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  1. You've supported Melbourne since 1965 probably, and where has it gotten us?
  2. Max Gawn

    Me too, but I hope he wins one more first. We'll play Richmond if he does.
  3. Bankers and shankers

    Outside 50 from the boundary after the siren in Darwin, I know who I'd pick...
  4. …still have absolutely no idea where we'll be playing our Elimination final.
  5. The Final Finals Poll

    I was firmly in the "fail to make finals and we've failed" camp, but this Vulcan-like display of logic has changed my opinion.
  6. Opponent in finals

    I reckon the Saints are still a smokey to actually make the 8. Adelaide wins, Freo beats Essendon (possible, though unlikely. Freo will want to show something after their putrid performance last week), and Saints cap it off with a win over their bunnies the Tigers. That would put Saints in 8th and us in 7th regardless of the Collingwood game. St Kilda would play Sydney most likely, and we'd front up against a demoralised Tigers outfit in the Elimination final. It's the absolute dream outcome I reckon. Sydney misses out on the top 4, so have to do it the hard way, Port and Adelaide get a Showdown qualifying final, Melbourne and Richmond play each other in a final for the first time in 76 years or something, and Riewoldt gets one last final to go out on. Oh, and Essendon miss out on the 8 as they deserve. Perfect outcome. And with that, our potential finals opponents could be Richmond at the G, Geelong at the G, Adelaide at Adelaide oval, and whoever at the G for the granny. I'd back us as a legit chance in all those games at all those venues. Dream run? Maybe, but it's possible.
  7. Melbourne's 2017 AFL Fixture

    What are the statistics on teams' performances after shorter breaks? How do they compare after a longer break or a standard 7-day break. Ahem…I mean to say "Rabble rabble rabble the AFL's unfair!!!"
  8. Changes versus Collingwood

    Not a chance. I can almost guarantee you ANB is one of the first picked. His delivery going inside 50 is AFL-grade, and in our team that is something we sorely need.
  9. Changes versus Collingwood

    If only… (on multiple accounts).
  10. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    It's time for the return of the greatest statistic in footy: The #Pedomyths #PedoFACTS win percentage comparison. Since R1 2016, we've won 15 games and lost 8 with Pedersen in the side. We've won 7 games and lost 13 with him out of the side. So over the last 43 games we have a 65% winning percentage with Pedersen in the side and a 35% winning percentage with him out of the side.

    That moment was the turning point. Jetta should have just gone back (quickly) over the mark and assessed his options.

    We'll take it and move on. We now need to beat Collingwood to make it a certainty; but we should be doing that anyway. We want to go into our elimination final with 3 on the trot and some good momentum. Let's do it against the old foe.
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Ice the game with the old Lewis manoeuvre. And Brayshaw gets it. We're all but in, but we gave away our chance to make it a certainty with 15 minutes of putrid millionaire's football.
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    That's not a problem. It's an opportunity.