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  1. Just got home from a concert with Marina Prior & David Hobson. Yes, missed the match for the concert! But, so did David, who is a Dees tragic! He announced to the crowd that he was a little distracted tonight, as he had to keep an eye on the game! I had my daughter feeding me scores via text. Made it hard to concentrate on the concert! naturally David (and Me!) was very happy to announce Melb had won! I was about the only person in the crowd to celebrate with him! Shall now wade through the comments and watch the replay, and find out what all the fuss was about. Very happy tonight!!
  2. That's more like it, Clint! You might just get the job! LOL
  3. You won't get a job as a commentator on radio, Clint! "Please explain..."!!
  4. Scores anybody??
  5. Too complicated for my poor ole brain! But, I DID notice that if both Geelong and Port get rolled this weekend, and we win, we slot into THIRD spot on the ladder! How cool would that be...?!!
  6. Very impressed at the calibre of the man. Clearly a strong character who is held in high regard, and for good reason. Very pleased he was inducted into the HOF, and even more pleased he is our Coach. The lads are in VERY good hands! Well done, Simon, and well deserved!
  7. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Would be VERY pleased to see Trenners given another opportunity, and for him to finally get himself back to the form he had pre-injury, and to be a star on the big stage. Would be SO good to see him a part of a successful tilt at finals glory by the MFC. Time is still on his side, so here's hoping...!
  8. No, mate. It's the way grown ups SHOULD act...
  9. Well, BB, clearly the powers at be (including coaches and player leadership group) beg to differ. They clearly see the need to be a team that is respected both on and off the field. That includes not being "big heads" and showing due respect to the opposition. Doesn't, of course, mean we are at all soft. People mistakenly confuse humility with weakness. Couldn't be further from the truth! I, for one, am impressed by the message being sent by Captain & Coach. Says a lot about the character of our guys, and I'm proud of 'em for it!
  10. Just saw Jack Viney's presser from this morning. He backed up my comments above. And, he again rolled out the "Humble & Respectful" phrase. So, think we can pretty much take it as a given that there won't be any repeats of this, at least in the near future.
  11. I'm kinda doubting Buggie will do this again. From what Goody said in the post game presser, I think he's of the view that, while it may have been just innocent banter between mates, it can be misunderstood and misconstrued, and have the undesired effect of reflecting negatively on the Club's desire to be seen as "humble and respectful" (Goody's words).
  12. The way the doggies got into Bugg at the start of the game, can't help wondering if they were aware Bugg & JJ were mates! Were they sucked in? Funny if they were!
  13. Spot on Nasher! He was really embarrassed by the performance. I, too, had no doubt he would back up his strong words with a strong on-field performance. Was very pleased to see it. Looking forward to tomorrow night's banter with Jack R...!
  14. Your son may be too young to get it, MD, but I certainly aint! LOL Love it! BEEP BEEP...!!!