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  1. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Craig Cameron is a straight shooter and a very smart operator - no doubt he and Mahoney have a range of in principle deals ready to execute as soon as Freo get their shiit together.
  2. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    I think you need to wait and see it play out before assuming it's a direct swap.
  3. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    You seem to be persistently leaving May out of your posts - quite clearly he is our #1 target. Look I think if we don't get the Hogan-May deal done you will have a valid point. That's why I'm expecting it will happen.
  4. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    I see it's apparently Rohan and Dahlhaus that we missed out on - OK resume normal transmission.
  5. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Of course it's possible but it's not MFC's fault that the Hogan-May deal is holding things up - did you wants us to accept 11 and a 2nd rounder so we could do these "other deals"? What other deals do you have in mind? I know we don't leak but there hasn't been anything even remotely out there except the KK deal. Give me your list of other players you think we're not getting because this is held up.
  6. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    wow some Manifesto, dig in deeper! FWIW I've enjoyed you input, even if there's been too much of it - a bit like too many Tim Tams. But I can't help feeling you're headed for a crash - the odds favour the trade going through. I'm not confident to call it one way or the other but if you end up being right massive kudos to you!
  7. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Gold Coast are clearing the decks of the small stuff so they can get the May and KK deal done quickly at the last minute if necessary. I see this as a positive.
  8. Fifty-5

    The Steven May Thread

    GC now holding 2, 3, 19, 24, 29, 59, 68, 80 They just received 68 from North for Hall 24 and 59 in pick swap from Brisbane. Once they add 5 in there from us for May those later picks look unusable.
  9. Looking forward to a future Freo - Essendon trade. Bell vs Dodoro mud wrestling.- bring the popcorn
  10. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Yes but GC will get pick 2 for him next year if they block the trade and force him into FA. That will be guiding their view of market value.
  11. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    I gave up on BigFooty tbh
  12. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    My request for a quote wasn't directed at you, you just chimed in unnecessarily with more unsubstantiated fluff.
  13. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Genuinely love your work overall JD. But the clear problem with that plan is 3 vs 2 vs 2 tall forwards. It's one too many for us. Either out Hogan in May OR Hogan stays and plays back (or Weed does. TMac no longer an option back - that's over)
  14. Fifty-5

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    I meant 67% Hogan in purple in 2019.
  15. Fifty-5

    2018 Player Reviews: #7 Jack Viney

    Apparently makes the team worse and is not that good anyway. Was never going to make it back to play finals and will probably never play again.