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  1. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    My first reaction was to throw up in my mouth. My second reaction was ‘huh, AFL must be moving away from white’. And we are back to it meaning little... What will it be in 2020? Silver again?
  2. What a level headed bloke. Hope he gets a shot early in the season.
  3. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Maybe just the ones that involve carrying bricks in a backpack...
  4. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    They cancelled it, after the first one went so well? Sounds like the players saving the club from itself. What did we have last time? A head injury and a dislocated knee cap?
  5. Either me or @Deestroy All coined it... I'm pretty adamant but who knows. I have fried my brain on here a few times...
  6. 2018 Membership Thread

    You get a certificate that is 'signed' by a laser printer...
  7. Lewis to train with the Backline

    I just see this as trying to free up Hibberd as much as possible. He is such a weapon but had to be third man up a lot - let's get Lever to do that. He is also required to set up from behind with Tom McD going forward - let's get Lewis to do that. This just pushes Hibberd and Hunt that much further up the ground in my eyes. Really valuable if Lewis can find his feet.
  8. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    We added a top 5 player and didn't lose one in the top 12-15, so we have become a little more strengthened against injuries... Now, you cannot replace your best players and we won't be able to replace Viney et al but every team has that problem.
  9. The Draft Poll: 2017 Edition

    Trading for a star player affected the moves we could make in the draft but with two kids and a couple of boys who have played some senior footy at a decent level at least we have provided the current team with some more options. It is definitely true that improvement comes from the players you have - Lever will make that a rule excepted. Fritsch, Balic and Baker will provide some competition for spots in the bottom 6 of the team in 2018 and that will be valuable assuming our best players are fit and healthy.
  10. Ummm, aside from their height - those are two very different players...
  11. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    I have actually passionately defended the inclusion of white guernseys in the past. @daisycutter could testify to that, I am certain. We would have, every year, a tedious argument about the clash jumpers and whether we should have one and which colour they should be. We invented the game as a way for cricketers to keep fit, and therefore played in whites and were known as the 'Invincible Whites' before the VFL was a thing... My recent 'apathy' is born out of the fact that we have chosen (or been forced to use) white, and I have no reason to argue against something I am perfectly fine with as a Demon. Reverse the yolk and that is not my club, go back to that awful light blue we had in the early eighties for the TV and that is not my club, but the non-colour white has some attachment to my club. But I am happy to not engage and enrage my fellow supporters who disagree. And do it. Every. Single. Year. Hence Morgan Freeman:
  12. Nah, removed entirely from NEAFL now as Eastlake up here are the only licence. Soz.