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  1. Yep and you would have been saying what a star he is if he had of kicked straight. It's football and sometimes that's what happens. At least he had 4 opportunities. There are a few others I'd be looking at before him. Kent kicked a goal and did very little else. Had no contested possessions while Bugg had 8. Bugg also managed to kick a water bottle but I'm not sure that counts as a stat.
  2. And suddenly we're putting Essendon fans up as experts. P leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
  3. Some of what I saw on Sunday is in the realm of assault and the AFL, as the controlling body, has a "duty of care" to protect the victims. They need to take a very close look at this and give "written" direction to the MRP and Umpires that assaults where the intention to harm is clear and not in general play should be penalised to the extent that it discourages the behaviour. To do otherwise is to condone the behavior. I can see a day coming where a player sues the AFL and/or an Umpire for failing to provide a safe workplace on the grounds that an injury was sustained that was foreseeable and preventable but they did nothing. As to the MFC response; a written complaint to the AFL along these lines is appropriate and warranted. "For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing". As to my response; I have instructed the Minister for War and Finance to book flights and accommodation so I may hang over the fence at Blundstone Arena and hurl abuse at Cun*ington, Higgins, et al in 6 weeks time. The umpires might be in trouble too. In late news; we have secured seats and it appears this game will be a sell out. The "Minister" advised there were very few left. Is it contradictory for me to want our boys to smash the plicks?
  4. I also seem to remember Oliver laying a big tackle on Sandilands in the Freo game. A case of ruckman beware, NOBODY intimidates the MFC midfield!!
  5. I don't mind this actually, he will have been told to keep doing what he has been doing and fly at everything. He just hasn't been clunking any. When he starts to he will be dangerous. In the mean time he brings the ball to ground à la Weid but is much better at ground level.
  6. I put it down to The Continuing Curse of Norm Smith. https://titusoreily.com/afl/continuing-curse-norm-smith
  7. http://www.radioau.net/casey/
  8. Casey Demons v Williamstown - Saturday, March 25, 11.30am, Casey Fields Midfielder Dom Tyson accumulated 24 possessions, 16 inside 50s and kicked two goals in the Demons' 36-point win. Casey coach Justin Plapp told AFL.com.au that Tyson "performed really strongly" in his third game back from a knee injury. "He's had a delayed start because of injury … so he's going through the process of building time and we were really happy with his performance," Plapp said. Ruckman Jake Spencer (28 hit-outs, 10 disposals) and Dean Kent (20 disposals) were other notable standouts in the VFL practice match win.
  9. Watts will be giving Gawn a chop out when not in the forward line.
  10. Are you the second coming of Nostradamus? Really, you could be onto something here
  11. Please lock this thread Mod, Training on Monday appears to be passed
  12. Nah... don't want to waste the energy
  13. Found this over on BF thanks to VitalDread. Some vision too, with a promise of more to come Casey Demons vs NT Redtails Match Report: Final score: Casey Demons- 17.15 117 NT Redtails- 5.7 37 Goal Kickers: Rout 4, Gill-Renouf 2, Sheppard 2, Martello 2, Scott 2, Ambler, Dwyer, Gordon, Gardiner, Armour
  14. This is all David Kings fault...... or maybe Jack Watts