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  1. picket fence


    Time to shake the joint up In: Weeds Garlett Frost Tyson Outs: Don't give a fat rats
  2. picket fence

    Bernie keen to lure Sloane to the Dees

    Yeah! well as much as I like Weekend at He can replace him next year!!
  3. picket fence

    Ollie Wines

    Well I was SCREAMING for our club to recruit him but obviously, Whoever rubber stamped this got it FRIGGEN HORRIBLY WRONG! Jimmy Toumpas 🤬 sheeeeit I still cringe!!! Please let the nightmare go away! Sorry to rub salt into gaping wounds ! But iIMV he IS better than Viney! No Doubt!
  4. picket fence

    Go and get Gaff!

    YEP and tonights winner is S Febey!! Oh and one other thing Robbie only won 1 B & F as well!
  5. picket fence

    Go and get Gaff!

    Yep GO GET HIM! I cannot believe posters on this site being in any way reticent. He is a superstar, something we lack!
  6. picket fence

    Changes v Port

    Lin Jong running around Footscrays magoos a very good player has pace , grunt, inside and outside skills! I reckon worth a look!
  7. picket fence

    Changes v Port

    Average pace, average disposal, doesn't hit scoreboard often enough, can get footy, that's about it! And nowhere near "Elite"
  8. picket fence

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    You must be kidding, he is better than that!! I spose Billy Stretch is the answer then?? Unbelievable !!
  9. picket fence

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Mate of mine worked at Collingwood for a time and agrees with above! 😫
  10. picket fence

    Changes v Port

    I would say that JV IS a one trick pony, nothing more nothing less!
  11. picket fence

    Changes v Port

    We are one dimensional in the midfield, None of our mids has explosive pace and can play as outsiders with perhaps Clarry Choo Choo being an authentic in and now starting to be outside as well!
  12. picket fence

    Changes v Port

    Agree with all you have said, and so ….. Care to pick a team to win vs Port sheuzenfried!?
  13. picket fence

    Changes v Port

    Interesting I liked what I saw of Oskar Baker and always think Hunt and Jeffy can add more and would exploit Ports lack of Pace! Weeds must play rest of the year to season him for next years campaign!
  14. picket fence

    Jordan Lewis is absolutely cooked, never pick him again

    Agree with all you have said Dazzle!
  15. picket fence

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Ill give you the answer PROBLEM NO 1 Viney is so one dimensional and it was on display today, His disposal is just, Pace average, he doesn't have any class but his one redeeming feature is his attack on the ball ! But in this day and Age he is a throwback mid with not many strings to the bow! PROBLEM NO 2 It pains me to say this but As much as I love Chunky Jones he is only a better mans Viney. What to do next is Simon Goodwins problem! PROBLEM 3 An aging Bernie Vince and to a far less degree Jordan Lewis! We can only keep one next year and even then might not neccesarily play Lewis in every game. Bernie has been great but I think its time! PROBLEM 4 NO OUTSIDE CLASSY RUN And this is perhaps the greatest need., We need to throw truckloads of money and anything else at Andrew Gaff PROBLEM 5 We need another gorilla up back ( Mason Cox killed us today) and power forwards like Darling et al will always find us easy pickings PROBLEM 6 Perenially we have too many LAZY Drink their own bathwater players Petracca needs a game in the resssies and show some hunger! From today it is clear to me Weideman, Jeffy and Hunt need to play the rest of the year to remedy some of these problems! Frost should be considered from time to time as should Tyson! Pedo Nup, Spargo Not yet, Bailey Fritsch did little today, a few others as well as they have been playing against inferior opposition are on notice! A few other things Lever's loss is not easily covered and Lynden Dunn and Jeremy Howe should never have been let go!