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  1. Lovely idea.
  2. [censored] this. We are 9 and 7 with all but Jones back, yes there will be some rust but we are at home and there are no superteams and we are a good team. There is no surprise here - we can win this game and if Viney, Salem, and Tyson don't need a game to get into the momentum of the game - we have enough weapons to win well.
  3. We are a show to be 10 and 7 this weekend, and have played some great footy this year. Why can't some of you just enjoy it rather than excreting depression all over the site? We have had some brave wins and we have had some excellent wins and right now two more wins than losses... Your Demons have a few injuries but play an exciting brand of footy and are in 7th spot with 6 games to go! Get around us!
  4. It is obvious this is the message from Goodwin and co. We are stepping over the line and I wish we would continue the focus on the footy but if this is intended to get the younger ones used to a scrap then I am all for it. Finals are not won all neat and polite. But, yeah, can we stop punching and elbowing blokes...
  5. Yeah, the above was mild...
  6. I don't remember saying that... Look, why devour him after he plays his best game? He has played some solid footy before this too. I just don't get it. You want him to contribute his fair share? Check. You want him to step up withou the skippers? Check. Maybe you want an easy scapegoat? Cheque?
  7. You're a happy little thing. "Hey Jordie! Well played mate, best game for the MFC. But your (sic) done, mate! Here for your retirement funds you are! Good luck next week, hope we play finals! xoxo" - Fork'em
  8. We lacked class and skill execution and were punished. The stats are so similar too. I'm actually impressed by the endeavour of most of the team but players were asked to do more than they have been asked to do previously and they couldn't do it. I hope they don't 'rush' Viney back for Port. We should make a good account of ourselves. If we win, we should get a home final. If we lose, the finals are still ours to lose, but a loss against NM, StK, Bris, and Coll - teams we should beat - and it will be a percentage game.
  9. Oh, good. I will let Cameron Schwab know and he can come back to work.
  10. He had 291 metres gained, 9th in the team. Top 5 were: Frost (446), Hibberd (413), Hunt (413), Melksham (355), Vince (349).
  11. Can I blame 186 on Darwin? Or that loss to the Essendon VFL side last year? Coz those games need some excuses!
  12. All for people having a thicker skin, but that doesn't mean the collective on here don't judge a poster for a needless personal jibe. Online bullying should not be confused with ProDee or Wiseblood giving a customary slap on the way through an argument but don't let that water down the response to the trolls who want to ruin the lives of people through the anonymity and unanimity of social media.
  13. I roll my eyes when I read the anti-AFL nonsense on here from time to time but that isn't a black and white picture; the AFL make shortsighted decisions, head shaking compromises, and can be like treacle with issues that are larger than the game but affect it because people end up playing, attending, and watching the game and they want their values reflected in the game they love. So I would argue that the AFL has definitely done their job and helped this club out of a precarious position. But don't tell me they didn't come to a ridiculous 'disrepute' position on our alleged 'tanking' crime. It was a compromise between letting us off for actually not doing anything other than 'list management' and punishing a club for the perceived evils of building through the draft in an era when expansion clubs were about to take all the talent. That decision, predicated on an off the cuff joke remembered by a former and most likely disgruntled staff member, was utterly ridiculous and no amount of sane, thoughtful, and extensive help from the AFL in other areas will change my mind.
  14. Very surprised to see Lynch in there but they couldn't be rushing him back for us? I know they think we are a good team but Adelaide have enough to hold us off so I can only assume Lynch is good to go. That is a powerful forward line... Glad to see JKH back, hope he can get used to the tempo straight away but it isn't an easy transition. And those that want Goodwin to 'just be straight with us and Trengove' about his status have never been a coach before; you can't be that honest because a) it might not be true if enough blokes get hurt, and b) you don't want to have that dynamic of a player being told he is done. Players know the score, no need to smack them over the head with it to appease sentimental supporters.
  15. Gawn and Hogan are more likely to struggle with form and an ability to run out games, than they are to run into form and fitness and get better. Thankfully they are class players who can contribute giving 60% of their output. Another benefit is you don't lose height being out of form... I expect them to struggle but contribute.