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  1. Dreamin' Demon

    Membership slogan for 2014

    Wake me up when it's all over
  2. Dreamin' Demon


    The way we are playing, not looking forward to Geelong & Hawthorn. Serious record setting embarassment to come.
  3. Dreamin' Demon


    I haven't had a pie, but I've got the same feeling.
  4. Dreamin' Demon

    Positive thread

    Our percentage went from 28 to 35 - that's got to be a positive.
  5. Dreamin' Demon

    RIP Melbourne Football Club

    Its over for me
  6. Dreamin' Demon


    I was trying to get new members across, but after today, looks like i've lost them to the tigers. What a pity.
  7. Dreamin' Demon

    Crowd at MCG next Sunday

    Still can't believe we've been handed a home game on Easter Sunday at 1:10pm at the G against a low drawing interstate side!!! Could've been worst - docklands. 21,750
  8. Dreamin' Demon

    What Clubs Do You Love To Hate?

    Obviously hatred of other teams stems from the supporter base that surround us at games. For me, Whorethorn stands out as the worst supporter base in the AFL - arrogant, born to rule attitude they have makes me ill. My blood begins to boil the week leading up to when we need to play them - bloody cockroaches!!!
  9. Dreamin' Demon

    The Grand Final Thread

    The next best feeling after a Demons, win is a dawks grand final loss. Absolutely hate that team with a passion & at the moment I'll cherish the night. Might even watch the replay.
  10. Dreamin' Demon

    Who Do You Want To Beat?

  11. Dreamin' Demon

    Where Is The Hope?

    Im in Rome at the moment on holidays & couldnt wait to get up at 8:40am to listen to the live telecast via afl.com.au. I put up with the crap until half time. So disappointing. Hope there will be some big changes for next week - on & off the field. We cant go on like this.
  12. Dreamin' Demon

    Changes for next week?

    In: Casey Scorpions Out: Melbourne Demons Just play all on our list. I couldnt give a f*** about this year any more.
  13. Dreamin' Demon


    Even if we begin winning, it will take years to earn respect. A combination of losses, lack of money over the years & 2nd oldest premiership drought, has resulted in this situation. We sit amongst the bottom 4. In everyones mind, thats where we belong indefinitely.
  14. Dreamin' Demon

    Easy target....poor journalism again

    There's a newspaper called the Australian?
  15. Dreamin' Demon


    We dont have the cattle.