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  1. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    6.Nathan Jones 5 Clayton Oliver 4 Cam Pedersen 3 James Harmes 2 Angus Brayshaw 1 Michael Hibberd
  2. Casey Demons v Coburg

    I reckon Pedo will be the travelling emergency and, if not required, that he should get back in time to play for Casey.
  3. Tex Walker's vicious act

    Walker's action was so bad that it obviously knocked Johannisen so senseless that he's re-signed for 5 more years at the Bulldogs.
  4. Tex Walker's vicious act

    Except that if you look a the play you'll notice that the ball was already through the goals when he hit JJ which turns it into something more sinister than a mere accidental bump.
  5. ... sigh of relief ... not one of ours. Jake King allegedly involved as well.
  6. Changes v Weagles

    Six day break, long plane flight, a few players sore ... selection will be interesting and intriguing. First call - Jake Spencer flies across the Nullarbor.
  7. RIP Hibby Hibbert

    Sad to hear of the demise of someone so young. Also what's the story of Yze Magic's departure after establishing such a reputation in these parts?
  8. It's now totally conclusive

    One of our problems stems from Lumumba's intransigence at the end of last season. Had we been able to sort out his departure in good time then we might have also been able to pick up an extra player in the drafts to fit our needs such as tall KPP who could also ruck. This would have been handy in light of injuries to Gawn/Spencer/Hogan.
  9. Casey Demons v Footscray VFL

    Disappointing after his "best on" performance at training last weekend.

    We will have a team that isn't all that much different but it will have extra firness as well as maturity which should make a difference.
  11. Memory Lane

    Now for another commercial break ...
  12. Coburg v Casey Scorpions

    I think Salem should play - he's had his week off.
  13. Werribee Tigers v Casey Demons

    I don't really give a rat's about the little sniper who hit him but more importantly, does anyone know how Corey Maynard pulled up after the incident?
  14. Werribee Tigers v Casey Demons

    Once you take away the four players who will go out to make up the MFC interchange bench and at least one other held over as emergency for that game, the depth isn't as evident.
  15. Young Casey Demon a Kiwi

    He probably doesn't fit the criteria because he's now living here but what's involved in drafting an international rookie like the NZ kid we had over here a few years ago?