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  1. rpfc

    Sam Weideman

    He is stalling.
  2. rpfc

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    The frontrunning mids is where we live or die. They are so aggressive that it can be overwhelming against a team that isn't up for it but two precise handballs and we are toast. Goodwin has us going at a top 4 pace for getting tough footy and moving it forward - that's the basis of finals success. The last thing is to have discipline when we have it forward and not over commit and stick to whatever instruction the coaching staff has in mind. I really want Geelong because I think we will destroy them. They want to kick their way out of trouble and avoid a contest at all costs - we are the contest, and we can dominate them for large periods providing we don't have periods where we just go to sleep and move away from the structure outlined when we have it forward of centre.
  3. rpfc

    Sam Weideman

    My problem is I don't think the faith in Oscar is being repaid. If we are putting together a backline from a healthy list, I don't know if either is in it.
  4. rpfc

    Support Melbourne

    Roos spoke about the veil of negativity and we have our little MFCSS references but they have so much truth to it. You are raised by your environment and there are some more affected than others, some have enough self-reflection to know when they are being ridiculous and temper their thoughts, and then there are those that want to disengage with the neuroses of the supporter base altogether. We see reality through a lens of impending and inevitable doom and watch as a lot of us slip back into that over the next weeks and years of pending and sustained success. We are going to get a bunch of bandwagoners and let's try and keep them around. They will come for success, for Gawn, for Oliver, Hogan and Brayshaw, and let's try to build an atmosphere and an ethos beyond the proclivities of the rusted on inmates that we all are.
  5. rpfc

    Support Melbourne

    What about those posters that just put their thoughts into that thread? Was I contributing not supporting the club. Obviously that is rhetorical.
  6. rpfc

    Sam Weideman

    It's about 97%...
  7. rpfc

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    No tears just yet. Just relief, really. We got 'miles to go before we sleep' - but it is a milestone and we will enjoy it. Kudos to all of you that hung around - it doesn't get easier but we have to opportunity to do some damage.
  8. rpfc

    James Harmes take a bow.

    That kick to Kent for the sealer was just emblematic of his growing maturity. Excellent.
  9. rpfc

    Trade HOGAN

    What a time to throw this into the fire... I would prefer Hogan stays and you go.
  10. rpfc

    12 Long Painful Years Finals - At Last!!

    I don't want to be satisfied because you don't anything in August blah blah blah. But [censored] me, we are relevant again and it feels great. Demons!
  11. rpfc

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Expectations will move over time. Isn't that natural? The goalposts have seen a goal in 2018. Let's see what we can do before we lament the reaction to not doing anything more.
  12. rpfc

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    Why we bothered taking 18 year old rucks is beyond me... Develop 4 at Casey if you want to but don’t bother putting them on the list for 5 years before they become playable. Waste of a spot.
  13. Welcome to Demonland. We have opinions on selection. I would consider myself more credentialed than most on here but that doesn’t exclude others from providing their thoughts with respect. If you have a problem with that you won’t like it on The Internet... And, lastly, match committee selection has been truly perplexing this season, occasionally horrible.