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  1. Jason Taylor Interview

    He did say 'in terms of' a few times! 😬
  2. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    Tommy was a great character. Passionate South Melbourne Cricket Club fan and aficionado of all sport, especially Aussie Rules and cricket. The ladies at SMCC would make him a special afternoon tea each match. There he'd relive stories to anyone that would listen. A brilliant, engaging storyteller. Always remember him saying Jack Mueller was the best footballer he ever saw. Interesting choice given that he had watched football for over half a century and saw the likes of Coleman, Baldock, Whitten, Barassi, Skilton, Blight and Matthews.
  3. The Weed

    Rarely do 196 cm key forwards set the world alight in their first two seasons. At 22 the Weed will be a force. Be patient. Has all the attributes.
  4. The Jack Billings thread

    Not for me. Chip-scab possessions. Little hurt factor. Had a great last two weeks but has been ordinary for large parts of this year. Want my outside mids to be line breakers with genuine toe. Prefer likes of Kelly and Whitfield if giving out first round picks.
  5. Jack Watts (again)

    You can be out of form and still get a kick. But Watts has been nowhere near it in past three weeks. The lack of intensity and defensive acts would pizz Goodwin off like it pizzes us off. Good decision to drop him, but then again with Salem and Watts out, officially we have no-one that can kick!
  6. Casey Demons v Coburg

    This is the knock on his brother as well.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 19

    Plenty to be disappointed about. The number of passengers in such an important game. Watts didn't give a yelp. Petracca had two kicks for the game. OMac's lack of intensity in the contest. Trengove's lack of speed off the mark. ANB unable to hit simple targets. Hannan could get near it (maybe injured). JKH running around like a headless chook. Midfield apart from Clarry and Tyson first half gave nothing and were dominated by likes of Swallow, Ziebell, Cunnington and Higgins.. The lack of a forward structure. The clangers from our best distributors (Lewis and HIbberd). Gawn's ineffectiveness in the ruck.
  8. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 19

    6. Oliver 5. Lewis (although he was fumbly) 4. T Mac 3. Jeffy 2. Harmes 1. Gawn.
  9. Can he kick? His brother is a liability by foot.
  10. Casey Demons v Essendon VFL

    He should fill out. His old man, was a big bar steward.
  11. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Kudos to the talent spotters that identified Hannan. Quick, good hands, courageous, makes things happen.
  12. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 18

    6. Hibberd 5. Oliver 4. Viney 3. Jetta 2. Hannan 1. ANB Apologies to Hogan, Tyson, GAwn, Melky
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Need a lift from Hunt, JKH and Watts.
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Max is back. Great to have Viney and Tyson at the stoppages. ANB buzzing around. Powell Pepper can play.