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  1. Some good commentary here and then there's Picket Fence! Anyway, Stretch has a few fundamental flaws. When he is running with the ball it sways it from side to side in his hands like a metronome. Must impact his ball drop. As previously pointed out he only runs in straight lines as well. His good mate ANB also struggles with his disposal and taking the ball cleanly. Poor overhead and his tackles don't stick.. These are two important outside runners. We need KK to come good or re-train Hunt.
  2. Max must be looking fwd to his next contract. Easily in most people's top five players...
  3. Whitfield would be one of the last pieces of the puzzle and the only one from GWS I'd pursue.
  4. A decent list is just part of it. As Paul Roos would often say the game plan is more important. That's where Collingwood and Melbourne made big strides last season. Would not be surprised if Brisbane and StKilda (with Ratten onboard) really improve here this season.
  5. Think Hoges has some issues in this area as well. Apparently made little effort to conceal them which didn't go down well with Goodwin.
  6. Last season, Goodwin sprung a few surprises in early rounds with Maynard, Smith, Fritta and Wagner. Sure this season will be no different... I think we'll see Wagner no.2 at least until Melksham is fit.
  7. Comparisons are odious most of the time. Let's hope Tom carves out niche for himself. He has some raw talent. Pace and attack on the pill. As for Clarry and Robbie F. Robbie could do everything. Incredible mark, dual sided, quick, goalkicker, never beaten one-on-one, courageous... The most graceful mover I've seen. Clarry on the other hand has amazing hands and is great in traffic.
  8. With some commentators, injuries, holes in game plan, club disruption, form, etc is diguised as complacency. It's easier this way. Generally speaking, Dal Santo has very little idea about most things. Montana and Reiwoldt on the other hand provide excellent analysis in modern game and football clubs.
  9. Not too many more successful than Bruce. Wrote our unofficial national anthem, wrote songs for Paul Simon, a member of the Seekers... A podcast victim perhaps?
  10. Too early to be a podcast victim? Engaging with supporters would be in his KPI's.
  11. Bill Clinton might be tempted to say what many of us believe: It's the game plan stupid. Stats don't tell even half the story.
  12. A year is a long time in football. Two years as things stand.
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