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  1. Vagg

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Maybe you're just tall for your height...!
  2. Vagg

    Demon expats

    And, if you count illegals, you can probably double that figure!
  3. Well, based on what Bernie said, sounds like Tony Bamford was spot on with the second part of his prophecy re standing out at training in his first Month. Let's hope he's also right about making it as a long term AFL player!
  4. Vagg

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Really?? News to me!! And, I make no apology for flying the flag of one of my favourite players...!
  5. Vagg

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Did Klink finally send you to the Russian Front...??
  6. Vagg

    Training - Friday, 21st December 2018

    Might wanna stick to your day job, Andy...! LOL
  7. Vagg

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    ...or balance...? (Yes, that was tongue in cheek! LOL)
  8. Vagg

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    Does the rock of Gibraltar move very fast? Stand in forward line. Mark the ball. Kick the goal. Easy Peasy...!
  9. Vagg

    Training - Friday, 14th December, 2018

    You sure about that, Binman? If you're gonna use Saty, surely, to be effective, he needs to be perched on top of a step ladder...!!
  10. Vagg

    Training - Wednesday, 12th December 2018

    You sure you didn't just name your daughters after the names of the ladies tattooed on your body in an effort to appease the Mrs...??
  11. Vagg

    Training - Wednesday, 12th December 2018

    Hmm. Resting on your laurels after just the single training report, huh Andy?! Bit disappointing! The paperwork can wait! Us Demonlanders can't! Kindly re-think your priorities, and re-schedule your time accordingly, young man! (Consider yourself duly chastised!)
  12. Vagg

    How Many Wins in 2019?

    Well, I'm one of those rare bods who expects the team to win EVERY game. So, guess that's 25 for me...!
  13. Vagg

    Training - Friday, 7th December 2018

    Had to take a second look at that pic. Coulda sworn it was Brad Green on first glimpse...!
  14. Vagg

    Training - Friday, 7th December 2018

    Andy, keep up this steady stream of reports and you will be assigned with permanent duties as our official DL training reporter!