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  1. Told BB this - I have been very close to starting a thread a few times since the GWS game, but will get around to it while I have a couple long weekends. Goodwin inherited a good situation and is new to this but I have a few concerns around his tactics and persona. Probably small potatoes considering where we were pre-Roos but that should be irrelevant now.
  2. If you are sick and tired of making excuses for the club, then don't let the rest of AAMI Park shield themselves behind Jack Watts. Critique the erratic coaching or the players that didn't show up for the first quarter against the Pies - because Watts doesn't need an excuse for that - he did show up.
  3. Your neuroses (and a couple others) are all over this thread - extensive and raw and occasionally slimy and sticky - and I do worry whether this is pervasive across the broader Demon fan base. Watts is not the reason we didn't play finals. Watts is not the reason we didn't play finals. A team is made up of a collection of individuals with their own issues and talents, bringing ranging form and frustrating injuries. The failure to kick another two goals over the course of the season is the collective failure of the team; a number of injuries and medical absences to key players, the dipping of form of number of important players, the mistakes of a novice coach, and the nonchalance of an arrogant young team. The reason I bring this up in yet another 'Watts [censored] Off' thread is because rarely do non-core, non-bedrock players get so much heat for all the failings of a club. Jack is a high HF/wing with excellent vision, skills and footy IQ. Watts at his best is not the foundation for a finals winning team; he relies on others to get him the ball, and others to get the ball to, requiring, in some cases, great talent to start and finish his work. And yet, who is the player who gets the most ire? Who is the one 'we gotta get rid of (snort)'? This role player who played 8 good games out of 12, 3 poor ones in that 12, had a bad hamstring, played 3 more poor games, paid for it, and was one of about 3 players that showed up on time against Collingwood in the last round. This is the scapegoat for 2017. Him again?! Goodwin won't realise it for a decade but he should in his last press conference , or his after match conference, woken from his near comatose state that he seemingly is in all his conferences and lifted the burden from a player and spread it around or put it on himself. This rant isn't a defence of Watts - it is an indictment on some of you, my comperes, for showing little to no desire to look beyond the easy answer and perpetuate this flagellation and blame for someone who may leave in a couple weeks but in no way will solve 'The Demon Question' - whether he stays or goes. Remember, it was Watts who said to Paul Roos in a plea for him to come (not for himself to leave mind you) - 'I just want to be treated like a human being...'
  4. Delistings

    Went forward a few times. He is value if healthy and firing. But getting into that backline is about to get real hard...
  5. At this point the only player not compared to Pendlebury as a junior was Pendlebury...
  6. Trade rumours

    Wouldn't trade him for 9 first round picks... @Wiseblood
  7. Mate, no HF/wing should ever be in your top 3 players... you'd be going nowhere. Some of you seem to be so emotionally invested one way or the other. It is pretty [censored] simple - if he can be traded for something that is more helpful then great, otherwise he stays and we work with him to get the most out of him and his very handy skill set that we need more of; great vision, and superb foot skills.
  8. The Andrew Gaff thread

    Yeah, Hardie is beating something, but it ain't a drum...
  9. Trade rumours

    The posters that don't provide that will be judged accordingly. And I wasn't responding to your tiers - I was responding to the lack of rumours up in here. C'mon people?! Someone go read bigfooty or something...
  10. I hear exit interviews are very honest these days... They will tell those of their presence on the trade block. I reckon about 10 would be on the block.
  11. Trade rumours

    I don't look in this thread for truth - I know people are having a lend of me or the person who is posting. I click on this thread looking for half baked rumours with a smidgen of truth and possibility. Give. Me. Your. Rumours.
  12. Trade rumours

    Mr Tyson can be as aggrieved as he is above when Gawn taps to red and blue jumpers at a greater clip than he does now...
  13. Trade rumours

    I do worry about the longevity of Gawn both with his knees and with his type of ruckman being made redundant by rules to protect more flexible players that will run off him and make him look slow and one dimensional... It would be cold blooded if we move him on though...