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  1. picket fence

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    The fact they resigned Ballantyne says plenty about these people from planet purple. I'm with Lobby Lloyd with this one "That's what momma said" Momma Said!
  2. picket fence

    Would we take $cully back?

    Tom Scully deserted our club when apparently he told Jimmy he would stay. Left for the almighty $$$ THEN did his ankle which if my info is correct has had two operations to fix! A HUGE NO FROM ME TAINTED MONEY HUNGRY MERCENARY!
  3. picket fence

    The Harley Bennell Thread

  4. picket fence

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    A banana worth listening to!! Note private copy of Album Cover “no copyright infringement is intended”
  5. picket fence

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Ok what about....... Getting Jesse to agree to a new long term deal and putting good $$$$ On the table AND if he says NO then hawking him around to all other clubs for best deal MFC? Rationale is if he is not a solution to the problem. he is part of the problem! Cant have it both ways Jesse either commit for long haul or we will act in best interests of MFC One year left on contract means little if he leaves next year !!
  6. picket fence

    The Steven May Thread

    Exactly what we need a defender with a lot of Carrrnt Rod Grinter would approve! Love him already!
  7. picket fence


    Went to my lolly shop yesterday ( JB HI FI ) and what did I find? Finally, a Melbourne Legends DVD box set of games and the best part is the first game features the immortal Robert Flower in full flight round 7 1987, vs Collingwood where he kicked 6 sensational goals! 6 sensational games throughout the nineties and two thousand era and at $ 34.95 What are you waiting for?? A killer set!
  8. picket fence

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Cleaning out the garage today and what did I find??? My long thought Lost MARX BROTHERS BOX SET all movies. Trade week will feature all the above and more in Glorious Black and White!
  9. picket fence

    Go and get Gaff!

    Im kinda glad he has stayed, Loyalty over moola and he has copped his just deserts and will hopefully move on. Suck on a half chewed minty Norf!
  10. picket fence

    Rumour File

    With exceptionally dodgy KNEES NOOOOO!!
  11. picket fence

    Jake Lever Running

    The Bye?? Is the draw out??
  12. picket fence

    Jake Lever Running

    Yep, straight line running with Zero deviations! He will be right. as an aside I take the point that his first ACL Rehab wasn't as comprehensive as what he will do now! So he will be much better of!😎
  13. picket fence

    Jake Lever Running

    Yeah pretty common Chook which is why the limp will be excaberated. My son did an ACL playing footy and that was the most singular issue with rehab. The Quads just waste away like anything and it takes a truck load of work to get them back. My Son missed a year and then came back strongly and played good senior footy before injuring knee again. Result knee totally wrecked EXCEPT ACL which the specialist remarked that the ACL was still ROCK SOLID. So he embarked on a rigourous program under the watchful eye of one of the Collingwood Physios who concentrated a lot on building up the Quads muscles to withstand anything. Essentially my son did an AFL Rehab. Hopefully that puts you in the picture. Cheers Fence!