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  1. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Indeed! If I remember correctly, think it was Dunny who was one of the stooges targeting Lin Jong's good shoulder due to that being the one with the strapping in last year's VFL Grand Final. I'm confident he won't have learned! LOL
  2. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Anyone else notice he had his good shoulder strapped, just like Lin Jong did in the VFL Grand Final last year? Dunno if any of the Lions fell for it, though...

    Nothing was said about it in commentary, but it looked to me like Zorko popped Bernie fair on the chin when Bernie was on top of him. After the game, Bernie was seen to be feeling his jaw like it was a bit tender. Anyone else see the incident?
  4. Thanks, Mono! Flattery will get you everywhere! LOL (Just wish I had the footy talents of the real Bazza!)
  5. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    That name doesn't ring any bells, Earl. (But, early stage "Old Timer's Disease" may be setting in, so who knows? LOL)
  6. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    It certainly was a "unique" look...!! Great (and funny) memories! Those were the days!
  7. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    Yeah, they weren't on the panel. Must have been radio. But, Doug Bigelow is another one who was on that panel. Also remember eagerly waiting for each week's edition of "Footy Week", which Harry pioneered. If I remember correctly, it was distributed via a Supermarket chain. Harry was certainly a "larger than life" figure, and huge in footy back in the 60's. His demise was very sad.
  8. Are you there Harry? Vale Harry Beitzel

    Sad to hear it. Well I remember the day when Harry reigned supreme over the ABC TV Footy Panel. Was joined by the likes of "Chicken" Smallhorn, Tony Ongarello, Doug Heywood and a few other notables whose names escape me at the moment. RIP, Harry!
  9. He was the only positive to come out of today's pathetic game!
  10. Casey Demons v Essendon VFL

    With this game following the AFL game, should mean all the emergencies for the AFL game will play for Casey. Means they all get a run, and also strengthens Casey. Good for the players. Good for casey!
  11. Bernie Vince - 200 games

    On AFL 360 they raised the accusation with him that he's been labelled as a "diver". They showed vision of the hit in the guts from Cunnington. He said he had braced for a wack, but didn't think it was coming, so relaxed a bit. Just as he relaxed, Cunnington hit him. Reckons he got it in the sweet spot that had him dry retching. Then, with a laugh, Bernie ended the story with "I probably deserved it...!". Gotta love the guy. He's a real character of the game. Glad he's at Melb, and hope he can turn it on against his old mob on Saturday. Says he always looks forward to taking on some of his best mates. LOL

    I think this "time wasting" option that the umpires have is a complete farce. If a player marks the ball within reasonable scoring range, he should ALWAYS be given the full 30 seconds to take his kick. If it is ALWAYS the rule, with no exceptions, then there is no grey area in the rule. Should players use the rule to their advantage, like ANB & Jordie did, then all well and good for being smart enough to use the rule to advantage.

    Agree totally, Dante. Only logical solution is to leave the rule as it is. If players are smart enough to occasionally use it to their advantage, good luck to them...!

    Hmm. Not sure about that BR. From Jordie's Presser, I got the clear implication from him that he thought there was a chance the Umps would, indeed, deem the ploy to be blatant time wasting and hence give him a hurry along. That's why he backed further away from the man on the mark than he'd usually do as insurance, just in case the Umpie called "play on"...
  15. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    LOL. Absolutely! (I can't claim credit for it anyway. Found that little gem on Facebook! - 'bout all FB is good for, mind you, tossing up the occasional gem like that!)