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  1. It might be noise. They are just the numbers - if we can keep up those numbers is to be seen.
  2. Not even. Different drafts.
  3. Nothing wrong with a bit a schadenfreude. Their fans truly deserve it. So happy for them.
  4. There is always going to be noise this early in the season but I thought I would throw these out there to try and see whether there is improvement in the up and down start to the season: Contested Possession We are down 4.2 a game and that has meant going from 6th in 2016 to 12th at the moment. Uncontested Possessions The new kings of UPs is Goodwin; we are racking up the most at 272 a game, up over 30 a game from last year (when we were 4th). Clearances Down 1.5 a game and that means we slip from 5th in 2016 to 12th. Inside 50s Up slightly but still 7th in the league - same as 2016. Scoring Shots Currently 4th in the league, up from 12th last year and really quite promising. We have had an extra 3.5 shots at goal this year. As an aside - Sydney has had 7.6 less shots at goal this year... Summary To much finessin' with the ball is evident from those numbers of UPs but we are steady in I50s and up in shots at goal. Lot of noise at this point, but it might mean - in an even season - that we create enough to beat enough teams to get into September. I will say - dropping 4 CPs a game is quite a bit of a drop. I would worry if that doesn't correct.
  5. I am disappointed about the 3rd quarter - just as I was disappointed about Hogan and Lewis being the difference against Geelong. I am satisfied with our start to the year in a league that is now so even but that erodes with quarters like yesterday. It's all about the next quarter, the next week, for me. Sure you have shown me intensity and confidence against this side, do it again for 30 mins...do it again next week. The group is young but they have an abundance of everything except relevant excuses. 30 mins like the one we endured yesterday should not be happening.
  6. Bump. Mystery over? Solid HBF with excellent attacking tendencies and a desire to get us moving in a forward direction? 700+ metres gained on the weekend against the Cats.
  7. A 21 year old with less than 20 games to his name has to stop making errors to keep playing in the first team? ... You know, I think we are currently spoilt with our current performance of young players (Oliver, Stretch, Viney, Petracca) that in comparison - the completely normal development of O Mac, Brayshaw, Neal-Bullen, et al is minimised by association...
  8. Feels so good to be filthy at the things I am filthy about. This is what footy should be. We are finally there. Anyway, we had a VFL level forward line aside from Watts, Garlett and Kent. I didn't want to say anything when Smith was picked but he, Hannan, ANB, and Weideman was a question mark and it was married with an exclamation point when Watts had to ruck the game out. Monday mornings will suck for the right reasons again. On to Freo!
  9. What a great problem to have when Brayshaw is pushed out of the side. I know he will be effing filthy but he is playing a role that he isn't suited to, because of the strength of our midfield. And Kent is a much better player in the role that Brayshaw has been playing so he makes way. I understand it - and the pressure is on ANB and Hannan to perform. What a great problem to have.
  10. Nathan Jones crossed my mind...
  11. Brayshaw has the potential to be an A grade mid - they don't grow on trees. i hate it when people say - 'we can find a mid anywhere'... You won't stumble across a rolls Royce often and mids win flags.
  12. SNAP
  13. A great deal of dislike for Oscar, Dom, Angus, and Melksham... I am not a fan of Oscar's output right now but he is doing enough to keep an underdone Frost out. He only played a half at Casey. He is not coming in. No to Spencer - he is no replacement for Hogan and certainly not at Etihad - don't take too many lumberers there... If Brayshaw needs a rest for his concussion (poor bloke) then so be it, but otherwise he stays. Melksham was messy but works hard, he may missout to Hibberd but our half back line needs his run. And Dom helped turn the game in the last - I will go back and watch the tape but I thought he was good and I am sticking to that recollection. Bugg, Kent, and Spencer played well according to reports. OUT: Hogan, Lewis IN: Vince, Kent Happy to go with a smaller forward line at Etihad and trust our skills (which were just terrible on Sunday...).
  14. His neck looks really fused. Reflected in his play...