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  1. It's funny how Gawny was front of the line in that pic! Almost prophetic! LOL
  2. Gotta give the media something to do...!
  3. So, where are all of our devoted spies? (Or, have they all had their devices confiscated...??)
  4. Caulfield, huh, Jack? You sure you aint confusing demons with horses??
  5. Reminiscent of the weekly injury reports re Jimmy on the Footy Show many moons ago... "Jimmy had his left leg amputated during the week. But, fear not, he WILL play this week...!" OR, this classic: "In this box are the ashes of poor Jimmy Stynes! BUT, fear not, he WILL play this week...!!"
  6. Where are all of our intrepid reporters??!!
  7. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, eh Ethan?! You're not supposed to PLAY with them. You stick 'em in your gob!
  8. Or, just had a very bad case of BO...
  9. Well, he lives at Nar Nar Goon. Does that make him a baNaNa Goon??
  10. If ever you were looking for a definition of "sacrifice", that's gotta be it!
  11. The ghost of Lou Richards still walks the halls of the HS...!
  12. Don't you hate that??!! Seems like on the odd occasions I get to a live game, ALL the play is always on the other side of the ground!! With my poor, old eyes, means I end up watching the big screen most of the time, leaving me wondering why I didn't just stay home and watch the game from the comfort of my recliner! (Beers are a lot cheaper that way, too! LOL) Yeah, I know! I'm just old & grumpy!
  13. And, the headline is... THE MIGHTY DEES DOWN THE PIES!! Only a practice match you say? Let me repeat: THE MIGHT DEES DOWN THE PIES!! (That's all that matters! GO DEES!!)
  14. That's the 3rd time you've done it, Andy! You a prophet?? Or, is the stream a tad delayed...?? LOL
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