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  1. Elwood 3184

    Chris From Camberwell!

    Could we put out an all points bulletin to locate Chris from Camberwell and invite him as a guest on the Demonland Podcast. It would be riveting!!!
  2. Elwood 3184

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Darling ruled out so they don’t have Naitanui, Gaff and their two key forwards. If we can find a way to lose to WCE in that situation then Port Adelaide or North Melbourne deserve to be in the finals ahead of us. End of story.
  3. Elwood 3184

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    No, no, not Schmitthouse!!! Aaargh ...
  4. Elwood 3184

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I was watching The Block tonight and I now understand the fascination with the Gatwick. Magnificent!
  5. Elwood 3184


    Good to see out cat b boys are already in the mix.
  6. Elwood 3184

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 20

    I know we are taking things one game at a time but given that 3 out of our last 4 games are to be played at the MCG (and hopefully a few more after that at the same venue), I think we need to use this game to reassert our influence on our home soil. We did that a bit against the Bullies at our last outing but now it's time to take control of that ground and make it a fortress against any other club that enters.
  7. Elwood 3184

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    In Hannan Out Melksham
  8. Elwood 3184

    Injury List - Season 2018

    What sort of credibility does the MFC have with reference to these injury lists? Melksham is reported to have strained the hammy during the second quarter of Saturday night's game so they clearly knew when they published this week's list that he was injured ... but didn't report it until today.
  9. Elwood 3184

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    Is it too much to expect a win to WCE and upsets in the other two games today?
  10. Elwood 3184

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    If we could bring in Corey Wagner, he’d get a game this week, I reckon. Pity he’s not on our list.
  11. Elwood 3184

    Casey Demons v North Melbourne VFL - Round 14

    JKH is 173cm compared to Nev who stands at 180cm. The height difference might not sound much but at the highest level, it might be too much.
  12. Elwood 3184

    Round 16 Non - MFC Games

    I’d like to see us emulate our run of 6 in a row - that should do the trick.
  13. Elwood 3184

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 16

    6. Clayton Oliver 5. Max Gawn 4. Christian Petracca 3. Angus Brayshaw 2. Jesse Hogan 1. Bayley Fritsch
  14. Elwood 3184

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    Casey had 69 inside 50s to 30 and won by 77 points. On Friday night Melbourne had 68 inside 50s to 39 and lost by 10 points. When Melbourne was down on its knees in the early part of this decade these figures by teams opposed to us would result in 100-point defeats. How is this possible?
  15. Elwood 3184

    Playing with no ACL??

    Not really recommended for a highly priced player aged 22 with lots of years in front of him.