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    Losing Jack Viney

    The injury to Jack Viney for what looks like several weeks at the pointy end of the season is a definite blow to the club. Viney to miss round 17 clash He’s not an easy player to replace.
  2. Whispering_Jack

    Changes vs Geelong

    Different opposition, different venue and a huge game for the club to win. What changes should we ring in - if any?
  3. Whispering_Jack

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    A few weeks ago Freo dented Adelaide's finals chances over in WA. Any chance of them repeating the dose v the Power?
  4. Whispering_Jack

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    Casey Demons twitter has credited VDB with that last goal.
  5. Whispering_Jack

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    The question is more about whether Casey can defend a fairly meagre lead against a 4 or 5 goal breeze. They might well rue their first quarter when they allowed 3 goals against the wind.
  6. Whispering_Jack

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    This will be a challenge for Casey’s VFL listed players, some of who have been playing suburban footy because they couldn’t hold their places in the team when up to 17 or 18 MFC listers we’re getting a game each week.
  7. Whispering_Jack

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Werribee key defender Sam Collins was impressive earlier this year when they played Casey. Started today against the Bombers. He might be worth a look.
  8. The top two 2018 AFL National Draft prospects are South Australians ~ both considered exceptional.~ Firstly, Izak Rankine AFL Draft prospect Izak Rankine catches talent scouts’ eyes while playing for SANFL side West Adelaide and South Australia Then there’s Jack Lukosius U18: Bottom-ager Lukosius stars in SA's big win And Connor Rozee goes all right too. That trio are all in the AFL Academy squad which is where the better prospects can be found. No wonder the Crows fought tooth and nail to extract our future first round pick for Jake Lever.
  9. Whispering_Jack


    Yes, that’s what many people say but the pattern of our game was so different in the second half that I thought it was something to consider given that we have six games to go and the majority of those are against other finals contenders. If our coaches can get us to improve on where we’ve been so far this year by just a small percentage it might be the difference between making top four or not making the finals again.
  10. Whispering_Jack


    Why stop at a single one?
  11. Whispering_Jack

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    In the final analysis, it’s in our hands as to how far we can go this year but a win to the Tigers would make my day.
  12. Whispering_Jack


    Well that was an unusual game and one that might puzzle those analysts who figure they’ve got our game worked out. Statistically, we had less disposals, less contested possessions, less clearances, less tackles and less inside 50s. These are areas where, during this season, we are usually in front of our opposition and yet today, we won by 50 points. Anyone have an explanation?
  13. Whispering_Jack

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Two weeks ago they beat a finals contender, Geelong ... they cannot be taken lightly despite their injury woes.
  14. Whispering_Jack

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    You can’t take a team seriously if they turn up for a night game wearing pajamas.
  15. Whispering_Jack

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    If stability is the key to winning matches then the Dees are near certainties based on who is unavailable. These are the teams that met just 6 weeks ago at Etihad when Melbourne won by 49 points despite giving away a start. WESTERN BULLDOGS B: Matthew Suckling, Jackson Trengove, Ed Richards HB: Bailey Williams, Dale Morris, Easton Wood C : Jason Johannisen, Lachie Hunter, Patrick Lipinski HF: Caleb Daniel, Josh Schache, Tory Dickson F: Luke Dahlhaus, Marcus Bontempelli, Billy Gowers Foll: Tom Boyd, Toby McLean, Jack Macrae I/C: Hayden Crozier, Mitch Honeychurch, Jordan Roughead, Roarke Smith Emg: Tom Campbell, Lin Jong, Lukas Webb, Lewis Young  In: Mitch Honeychurch, Dale Morris Out: Zaine Cordy (concussion), Bailey Dale (foot) MELBOURNE B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Angus Brayshaw, Jake Lever, Jordan Lewis C : Bernie Vince, Jack Viney, Nathan Jones HF: James Harmes, Jesse Hogan, Jake Melksham F: Tim Smith, Tom McDonald, Christian Petracca Foll: Max Gawn, Christian Salem, Clayton Oliver I/C: Bayley Fritsch, Mitch Hannan, Alex Neal-Bullen, Charlie Spargo Emg: Tom Bugg, Cameron Pedersen, Joel Smith, Billy Stretch NO CHANGE It's pretty clear that the the Dogs have some quality outs whereas the only compulsory change that the Dees have made to the starting side is Jake Lever. On this basis, we should win and win well - if we don't, we're simply not worthy of going any further this season.
  16. Whispering_Jack

