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  1. Comparing Grimes at this time last year and Trengove now, I would have said it would have been more likely that Grimes (a) would get another year and (b) if no new contract, a new club would be interested. Given Grimes got nothing, cannot see Trengove playing another AFL game, unless our midfield get hits with an abundance of injuries in the latter half of this season. Sentiment has to be taken out of decisions these days given the league and clubs are multi-million dollar businesses. In saying that, there really is no logic as to why Trengove was given a 1-year deal this year. Sounds like a good bloke and he's been through a bit, but you can't hand out contracts just for that.
  2. Best game so far: Adelaide Worst game so far: Worst performance was our 1st half against Essendon, luckily they were the worst team we played this season. Overall most disappointing result is hard to tie down because we actually haven't had a stinker yet, while we haven't had a 4 quarter performance either. If I had to pinpoint one game, I would say the Freo game, because we controlled 3 quarters of it, Fremantle were opportunistic in the one quarter they dominated and then got lucky from a dud Bernie Vince chip in the end. Most improved player: Oliver. We still need our fringe players to improve more. Our best players are still the same 6-8 players each week + the recruits Hibbard and Lewis A player who needs to lift: Weiderman, Tyson, Kent Who is currently leading the Bluey?: We have to remember this isn't the Brownlow and the coaching group have different criteria when ranking players (i.e. the 1%ers, doing their job even though touches may have been low, etc). I would say Oliver because he's played every game but I think Hibbard wouldn't be far away. Best recruit: Tough call between Hibbard and Lewis, but i'd lean towards Hibbard. Will we make the finals?: Yes. Give or take, we will beat Collingwood, West Coast, Sydney, Carlton, North Melbourne, St Kilda, Brisbane and Collingwood = 13 wins
  3. Perfect rehearsal for the 'big one' = 'the bye'? Yep, I agree. Two byes in a row!
  4. According to someone on another thread, he's almost an A-Grader. He's lucky to be in the side still.
  5. Spot on! Not sure how someone can be 'on the cusp of being an A grader' when they get all their possessions on the outside and make more clangers than most other players each week. In all fairness he will be one of those good generally best 22 players that will play 200+ games, but never be in that top dozen.
  6. Tyson on the cusp of being an A grader? That would mean 70% of our list (and most other lists) contain A Graders.
  7. Not sure how Kent justified his recall. Didn't do much. Will give him benefit of the doubt that it's his first hit-out back. Tyson didn't start well but ended up being reasonably good.
  8. May have been a bit lower than that. Lisa Weightman beat her by about a minute. I'm just happy I can get within 30 minutes of their times!
  9. I'm still convinced the reason why the AFL doesn't schedule us with any home games against Essendon is because of Essendon's refusal to use a proper clash guernsey, and we fall over easily by happily using our white one (currently our Bintang one).
  10. Schwarz did fly the flag. He body slammed Hird. It was one of the more memorable things to occur that day. Maybe he knew something that was going to happen 13 years later!
  11. Maybe Jack should try to give Jess a run for her money. She ran a 2.26 in London last weekend!
  12. For the first since since 2011!
  13. My ladder: (1) GWS (2) Sydney (3) Geelong (4) Western Bulldogs (5) Adelaide (6) Melbourne (7) St Kilda (8) West Coast (9) Hawthorn (10) Fremantle (11) Gold Coast (12) Collingwood (13) Essendon (14) Port Adelaide (15) Brisbane (16) Richmond (17) North Melbourne (18) Carlton
  14. Doubt it. He was a Fitzroy supporter.
  15. Our coach is also one fit man. He is running the tan most mornings - this morning he was doing repeat sprints up the Anderson Street hill. He looks fit enough to still be playing!