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  1. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Training report information is very valuable and I'm very thankful for the effort the posters go to. But it's naive to expect that it won't generate wider discussion and elements of critique: Pedo is in good shape - can we play 3 tall forwards and where does Weid fit? Lewis is training with the backline - he has pace issues in the midfield, can he manage them better here? will he replace Bernie in the backline and can they both play in the same 22? TMac is moving to the forward line and Lever has arrived - what does that mean for the backline structure and who will be the key players? Salem is training with the midfield - does that have implications for other midfielders like Tyson?
  2. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    We badly need aerial contest coaching and training. We were pathetic in this area in 2017. Lever and a fit Gawn will help but we need a lift everywhere. We were massacred down the line all season long.
  3. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    I believe he is a she.
  4. I may be wrong but I think that was a reference to regaining full mobility in his ankle after losing it from an extended period in the moonboot. Maybe @Webber could advise?
  5. Lewis to train with the Backline

    Someone has to take the kick ins and that someone has to play in the defensive zone. Bernard is not the ideal solution. Sounds like Salem is in the midfield group. They don't seem to like Hibberd for this. Maybe Lewis will take it on.
  6. Good on you for following the under age footy and providing an insight. What this illustrates is how meaningless talk of "2018 super draft" is. No-one really knows. It's only now that there's some real insight into the quality of the 2015 Draft - Schache, Oliver, Francis etc ...
  7. Casey Demons 2018

    It's going to be interesting if we don't have many injuries - particularly to talls. Let's say Gawn, Hogan, TMac, Lever, OMac and Frost (I don't have him in my best 22 but many do) are playing at MFC It's going to be interesting to fit Pedersen, Weideman, Petty, King, T.Smith, Keilty and Filipovic along with Hutchins in the Casey team. I guess a couple of injuries are likely ...
  8. Jumper Numbers 2018

    Thanks drunkn. I love the numbers. I know many could not care less. I think it's great that they've plugged the earliest available gaps, I'm not a fan of reserving revered numbers. Looks like 41 & 43 are the new remaining gaps with Josh Wagner 42, Joel Smith 44, Dec 45 and Flipper 47 beyond
  9. and 2/10 for the top 10!
  10. Should I value your judgement? Here's your post from earlier this year in the corresponding 2017 draft prospects thread (with their actual draft position in brackets added by me): How did that go for you? 3/10 in the top 10 9/20 in the top 20
  11. Highlights package = grain of salt. But there is some tremendous judgement of the flight and one grab marking in that package - it's hard to fake.
  12. Jumper Numbers 2018

  13. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Can win the 2018 flag: Jetta OMac Hibberd Hunt Lever Salem Brayshaw Oliver Lewis Petracca Tmac Melksham Garlett Hogan Hannan Gawn Jones Viney ANB Tyson Vince VDB
  14. Guide to the Draft