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  1. The difference with concussion is that it often doesn’t limit a player’s ability to play now, but will affect their quality of life in a very significant way in the future. You may say that of a degenerative knee condition, but a degenerative knee condition doesn’t leave you forgetting things at age 40. Players need to be able to pull the plug immediately when concussion becomes an issue for them, and clubs should be incentivised to make that happen without damaging their own future.
  2. I don’t want to make this thread about anything other than Angus; but given how important early concussion detection and treatment is to life after professional sports, should the AFL look at some sort of a compensation draft pick for any club that loses a young player to concussion issues? There should be no pressure on a concussion-affected player to continue putting themselves at risk, and there should be no incentive for any club to do anything to keep that player playing. A draft pick should ameliorate that awful situation and allow both club and player to move on without any negative repurcussions to either party.
  3. Kent killed us multiple times in the first 10 minutes with kicks that were cut off by North players. I’ve been a fan of Kent’s, but I’ve seen enough now to know he needs some serious attitude adjustment to be any good.
  4. Beautiful.
  5. "Girl From The North Country”, by Bob Dylan (referring, of course, to Higgins).
  6. 360º tackled but no problem.
  7. Officially the worst deliberate call of all time.
  8. I’d love it if my club played 4 quarters one week during my lifetime.
  9. That’s it. Fat Lady time and the streak continues.
  10. They only come when the game is decided.
  11. Weeds. His one mark for the day.
  12. Bugg could have been the saviour today and has mucked it up every time.
  13. Oh Lewis I love you. I don’t even care that you were a Hawk for a decade.