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 16

    The leader remains the one and only Maxy ... 139. Max Gawn 123. Clayton OIiver 93. Jesse Hogan 73. Angus Brayshaw 70. Nathan Jones 49. Tom McDonald 46. Neville Jetta 39. Christian Salem 38. Jack Viney 35. Bayley Fritsch 34. Christian Petracca 33. Jake Melksham 31. Michael Hibberd 29. Jake Lever Oscar McDonald 26. James Harmes 20. Jordan Lewis 16. Jeff Garlett 7. Alex Neal-Bullen 6. Tom Bugg 4. Joel Smith 2. Dean Kent 1. Bernie Vince Josh Wagner
  17. Whispering_Jack

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    A day when just about anything could happen.
  18. Whispering_Jack

    Jordan Clark

    Likely to go well before our first pick unless we trade into the first round.
  19. Whispering_Jack

    Casey Demons v North Melbourne VFL - Round 14

    The statistics ~ Oskar Baker 1 behind 17 kicks 4 handballs 21 disposals 5 marks 2 tackles 78 dream team points Harley Balic 10 kicks 9 handballs 19 disposals 3 marks 10 tackles 97 dream team points Tomas Bugg 13 kicks 18 handballs 31 disposals 2 marks 11 tackles 128 dream team points Lachlan Filipovic 1 behind 3 kicks 5 handballs 8 disposals 3 tackles 4 hit outs 41 dream team points Mitch Hannan 1 goal 7 kicks 17 handballs 24 disposals 3 marks 12 tackles 116 dream team points Jack Hutchins 12 kicks 4 handballs 16 disposals 2 marks 4 tackles 63 dream team points Declan Keilty 1 kick 1 handballs 2 disposals 1 mark 6 tackles 32 dream team points Jay Kennedy Harris 3 goals 14 kicks 11 handballs 25 disposals 1 mark 5 tackles 106 dream team points Dean Kent 1 behind 11 kicks 4 handballs 15 disposals 2 marks 9 tackles 85 dream team point Mitchell King 6 kicks 6 disposals 2 tackles 16 hit outs 37 dream team points Jay Lockhart 15 kicks 5 handballs 20 disposals 3 marks 1 tackle 66 dream team points Pat McKenna 1 kick 8 handballs 9 disposals 1 mark 3 tackles 25 dream team points Corey Machaya 1 behind 8 kicks 14 handballs 22 disposals 3 marks 6 tackles 85 dream team points James Munro 14 kicks 6 handballs 20 disposals 4 marks 6 tackles 88 dream team points Cameron Pedersen 13 kicks 10 handballs 23 disposals 4 marks 4 tackles 87 dream team points Harrison Petty 6 kicks 4 handballs 10 disposals 2 marks 3 tackles 41 dream team points Tim Smith 1 behind 9 kicks 7 handballs 16 disposals 3 marks 2 tackles 59 dream team points Corey Stockdale 17 kicks 2 handballs 19 disposals 1 mark 8 tackles 91 dream team points Dom Tyson 8 kicks 23 handballs 31 disposals 7 marks 15 tackles 145 dream team points Aaron vandenBerg 1 behind 13 kicks 10 handballs 23 disposals 16 tackles 108 dream team points Corey Wagner 1 goal 14 kicks 5 handballs 19 disposals 3 marks 15 tackles 123 dream team points Josh Wagner 12 kicks 5 handballs 17 disposals 1 mark 8 tackles 82 dream team points Sam Weideman 2 behinds 8 kicks 4 handballs 12 disposals 7 marks 2 tackles 3 hit outs 66 dream team points
  20. The Swiss Court has ruled in the case of the Essendon 34 - Essendon players' final appeal fails Swiss court dismisses Essendon 34's appeal against doping bans The Court said that the players accepted the CAS decision that the hearing before it was de novo. They did not challenge the de novo hearing when they should have done but in any event such a challenge would have failed. In essence, the appeal was a waste of time but perhaps that was exactly its purpose from an Essendon perspective. Another nine months have passed, the players concerned served out their suspensions and the Bombers have emerged without further penalty and a greatly enhanced draft position with the AFL deciding that the club should incur no further penalty other than the three year old governance punishment. I find that incomprehensible. No penalty for creating an environment for drug cheating and no consideration given for the fact that the team's lowly ladder position had something to do with it going through the season without a dozen of their best players as a result, giving them the #1 draft pick next month. I have a problem with Jobe Watson retaining his Brownlow Medal given the outcome of the doping case. Given that the AFL has acted in such a kindly manner to the Bombers and the way it has dealt with other important issues, I would not be surprised to see the AFL wriggling out of making a decision to take away the Brownlow.
  21. Whispering_Jack

