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  1. dee-tox

    Pass Mark 2019

    I reckon 2020 will be the year. Think we might drop away next season.
  2. dee-tox

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Some of the criticisms are a little cover the top. Can he improve? Absolutely. Will he improve?. Probably. Have another a look a the semi final against Hawthorn to see what influence he can have on the team.
  3. Pretty sure Buckenara's columns are ghost written. Yes, he has no idea, but columns are probably 'written' by the HS intern!
  4. dee-tox

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Shheeeiiiit. Horrible news. RIP Col.
  5. dee-tox

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    Oscar needs to develop some mongrel. Forwards need to earn their kicks. Brown, Kennedy, Cox, Hawkins etc. were far too physical for him. Frost has Xfactor with dashing runs and torps. Did a good job when he came in. Should have been in much, much earlier. Fritta definitely plays round one!
  6. I would like to know how driven he is. Been only through bad times as an assistant coach and until recently as a football manager. What does he want to achieve and how determined is he to do it? What's his vision for the club?
  7. dee-tox

    2018 Player Reviews: #5 Christian Petracca

    Too simple to say lazy, doesn't work hard enough etc. Probably going to be a late maturer. Aerobic capacity has always been a work in progress. He'll get there. He'll be more like Dustin Martin and mature at 25, not 21.
  8. dee-tox

    Random MFC encounters

    You working on the boats these days Skuit? 😉
  9. Knightmare's assessments are generally excellent. So right on Petracca's endurance, Stretch's marking ability and ANB's rushed, scrubber kicks.
  10. dee-tox

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    Interesting take. Have seen Duursma go as high as 10 in some phantoms.
  11. dee-tox

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Here's hoping Stretch is that long lost wingman. Injury free we look good!
  12. dee-tox

    Demon Royalty

    Always said Melbourne supporters are better looking than all other fans. Meaghan will look fabulous in red and blue!
  13. Like this. Another genuine mongrel bar steward. We have a few in the team now with Milkman, Viney, Lever, Preuss, Nev, etc.
  14. dee-tox

    The Luke Partington Thread

    Liked him in his draft year. You would have wanted him to show a bit more after three seasons. The really good kids tend to make some sort of impact in their first year.