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    Injury List - Season 2019

    Terrible thing to happen to Mitchell but I wouldn’t say that a key injury to such a major player for a rival team for a finals spot is “not MFC related”. Let’s hope that we don’t suffer a similar setback to one of our players.
  2. Elwood 3184

    Who’s left?

    That’s what I thought until one of the female comperes mentioned at the end that they would be back tomorrow at noon. I suggest you check your local guides.
  3. Elwood 3184

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    I think it’s worth noting that after the finals and before the trades, our highest draft selection was in the latter part of the second round which would, after compensation picks, priority selection, father/son and academy bids have made our first pick around #40. It’s now looking as though, with our bid for Toby Bedford, we will pick up three players within that range and while I don’t agree with Snoop Dog’s picks, there is enough quality available to suggest we are going to improve our list on Friday.
  4. Elwood 3184


    Well ... it’s now less than a week away. The experts at aflnation.com.au (Callum Twomey and Kevin Sheehan) are predicting this outcome for the first round. 1. Sam Walsh (Carlton) 2. Jack Lukosius (GC) 3. Izak Rankine (GC) 4. Max King (STK) 5. Ben King (PA) 6. Connor Rozee (GC) 7. Nick Blakey (SYD) bid 8. Bailey Smith (WB) 9. Jackson Hately (ADE) 10. Jye Caldwell (GWS) 11. Jordan Clark (PA) 12. Isaac Quaynor (COLL) bid 13. Zak Butters (GWS) 14. Chayce Jones (GEEL) 15. Tarryn Thomas (NM) bid 16. Riley Collier-Dawkins (ADE) 17. Ian Hill (FRE) 18. Xavier Duursma (PA) 19. Luke Valente (ADE) 20. Liam Stocker (RIC) 21. Curtis Taylor (BL) 22. Sam Sturt (GWS) 23. Rhylee West (WB) bid 24. Tom Joyce (WCE) That leaves Melbourne with the third pick on the second day - next Friday.
  5. Elwood 3184

    Bailey Smith

    Sounds very Tom Scullylike so my hope is that GWS Giants draft him and they pick Shane Mumford as his mentor.
  6. Elwood 3184

    Down Memory Lane # 1

    I forgot about Michael Reynolds. Came from Tassie and booted 6 goals at FF in a game in his first season. Faded out of the picture after 1986.
  7. Elwood 3184

    Jordan Clark

    Someone puts him in the top 10. I don’t mind that because there are now about 20 to 25 players in this draft who have been picked by some pundit as a likely top 10. Tomorrow's Heroes: Ex-cricketer ready to bowl over clubs
  8. Elwood 3184


    The comment addresses the club being accused of tanking. It doesn't say that the club actually did tank and that's still an open subject.
  9. Elwood 3184

    Tom Sheridan

    With seven vacancies on Melbourne’s main list at this point in time, I think the club must surely be thinking in terms of selecting one or two delisted free agents. Is Tom Sheridan worth looking at? Delisted Freo onballer hopes for a lifeline
  10. Elwood 3184

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Oh, ok then. Close thread.
  11. Elwood 3184

    Bailey Williams

    He’s not that funny, surely?
  12. Elwood 3184

    Bailey Williams

    I like the cut of his jib.
  13. Elwood 3184

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Problem being that Buku Khamis is a NGA tied to the Western Bulldogs who are likely to match any bid from 3rd Round plus which is probably where he’ll go. Bailey Williams, on the other hand, would be worth looking at with Pick 23 or 28.
  14. Elwood 3184

    Recruiting a 3rd tall forward to find another 50 goals?

    We now have a couple of picks in the 20s, of which one selection might be used on Noah Gown.
  15. Elwood 3184

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    2015 GOLD COAST B & F
  16. Elwood 3184


    Is there much trading activity done by the clubs over the weekend? Everything seems to have gone very quiet.
  17. Elwood 3184

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    GCS are better placed than we were because the AFL is desperate for the franchise up there to succeed. I don’t think it’s beyond the bounds of credibility to think that the AFL would be pulling all of the necessary levers to get Hogan there (special ambassador payment outside the salary cap). It all depends on Hogan’s mindset and his wish to go home but I wouldn’t rule it out.
  18. Elwood 3184

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Because the second language of the AFL is telling lies.
  19. Elwood 3184

    Harley Bennell

    Only kidding😀
  20. Elwood 3184

    Harley Bennell

    Peter Bell has told the media in Perth this evening that he would be prepared to do a trade for Bennell if the club in question was prepared to part with a top ten pick.
  21. Elwood 3184

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    That offer was a ludicrous one to make in light of the new rules that in my opinion will make key forwards more valuable to their teams. I think the club should start a new discussion with Hogan and his management concerning him playing with the club in 2019 and working towards negotiating a longer term agreement as the year unfolds.
  22. Elwood 3184

    2018 Player Reviews: #8 Jake Lever

    Looking forward to his return. Some of those games he played before he was injured were sublime.
  23. Elwood 3184

    CHANGES 2018 by The Oracle

    I had a look at the delisted players to date and there aren’t many there who I would go for. Not all clubs have announced their delistings but unless some more names crop up, I wouldn’t be salivating over the prospects available ATM.
  24. Elwood 3184

    Go and get Gaff!

    Reports suggest he was waiting for the B & F before announcing his decision. If that’s right and he didn’t announce that he was staying last night, then expect the news by Monday that he’s selected North Melbourne.