbane and the Gold Coast get closer every year to being one merged metropolis.
  8. demoniac

    Maroochydore training camp

    It does seem to be an own goal. Club presumably has a significant reason for the change.
  9. demoniac

    Community Service Announcement

    Medical retirements generally result in a settlement of future contract moneys owed. Is this outside the cap? Pragmatically its great news for the Swans in getting an overpayed underperfoming player off their books. Disappointing for Tippet to have to retire because of injury at his age.
  10. demoniac

    The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    The Dees are a broad church indeed...
  11. demoniac

    Sponsorship Problem?

    I consider meself to be a long term sponsor!
  12. demoniac

    Casey Demons 2018

    The case for substantial investment in Casey Fields is made by the fast growing population and use by mens and womens teams.
  13. demoniac

    Casey Demons 2018

    Good that Casey is becoming more professional, and more integrated with the Dees. Casey does have one large factor in its favor, rapidly growing population of young families. Over time there will hopefully be more investment in Casey Fields in terms of surface, player facilities and grandstands. More grandstands and taller trees should assist with reducing impact of the breeze.
  14. They way he moves reminds me of Hoppy. Hopefully an improved Hoppy. He is pint sized but the game has evolved in the favour of sub 180 players over the last 2 years.
  15. Watch any AFL Grand Finals over the last 2 years?