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  1. He is General Manager - List and Strategy. If I worked there I would expect him to lead on draft night.
  2. Don't agree with that at all. He looks like a pro who is on top of the deals to me. They picked McLennan because he wants to go there! Loves surfing, dad from Brisbane.
  3. Fifty-5

    Does Height matter that much?

    For a team that prizes the contest we we woeful at the aerial contest in 2017, particularly with Max out injured or out of form. Any kick down the line was a mark against us. We made some big improvements in that area in 2018 and I think we can make further improvements in 2019.
  4. Fifty-5

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    Good to see Lewis has a similar attitude to Bernie's from last year.
  5. Fifty-5

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Casey needs to recruit a ruckman IMO. If plan A is to play Gawn and Preuss in the 1s, who is going to ruck at Casey? For the record I am not an advocate of another ruckman on the MFC list.
  6. Fifty-5

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    That's why you have a solicitor.
  7. Fifty-5

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    This is the gold I am looking for, thanks!
  8. Fifty-5

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    I don't think that's correct - I believe there's still 6 clubs with picks ... AFAIK, three of the 6 clubs had 2 vacancies but have committed to one player each, so 6 clubs have one slot left.
  9. Fifty-5


    "bit of a nasty surprise" alright
  10. Fifty-5

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    That article sounds misguided to me. To participate in the mid season draft you need one rookie spot free. I reckon a number of the 6 clubs, including hopefully us, go "one short" so we can have a pick then. The "one short" wont hurt - we've already got 45 listed players including Cat B and are likely to use only about 30. Having a mid season pick would allow us to potentially take a Tim Kelly type who emerges at a lower level during the season. If all 6 clubs fill their lists by 1 March then there is no mid season draft AFAIK.
  11. Fifty-5


    ING advertising star?
  12. Still shell shocked by the election results?
  13. Fifty-5

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    I'm most interested in which groups back, mid, fwd, players are training with - e.g. Joel Smith, Dec Keilty, Bailey Fritsch, KK, VDB, Jayden Hunt and to lesser extent but still interesting - the draftees?
  14. Clubs pay many $000s for CDs standard stats package and many more for custom packages. I don't think they regard them as useless. What seems to missing here is the realisation that CD correlate stats with game outcomes to determine the important stats. It's an emerging and imperfect science but it's not "opinion".
  15. Fifty-5

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Goodwin always springs some selection surprises so even the best thought-out 22s are likely to be off.