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  1. sometime headband wearer.
  2. 184cm 77kg utility, can play across half back, wing or through centre square
  3. d Not yet tweeted by Dees!
  4. demoniac

    Who’s left?

    The NFL goes over 3 days so be thankful they've only expanded to 2 days! My speculative view is that that their idea was 2 prime time slots but Fox did not want 2nd night up against Fox Cricket 20/20 so its Friday at midday which means productivity will crash. Also gives clubs time to refocus given picks trades add complexity.
  5. demoniac

    Jumper Revamp

    Bring back woolen jumpers with collars!
  6. demoniac

    Rumour File

    Its 3 years with a trigger. Get out for Hawks is that if the ankle does not come good and struggles he can retire a la Dane Swan and get a settlement of most of the following year of his contract which is not include in the salary cap.
  7. demoniac

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Could hardly have done better maximising Hogan's exit than by using it to recruit May. Kolo is a gamble but if he is over concussion issues then he will bne a good pickup. Overall we traded in a much needed class key defender, backup ruckman and a classy half back/wingman. All areas of need. We have a more balanced list than 2018.
  8. demoniac

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    My money is on Neale being a Lion, Hogan a Docker and May/Kolo a Demon by 8:30pm Wednesday night.
  9. demoniac

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Have to package to a club in need of points for matching bids on academy/fatherson picks. 23 = 815 points 30 = 629 points 36 = 502 points Total 1976 points which is enough points to match a bid at 5 (without factoring in discounts)
  10. demoniac

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    8 is only very fair for May if Suns concur.
  11. demoniac

    Rumour File

    Saints shut that down pretty quick.
  12. demoniac

    Rumour File

    Scully a risk because the elite part of his game is his hard 2 way running. Coming of a serious ankle injury there has to be doubt that he can sustain the running load required to return to his elite 2 way running best without causing further complications. Additionally he is entering his 28 yo season which is more of note for Scully because we know he was preparing at an elite level as a teenager so he has done more kms than most other players his age. Wingard is a risk because Clarkson is betting on being able to persuade Wingard step up from semi pro to elite professional preparation. Port's football department and players have lost patience with trying to make him change his ways. Even if both do get back to their best Hawks are still lacking genuine centre square contested ball mids and key forwards and defenders, and they have an ageing list. Will the Hawks be a slightly better version of the post Premiership Geelong?
  13. Yes he did. Preuss filling important Spencil Memorial Cult Ruck From Townxville slot.
  14. demoniac

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Folk think that Josh Mahoney has final say on trade deals. Bless. Its a committee decision.
  15. 206cm. 109kg. Big Unit From Townsville. Nickname Mr Townsvile Preuss. or just Castle Hill