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  1. demoniac

    Sam Weideman

    Weed took 3 overhead contested pack marks that Hogan would not. Weed as FF/2nd ruck, Hogan mobile CHF hitting up to wing, Tommy Mac roaming the forward 50.
  2. demoniac

    Sam Weideman

    Well I watch Jesse play. Its not percentage play to kick long to him unless he is on the lead. Does not read the ball in the air. Does not get in the best position. Does not jump at the ball. Often does not get his hands to the ball. Does not take too many 1 grab marks. All in all these attributes will always limit his effectiveness zero to 30 metres out from goal which is where a full forward/key forward should be at his best and where they differentiate from small and medium forwards. More generally Jesse does not have a repeatable goal kicking technique and his positioning and leading patterns need work. Weidemann can jump at the ball and will get his hands to more high balls.Has been in good from for Casey. Of course we are in the RIchmond Small Ball era so a mid/small may come in.
  3. demoniac

    Sam Weideman

    I'd back Weid to be a better target for bail out kicks to 0 - 30 metres out from goal than Hogan. Weid reads the flight better, can jump at the ball, and gets his hands to more high balls than Hogan. Not damning Hogan. Just think his skillset is better suited to a mobile forward role.
  4. demoniac

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    I've been doing that post the non merger!
  5. demoniac

    The Blowtorch on Jordan Lewis

    Just too slow.
  6. demoniac

    Trade HOGAN

    In your mind what are the attributes of a key forward and how do Hogan's attributes match?
  7. demoniac

    Trade HOGAN

    Hogan is not a Full Forward. If you are playing Full Forward you need to be able to read the flight of the ball in the air to get in the right position, have speed to gap opponent in 5 to 10 steps, jump when flatfooted and take one grab overhead marks. These are all attributes Hogan lacks. It also helps to have an easily repeatable goal kicking technique! In essence Hogan's attributes are much more suited to playing as a mobile medium forward. Unless he is matched up to a midfielder kicking long and high to Hogan is not a percentage play.
  8. demoniac

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    I see Hogan as a better mobile forward than full forward playing deep. He does not jump at the ball when flatfooted and he is not a great 1 grab mark both of which limit his effectiveness as a target man for long kicks inside 50. Skill set more suited using his endurance as a mobile high half forward.
  9. demoniac

    Mitchell coming back to Victoria

    Hopefully with Lewis as his assistant!
  10. demoniac

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Jordan Lewis should be dropped. Just too slow to be a medium defender and does not have the skillset to be a defender. Not a great spoiler or tackler. Not all midfielders can play in the backline in their twilight years. Still as a great of the club we must nurse him to 300 games! Which Adelaide Half Forward will put 5 metres on Lewis in 10 metres and snag a goal this week?
  11. demoniac

    When we beat Geelong, I will...

    fall asleep on the couch.
  12. There is a place for a winger sitting about 5 to 10 metres off the contest awaiting a release handball or shutting down a similarly loitering opponent. I know we prefer to release to a player about 1 metre away who is about to be tackled but I reckon above might be way to go.
  13. demoniac

    Lewis on AFL360

    Lewis can't follow his own instructions these days. Just too slow to get to where he needs to be.
  14. demoniac

    Goodwin Presser (4/7)

    That does not tell me what parts of my post you disagree with!
  15. demoniac

    Goodwin Presser (4/7)

    I'd like to see an end to excuses. 3 years of Roos. Halfway through Goodwin's second year. How long does it take to teach players to play hard nosed accountable footy. Like not wandering off in direction of a contest when you're tracking an opponent running into their forwardline. Like not realising that if you over commit to the contest you'll leave opponents in space free to receive from the contest and dispose of the ball under no pressure and when you try to release to a team mate he'll be about a metre way under the same pressure as you are. Like applying manic pressure like the trendsetting Tiges who won one of those Premiership things. How long do we have to wait?