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  1. I've just taken out the Lifetime Subscription and should have done it ages ago. I don't contribute much but read the site daily and really happy to support the massive work you do for us diehards (deehards?) Thanks for giving us all the forum to voice, to vent and to celebrate.
  2. I think there are a few psychologists that do follow this club.
  3. I have absolutely nothing to base this on, and have also been on the Darcy Parish bandwagon, however I'm now wondering whether Sam Weideman is in the frame for pick 3. I think Jesse Hogan would love to have another big young tall come through the ranks with him, forming in time a lethal tandem attack. To my mind Weideman is unlikely to still be there at pick 7 and he also appears to be another competitive beast in the Hogan mould and thereby may help excite Jesse enough to sign long term. Preliminary discussions with Jesse apparently laid out the club's future strategy which were according to that article received positively by him, and I would bet it included the key signing of a partner-in-crime. Weideman may be an injury risk from his own article, but hey - so was Joel Selwood at his time of drafting. We wouldn't need to rush him till he is physically ready anyway - and just develop him properly as we now have the scope to do. We just can't wait another 12 months to add a key forward that may not be there anyway unless you trade for one - and who would unlikely be an A grader - we need to develop our own, like Jesse Hogan - and hopefully Sam Weideman. With Dawes not performing and much older, Pederson handy but not the future, Watts not competitive enough and more a third tall anyway, TMac while a possibility in the forward line - probably needed elsewhere, OMac, Frost and King still very much unproven, we need to bite this bullet the more I think about it. This pick number 3 needs to be something out of the box, hopefully setting us up for a generation in the key tall forward department with Hogan, and as much as Darcy Parish looks impressive and will be a top player, his kind is more available and his lack of size may also count against him. Weideman from the recent article has also played alongside Petracca and there seems to be a rapport there too. Taylor may be prepared to risk Parish getting through to pick 7 which he won't - and instead be more than happy to take Clayton Oliver who likely will slip to at least 7 and is probably more the size of the new midfield prototype anyway. He has stormed through the field after a sluggish start to take the Morrish and looks to have a great upside to work with - and is another big competitor! We just need an outright specialist key forward and an outright specialist midfielder in this draft. As I said I have no real idea - but after consulting the tea-leaves, this to me anyway now logically makes some sense. But who knows what the recruiters think? And they have done far more homework than I have!
  4. Hence the exclamation mark so that that part could be seen as a bit tongue-in-cheek - but hey that's ok. As far as Watts and others being eligible to play for Casey tomorrow, I'm guessing that as both the seniors and Casey are playing this weekend there is still a natural selection process even though Casey's game is a final. This wouldn't usually occur but the AFL finishes a week later this year. It would be the case for all VFL teams if so. So maybe the number of games to qualify rules don't apply this weekend. As I said I am guessing though so perhaps KC or someone could clarify. And as stated above, a late change could well bring Jack Watts back into the team tomorrow. Nathan Jones must be highly doubtful for one.
  5. Conspiracy theories will abound over the coming weeks that Jack Watts may well be put up for trade. However to me it seems a little strange to drop him for the last game if trying to maintain his trade value. Jeremy Howe could similarly have been dropped several times for indifferent form during the season but wasn't. Again theories on keeping up Howe's trade worth were touted as reasons for not doing so if he chose to leave - or the club wished to move him on. My theory on Howe was that they were keen to get him to 100 games in case a spring-heeled baby with a great work ethic came along and we could take him as a father-son! My theory on the dropping of Watts is that while his form has been better in the second half of the season, he still has some work to do over the summer and the clear message is for him to not get too comfortable in his own skin. McCartney and Goodwin have put alot of work into him in terms of improving his competitiveness and the results were starting to show. He is such a great decision maker and user of the ball, I would be disappointed to let go what the team has been crying out for in that regard. This may also send the same message to the rest of the playing group that there is still much to be done and everyone needs to improve. If Jack was sick or sore for this week's game, I think he would have been listed as such. His eligibility for free agency next year and Roos' views on potentially trading away a year before only adds intrigue to the situation. I hope he stays.
