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  1. Mondê

    Go and get Gaff!

    No fugazi is good news for us. We hold our cards close to our chest these days. Why would Gaff want to go to those desperados north? If he wants to play in an average team in front of 20k people every week good luck to the lad.
  2. Mondê


    On SEN this morning Dangerfield was saying how playing on Sundays can be a bad thing, claimed that a lot of players watch football over the weekend and by Sunday they are mentally burnt out. Sure looked like that last Sunday. Stop watching footy boys!
  3. Mondê


    Petty instead of Frost against St Kilda was incredibly stupid and arrogant. Hunt yesterday equally mind boggling, 6 weeks out and 1 shite performance in the VFL. Since when are we rewarding mediocrity? Selection all year has been frustrating.
  4. Mondê


    To be fair the umpiring was diabolical all round. Apparently Nicholls has a different set of rules for the two teams out there. The number of pathetic holding the ball calls Sydney received was laughable. All day he rooted us.
  5. Mondê


    The whole game was just so disheartening. Story of our season really. It's going to come down to GWS and we will crumble under the weight of supporter/media expectation and finish 9th. Different team, same old dees ladies and gents... today was the day we needed to stand up. Oh and I really feel for Alex Johnson.
  6. Mondê

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Jones needs a rocket. Looks slow and indecisive.
  7. Mondê

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    The fact that we lost to Stkilda is an embarrassment. They are horrid
  8. Mondê

    Constant New threads

    Hahahahahahaha. Surely taking the pizz. PM the moderators as you're quite literally making your problem worse.
  9. Mondê

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    That is some chronic mfcss you have there jaded 😂😂
  10. Mondê

    Go and get Gaff!

    North - throwing big money offers at Hall and Polec St.Kilda - throwing big money offer at Hannebery Can't help but thinking we are in the box seat here. Absolutely no fugazi from us, as has been the case with all of our big name signings in recent times. Round 4 next year... Out: JKH, Smith In: Gaff, Lever
  11. Mondê

    Go and get Gaff!

    Fair enough. A truly bizarre attack if the punch hit where it was intended.
  12. Mondê

    Go and get Gaff!

    As Mark Brayshaw alluded to - Brayshaw definitely lowered his centre of gravity half way through Gaff lashing out. Have watched it a few times and I genuinely think it was an upper chest punch gone horribly wrong.
  13. Mondê

    Go and get Gaff!

    Hyper masculinity at its finest.
  14. Mondê

    Go and get Gaff!

    Trevor Nisbett had some quite strong thoughts on this kind of incident earlier in the year... "An amateur WA footballer has a broken jaw after an alleged behind-the-play strike that prompted West Coast chief executive Trevor Nisbett to call for thugs to be marched out of the game. Mr Nisbett, whose two sons play in the WAAFL, said the Eagles sponsored the competition and expected games to be in the “right spirit”. Anyone who engaged in extreme violence should be deregistered. “This is a dreadful incident for guys who just want to go and play and have some fun,” Mr Nisbett said. “Guys don’t sign up for this and if you’re going to go outside the laws of the game, you should be punished with the maximum penalty. “Enough is enough. This has been creeping in for a number of years. It’s not so much the number of incidents but their severity.” ...Awkward.
  15. Mondê

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    We are a 15 goal better side on paper, their midfield is utter trash, Jarrod Witts is their captain, and we have a top 4 spot up for grabs. Watch us get rolled.