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  1. dworship

    Demon Brownlow Invitees

    Got a reply from the Club this morning, short and to the point. Thanks for contacting the Melbourne Football Club. Neville Jetta will be attending. Kind Regards, Steph STEPHANIE BREHENY ‑ SUPPORTER ENGAGEMENT OFFICER
  2. dworship

    Camp wars

    What he is saying is that if we had failed to get to a Prelim Final many of the posters on here would have blamed it on A. The non Camp. B. The players are no good. C. It's all Goodwins fault (and probably Jack Watts too). Most likely all 3. Saying this to the glass half empty fraternity is a pointless exercise much like me posting this or trying to explain Schrodinger's cat. What should have been said is "eat a fat one naysayers". I'm sure in the fullness of time the negative, highly critical here, will find something else to be wrong about. Is there still snow at Mt Buller? Go Dees!! And of course #2 #6 #11 #9 and all the other numbers.
  3. dworship

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    From 72% time on the ground 46 SC points 7k, 4HB, 2M, 2 T know wonder we are talking about someone else coming in....... I'm just saying
  4. dworship

    Demon Brownlow Invitees

    Not according to the invitee list. The 3 other nominees are listed but not Lord.
  5. dworship

    Demon Brownlow Invitees

    Cannot let this go, I've sent a please explain to the MFC asking about the non invite of Nev Jetta. Of course I got an auto reply saying they will try to reply within 3 days. For all you keyboard warriors out there, like our team put up or shutup. I'm calling on Demonland members to email , twitter and facebook the Club first, to ask what they are doing to address this. If we don't see any action start doing the same to the idiots at the AFL. Still no action, then it is off to the Media as a last resort. We want to keep this as in house as we can but I'm so pizzed about this that some action must be taken.
  6. dworship

    Demon Brownlow Invitees

    Well that just says so much about what a joke the AFL is. Neville Jetta is one of 4 nominees for the Stynes Medal, also presented on the night, he isn't going to get that award though because he isn't invited. Of course the other 3 are. I'm sure the people making these decisions aren't racist they probably just don't care. The AFL - an organisation of idiots led by an incompetent fool.
  7. dworship

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    Anyone who has done a bit of boxing or indeed been confronted by some aggressive drunk should know that if your opponent has a parallel stance instead of a spread/ braced stance they are at a disadvantage. Clayton doesn't dive he has been in the wrong stance when shoved thus ending up on his back. A free should be paid for putting a player on their back off the ball. If you are too dumb to recognise the player is not braced then that is the perpetrators problem.
  8. dworship

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    Nicholls more than makes up for the outs. Worth around 20 possessions and 3 goals. To say nothing of momentum killing.
  9. dworship

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    Cannot be bothered going back through the 46 previous pages to see if this has been raised previously but my response to an Essendon supporting mate today was.... "why the rush, I'd like to see a Demons side with any 3 at one time of Weid, Tmac, Gawn, and Hogan on the ground. Occasionally we might have all 4 out there, wouldn't that be a nightmare for the opposition. Our side is not based on a stay at home forward or a ruck that only does ruck work. People need to stop buying into media BS and realise there may be a case to eventually trade someone to make for a stronger list but at the moment we have no idea where the ceiling is for most of the current list . In simple terms .. lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.
  10. Sounds like what I heard about Melksham from Essendon supporters
  11. dworship

    Changes v Geelong - Elimination Final

    Having seen the Ch7 interview with Tyson after training I think the Club will give him another week. He got through training ok and is feeling good and then said it is just a matter of "if" the pain can be managed. This is a no holds barred Elimination Final, if people don't think Geelong will target him and try to ramp his pain up........ then you should all move to LA.
  12. dworship

    MFC list changes 2018

    The issue for Kielty has been consistency through a game and I believe he is starting to produce this. He is 23, 194cm and around 98kg, he can play forward, back and pinch hit in the ruck, sounds like a Pederson replacement to me. A lot of potential upside. But no, we should delist him and bring in some other rookie and start developing them. He will be kept as long as he keeps showing improvement and Jade Rawlings sang his praises this week after the Geelong win. He will be kept and your opinion may need some modifying.
  13. dworship

    Opposition Watch: Elimination Final

    The last time I used that word I got banned for a month!! Ok, it was about someone else on here
  14. dworship

    Esprit de corps

    "Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future." "Dennis Waitley"
  15. dworship

    Robert Walls is tipping the Dees for the flag

    Oh well at war with the relatives again