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  1. rpfc

    Gary Pert?

    You’re amazed? There were reports the AFL were not consulted. There were reports internal staff were blindsided. There were reports that this was less a board decision and more of a Bartlett decision. And yet it is amazing that there is negativity...
  2. rpfc

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    Interesting how some of the worst reactions are for those who didn’t read past the headline... If you do this kind of thing, I won’t punish you - the cosmic forces of karma will get you back and real soon. Today? Let me know how it got you back...
  3. rpfc

    Gary Pert?

    @Colin B. Flaubert - My consternation over the Pert appointment was the process which I have heard (outside of Caroline Wilson’s word) was old Melbourne; rushed, the board not fully supportive, the AFL blind sided. I am most definitely supportive of the club and hope he does well, but I hate that Bartlett has allowed even the perception of this kind of amateurish behaviour with one of the most important decisions a club can make.
  4. rpfc

    AFL Draft review: Melbourne

    I am an old cynical person about this now - if any one of these players plays more than half a season in 2019 (or even 2020) I would be surprised... We really should do a draft review of 2013. Wait. Wait... Nah, let’s wait a year to do 2014...
  5. rpfc


    Not as simple as that; we used some of the collateral (ND46) from that trade to trade up to get James Jordan at ND28. So add Jordon and the cost increases by a Bytel...
  6. rpfc


    One of the biggest actresses in the world wore the red and blue and came to Melbourne training. It’s a good thing. You would be he same flake that would bemoan Eddie being able to finagle the same for his team... It cost us the price of a jumper and we got Natalie effing Portman in it! You can nickname the stunt. There you go, that will make you feel better. Jeez.
  7. rpfc

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    That would effectively be a 6 year contract from now... Gotta be irresponsible, surely...
  8. All good points, especially the one about hitting Hawthorn recruiters in the face with a skillet...
  9. Just leave the nicknames to @Petraccattack...
  10. That’s the spirit...
  11. rpfc


    @Rodney (Balls) Grinter - what time travel sorcery is this?!
  12. rpfc

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    'Super draft.'
  13. rpfc

    New major sponsor?

    We played half a season like that a few years ago and we looked like sheep walking on its hind legs... The MFC tradition of being poor and unloved is one I can leave behind. Bring on the stickers...
  14. rpfc

    Draft Needs Analysis

    I have to agree with what @Fifty-5 said in another thread - we will take 4 players in the ND and take the max of rookies. Unless we pull picks out of our rear end, using 91 is pointless and actually less flexible than using the Rookie Draft. Other than that - take the best available with 23 and 28 and get needs with later picks and rookie draft picks. Another mature ruck, mature midfield depth...
  15. rpfc

    2019 Fixture

    What does it tell you? That the NT is further away? How many games does NM and Haw play down there? Twice as many as us - 4. What do we know that they don't. And selling souls is a bit much - that Alice game was pretty life and club affirming from all reports - I don't think it is endangering the club to play these games up north.