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  1. Trenners in the Mix?

    I most humbly apologise for throwing a fact into the mix.
  2. Trenners in the Mix?

    So you reckon he could not catch Sam Mitchell or Matt Priddis? His draft camp 20 metre time was 3 seconds so not quick but not treacle slow if he can get back to that.
  3. Trenners in the Mix?

    or Priddis who gets slower by the week. It'd be a truly memorable Dees moment if Trenners come in and shows he is still AFL quality. Imagine the reception he'd get next Friday night at the G!
  4. CBA - Done deal

    "There's so many zeros that I've put my contract talks on hold till my manager has bought a new calculator"
  5. CBA - Done deal

    do we assume use in this context is median average?
  6. CBA - Done deal

    Lets hope that now the AFL has got its CBA done with the AFLPA they can lend some negotiating knowhow and common sense to Cricket Australia who seemingly find new ways every day as 1 July looms to make their players feel disrespected.
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    Only issue I have with Lever is that sometimes he tries to mark when he should punch and the ball falls to his feet instead of being fisted clear towards the boundary line. Minor quible only. Possibly an issue for all of the better intercept markers.
  8. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Trengove can reliably kick the ball to a player wearing the same jumper as he is which is a plus given the propensity of many of our players to collectively miss targets for entire quarters or halves.
  9. Non MFC Matches - Round 10

    When not dropping at the knees Joel Selwood is actually 7 Foot 5 Inches...
  10. The China Game

    Yeah cause sports from overseas ain't gonna come here and take our best athletes and our fans sporting dollars. Should go back to the VFL days too.
  11. Simon Goodwin

    I like his even temperament in the coaches box. I like the fact that he is a clear and concise communicator. He says in very few words what wafflers like Buckley or Chris Scott take an eternity to get out.
  12. The China Game

    Neither side play the week after.
  13. Angus Brayshaw Concussion Issues

    Another concussion from a relatively innocuous incidental contact. His career has to be in doubt which must be difficult to process and deal with.
  14. The China Game

    Port have trousered $6 million in China sourced sponsorships. Seems like good business to me.
  15. Non MFC Matches - Round 8

    Hows it going Jez!