  6. I know someone who knows the Watts family. I was with him at the game with yesterday and it was touch and go whether Jack would play. He was being assessed right through till game time. However I was also told it was more a migraine than the flu for him.
  7. I can't fathom those of you who still want to trade out Jack Watts. I agree his form since day one has fluctuated wildly and his lack of hardness has been rightly criticized along the way, however I believe over the past few weeks he has been finally making inroads to eliminate this glaring chink in his armour. There has still been the odd hiccup, but he now appears to be consciously making every effort to impact a contest. However almost even more importantly than this, is that he is still the best finisher in the team. Some of his decision-making and executions are sublime and he rarely either picks a wrong option or fails to deliver on that option. We have had a team of ball butchers for way too long and most, if not all, these serial offenders should be rightly moved on, perhaps leaving a couple for depth and great clubmanship - eg: Grimes - if he wants to stay. From what I have read here on these boards, but not from what I know, it seems Brendan McCartney, one of the games best developers, has taken him on as a bit of a project. He has had him now for just 11 games and part of a pre-season. Maybe it is beginning to bear some fruit and Jack is finally getting the proper coaching development he has never had. For a team that is trying to eliminate turnovers, the ability to seek and find a teammate in a position to hurt the opposition is a priceless commodity that should not be traded out lightly if at all - especially in a guy 196cm tall and likely still growing into his body. I think Watts is finally removing some of the basketballer's lack of physicality but retaining the elements of that sport's ability to read the play and have the peripheral vision and skillset to deliver perfectly to a teammate. It is certainly early days, in terms of consistency with his new found physicality and urgency. There will still be times when we will think he should have gone harder, and we need to accept that he will never be one of the game's real hard men, however I sense Jack Watts may now be finally coming into his own. I will watch the rest of his season with interest and then expect and back a further full pre-season under the tutoring of Brendan McCartney to finally enable him to deliver on his undeniable talent. Why trade that away?
  8. Another couple of musos: Bruce Woodley - The Seekers (have seen him in the Members at the G donned in a Dees scarf) Jim Keays - The Masters Apprentices (R.I.P. Also saw him at games in our colours)
  9. As others have already named him - Van Demon works for me (obviously a la Van Dieman's Land). Looks a ready made player and already a favourite of a few here.
  10. I have far greater faith that our current recruiting department as against those who went before them, have what it takes to make the right decision based on all the information at their disposal. Brayshaw appears to be a lock and then the fun begins with the other pick. We can argue cases for and against each of the prime candidates (which is surely what Demonland is all about!) and I enjoy reading the parries and thrusts between posters - mostly. I have absolutely no inside or outside knowledge of any of the prospectives other than what I have read and the vision I have seen in clips. The problem is that each of them have their pros and cons and we need bits or lots of what each can bring. 3-4 draftees into one draft position just doesn't go. I will be disappointed not to get each one of the ones we don't get and rapt to get the one we do. For what it's worth, the thought of a two pronged Hogan and McCartin combo is salivating, however the adage of drafting for mids and trading for talls resonates with me. The highlights package of Laverde was the most impressive of the lot, however for him to be in the 4-10 bracket perhaps indicates something missing somewhere. Lever's biggest concern is obviously his knee, however all the other attributes accredited to him including leadership, possibly makes him the safest bet (injury aside) as he seemingly has the combination of talents also found in the other two. Competitiveness, marking and strength - McCartin; athleticism and footy smarts - Laverde. People say he is a defender as well as a potentially untried midfielder. Could he also be a potentially untried forward? No one seems to have mentioned this. Could he be a rebounding defender a la Fyfe or Heppell when they started - or a big midfielder a la Bontempelli, or as someone suggested, Mundy - or could he also be that big competitive key position forward like a Hogan or McCartin have been touted to become? He is young enough to be moulded into a body shape that will enable him to be any of these. He therefore may be the one which gives us the best combination of all three - assuming any unnamed others are out of the picture. His knee is a risk (all due diligence no doubt being done here), however he could almost be that 3 in 1 draftee who could help fulfill a number of needs in the one pick with the flexibility and scope to be a forward, back or mid. So I guess it's Jake Lever for me - but will trust those in the know to pull the right rabbit out of the hat.
