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  1. Jones, Viney, Salem, Watts, Jeffy and Hogan are all big outs. One third of your best team. The next month will be difficult even though they have been all heart in the last fortnight.
  2. Something a little worrying talking about possible changes on a Sunday when we should be bathing in the glory of Saturday night! This week I don't mind waiting for the MRP, Misso's spin and our guys saying Garlett, Salem and Viney are all fit to play only for them not to be selected!
  3. Have a special interest in Bayley Fritsch. Know his old man who was a beast of a footballer at Coldstream and great cricketer. What did those at the game like? Any AFL traits?
  4. Thought Lewis was poor for much of the game. Ring a ring a rosy handballs. Stupid 50 metre penalties and free kicks. Appeared at times the game was too quick for him.
  5. 6. Viney 5. TMac 4. Clarry 3. Max 2. Billy 1. Hannan
  6. This team now believes and it feckin amazing to witness!
  7. Line breaker yes. Good kick/decision maker? Jury is out on that one.
  8. Ball carriers that can kick are the biggest need. Salem, Hibberd, Watts, Jones and Lewis can do it. Viney, Stretch, Harmes, Bugg, ANB, Kennedy, Wagner, Brayshaw, Tyson, Melksham i'm less confident about. That said the likes of Viney and Tyson do bring other attributes. I would like a super fit, quick Kelly, Whitfield, Mitch Duncan, Zac Williams, the Hill brothers-type.
  9. Maybe kind to Bernie.
  10. 6. TMac 5, Hibberd 4. Salem 3. Jeffy 2. Pedo bear 1. OMac
  11. Smart football! Hard, precise and really promising! 22 contributors.
  12. The form line chasing three on the trot is poor. Everything points to a two or three goal loss. A win could be season-defining a kickstart to something special. The Dogs will hit us with everything. Hope runs eternal.
  13. 10 out of 10 for pure entertainment/jococity. Like most things in life this post is somewhere in the middle.