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  1. rpfc

    Go and get Gaff!

    I know. But some of you are searching for reason where there is none. He refuses to be sensible and that is his choice - not much we can do to change it when he does it so willfully.
  2. rpfc

    Go and get Gaff!

    I’m in IT and here we have this fantastic feature allowing sane posters to ignore those not so fortunate and most are not using it... So frustrating!
  3. rpfc

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    He kick ball good.
  4. rpfc

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    In a vacuum - this looks a great appointment. The Jackson shadow looms large because of his success and the promotion of his commandants to his throne. My only concern is that Pert comes in and realises the success of the previous admin and doesn’t think to stamp his authority in the wrong ways. As for those that were overlooked - they can see this as an opportunity to learn under a great operator or they should look beyond from October.
  5. rpfc

    Changes v Port

    What you just quoted sounds churlish. Who wrote that? Rawlings?
  6. rpfc

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    You know we haven't 'stuffed' up yet, right? So you're astonishment is somewhat misplaced... I helped coined the term 'MFC Supporter Syndrome' and knew that different forms of it would follow as we got better but this is ridiculous. 10 rounds to go, champ. Hope your nerves can handle it.
  7. rpfc

    Changes v Port

    I saw that as an oversight - I watched a bit of that game on 7 Plus and Tyson was getting it at will and hitting targets. If it isn't an oversight then I have an even bigger issue with the FD. It would be petty to leave him out of the bests because he wasn't the best version of himself even when being the best player on the field.
  8. rpfc

    Watts Dropped from Port

    The thrust of my criticism of him being 'exited' was to do with the false narrative that with him leaving means the vanishing of what he represented - that certainly isn't the case just yet... And my other objection was the minor aside that we would be losing what we lack - outside delivery, with that said Fritsch is providing as much of that that Jack ever provided. I never thought he would excel anywhere else, so this doesn't surprise me. I am sure they will give him another chance - they won't cut the cord just yet.
  9. rpfc

    Changes v Port

    I know the argument and I am as adamant as you are about the type of player we have to target in the summer but right now Tyson looks like providing something more than a Harmes/ANB/Hannan on the fringes of that midfield and they need to be held accountable when they play poorly. Personally, I would throw Tyson in there and turn the game into a 'little' bit of a one-on-one sh!tfight until we get our mojo back with Gawn. No trying to be too pretty with our clearances out the back and to the side and just get it forward to our outstanding tall forwards to scare the hell out of that Port backline.
  10. rpfc

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    The closest thing we have had to a 'Big Game' that we have won in the last few years was the StK game last year that snuffed out them and kept us going but that was snuffed out of existence as a big game when we were exposed against Coll a few weeks later, and when the players were revealed to be asking the Saints players where they were going for their September holidays - talk about drinking your own bath water... A 'Big Game' I want to see us win is a game that will show us to be more than just a team making up the numbers in this league. This next game is the first opportunity to arrive, I know they can do it, but I no reason to faith they will. And I won't until they do it and then do it again, and then do it again...
  11. rpfc

    Ladder predictor

    Your optimism starts and ends with the Geelong win. We should beat Freo in Darwin and WB at the G. We should smash GC at the G and StK at the G. We should not fear the Swans on our home deck.
  12. rpfc

    Changes v Port

    @stevethemanjordan - I know you are not a Tyson fan and I don't have issue with that in and of itself - but our midfield just got pantsed for the second time in two weeks with the games best ruckman. If the bloke who got 35 touches and 7 clearances and looked polished and better than everyone else in the twos doesn't come in - I have a real problem with how and why we select players at match committee...
  13. rpfc

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    If any club could do it...
  14. rpfc

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    If we are who we thought we were on Monday morning - we will play finals. I am more interested in when we will have a win that show we have become a flag chance and I haven’t had that moment yet. It may happen this year but it might not... I think we are out of excuses/reasons pretty soon.
  15. rpfc

    Changes v Port

    Smith stays. He did some good things. Tyson should be right in the frame and JKH, Garlett, Stretch and Frost chances too. If we want to move past Pedersen then Weid is a really promising ruck now which makes that an easier decision. As a 3rd tall, Weideman is fine right now. Harmes, ANB, Vince, and Hannan should be worried IMO. Spargo had a ripper 2nd term but faded. He looks lively though. Hannan, Harmes, and Pedersen for Tyson, Garlett, and Weid is what I would do.