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  1. We have massive issues on the outside. Stretch, Melksham, Harmes, ANB, JKH, plus a few others either lack silk/ability to hurt opposition, or can't get it. Hunt, Lewis and Salem are good but three blokes are not enough. We need a J. Kelly, Whitfield type that run all day, get 30 a week and hurt teams. Tom Mac is regularly getting flogged so we have big problems there as well.
  2. 6. Hibberd 5. Hunt 4. Oliver 3. Watts 2. Petracca 1. Frost?
  3. Don't like the Kent dropping because JKH will never be able to replicate half of what he is capable of.
  4. Depends on conditions, but Weed and Hannan out. Hogan and Pedo/Smith in. Would like to see Brayshaw, BenKen and Hibberd come in soon but not yet.
  5. Good assessment although ANB and Harmes really have to work on their disposal. ANB needs to stop floating the ball and Harmes start guiding the thing properly on to his boot.
  6. They are a good team Freo. Midfield is elite. We had no answer for Mundy, Fyffe, Neale, etc. Johnson back playing well and McCarthy firing they will worry many teams this year.
  7. 6. Garlett 5. Oliver 4. Salem 3. Hunt 2. Spencer 1. Petracca
  8. Lack of ruthlessness when five goals ahead. Freo midfield is seriously good and has exposed ours as pretenders. Tag Jones and gang tackle Oliver and we have nothing. Tyson and Viney are limited players.
  9. Going alright! Jeffy brilliant. Defence looks better with Frost in. Harmes working hard. Clarry six clearances. Freo midfield is very good with Fyfe, Mundy, Neale and the Hill brothers.
  10. Hamish is slow and has no x factor. Good leadership though. Andrew could make it. Gus is a worry at the moment. Can't find his own footy.
  11. It's not just that OMac lost against the bigger bodies. Last week, he was shifted off Hawkins and onto Menzel who slaughtered him.
  12. Few people made to look stupid swearing Oscar would never get dropped this week.
  13. Is Frost not a better option?
  14. In: Frost, Pedo, Spencer if Gawn out, BenKen/Bugg Out: OMac, Weed, Gawn, Hannan.
  15. Not just the shocking blues. It's the intensity, the lack of physical presence and inability to make a contest.