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  1. BB, I had a long running discussion with an influential/ legendary coach in the Central Highlands (he also played a few games with the Doggies), he always said umpires don't determine the outcome of games. He said this right up to the time of his passing. I always knew what he meant, a team needs to be good enough to overcome ALL opposition and if that means defeating 2 oppositions, fate, karma and luck then so be it. That never stopped me from arguing that poor Umpiring decisions can sometimes defeat the best of teams in a close contest. I've also said that the better you play the better the decisions seem to be. It's unconscious bias and as the umpiring becomes more professional I hope the decision making will also.
  2. The Barnaby

    Aaaha, people.... oh and politicians
  3. Except when they are influenced by inaccurate kicking and umpires
  4. Thanks for that once again but please don't have any more weak moments
  5. Foxtel Now

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Great thing about the Chromecast, if you're staying anywhere with half decent WiFi you get to take your Netflix , Stan etc where ever you go on a big screen as well.
  6. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    BBO, I recently gave you some sage advice regarding you flogging yourself. I would exhort you to follow my advice and stay well away from what passes as entertainment for the mindless masses.
  7. Foxtel Now

    G'day ET, like you, I cancelled my Fox Play (through Xbox One) at the end of the season saving $50 a month (had the Movie pack as well). Recently I put some of the money into a Chromecast Ultra and signed up to Foxtel now. With the Ultra you can also use an Ethernet cable if you have one, which I do. Set all this up yesterday to watch the AFLW Demons game. Running through a 55" Kogan 4K LCD TV it was the best picture I've ever had off Foxtel. No buffering, no poor image quality and no freezing which had often been the case in the past. Only problem I had was with the initial set up where I was using my old Ipad mini to cast and it would stall or freeze. Soon as I switched to my Nokia 6 smart phone everything went perfectly. I guess what I'm getting at is it is possible to get great pictures off Foxtel with the right set up.
  8. Women told to score more

    Completely disagree.............. you figure out the bit I mean
  9. Women told to score more

    No, but it is to belittle one by constant reference to the other.

    Why wait?
  11. Maroochydore training camp

    Nope, they still have one more big session up North so Wed I believe but not sure if at Gosch's
  12. Jones Forward?

    Thanks Saty, Jackaub hasn't replied to my question so one can only assume they are off getting in touch with their feelings.
  13. Jones Forward?

    I went along to training 2 weeks ago with the specific aim of looking at the players in rehab. I spent 15 mins watching Jones in competitive work and he certainly didn't look like a player who was struggling with a calf. So I'm interested in what you have observed or who have you spoken to that makes you think the injury is "much worse"?
  14. Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    Hi DV, Roys Boys will go around again, R.Flower league if I remember correctly. Thanks for organizing this again, no small feat
  15. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    Thanks Wise, I spent many years over at "ology" and then unfortunately Tim got ill and probs with the site meant the more astute as opposed to emotional posters had to migrate to "land" over time I hoped the influx of reasoned posters might counter the other kind. Unfortunately that has not been the case.