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  1. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Hmm! Go to where...?? How come you aren't subject to the same censorship crap as the rest of us? (How does it go again? "All Demonlanders are equal. Some Demonlanders are more equal than others..."! LOL)
  2. New Kennel for Luke Dahlhaus?

    Bernie's mate? Just bring him, too...! LOL
  3. Training Week Commencing 19/3

    Sounds like a real pain in the rectus...!
  4. 160th Anniversary Jumper

    LOL. Tastes good to my poor, old palate, and the price is right. What more can I say...?!
  5. 160th Anniversary Jumper

    ...and definitely not the "full quid"...!
  6. What's the story with today's high intensity training at Casey? It happening? Or, did they decide to go to the Pub, instead? We hopefully have at least one intrepid reporter on the spot...
  7. 160th Anniversary Jumper

    Sorry, DV. I don't mean to be difficult. But, every time someone has a go at Collingwood's alternate jumper I have to shake my head. As much as I hate that team, the fact is their traditional jumper is predominantly BLACK, while their alternate is predominantly WHITE, and works perfectly well as a clash jumper... And, as Essendon now have a predominantly red clash jumper, we really have no grounds for having a go at them any longer, either. And, finally, as ours is now red & blue, kinda think the old clash jumper argument that raises its head every year is pretty much a non-subject this year... Yeah. I know. Off subject! Sorry guys! Back on subject, I like the 160 Yr jumper! (But, as stated earlier in this thread, my $300 will be going towards 10 bottles of 1495 Scotch. (Yep, I know I'm a cheapskate on BOTH fronts! LOL)
  8. 160th Anniversary Jumper

    TEN bottles of 1495 whisky!! (I'll drink to the nice jumper...! LOL)
  9. Neale Daniher regressing with MND?

    I heard that. Quite remarkable that he survived something like 55 years from the time he was first diagnosed...!
  10. Injury List - Season 2018

    My memory may be fading. But, seems to me Dillon was FF, while Parke was CHF. When Barry Bourke played FF, it was more as a decoy forward, as he wasn't all that tall... Think he was also a little before the time of Dillon & Parke.
  11. Agreed. Alas, I seem to recall that both Townsend and Emselle suffered some serious injuries and, when one was on the park, the other was injured. Not sure how many games they actually got to play in the same side, but both were seriously good Rovers. That Barassi bloke wasn't too shabby, either, in the Ruck-Rover role that he basically invented! Of course, around the same time, there was a very special lad running around on the HFF, snagging a few goals. Can't quite remember his name... Oh, that's right. Some no-name bloke called Barrie Vagg...! LOL
  12. What a great position to be in! Can't really argue with you on this. But, I reckon it would be real tough on the outs. In my opinion, you can raise an argument for each of them that they should be in the 22. But, how do you fit 29 guys into 22??
  13. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Lucky! Been only very few odd moments of sunshine in Mudgeeraba...
  14. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    "Sunny Qld"...??! That's funny Jack! We've had 440mms of rain in the past fortnight, and still no sign of that strange orb in the sky! You telling little porkies to try to make your Southern mates envious, or somethin'? (Or, have you not bothered to leave the inner bowls of the Pub where you happen to be holed up, to see what it's REALLY like on the outside...? LOL)
  15. JLT 2 vs. St. Kilda

    Not to worry. At least both those places are on THIS planet. The AFL website last week listed the venue of the Bullies/Hawthorn game as "Mars"...!! LOL