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    Melbourne 2009 onwards

    If we dont get serious and go the major cleanout of the top end and get as many top 20 as can this year we will be in trouble given the draft concessions going to be given to Gold Coast & West Sydney in the years to come
  2. 077MDemons

    Tony Liberatore

    Tony Liberatore was interviewed last night on SEN around 8pm after he accepted the senior coaches position at Sunbury Football Club and he went on to say how he interviewed for the Melbourne senior coaches job also previous to accepting the position and how he was significantly more impressed with the Sunbury football department professionalism and processes during interviewing than Melbournes. Football department staffing positions hadnt been completed at that time and Riley, Fagan etc were all on the way out so was it a shoddy process the club went through or as asked above merely sour grapes that Libba now finds himself out in Sunbury?
  3. 077MDemons

    Ricky Petterd In China

    Best quote in the article would have to be: "While we were walking, Brock - being Brock - started to run. We all couldn't help ourselves and followed, and ended up running about one kilometre on the Great Wall of China. It was a day that we will all never forget." The quintessential definition of leadership..?
  4. 077MDemons

    Travis to Brisbane

    Travis to Brisbane for 14 confirmed on SEN
  5. 077MDemons

    1994 Draft

    I was just looking back at the 1994 draft and there are currently (including 2007 recent retirees) only 7 players still playing (who will go around again in 2008) They are: Jeff White Adem Yze Ben Holland Michael O'Loughlin Anthony Rocca Shannon Grant Scott Lucas Given we have 3 of the 7, Do we hold onto players too long or draft for longevity?
  6. 077MDemons

    Travis Johnstone

    Another one mentioned on the age trade blog TJ to Richmond for Pettifer and a second rounder...