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  1. GawnWithTheWind

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Spargo has been cooked for 3 weeks. Unfortunately needs a rest after a big first year. Garlett is the only suitable replacement, and unless a great game on Sunday, will make way for Viney in week 1 of finals.
  2. GawnWithTheWind

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

  3. GawnWithTheWind

    Lynden Dunn

    After seeing Dunn completely go over the top in celebration after round 23 last year, I hold no respect/care for him and either should the club. Sure, be happy about winning a game, don’t rub it in your exteammates faces. He is now just another pie player who I couldn’t care less for..
  4. GawnWithTheWind


    Our season is over. Can BS on here all we want, the saints are the second worst team in the league and we can’t beat them... 2018 is worse than 2017.
  5. GawnWithTheWind

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    What does Joel Smith provide? How can we select him and Petty in a crunch match... Goodwin continues to lose games on Thursday night selections. We are pathetic. Losing to a team that should have lost to GC.
  6. GawnWithTheWind

    Changes v St Kilda

    Ins: Garlett, Weid Outs: Smith, Petracca ----- FB: Jetta - Oscar - Hibberd HB: Lewis - Smith - Salem C : Fritsch - Jones - Tyson HF: Melk - TMAC - Harmes FF: Garlett - Hogan - Weid R: Gawn - Viney - Oliver I: Brayshaw - Hannan - ANB - Vince
  7. GawnWithTheWind

    Changes v Port

    Ins: Frost, Garlett Outs: Hannan, Smith —— Need a gorilla keepers for Port, and need to trial Jeffy at the feet of Jesse and Tom. Hannan has done what’s expected of a player that’s in between our 18-25th best player.. but jeffy could be in our top 10. Crazy to keep his talent out of our team.
  8. GawnWithTheWind

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Any news on Melksham and Howe? I have a feeling Melksham will be a late out for Garlett.
  9. GawnWithTheWind

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Final 22 for me will be Outs: Weid (inj) Spargo (rested) Tyson (omitted) Ins: Pedo (like for like), Garlett (like for like), Viney (upgrade) --- On a side note, there is no way that Rowe and Jones will be able to complete aerobically with Hogan and McDonald. If they both get moving like they have over the past 2 weeks, they will burn those two out very quickly and will be able to get on the end of a few goals.
  10. GawnWithTheWind

    Changes Vs Essendon

    Outs: Stretch - Kent - Harmes Ins: Pedo - Fritz - Lewis ------ FB: Jetta - Oscar (Joe D) - Hibberd HB: Hunt - Lever (free him up to held O.Mac) - Wagner (Stringer) C : Salem - N.Jones - Vince (Tag Merrett) HF: Trac - Hogan - Melksham FF: Garlett - Pedo - Weid R: Gawn - Oliver - Tyson I: ANB (mid rotation) - Fritz (small fwd rotation) - Lewis (mid rotation) - Brayshaw (mid rotation)
  11. GawnWithTheWind

    The Confidence Spectrum

    The main take away from last night was an example of two teams being at either ends of the confidence spectrum. If you asked any coach/player/informed follower about which list has more talent, majority would lean towards Melbourne. However, Richmond play with unwavering confidence and belief in their abilities... Whereas Melbourne play with disbelief in their abilities and then “try too hard” to execute and lose their natural footballing instincts and talents. Confidence allows freedom and dare.. but more importantly resilience to adversity. How does a team and a group of individuals get confidence and belief back? Is it the leadership groups responsibility? Or Goodwins? Without an answer, Melbourne will quickly fall away from the race and reside in all familiar mediocrity again in 2018.
  12. GawnWithTheWind

    Changes v Richmond

    Out: Bugg, Melksham, Frost In: Hunt, Tyson, Pedo ---- FB: Hibberd - Oscar - Jetta HB: Hunt - Lever - Vince C: Lewis - Salem - ANB HF: Trac - Pedo - Kent FF: Garlett - Hogan - Fritsch R: Gawn - Oliver - N.Jones I: Tyson, Harmes, Wagner, Gus E: Hannan - Melksham - Frost
  13. GawnWithTheWind

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    If Goody is true to his mantra, picking a team on form rather than on reputation, there should be at least one change this week. ----- Inform from the 22: Wagner, Lewis, Frost, Vince, Jones, Clarry, Gawn, Trac, Kent, Hogan, Garlett, Bugg, Salem Neither Inform/Out of form from the 22: Oscar, Jetta, Hibberd, Lewis, Tyson, Fritsch, Harmes, Out of form from the 22: Lever, Melksham, ANB, ---- Inform from Casey: Balic (6 goals), Pedo (26 + 15 marks), Weid (5 goals), Hannan (25 + 3 goals), Brayshaw (22) ------- My 22 vs Hawks: FB: Jetta - Oscar - Hibberd HB: Wagner - Frost - Lewis C: Harmes - Jones - Vince HF: Trac - Hogan - Kent FF: Garlett - Fritsch - Bugg R: Gawn - Clarry - Salem Int from :Tyson, Lever, Melksham, ANB, Balic, Pedo, Weid, Hannan, Brayshaw My choice: Tyson, Lever, Melksham, Pedo
  14. GawnWithTheWind

    Changes v North Melbourne

    Interesting to hear Roos defend not picking Frost, with the mention of Hibberd and Wagner playing taller than they actually are. However, I think its affecting the make up of the rest of the back six, mostly Hunt and Lever. Hunt needs to be one of the two out-and-out attacking defenders, and with Wagner there, it seems like he is hesitant to attack and holds back. Lever obviously needs some confidence, and we need to do the right thing by him and play him as the 3rd tall. Both of these things can be fixed with Frost coming in for Wagner. ---- Bugg gets one more week. Remember everyone was calling for Garlett to be dropped, and he literally won the game off his own boot. With depth, you need to string good performances in the twos together to warrant a game. You can't come straight in after 1 decent hit out... So if Bugg is poor again, Kent/Hannan could come in. ----- FB: Jetta - Oscar - Hunt HB: Hibberd - Frost - Lever C: N.Jones - Salem - Lewis HF: ANB - Pedo - Melksham FF: Garlett - Hogan - Fritsch R: Gawn - Oliver - Trac I: Tyson - Vince - Bugg - Harmes E: Kent - Wagner - Stretch - Brayshaw
  15. GawnWithTheWind

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Didn't anyone else notice we just couldn't will ourselves to get infront? Late in the third and the whole fourth quarter, we kicked confident goals to bring it back to under 6 points. However, any forward entry or shot on goal when it was to put us in front, we choked. Oliver, Melksham, Trac and then Gawn all choked when we needed them to step up. No idea how to improve that... maybe some more of Mrs Roos meditation classes.