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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    Nor do they show how hard he has worked to make space and provide an option only to have a teammate fail to pull the trigger or just stuff it through poor disposal.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    I have tried to avoid this thread but finally succumbed. I have a simple question and maybe someone has already asked, but I don't intend to read through the previous 98 pages. The question I have is "how does getting rid of JW improve us as a team? I had this same question when Neil Daniher wouldn't budge on his views of Shane Woewodin. In my view we gained nothing when that happened and I lost confidence in the coach because it appeared he had no understanding of "Team". My fear is that Goodwin wants his personal glory and success but it's more about him than the Club. JW doesn't currently meet Goodwin's idea of what he should be, but what do we lose without JW and who replaces and improves us with him gone?
  3. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    My bad, that presupposes the Tiges lose, arg............. I hate hoping Tiges win anything
  4. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    You might want to rethink that after Port spanked GC
  5. Lumumba documentary

    What's a Lumumba?
  6. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    Paid $79 rtn, pays to plan in advance, actually just lucky i was so pizzed about the loss earlier in the year
  7. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    We're here (staying Battery Point ) got off the plane and thought it was barmy, yes I'm from Ballarat. Every Tasmanian we have spoken to has been a supporter of another Vic team other than Nought. They all said they hope the Dees win. Went to happy hour at Pearl (same building as Mures on the wharf) and had a couple of lovely seafood dishes and frothies. Saw at least another 10 Dees supporters. I think there will be a very good fan base at the game. We booked everything a few days after the Nought loss coz I wanted to yell at the *hits again. We bought tickets in the Boon stand undercover, cost around $60 a ticket. Some of the people at the happy hour are sitting in the same stand
  8. Barrett Article on AFL.COM

    Anyone called "purple" by his co workers (the ex players) tells you a lot about how those people see him.
  9. Tommy Bugg Graffiti

    One of my wife's favorite sayings "we're not here to be liked". She's always played in the defense in Netball.
  10. Queen's Birthday

    That's an interesting aspect to explore, having been able to afford and had the appropriate sponsors, I've never pursued MCC membership. Probably my blue collar roots. The thing I've never known is how much of the MCC $ every year goes to the MFC?
  11. Queen's Birthday

    To steal someone else's thoughts, I would also like to see the figures broken down by qtrs as I suspect no matter how much vision is watched and how many plans are laid, it is not until the Midfield get out on the ground that they adjust to the opposition ruck taps. We eventually get on top but it's that time for adjustment that's delaying our starts. Must be much easier knowing where the ball is going the majority of the time. Oh and I'm not sure this has been posted but this will be a welcome sight very soon and yes, I'm pretty sure this was today.
  12. Queen's Birthday

    No... to expand NO! Love taking the cash and listening to Eddie bleat. It may be unfortunate in the future to get less revenue because less Woods supporters show up due to our relative ladder positions but I want it all... smash'em and take their money.
  13. Queen's Birthday

    We all have our crosses to bare.
  14. Team Statistics YTD

    Regardless, these stats give the Coaches fuel for their messages and more importantly reinforcement to build belief in the players.

    Let's say I like the way it's trending.