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  1. Fifty-5

    Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons - Round 20

    No JKH either? Pedo and JKH in Perth?
  2. Fifty-5

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    I'm confident we'll be very competitive in a big match against 2nd on the ladder on their home turf even with 3 of our best 5 missing.
  3. Fifty-5

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    There's 8 "forwards" in that line-up. TMac, ANB, Spargo and VDB. Add Weed, Melksham, Kent and Hannan. And that's not counting Petracca. That's a lot. The 7 "backs" are OMac, Frost, Jetta, Hibberd, Salem, Lewis and probably Fritsch. Mids: Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes, Jones, Tyson and probably Petracca. That's not enough. Some of those forwards are going to have to play significant midfield minutes to keep a balance, particularly if Fritsch is part of the back 7. It will be interesting to se how that works.
  4. Fifty-5

    Champion Data Must be High

    quoted for posterity
  5. Fifty-5

    Sam Weideman

    I'm confident Weideman will make it as an AFL player. It's someone else's (good) idea - if he doesn't make it as a forward he would make a very good key defender - he's strong in the air, clean at ground level for his size and is a beautiful kick. IMO he has to play this week in Hogan's absence. We've got to bite the bullet and give him his opportunity. In the medium term we do have a problem fitting him into the 22 with TMac and Hogan locking in the 2 tall forward spots and barring long-term injury to either (both have had foot troubles) or a move by Hogan back to Perth - he's going to be at Casey and that will not fulfill his ambitions or capability. If Hogan and TMac look good for 2019 pre-season, IMO it would be worth trying him down back over that period. We could retain T.Smith OR Pedo as willing depth in the key forward area In the long run down back we've got Lever, OMac and Frost (who has enhanced his reputation strongly) too, with Petty and Keilty as willing developing depth. We've got one of two promising talls on our list that are likely to be looking for opportunities elsewhere in the medium term - that's a good problem to have.
  6. Fifty-5

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Yep Hib, Weed, Melk and Kent for Hunt, Hogan, Pedo and Spargo.
  7. Fifty-5


    Exhibit A your Honour.
  8. Fifty-5

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    Buddy is mentally weak?
  9. Fifty-5


    You just don't get it that you are the embodiment of the failure stereotype and your poisoned attitude feeds the hysteria. I'm not just referring specifically to you, in fact there are far worse cases who regularly post misery here.
  10. Fifty-5


    Yes I did Nothing that happened 50 years ago has any bearing on the next 2 weeks or the path this group at the club is taking over the next few years. Jesse Hogan didn't miss easy shots on the weekend because Simon Eishold missed in the 87 Prelim and we didn't narrowly miss the finals last year because Bobby Skilton's team did in 1976. There is a whole new regime at the club - President and Board, CEO and staff, Coach and Football Department, playing list. - creating their own history. And I am very confident we're in the start of a very successful era. You don't have the self-awareness or perspective to understand that the stereotype that has clouded the club for 50 years is you and supporters like you. That the only place that there is a link between Norm Smith's sacking and what happened on Sunday is in your mind. And the only concern I have is that you and supporters like you could actually be close enough to the club to infect it with your losing culture. We are a young club that is learning to win big matches the hard way. You would be well served to actually listen to what Simon Goodwin says instead of the voices of doom in your head.
  11. Fifty-5


    Clueless? According to you the reason we lost because of something that happened 50 years ago and not because we were 4.14.
  12. Fifty-5

    The Blowtorch on Jordan Lewis

    It's very hard to understand why we didn't have a goal keeper in the square at that end of 3rd qtr stoppage. Ball went thru waist high.
  13. Fifty-5

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Yes we usually are. I think selection this week will tell the tale.
  14. Fifty-5

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    https://squiggle.com.au/?rid=201822 Right now Squiggle's combined models have us 44% vs West Coast and 63% against GWS (they keep swinging around a bit). That means we're: 0.44*0.63 = 28% to win both 0.44*0.37+0.63*0.56 = 51% to win one 0.56*0.37 = 21% to win none Don't shoot me I'm just the piano player.
  15. Fifty-5

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    that's paying $22 at Sportsbet (including the MFC losses) $5.63 without the MFC games