    Father/Son and Father/Daughter Academy

    I’ve seen him playing basketball against my grandson in under 12 competition. He goes ok but it’s a different game and he has plenty of time to not only develop but chose his sport.
  22. Whispering_Jack

    Father/Son and Father/Daughter Academy

    Sadly, one of our potential father/son prospects is Tiernan Stynes who couldn’t bring his father along. I wonder if he’s part of the academy?
  23. Whispering_Jack

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    The All Australian Under 18 side:- Defenders: Jez McLennan (South Australia), Jacob Koschitzke (Allies), Isaac Quaynor (Vic Metro), Buku Khamis (Vic Metro), Kyle Reid (Vic Country), Jordan Clark (Western Australia) Midfielders: Luke English (Western Australia), Kieren Briggs (Allies), Bailey Smith (Vic Metro), Luke Valente (South Australia), Sam Walsh (Vic Country), Chayce Jones (Allies) Forwards: Bailey Scott (Allies), Jack Lukosius (South Australia), Jackson Hately (South Australia), Izak Rankine (South Australia), Ben King (Vic Metro), Rhylee West (Vic Metro) Interchange: Sydney Stack (Western Australia), Connor McFadyen (Allies), Mitch O’Neill (Allies), Will Gould (South Australia), Jeremy Sharp (Western Australia) Coach: Tony Bamford (South Australia) Assistant coach: Lance Spaulding (Tasmania) Captain: Sam Walsh Vice-captain: Luke Valente The All-Australia side was picked by Kevin Sheehan (AFL Talent Ambassador), Luke Power (AFL Academy Head Coach), Marcus Ashcroft (AFL Talent Competition and Operations), Dom Milesi (Collingwood recruiting manager), Troy Selwood (Geelong recruiting manager), Matt Clarke (Richmond recruiting manager) and Chris Liberatore (St Kilda recruiting manager). Unless we do some trading, it’s unlikely any of the above will end up at Melbourne.
  24. Whispering_Jack

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    U18: Rankine blitz lifts Croweaters to national title http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-07-04/u18-rankine-blitz-lifts-croweaters-to-national-title Vic Metro 0.1.1 2.3.15 8.5.53 9.7.61 South Australia 4.3.27 9.4.58 12.7.79 17.14.116 Goals Vic Metro King 4, Taylor 2, Mahony, Rendell, O'Halloran South Australia Rankine 5, Jarvis 2, Munn, Rozee, Lukosius, Chandler, Luchowiak, Siviour, Chapman, Valente, Lewis, Best Vic Metro Ayton-Delaney, King, Smith, Rowell, O'Halloran South Australia Rankine, Kennerley, Hately, Rozee, Lewis, Frederick, Chapman And the Fox Sports power Rankings
  25. Whispering_Jack

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    The game’s worth watching on SEN. Izak Rankine looks a star ⭐️