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  1. Whispering_Jack

    Former Demon Cam Johnston has great NFL Debut

    Cam continues to do nicely but I note that he regards himself as a Cats fan despite the fact that he was once on the MFC list (albeit spent most of his time there playing for the Casey Development League team). Australian Cam Johnston is living the dream as an NFL punter
  2. Whispering_Jack

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    After almost 7½ years, it appears that the mystery of the numerous intersecting issues raised in the No T$ No B$ Thread are finally being unraveled. I heard about the bananas in the fridge trick a little while ago so I tried it and in the end, my bananas didn’t turn black but rather, a deep brown color with the inside turning yellow. Now which AFL player who we can’t name in this thread will, if he gets over his injuries, be wearing a guernsey in those brown and yellow colours this year? The penny is dropping at last.
  3. Whispering_Jack

    The Irish

    The Irish experiment is still alive. A few clubs have added Irishmen to their Category B lists over the past year and the search for Irish talent continues ... Swans, Roos and Dons head to Ireland on scouting mission However, the Demons who started it all, still appear uninterested.
  4. Whispering_Jack

    2019 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Many of next year's crop will come from the elite players training at AFL Clubs this week. WHO'S TRAINING AT YOUR CLUB? Adelaide: Dylan Stephens, Will Gould, Karl Finlay Brisbane Lions: Tom Griffiths*, Will Martyn, Bruce Reville*, Kobe Tozer, Saxon Crozier*, Samson Ryan*, Ben Jungfer* (NT), Malcolm Rosas (NT), Joel Jeffrey* (NT) Carlton: Caleb Serong, Brodie Kemp, Matt Rowell Collingwood: Trent Bianco, Lachlan Potter, Brock Smith Essendon: Andrew Courtney, Emerson Jeka, Ryan Gardner Fremantle: Jeremy Sharp, Luke Jackson, Jack Buller, Trent Rivers Geelong: Cooper Stephens, Darcy Chirgwin, Flynn Perez Gold Coast: Connor Budarick, Ashton Crossley*, Hewago Paul-Oea, Alex Davies*, Jack Johnson*, Matt Conroy*, Ben Jungfer* (NT), Malcolm Rosas (NT), Joel Jeffrey* (NT) GWS: Liam Delahunty, Tom Green, Matt McGrory, Charlie Byrne* Hawthorn: Marcus Toussaint, Jamieson Rossiter, Dylan Williams Melbourne: Noah Anderson, Fraser Phillips, Charlie Dean North Melbourne: Mitch O'Neill, Will Peppin*, Jared Dakin*, Jackson Callow*, Sam Collins*, Oliver Davis* Port Adelaide: Jackson Mead, Cameron Taheny, Kysaiah Pickett Richmond: Jack Mahony, Lachlan Ash, Fischer McAsey St Kilda: Bigoa Nyuon, Hayden Young, Sam Flanders Sydney: Luke Parks*, Jackson Barling*, Hamish Ellem*, Josh Rayner, Braedon Campbell*, Errol Gulden*, Will Chandler West Coast: Mitch Georgiades, Elijah Taylor, Rhai Arn Cox, Deven Robertson Western Bulldogs: Jack Bell, Hugo Ralph-Smith, Josh Worrell, Darcy Cassar * Players in the Allies squad
  5. Whispering_Jack

    2017 Player Reviews: # 33 Jake Spencer

    Paul Amy tweeting that the Gold Coast Suns are considering reviving Jake Spencer’s AFL career.
  6. Whispering_Jack

    AFL Draft review: Melbourne

    Well now, let’s do a draft review of 2013. These were the top 20 draft picks of 2013 - 1. Tom Boyd 2. Josh Kelly 3. Jack Billings 4. Marcus Bontempelli 5. Kade Kolodjashnij 6. Matthew Scharenberg 7. James Aish 8. Luke McDonald 9. Christian Salem 10. Nathan Freeman 11. Dom Sheed 12. Ben Lennon 13. Patrick Cripps 14. Cam McCarthy 15. Zak Jones 16. Darcy Lang 17. Michael Apeness 18. Luke Dunstan 19. Blake Acres 20. Jack Leslie How do you think these guys - the top 20 of their year - turned out? There are only a few stars in the group, some good footballers there but there are many who have failed at their first clubs and others are already finished. Even the number 1 pick has played one good game in his career (fortunately for him it was a grand final) and is at his second club.
  7. Whispering_Jack

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    A very mundane comment, if I may say so.
  8. Whispering_Jack

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    The house is officially down.
  9. Whispering_Jack

    AFL Draft review: Melbourne

    An assessment of Melbourne’s 2018 draft picks from AFL Draft Central AFL Draft review: Melbourne
  10. Time to look ahead. The next crop: 10 to watch in the 2019 NAB AFL Draft
  11. Whispering_Jack


    The 2018 TAC Cup Grand Final between the Dandenong Stingrays and the Oakleigh Chargers. The game highlights Bedford’s inconsistency in games or perhaps his lack of physical maturity and endurance (something he will no doubt be working on in the MFC environment). He has a slow start, is excellent in the second and third quarters, kicking a nice goal in the second, and fades out as the Chargers make their comeback. (also watch out for James Jordon in the opening stanza).
  12. Whispering_Jack


    AFL Draft Watch: Marty Hore
  13. Whispering_Jack


    I found the full video of the 2018 TAC Cup Grand Final. Jordon (#64) is in everything in the first quarter and then drifts out of the game after that. Jordon made his debut for the Yarrawonga Pigeons earlier in the season and then played school football at Caulfield Grammar. He was a member of the APS representative team which defeated the AGSV at Trinity College and made his debut for the Chargers during the June/July school break. He returned to the Chargers after school commitments ended and played two games before the finals, then all three finals at TAC Cup level. He was named second on the Oakleigh best list in the first final.
  14. Whispering_Jack

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    A railway line that goes to Casey Fields.
  15. Whispering_Jack


    In that case, it’s worth repeating what I just wrote about Jordon elsewhere:- “Incidentally, James Jordon played for Oakleigh, the losers in that TAC Cup Grand Final and his first quarter was worth watching. It was obvious at the time from his low jumper number that he wasn’t a regular in the team (we know now that he played only seven games for them during the season due to school commitments). He appeared to run out of steam after his early burst but, on reflection, I should have taken more notice of him. He hasn’t had the development or the fitness base of the more heralded regulars at TAC Cup or other state under age levels but I suspect that the selectors were on to something with Jordon and that, with development, he might well rush past so me of the blokes who are getting the accolades for first r ound draft selection. He’s also played country football for Yarrawonga - they make them tough there (well they used to based on a game I witnessed in the 80s). That he played for them speaks volumes to me. He’s still just 17. You know what I mean?” I hope those Hawthorn recruiters end up with some 🍳 on their faces. There’s every chance Jordon will continue growing for another year or two and end up one of those prototype modern midfielders at some stage in the future. I’d like to see that.