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  1. Question to those who watched the game: Did Tyson play inside mid?
  2. Vagg

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Congratulations Doc, you old fart!! (You're just shy of 3 mths older than me!) Used to love you thumping the ball out of CHB to set me up for some of my goals back in the day! We were part of a great team back then. Here's hoping the new breed can replicate it! )
  3. Vagg

    Training - Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    What?!!! Misleading us gullible Demonlanders?!! To be shot at dawn!! ONLY KIDDING!! Your reports are MUCH appreciated! Please keep 'em coming! (Besides, if DD hadn't blabbed, we'd be none the wiser re Vanders! LOL)
  4. Vagg

    Billy Stretch - Stress Fracture / Toe

    It's the guy hiding on the grassy knoll I'd be more concerned about!
  5. Vagg

    Billy Stretch - Stress Fracture / Toe

    Hadn't connected the dots Daisy. But, it IS a fact we've won just the one flag since the sad demise of JFK! Any connection?
  6. Vagg

    Billy Stretch - Stress Fracture / Toe

    Hmm. Given he's been dead for close to 55 years, i'd kinda doubt it!
  7. Yes, our club is an old and important part of the history of our great game. I love reminding supporters of other clubs that the rules of the game are NOT the "rules of Aussie Rules". They are, rather, the "rules of the Melbourne Football Club"! (So, why is it that the umpies so often get it so wrong when the officiate at our games...?? LOL)
  8. Vagg


    Sure hope Michael Christian didn't see it! Will slap him with a fine for sure!
  9. Yep. We wore it in Alice Springs, which technically was the weekend before Indigenous Round. we didn't wear it again on Indigenous Round, with the word being we'd wear it again in Darwin, instead. So, Jeffy gets his chance to strut his stuff in it...
  10. Vagg

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    And, no doubt, he'll very proudly wear the indigenous jumper. Just hope it is an extra spur for him to turn in a blinder in the top end.
  11. Vagg

    What the Fritsch

    What an inspirational young man! Very happy for him for what he has achieved so far. Just hope he can go on to carve out a long and distinguished career with the Dees. So, far, looking good!
  12. What's so unusual about that? That's why we have been losing all our games recently -- d'fence is nowhere to be seen!!
  13. Thanks, Kevin. Been hoping someone would post a report sooner or later...!
  14. Vagg

    Trengove to Debut for Port

    Indeed! But, no doubt, Wattsy will be rapt for his mate, just the same! Remember, it was Watts who was one of the main guys who orchestrated that big hoop & holler at training a coupla years back when Trenners did his first running on his come back trail. And, apparently, Watts also had a part (who knows how big) in convincing Port to draft Trenners.
  15. Vagg

    Trengove to Debut for Port

    Who says persistence and hard work doesn't pay off! Here's hoping he can get back to his very best. If he can, Port will be well served! I wish him well!