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  1. I fear what another Ling from Geelong would do to the dressing room. Obvious, cliche-ridden ramblings. Constant regurgitation of meaningless stats, mangling of the English language... For our boys mental health lets not draft Ling!
  2. Did a shoulder playing with the Allies. I really rate him. Can play as a small fwd and also inside mid. Is quick and has good pedigree.
  3. Don't think you read closely enough Ralphius. "...Jakovich told the Demonland Podcast."
  4. Demonland has reached its pinnacle. Site can close down now as far as I'm concerned!
  5. Getting in 21 year old AA squad members aint easy. But we've pulled it off. Kudos to all concerned. Personally, I like tough kents coming into the team with leadership qualities. Out with soft xocks that don't go when they should. In with the natural born winners that get going from the start.
  6. Jarman Impey

    Mosquito fleet should offer non stop harassment. Only thing Jarman has run from is the cops.
  7. Anyone see a trend in Goodwin's modus operandi? Guys who can handle themselves physically. Melksham, Johnstone and Lever are very handy boxers. Piggy Hibberd doesn't back away from anyone... Out with the soft c***s and in with the tough bar stewards!
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Think the message to Jack and everyone else on the list is getting on the pizz regularly while you are in re-hab is a no no.
  9. Tiger flag lessons

    Tiges redefined defensive pressure. Every player prepared to gut run. No weak links in the chain. Take note Jack Watts! Good run with injuries. Huge advantage in this day and age. Neale Balme factor. Tiges developed a belief and its no coincidence that this came with arrival at Richmond. Did same at Geelong and Pies. Smart trading: Influence of Caddy, Nankervis and Prestia was profound even though Prestia was a slow starter. Having a game plan built around strengths. Only one tall forward (albeit quality) with swarming small forwards that can kick! Tiger board invested in their coach rather than fire him. Gave Hardwick tools to do the job. New assistants, new football manager, etc. Momentum. Won a big final (against Geelong) and any lingering doubts were gone. 70,000 passionate members cheering you on certainly helps.
  10. Do Melbourne supporters dislike hard players?

    Strange hypothesis! Perhaps the toughest of all pound-for-pound was Matty 'The Wrecker' Whelan. Think he is one of the most loved we've had in 40 years. Neitz was well regarded too Personally I don't like faux tough guys like Dunn.
  11. History of wrist problems going back to 2014 has not helped him. Smart kid that showed plenty in draft year despite playing injured. Great spacial awareness but lacks a yard. Can run all day which Goodwin would like. Good size and decent mark. Change of scenery might pay dividends.
  12. Was a bit tongue-in-cheek Jnr! Interesting with Davey. Always thought those major hamstring injuries in his second year impacted his lightening speed. Could be related.
  13. Wouldn't mind poaching Two-metre Peter, Jack Martin or Heeney from this side!
  14. Not sure I agree Skuit with Spencer. Ten years on a list for 30-odd games. Paid probably 3 million bucks for those games. Pretty poor return on equity! Thing with Trenners is he seemed to lose pace in his second year. At the time I blamed excessive leg weights which they were all doing under Bailey. Not sure we'll ever know.
  15. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    Not having been drafted at 18 probably means he can build himself up in an AFL environment. What is great is his marking and kicking ability. He made a few AFL-listed guys look second rate this season. He won't shirk it either despite the skinny build. I'd draft with a third or fourth rounder.