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  1. Demon3


    The only positive thing is that Pedo is in very good form so he is a good replacement.
  2. Demon3

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Big worry with T-mac injury.. depends a lot on if its the foot or the ankle., but we cannot afford to lose this guys for a long period.. he is now one of the most important members of the team, gives us what other teams struggle with and that is legitimate versatility.
  3. Demon3

    Changes vs Adelaide

    How original.. 2 Rs in Garry and no S in Lyon BTW.
  4. Demon3

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Jen Watt could emerge as possibility as well.. watch this space. very very highly rated within the Club and the AFL.
  5. Demon3

    Last 2 Minutes: 88 Elimination Final

    I was there that day, a young bloke but i remember it clearly. Dave Williams gather and hands off to Gaz were underrated. Lyon was such a gifted natural footballer. His back injury cost him 50 games easily. I think people forget that he made All Aus (5 Times) as a CHB and as a Forward, pretty much unheard of these days. He captained Victoria, had 2 years as a 79 & 77 goal Full Forward. 3rd all time goalkicker at Melbourne after playing his first 3 years as a back. Finished 2nd in B&F in his first year in 1986 as a 19 year old. Too many people cant separate his involvement with Coaching and his time as a player. He was a star player.
  6. Demon3

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Also a little nugget.. i believe David Neitz will enter the AFL HoF this year.
  7. Demon3

    Changes vs Adelaide

    I feel like the Lever stuff is getting a bit out of control and i know its the preferred narrative from the media, but i can t help thinking the Crows especially are getting sucked into this more than Melbourne. i like how Lever has spoken and embraced it, but from now on... let them talk and let us play. Also i hope we show Lever the support he will need, i hope out players back him up and fly the flag (without being stupid) i nominate Jack Viney first in to help him.
  8. Demon3

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    You would think that Oscar get Curnow.. which leaves a very tall McKay for Lever? interesting that we look pretty small down back.
  9. Demon3

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Goodwin's presser gave strong hint that Jeffy might return which i think is great, especially against the old side, always something in that i reckon.. so it begs teh Q..who would make way for Garlett?
  10. Demon3

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Yes spot on.. the match ups and like for likes are what worries me in this game. Kruezer can and has gone toe to toe with Max and had a win. Cripps can do what Oliver does for Us. Murphy back in is what Jones with a bit more polish is for us. Charlie Curnow is as good on the ground as he is in the air and will give Oscar serious worries (A\lthough Oscar is in good Form) They have pace and can spread on teh big ground of teh G. Its going to be interesting and while i think we are better it wont be easy at all and while i always just want to win, the past 3 game sof 30+ point victories have been appropriate, i will just take 4 points this week.
  11. Demon3

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Carlton are better than 1-7 and have some genuine matchwinners and i feel they match up very well on us. if we are off in the center and contested footy, they will hurt us, We wont get 83 Inside 50s this week.
  12. Demon3

    Jayden Hunt

    I love Hunt and loved what he did last year.. i feel he has lost his instinct and confidence and a new(ish) backline mix with Lever added his place has become somewhat redundant. His pace is exciting and his courage unquestionable and his attitude infectious however his turnovers outweigh all that. Right now he is not in our best 22 and thats a good thing.. but if he can work back into it then it means he has fixed a few things and i hope he does.
  13. Demon3

    Is that all there is.. No 6

    yes you are correct.. it is important to beat the teams we should.. teams below us on the ladder. but to make the 8 we need to beat top 8 teams.. Even Essendon have beaten Adelaide and Port, Collingwood Beat Adelaide and that is my point until we get a scalp and a few of them, i think we are where we were before the start of the year.. in the mix for the 8 depending on if we can beat sides that are higher on ladder.
  14. Demon3

    Changes v The Blues

    Carlton have 3 big talls down back - Jones, Rowe, Plowman Weid should play and play a role that sacrifices himself to take Liam Jones out of the way. No way Plowman and Rowe can go with Hogan and Tommy Mc .. They are quick the Blues and will be far greater opposition to that of the Suns. Anyone suggesting Viney doesn't play is crazy. Vince has had a pretty good year IMO.. just back to playing simple footy, not trying to be an enforcer or play cute. He stays in. I think its probably Tyson. I'm a Dom fan, but if its balance an dliek for like then he probably goes. Great problem to have.
  15. Demon3

    Is that all there is.. No 6

    We have beaten teams placed 18th, 16th, 15th, 14th & 10th and about to play the 17th Team. We have lost to teams placed 1st, 3rd & 5th. Its a reminder for us to not get carried away. i admit we are playing ok footy, but until we beat teams in the 8 i am no more excited now that i was at the start of the year. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.