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  1. Mondê

    Changes v Port

    Hunt has done his ankle in the VFL and is out for around a month. I like the ginger ninja but I'm not sure he's ready yet...
  2. Mondê

    Changes v Port

    The fans deserve for the team to make finals. If they can't handle the heat against top 8 sides that is a blight on our application and mental steel rather than talent
  3. Mondê

    Changes v Port

    I'm worried about this game. Port have their tails up and if we are a couple of % off after the bye we'll get done in hostile territory
  4. Mondê

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    I think given his age that notion would be promptly dismissed by the AFL. Goodwin's mantra of "When you win the ball on the inside, the outside game comes naturally" rings true, however even when we win that area I still believe we are lacking one forward half distributor in Melksham's mould. Too often when the pressure is ramped up, we bomb away inside 50. It is as clear as day. Someone who lowers the eyes under pressure and can hit a moving forward 50 target is a priority for me in the coming off season.
  5. Mondê

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-06-15/comment-why-murphy-should-consider-the-dees Any interest in Murphy? 31 next month, doesn't seem like a optimal fit for our list profile however he has elite decision making. Gaff a priority but not against giving Murphy a look in if we don't break the bank in doing so.
  6. Mondê

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    I'm actually finding myself missing Watts as a F50 target, he also used to use the footy beautifully around the ground. Noticed it more tonight where a bit of class and composure would have gone a long way.
  7. Mondê

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    EDIT: He did it during the game - fair enough. Needed to be dropped anyway.
  8. Mondê

    Changes v North Melbourne

    I posted this in the match review thread but what is the deal with Hunt? Charlie Cameron made him look positively slow at stages last night. Is he carrying an injury or just out of form? I don't think there is a tagging role for Bernie next week, and I hate him and Lewis in the same 22... it really slows us up. Can't imagine 3 changes would be made to a winning team, however last night didn't convince me of that being the optimal combination at all. Out: Hunt, Bugg, Vince In: Brayshaw, Kent, Stretch
  9. Mondê

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I was born in 1990 so just missed him, I've seen footage though...looked a match winner.
  10. Mondê

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    4 points in the bag, but fadeouts need to be addressed pronto. Lots of people bashing Lewis... and it's fair enough. Move him to the coaches box and bring Gus in. We need to instill some confidence in Gus, he's our future not Lewis. The time is now. Is it just me or has Hunt lost a yard or two? Where's the trademark run and carry gone? It has really exposed him as an average footballer. Stretch comes in to that role for mine. Lever needs time to build up that matchday chemistry, Frost in to free him up. Really noticing the absence of Viney and Tom McDonald. Super impressed with Oscar's first two outings, he's truly accountable and reads the play beautifully. We've got a staple here ladies and gents. Clarry doing Clarry things, cannot recall a more spectacular first 37 games from a Demon. Exciting stuff.
  11. Mondê

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Who cares, Watts inability to lead by example both on and off the field was a cancer to this playing group. Didn't even average a goal a game for a 196cm key forward. Next.
  12. Mondê

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Would love to somehow get jarman impey or aaron young out of a watts to port scenario
  13. Mondê

    Trade rumours

    I've heard from a source within port that Wines will explore his options in Victoria at the end of 2018, depending on ports flag credentials. Interesting
  14. Mondê


    Aside from Kelly who will most likely end up at Carlton or stay at GWS, who else would you target? Lever is a star and more importantly a leader. If a player of his calibre wants to come to the club, you get it done
  15. Mondê

    Clarence Oliver

    Our Clarry only needs 18 more disposals this season to hold the MFC record for most disposals in a single home and away season. And he's only 20. Absolutely blessed to have this kid at our club!