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    Of course French, only French.. we aren't savages!
  2. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Listening to this on radio due to poor wifi is a killer. Same old Melbourne, got in front and can't handle the pressure of being favourites. Season defining quarter. Scary stuff.
  3. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Are we in big trouble?

    If they are being careful with Watts and Tyson, I'd say we will almost go in unchanged. The only change may be JKH/Kennedy in for someone who is a bit sore. This game is 30/70 chance of winning regardless, so preparing the team for success in the remaining games of the year seems like a good resource management strategy.
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    For these reciprocal games at the G, where do our members usually all sit? Behind the goals at the city end?

    Who plays on Simpson and Docherty? All of their attack starts from HBF and its in the hands of either of these two. I can't see Hogan, Trac or Pedo playing a defensive role... so its down to Hannan, Kent and Garlett? I'd say Hannan gets Docherty and Kent will get Simpson.
  7. Changes v Carlton

    Ins: Hogan, Garlett, Kent Outs: Viney, Bugg, White --------------- FB: Jetta - Frost - TMAC HB: Hunt - Oscar - Hibbo C: Stretch - Lewis - Vince HF: Kent - Pedo - Trac FF: Garlett - Hogan - Hannan R: Gawn - Tyson - Oliver I: Harmes, ANB, Wagner, Melksham ----------- Its not a completely horrible team....
  8. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Jack Jonesy Viney?
  9. Changes v Carlton

    Statement saying Tyson is a test is a positive sign. Good PR comms release the negative news together, rather than spreading it across multiple days. It means that positive news stories for the rest of the week can restore the faith in the supporters etx. I'd say Dom will be off legs until the main session, and if he gets through, he will play. Let's hope Jesse, Dom, Jack and Jeff are all good to go this week. If they are, we stand a good chance.
  10. Changes v Carlton

    Are we certain that both Viney and Tyson won't get up for next week? If Viney hasn't snapped the tendon, does he play through the pain? Tyson may have only got a bad impact knock to his knee, and is on crutches to keep the recovery process as smooth as possible. Id be very shocked if Hogan doesn't play, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Jeffy be right for the game. Watts is 50/50 too.
  11. Tommy Bugg on report

    Tommy made a mistake, that's for sure. It was a 2 second long brain fade and he will carry it with him for some years. Lets not forget the good mongrel he has given us this year, he's played the villain role constantly and it has paid off for us on numerous occasions. Tommy must be going through hell at the moment, the abuse he is coping on his instagram is ridiculous. Landers, if you have some time, send him some love on his social media pages. Even some small messages of support may help him deal with his stupid mistake.
  12. Changes v Sydney Swans

    No Hogan, Watts, Salem, Garlett, Nath Jones? Thats 5 of our top 10 most important players. I can't see Caseys fwd line kicking enough goals for us to win this.
  13. Dom Tyson re-signs

    Seems like he has a close group at the dees, not out of our 22, part of an up n coming team and is a local boy. Tell me again why he'd wanna leave? Training camp was too hard? Spare me..
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 14

    WCE at home is no easy feat, infront of their nutbag crowd and on their unique sized oval. I personally think we might cop a 30-40 point smacking, and wake some of our group up that finals isn't a lock yet. Hopefully I am wrong, because a win over there without 2 of of our top 5 players is a HUGE statement.
  15. GAMEDAY - Round 13

    Anyone know if there is GA seating on level 1 too? Or is it only level 3?