  11. While that was one of the worst games of football skill-wise I have seen, the AFL and/or Etihad management need to take some responsibility for this. How they can even contemplate leaving the roof open on nice sunny days is beyond belief. The contrast between light and shade and the fact the ground faces north/south to the MCG's east/west, means players are constantly shading their eyes from the glare when facing north, promoting errors and making a mockery of the supposed skills of the game. Sure it is the same for both teams, and some of their mistakes were as bad as ours with the sun being responsible for a fair number of them. While this has been an ongoing argument at all levels, today's game was living proof that the roof should be closed regardless of the weather. The sun in your eyes is the sun in your eyes regardless of how good bad or atrocious you are as a player or team. The fact the ground was built facing the wrong way should not mean that players or fans should have to suffer the consequences. That said, we were terrible today and I couldn't believe we were ahead at any stage of the game.
  12. Bread is more depressing than 186 and that is saying something. Yes but a Roll is also more fun than Bread - especially "IF" in the hay ....
  13. Prepared to wait for the club's official announcement on this, however if true, the one positive for me is that this appears to be from a collision injury and not from a breakdown of his body from over training. The latter would suggest a potential ongoing fragility, the former, just something that happens in footy.
  14. Out of curiosity to confirm and share what I had suspected, I've just copied and pasted the following showing all our coaches since Norm Smith including interims. I then did the same for Paul Roos. There are many things to be gleaned from this, but my main reason for doing so was: With the exception of Ron Barassi and interim coach Neil Craig, EVERY single coach since Norm Smith has been a rookie coach at VFL/AFL level when taking over the Melbourne coaching position. It also shows that only John Northey (54%) had a winning percentage of over 50 with Neale Daniher close at 48, and Ian Ridley and Neil Balme as the only other coaches over 40%. The winning percentages since Neale Daniher makes pretty gruesome reading. Paul Roos will be our 30th coach and our 16th since Norm Smith. Apart from Barassi and Craig, he is the only one to have had any pedigree at the top level prior to coming to us. I would also be interested to see a list of all our assistant coaches in this time to check their credentials, particularly stacked up against those at other clubs. And so for the first time in a very long time, we now FINALLY having a coach with serious coaching credentials including a premiership - and the good ship MFC may now at long last be being steered in the right direction. Of course, as with anything, there are no guarantees. However through the amazing efforts of Peter Jackson in securing Paul Roos with what and who he brings to the table, we have now given ourselves every opportunity of achieving future - and hopefully - ultimate success. 1. John Beckwith 1968-1970 27.42 Winning % 2. Ian Ridley 1971-1973 43.18 % 3. Bob Skilton 1974-1977 31.82% 4. Dennis Jones 1978 22.73% 5. Carl Ditterich 1979-1980 25.00% 6. Ron Barassi 1981-1985 30.63% 7. John Northey 1986-1992 54.19% 8. Neil Balme 1993-1997 41.84% 9. Greg Hutchison 1997 23.08% 10. Neale Daniher 1998-2007 48.65% 11. Mark Riley 2007 33.33% 12. Dean Bailey 2008-2011 26.51% 13. Todd Viney 2011 20.00% 14. Mark Neeld 2012-2013 15.15% 15. Neil Craig 2013 9.09% 16. Paul Roos (at Swans) 2002 – 2010 57.40% My apologies for the skewball look of this table - it was hard to copy and paste with any accuracy!
  15. You may or may not be right about him not being a midfielder. However he has been with Casey most of the year and has still not nailed down the half back role in the seniors. My theory at this late stage of the season anyway is to try something different - free him up and yet enable his defensive mindset to still help him and the team in the midfield and around stoppages. And while I agree that the best kicks are often sweeping out of half back, they can be just as effective in the midfield where a precise kick into the forward line will usually allow the recipient a scoring opportunity - and that is surely what it's all about.