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  1. Vagg

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Another good article. We have the right man in the job!
  2. Vagg

    Roosy: Goodbye to the Old Melbourne

    Nice article from the guy who has to take huge amount of the credit for where we are. Was great to see him on Fox Footy after the hawks win last week. He was genuinely emotional about the win and the adulation of the fans nearby -- even if they were being a little whipped up by mad Eddie. (Doubt Eddie will be in the same mood if we make it to the big dance and knock off his mob! LOL)
  3. Vagg

    The Other Preliminary Final

    I think you're on to something there, Mono! Has a nice ring to it! (Although, to be honest, don't think my heart would survive that. Would prefer we get a commanding lead before 3/4 time, and hold it through the last 1/4.) But, first we gotta get it done today. Would be nice to put the crowd out of the equation by blowing them away in the 1st Qtr, lead by 7 goals at 1/4 time and extend the lead each 1/4 from there. I can dream! (54 years gives one a lot of time to develop very wild dreams!!) GO DEES!!!!!
  4. Vagg

    The Other Preliminary Final

    So, the old enemy awaits! We just gotta get it done tomorrow!!
  5. Vagg

    Martin Flanagan's Ode to the MFC

    Absolutely awesome stuff! Yep, brought me to tears, too! Also reminded me of Rupert McCall's work a few years back, and I reckon it deserves a reprise... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj-s_A_gmOc The MFC has a great history. Never forget, the MFC started this great game! The rules of the game are officially known as "The Rules of the Melbourne Football Club"! We need to be proud of of our history! And, we need to be proud of our boys as they add a new page to that glorious history! GO DEES!!!
  6. Vagg

    54 years ago today

    How about that?! Was my wife's 12th Birthday! (Not that she recalls the event, being a Yank who grew up in the USA and didn't get a live satellite broadcast back then! LOL)
  7. Vagg

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    I'm watching it on 7Plus on the GC...
  8. Vagg

    Daniher: Dees can win from 5th

    VERY VERY SPECIAL!! The boys should feel privileged that the great man still takes the time and effort to continue giving to the Club. What a super inspiration! Well done, Neale!!
  9. Vagg

    Oscar McDonald signs on until 2020

    Just let the Weed & Tom carve up Frawley (remember him vaguely? LOL) and his mates at one end of the ground, while Oscar & Co. build the impregnable wall at the other end! Well done Oscar!
  10. Vagg

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    LOL. Absolutely!
  11. Vagg

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    HASSA!!! One of my all time favourite players. His pic used to take pride of place on top of the Telly back in the day! great to hear him taking an interest in the new look Dees!
  12. Nothing like a back-handed compliment! LOL
  13. Vagg

    Roosy and Nathan Jones on mmm hot breakfast

    What's the matter with you, Nash? How dare you try to derail this derailment...!
  14. Vagg

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Yep, Ethan explained it perfectly. It's NOT a word. It's an ACTION...!
  15. Vagg

    Sam Weideman

    Well, they do say that people marry their opposites! Certainly couldn't be any truer in this instance! After all, if there was ever a total opposite of "The Melbourne Footy Club, the greatest football club in the world", it would certainly be Collingwood!!