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  1. picket fence

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    NO DONT DO IT !! A jab of Cortisone will provide temporary relief and then with Physio Guided exercises it will be beneficial to your surgery. If I was you I would have the surgery sooner than later and start rehabbing for next cricket season. On Clarry .... already a SUPERSTAR
  2. picket fence

    AFLX Revamped

    This motif looks like a Klingon "Bird Of Prey" Bulltish Idea by the brainiacs at AFGilligan Can you just imagine a Paddy Dangerfield or other "Star"suffering a season ending injury in this meaningless concept!?? Clubs will be ropeable.Happy if NONE of our players are involved. Rubbish concept!
  3. picket fence

    Round 1 team 2019

    Yeah well Ill go one better and predict our Premiership all stars team for 2019 B JETTA MAY HIBBERD HB LEVER FROST SALEM C JONES BRAYSHAW KOLODASH HF FRITSCH WEEDS PETRACCA F MELKSHAM T MAC GARLETT R MAXXY CLARRY CHOO CHOO VINEY INTER PRUESS NIBBLER HARMES VANDER BERG Thats it Emerg from Hannan, Hunt ,Spargo, Lewis, O mac, Stretch, Smith, Hore, Bedford
  4. picket fence

    Ollie wines injured?

    Who cares?? we got Jimmy Toumpas !!! Oh Hang on!!
  5. picket fence

    Bernie Vince talks up Tom Sparrow on SEN

    Here's a thought depending on match day role why wouldnt the club offer special access package with Bernie into rooms etc and market it as "Weekend with ( at) Bernies" ??
  6. picket fence

    Bernie Vince talks up Tom Sparrow on SEN

    When Clarry can play Stae footy and dominate at centre half forward ( as Flower did) when he destroyed Ross Glenndining, then I will agree! Not quite as polished YET!
  7. picket fence

    Membership packs

    Dear Uncle, happy to have shared a Cognac or five with you ( as my guest) as I cruised past Idyllic Romsey and I dare say "The manor" the other day but thought I would struggle with the intracacies of the moat, the drawbridge and the lovely wenches that double as maid/servants during your time in comparitive party mode! Maybe next time!
  8. picket fence

    Anyone for cricket?

    Take 2 Starc needs to go back to Shield cricket and learn some control. I'm over his wasted new ball fiasco's Handscomb still and will never be up to it with the dodgiest batting technique for a Test player I have ever seen Finch is a selection issue, selectors got what they deserved! why put a bloke into a position, opening which he doesn't even fill for Victoria?? MADNESS! Aussie cricket is in Dire Straights!
  9. picket fence

    Anyone for cricket?

    OK Paine not a Captains Aresehole Should have put pressure on Indians with a silly Mid of catching when Lyon was bowling and instructed him to pitch the Ball UP Starc ... perrennial waster of the new Ball Cummins at least is at you, but doesnt move the ball Finch.. Lose some weight son and try to not turn away when at short Leg.. Limited Cricketer S Marsh?? Only a big Hundrerd will save him .. Past it Handscomb? Not a Test class player dodgy technique and plays back too often .. A good Bowler would size him up for Boweld or LBW WITH EXTRAVAGENT back foot [censored] technique I wish I was still playing.. Would clean him up everytime with late inswing!!
  10. picket fence

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    India to rip us a new one in the test series IMO Thank God that perrenial underperformer Mitch Marsh got the chop although with Hanscombs extravagent back foot defence LBW is a given.
  11. picket fence


    I would imagine Paid overs, but if you want to be successful that's the price to be paid!
  12. picket fence


    Yep but one other thing.I"ve just bought in Jennifer Anniston into my original list of A Grade movie stars! She goes straight onto the primary list!
  13. picket fence


    As usual we stoop and postulate to an essentially quasi celebrity!! Spare me! Can we get Clint Eastwood to come onboard?? Now that really would be .. something! Clint in Dees jumper toting a set of 44 Magnum's WOW
  14. picket fence


    Daryl Hannah was a STANDOUT in Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" playing a Renegade Replicant that the Tyrell Corp allowed to get with advanced programming... Out of hand. A bit like Demonland on occasions! Apocolyptic and moving, She was outstanding!! Sorry, Natalie WHO??
  15. picket fence


    Sorry Redleg havent heard of the movie Black Swan and I go to plenty of Flicks at the Cameo Belgrave, Top 4 Actresses on the planet. Seriously? Judie Dench Angelina Jolie. Charlize Theron. Julia Roberts. Cameron Diaz Dakota Fanning, Helen Mirren, Daryl Hannah, Jamie Lee Curtis is she better than any of these?? I would sincerely doubt it !