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  1. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    I've been trying to keep away from the dees for the early part of the preseason.. but at a high level, this is incredibly disappointing to hear. Mental toughness and mental resilience is pretty much what seperate good players from great. All players in the AFL system can play football at a very good level, but the mental application of the skill into the game separates players and teams from the rest. The mental dedication to keep pushing and keep working can be the difference in a season.. I was really happy to hear they were being put out of their comfort zone and mentally tested. Not for the fitness/aerobic benefits, but the fact they would start to learn with the right mental application they could push themselves past where they thought they couldn't... To hear they opted out of this challenge seems to show they aren't ready to give their all to find their edge.. find what seperates them from the rest of the comp. It seems again they are happy to believe it will be handed to them, like they are owed something... This is the strongest indication of this preseason so far on what to expect from Melbourne in 2018. Fkn Melbourne ey?
  2. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    FB: Jetta - Frost - Lever HB: Hunt - Oscar - Hibberd C: Lewis - Viney - Gus HF: ANB - Hogan - Trac FF: Garlett - T-Mac - Pedo R: Gawn - N.Jones - Oliver I: Harmes - Melksham - Tyson - Salem E: Vince - Hannan - Weideman Next in line to come in with injuries: Maynard, Stretch, J.Smith, Vanders, Bugg That's a pretty solid unit of 30.
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Without Jack, if you look at our best 22, there are very few players who don't consistently do the non-negotiable (tackling and ruthless competitiveness being the main ones). Hogan and Oscar may be the only two who you would question 100% commitment to tackling, everyone else has competitiveness and tackling as number one priority. Pretty clear what Goodwin wants.
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    I follow a few of the fitness staff on instagram, more so for training tips and to get an insight into how AFL athletes prepare than to peer into what the dees players are doing. However, this morning one of them had Spencer, Trengove and watts in the Instagram story. Good to see Watts in there working in his off-season, bad to see him just doing bicep curls. Curls will only help him look better in his shorts rather than becoming a better AFL athlete. Maybe I missed all of the functional stuff he did prior... but he looked pretty keen on making the guns bigger.

    We grossly overvalue draft picks in the AFL. You go into the draft with normally less than a 50% draft of turning a first round pick into a 150 game player, let alone a superstar. We have essentially bet against the draft, and secured a guaranteed young talented player who will impact games automatically. It's a smart trade, and a huge win for our club. Love it.

    Welcome Jake!
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    if we do end up lifting the cup, it'll be such a shame to not have Jack there. He's been through so much with us.
  8. Trade rumours

    I'd trade Weid for the Pies first round pick in a heartbeat.
  9. Andrew Gaff

    Are there any articles/info out there saying he is actually interested in a trade back to Melbourne? They are losing Priddis and Mitchell this year, so I doubt they'd be keen to lose all of their midfield in one year...
  10. Jake Stringer

    Rumour has it that he is damaged goods, comes with a raft of 'off field antics' and is just slightly more intelligent that J.Carlisle so he has avoided putting too much in his snap-chat stories. If we got him, we would be going backwards in our plan of getting the right type of footballers into our club.
  11. Lachie Whitfield, Jake Lever, and other trade rumours

    Whitfield is a lock for the hawks. He's a melbourne boy and will ask for a trade to the hawks in the next month.
  12. End of year delistings

    Delist: - Lumumba - Hulett - White - Trengove - Kennedy Trade Bait (but keep if no good offers): - Watts - Frost - Tyson - Spencer - Kent - Harmes - Stretch - vandenBerg - Vince - JKH - Wagner
  13. A special thanks..

    Valid response, and you're welcome to have your opinion on my post. For a response to you, my thank you comes from the past 11 years mostly, where that list over those 11 years would have been much, much shorter. The easiest thing for the club to do would be continue to be mediocre, the select few I called out did not choose the easy option. The rest (bar Jetta who should have been mentioned) may have chosen the easier option.
  14. All-Australian Squad

    Seb Ross over Oliver is an absolute joke.
  15. A special thanks..

    The club spent a month thanking the supporters. Did you not notice I am not thanking 35 or so players for their performance, just a special few...